Saturday, 16 March 2019


Well this week has been storm after storm with really strong winds.
They say March brings the winds but we have had the April Showers too.
But looking on the bright side , they say we will have a better  week next week.

Thank you my friends for your lovely comments from last week .
Hope you have all had lots of time to do the things you want to do.

I have a finish to show you today , I have a big basket full of cross stitch  item's I need to finish this year  so I  will try and get them finished maybe a couple per month no STRESS .
I have also started to work on more of my UFOs . So you will see more of these popping up.
I am knitting too , so lots to show you again.

                                           This is one of the beautiful designs by Dany .
I cut out two egg shapes  covered one in a piece of white felt just to give it a little softness and some fabric glue .  I backed it with the purple material that you can see .

                                                      Muscaris by Dany
                                                    White 28ct DMC threads

                                              Some edging and a bow to finish

                                             A few more stitches in this lovely UFO
                                      By Vervaco Summer Nesting Box .

I am now up to the arm shaping  can you see that you knit with two yarns one is mohair  I have used the same yarn that they have even though their one looks white  I love the fluffy feel to it .

And here is the baby blanket , I changed the needle size to get a firmer  feel.

If you want to you can come into my garden my poor plants have taken a beating but they will recover soon ,

Look at my Rhubarb, A Rhubarb crumble soon I think with some custard wonderful.
Well dear friends enjoy the rest of the weekend , I am off to make us some coffee and now I can put my feet up and do some sewing and knitting , have fun.


  1. Love the easter stitch from Dany, I love the finish. Can't wait to see the sweater finished and the baby blanket. Your garden as always so beautiful. Have a great weekend. hugs

  2. Your flowers are gorgeous, can't wait til ours start blooming here. Your stitching is so pretty and the finish is so adorable. Love your blog. Thank you for sharing with us.

  3. Have a lovely week end...nice to know you are well...spring is so near ad also can see from your garden!#
    Happy stitching...lovely easter egg!!

  4. Such a beautiful finish for the muscaris piece!! Rhubarb - I'm envious that you'll soon be eating it. :)

  5. Beautiful stitching. Such lovely fluwers.

  6. Love your Easter stitching. You are a fast knitter, what a great start on both projects.
    Thank you for the walk in your garden, have a great weekend

  7. Beautiful stitching and knitting. The Easter finish is wonderful. Your cardigan is looking really pretty.
    Happy Anniversary for last week, it was a busy week and I'm catching up.
    Have a good week.

  8. I absolutely love the egg by Dany. Your flowers are looking so gorgeous June!

  9. Hi June wow your Easter egg hanging is adorable ,love your stitching well done my friend and your knitting is coming along nicely to .
    Wow what beautiful flowers ,love Rhubarb ,enjoy your weekend my friend xx

  10. Beautiful pictures and I love the easter egg you stitched.

  11. Your muscaris egg is very cute, the association with the purple fabric and ribbon is a good match. I hope the flowers in your garden will recover quickly from the winds, they are so beautiful. I like the new banner at the top of the page with forget-me-nots. These delicate little flowers stand so well for spring! I wish you a nice Sunday, June!

  12. Dany has a nice pattern again, I like it. Your finish is great. You have come very far with your knitting work, it looks great. I like the idea with the two yarns. Pretty pattern for the baby blanket. Your flowers in the garden are already so far, I enjoy seeing them.
    Have a nice stitchy Sunday. Martina

  13. Merci mon amie pour le partager de toutes ces belles couleurs !
    Notre jardin est beaucoup moins fleuri.
    Je t'embrasse et te souhaite un beau dimanche

  14. Hello June,
    here in Germany we have a lot of rainy and stormy weather, too. Next week it will be better.
    Your little Easter stitching is wonderful. I like your finish very much.
    Your knitting projects are nice.
    Have a good weekend, my friend.
    Hugs, Manuela

  15. That Dany egg is beautiful, love your finish.
    Your knitting loks so soft, so pretty.
    Beautiful flowers.
    Have a great week!

  16. Your easter design looks fab!! I love how you have finished it :-) Your knitting looks great too. Today is the first day the winds have dropped here and its dry!!! A little nosy in the greenhouse - a few shoots coming through but not many - not sure if I made a mistake planting seeds with those few nice days we had a few weeks ago - but fingers crossed a few more will take - Enjoy the the rest of your Sunday xx hugs xx

  17. Dear June,
    your new header is great, your embroideries, especially the finished Easter egg, are exactly to my taste. And you can also knit ;-)
    Your photos from your garden, wonderful, here nature is still in hibernation.
    Thank you for your comment from today, hugs from Berlin, Jutta

  18. A soft fluffy cardigan that's going to be and so nice and snuggly too.
    We've harvested the first rhubarb at the community garden, there are lots of plants and we've had a go at forcing some for a little early crop - delicious it was too with some plain yoghurt.
    A sweet Easter egg shape finish, that's lovely.
    You have a lot of lovely colour in the garden even with the rotten windy/stormy weather recently.

  19. Beautiful as usual.Where can i find the chart for the egg,that's so gorgeous!!
    Your flowers don't look all that bad after the rains,at least you know they will bounce back,just like we do!! Lol.

    I have 2 guys here now cutting down the weeds after all the rains we had,they grew fast and furious,some got waist high!!!

    Love the sweater,i never learned to knit,i tried,and let's leave it right there...LOL
    Have a great week.

  20. June: Your sweater will be beautiful.
    Love the WIP< the flowers are lovely.
    Your Easter Egg and finish are beautiful.
    Thank-you for sharing the beautiful flowers in your garden.


  21. Hi June! I truly love your Easter egg finish--just perfect! And your baby blanket and sweater look so soft and cuddly. What a lucky little one to be wrapped in your lovingly stitched creations.

    Even though it has been windy and stormy there, your flowers look amazing to me! Nothing but grass and brown stalks here, but I did notice the daffodils are poking up out of the ground finally :) Hope you have a lovely week ahead ♥

  22. Hi June,
    the Easter egg has become wonderful, nice finish. The flowers in your garden bloom magnificently.
    Thanks for your comment on my blog.
    Have a nice week.
    Greetings Andrea

  23. Thanks so much for commenting on my blog! I am happy to have discovered your blog! Love your knitting -- the baby blanket is so pretty! The stitching is wonderful too! And your garden -- sigh. I wish we were that far along! Wow. Beautiful! Happy first day of Spring!

  24. Ohhhh my God....your flowers are wonderful! And the little corner of your cupboard too.

  25. All beautiful flowers, stitched and real!
    Your knitting is so pretty, such a delicate looking white.
    I tried to grow rhubarb once but it didn't do very well, so sad!


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  27. Gorgeous flowers! I just love your hyacinth Easter egg. Makes me want to stitch an Easter egg. I have patterns. Your spring decor is so sweet!

  28. Your Easter stitch is so beautiful June. I love the colors and the egg finish is wonderful. Your home looks so pretty with all the pretty stitches and gorgeous flowers. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever