Saturday, 9 February 2019


Valentines .
I love all the special  people in my life .
So it's always nice to celebrate Valentines day with all , we all need some love in our lives , if it's family , friends or loved ones.
And going into 52 years Anniversary next month I have been so lucky with my life and grateful , we have had some sad times too but it makes you stronger .

Yesterday we had storm Eric , so much wind and rain we got very wet , my umbrella broke in less than a few seconds , so had to buy a new one that would stand the wind and rain , it cost allot but worth it , hubby looked at it and he went back for one too, then a couple stopped us and asked where they could find one ,with their poor umbrella in broken bits.
It was our day for lunch which we do once a week when we have some free time , but it really was not the best day to be out.
Now today would have  been much better, but we had someone coming to see us.
One man was killed yesterday not far away when a tree fell on to his car, my heart goes out to his family .

I have framed a couple of stitching items and finished an Easter stitch this week .
So first up another old Ellen Maurer -Stroh free card chart from 2001 , I have had this in my box for years and have been wanting to stitch it for ages .

Called " Happy Easter "

 I used a 28ct green fabric with DMC threads 


                  Also  framed my little spring stitch such a pretty frame. 

The other framed stitch was one I stitched last year called Love 
All dolled up by LHN I thought it was a nice one for Hubby .
I  found a nice rose gold frame in the Next shop which looked just right .               

A couple more photos so you can see the fame a little better 

And now I will leave you with more growth in the garden 



So you can see Spring is almost here with us , but the flowers have been in the worst of the rain and wind .
Thank you again for the many lovely comments and wish you all a Happy Valentines Day .


  1. Oh, I am so jealous of all your beautiful flowers and we have snow and ice still, and winds today and last night. I love your stitching too. I hope you guys have a great Valentine's Day. love and big hugs

  2. Very sweet finishes June!
    And those snowdrops, so pretty. Your garden is always such a beautiful place
    Hope the weather is kinder to you now

  3. Wonderful finishes. This morning I noticed the snowdrops appearing, usually it's still dark when I leave for work.

  4. Beautiful finishes, June! I have always loved the colors in that Easter piece--there is just something so special about pansies... And the little Just Nan is darling in that frame.

    I'm sure you love watching your garden awaken each year at this time, June--such lovely spring flowers! It will be another couple months until we have any here.

    Enjoy your Valentine's Day with your family and friends--so nice to be surrounded by love ♥

  5. Beautiful stitching and finishing. The flowers are cheerful for me on such a cloudy here.

  6. Happy Valentine's Day to you too! I love your stitched pieces, and your flowers form the garden! kisses! titty from italy

  7. 'Happy Easter' is a beauty and so are all your flowers!!

  8. Oh June! I love every single piece you stitched. Your garden looks great. Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!!

  9. Love all your crosstitched designs, they are really pretty. A lovely frame for your beloved. It's lovely to see hints of Spring in your garden. Happy Valentines day to you as well June.

  10. Being married for 52 years is a wonderful thing, in this day and age it is an achievement in itself! Happy valentine's day to you both. x

  11. June: As always your garden is beautiful, we have loads of snow and freezing weather, seeing the flowers brightens my day, thank-you.
    Your Easter stitch is so sweet, the frame on the second photo is perfect, I love the tulip on the frames.
    The third design is beautiful, I love LHN designs.


  12. Very pretty post June love seeing your stitching

  13. Hi June,
    Today it should storm and rain with us, well that I do not have to get out. I hope you are well.
    The little Easter egg is quite adorable, it certainly makes a great card. And your love motif has the perfect frame. I finally have to embroider something for spring.
    I envy you for your flowers in the garden, they are so beautiful. Everything is still hidden in the ground with us.
    Have a nice sunday, Hugs

  14. So many pretty things June, it's nice to see so many colours - I can't wait for Spring.

  15. Hello June,
    your Easter egg is wonderful. A nice little project.
    Both frames are beautiful and perfect for your little stitching.
    Today it is raining. So I have enough stitching time.
    Enjoy the Sunday. Hugs, Manuela

  16. ici également nous avons beaucoup de vent et de pluie.
    Nous n'avons que les perce-neige de fleuris pour l'instant.
    Vivement le printemps!
    Je t'embrasse ma chère June et te souhaite une belle fête de Saint Valentin.
    Encore merci pour ton amitié et ta gentillesse.

  17. Hi, June! Oh, your stitching is lovely. That rose-gold frame is pretty! And such a perfect finish for the LHN stitch. I love the Easter egg stitch, too. Doesn’t it feel good to finally get to something you’ve been wanting to stitch forever? Stay warm and safe!

  18. Flowers and stitching are all awesome. The frame really complete the one you made hubby...nice color!! Congrats on your many years. How nice you plan a lunch out together once a week.

  19. Beautiful stitching June, love the colours of the Happy Easter design and the lovely frame on the Spring embroidery.

  20. Ohhh...your garden is already full of flowers! And the pattern “Love” is so sweet!

  21. They are all beautiful pieces, I love the colours in Happy Easter.
    Your flowers are so pretty, we've got nothing here except the indoor hibiscus is blooming like crazy!

  22. Dear June your stitches are wonderful... each one so pretty. I too love the pattern love and will have to purchase that one. The frame for the bunny stitch is so beautiful and perfect for that stitch. And oh my your garden is gorgeous!!! RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

  23. A lovely selection of finishes, they are so pretty.
    Your garden is way ahead of ours.

  24. Buon San Valentino! Nel tuo giardino è già primavera, bellissimo

  25. Wow Butterfly such beautiful work and such amazing flowers,well done and i hope you have a wonderful day xx

  26. Oh oh your stitching and love your pictures! Flowers and colors all around!