Saturday, 23 March 2019


Yes the birds are singing in the mornings and already nesting .
My blue tits won't be nesting this year because a pair of sparrows have stolen their box and they chewed around the hole to make it bigger.
But the bird song in the morning and the early evening is the best present of spring.
The garden is still coming alive and it's lovely to walk up each day to see what's out .

Thank you to all who left me such lovely comments last week .

This week as been a very strange week with many ups and downs .
I have many sweet friends who are not to well at the moment , and a couple are really going through it.
But we have had some good times too this week , and make the most of our time for enjoying life .
Last night we went out for a lovely meal with some wonderfuland interesting  people it was fun.

So I hope this week will be a good one for all.

Well I am still knitting and stitching and gardening , when I can ,  it's such a great stress tool and the more I do the more I feel relaxed.

So this week I have been working on my SAL and another UFO.
So first is my SAL with Maryse .   It is very dull today so the colours on my stitching are not looking so nice .

 I really must work on my UFOs more I have 8 boxes full of  them  ,  so you will see many more this year mixed in with a few new ones . This one is an old one that has stayed in it's box far to long

                                                      Simple Life by Jardin Prive.

Do you collect things I love to collect soaps and I brought a nice glass bowl to keep them in 
The smell is just wonder in the down stairs toilet room.

                                Many have been gifts from my lovely friends .

                                                A darling bunny card from my daughter .
                                               And my DH brought  me these  pale lemon daffodils
                                                                             They smell wonderful

So I will leave you now to wonder outside in my Spring garden .
Enjoy your weekend .


  1. It's o lovely to hear the birdsong in the morning isn't it.
    Dh has been gardening this afternoon so we sat outside with a cuppa and little treat and listened to the wonders of mother nature.
    Simple life is pretty.

  2. Your SAL is coming along nicely and the thread colours are lovely. Your flowers are so beautiful!!!

  3. A nice post with a good remembrance of the small things that make life beautiful each and everyday : a singing bird in the garden, a few friends and a good meal, some embroidery , a pleasant fragrance and a garden that turns into a little heaven! Thank you for sharing, June, and good luck with the UFOs, they promise to be very beautiful.

  4. June: Your design is beautiful.
    I love all the floral photos, they are lovely.
    I love specialty soaps they do make a room smell good.


  5. So nice to her the birds in the garden. Lovely stitching. I too love special soaps.

  6. I just want to sit in your garden with my eyes closed and listen to nature. love all your stitching. have a great weekend. hugs

  7. Your SAL is so pretty and delicate and your garden is so pretty and colorful. Good luck on finishing some UFOs this year.

  8. Hi June wow you do such beautiful work,well done my friend and boy your flowers are so pretty,thankyou for sharing my friend xx

  9. Great progress on the SAL of Maryse, I also like that of Jardin Prive, are also strawberries and would fit well with my sampler. Thanks for the beautiful pictures from your garden, with me it takes a while until my so much flowered.
    Have a nice sunday, Hugs, Martina

  10. I think we all have several wips around. I took out one earlier this year that I started for one of my children when she was very young (it is a Winnie the Pooh), she is now 22!! I still intend to finish it one day. x

  11. I love it when you find an older piece of cross stitch that you forgot about, it's fun to finish it.
    I want to sit on that bench in your garden!
    Beautiful flowers.
    Have a great week!

  12. Hello June,
    wonderful progress on your stitching WIPs. I like them very much.
    I enjoy the walk through your garden.
    Have a nice Sunday.
    Hugs, Manuela

  13. I love the new pillow in your header June. Your garden is just lovely.

  14. This post is so magical again!
    Dear June, your embroidery progress is wonderful . . . . and your floral splendour too!!!!!
    Hugs, Jutta


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  16. Great work on your SAL piece, even if the photo doesn't truly reflect the colours.
    The colours in the garden are quite spectacular though.

  17. More lovely spring stitching!
    I'm happy to hear the birds around here too, and all the flowers in your garden are so beautiful.

  18. che belli i SAL e hai un meraviglioso giardino

  19. Hello June,
    nice progress of your Sals. Thanks for the great pictures from your garden, with me it will take until everything blooms so beautifully.
    Hugs Andrea

  20. I love your stitching WIPS! They are gorgeous! And your garden -- wow! I can't wait till things are that far along here. Not that I have a garden. lol! I don't know how you gardeners do it!

  21. I'm sorry to read that you've had some friends who aren't doing well, June. It does seem to be that way as we get older, doesn't it? One of my friends just took a fall and broke BOTH wrists--can you imagine? At least she isn't a stitcher...

    Lovely stitching and flowers as always--the tulips are my favorites. Your soaps look so pretty, too :)

    Hope you have a better week--with mostly happy things! ♥

  22. Hello!! Everything is nice!!

  23. Lovely stitching June, and gorgeous flowers! Your garden in full bloom must be a most wonderful place, perfect for relaxing and ... stitching!
    Sorry about the ups and downs, hope things improve for your friends

  24. Lovely to see that Spring has arrived. Love your stitching projects and I too love soaps. My linen cupboard smells beautiful when you open the door. Also I love to burn scented candles.

  25. Beautiful to see spring arriving, I keep scented soap in my undies drawer.

  26. Tudo muito lindo. Bom fim de semana.

  27. The SAL is so beautiful and your flowers are a dream!

  28. The SAL is wonderful June. Your flowers always put a smile on my face. I'm sorry I have not been here in awhile...that nasty flu came back and took me for a loop. It takes all your energy away for a long time. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever