Saturday, 9 March 2019


Another week , they do pass far to quick .
But on a positive note it's Spring time .

I have spent more time at home this week and loved it, there is so much I want to do but there is never enough time so I have enjoyed this week.

Thank you once again for your lovely comments from  last week.

We had another Anniversary last week it was 52 wonderful years .

The garden is bursting out with spring flowers but we had some nasty weather and some have got battered and we lost glass in the green house with the storms.
But things are still looking good out there.

So this is the man I married  52 years ago , I always wanted to marry a strong man but also a caring man he is a big softy too  .
We made many of our goals come true  , and had a very busy life , we brought a hotel and moved to Devon we build our own house and ran many businesses . Our life has had many ups and downs but that's life and makes you stronger.
                                                           He was cute .

                                            But also caring  and a big softy , this is our first GB.

                  We loved life , worked well together on many things.

                                        So Happy Anniversary to us both .
                                                DH  came home with flowers again .

                                                                   Cards .

  More cards and flowers from family and friends , thanks for the Tulips Marion I now have tulips every where in my house

This is a little plant poke I made last week , and I was showing the girls at club how easy it is  to make a little gift  extra special . A little perforated paper  and a very small chart.
 You can use a brought plant too this is not a real plant but love it.


 Then wrap in a nice bow

I made my Easter stitch into a pillow 

                                                 The backing material .

                                Top edging I brought in the colours from the stitching and again at the bottom.

 Now on to knitting , I have started my cardigan and a blanket for the new baby .
Then found this lovely book  and each knitted item has it's own bunny how sweet is that .

                                                             Wool for the blanket .
                                                        No wool in it but lovely and soft for baby.

                                  Just a few photos of the garden this post is far to long.

                                              Have a good week all and enjoy the weekend .


  1. Happy Anniversary to you and Ron!💕 Your flowers are gorgeous! The pillow you created is just lovely.

  2. Happy Anniversary!you are a lovely couple!! enjoy!! kisses. titty

  3. Happy Anniversary! I really enjoyed all the photos. ^^

  4. Happy Anniversary to you both and many more wonderful years together. Love you pillow so easter. big hugs

  5. Aww Happy Anniversary!! You've had such busy lives and no sign of slowing down :-) Beautiful stitching as always. Enjoy the rest of the weekend x

  6. Anniversary wishes to you both, what a handsome couple you are.
    Those little bunnies are so beautiful with the little garments.
    Pretty tulips and your little flower poke is adorable.
    Loving Mrs Goosey in the pillow, the fabrics for the finish are perfect.
    Have a wonderful week June x

  7. Happy anniversary and thank you for sharing the lovely photos too.
    I do like the idea of the bunnies with each of the knitted cardigans, a very sweet idea. x

  8. Happy anniversary to you both. I love the bunnies and the flowers and, well all of your pictures!

  9. Congratulations, dear June. Very nice pictures of you.
    A great idea with the little pansy, so you can decorate many gifts pretty. I like your Easter pillow well, a great finish.
    Have a nice sunday, Hugs, Martina

  10. Happy Anniversary to you both.
    The bunnies are very cute. Lovely flowers photos.
    Enjoy the Sunday and have a good start in the new week.
    Hugs, Manuela

  11. What a lovely post. Happy Anniversary!

  12. Happy anniversary to you both and I wish you many other busy years together full of new projects. Your flowers are a wonder for the eyes, so are the embroidered romantic ladies, the pansy is an excellent idea to personalize a present, as for the pillow, it is as sweet as can be! Have a happy Sunday, best wishes to you and your husband!

  13. Happy birthday my friends!
    You are celebrating the wedding of tourmaline.
    The word "tourmaline" comes from the Sinhalese "thuramali", which means "stone with mixed colors" and which indicates all the stones whose name was not known. What a beautiful name for a stone arrived on Earth crossing a rainbow, imbued with all its colors, as the Egyptians believed!

  14. June: Happy Anniversary, he still is cute and you are lovely.
    I love the Easter pillow the coordinating fabric you chose id perfect.
    The plant poke is so sweet, the plant looks so real.
    Beautiful flowers and cards.


  15. Felice anniversario, che possiate amarvi ancora per tutti gli anni che verranno ♥♥♥

  16. Congratulations on your Anniversary!!!
    I like your Eastern pillow! It's so colorful!
    Have a nice week!!!

  17. Happy Anniversary to you and Ron.
    thank you for sharing series of beautiful pictures.
    have a great day

  18. Wow, 52 years, Happy Anniversary to you both! Such sweet photos.
    You finished your goose beautifully, the fabric you chose looks great with it!
    Such lovely flowers, enjoy them.

  19. Happy Anniversary June and thank you for this beautiful post!

  20. Happy Anniversary!!
    Pretty flowers.

  21. Dear June,
    Happy Anniversary ..... what a wonderful post. You make a lovely couple!
    Spring is coming here, too,
    hugs, Jutta

  22. Great post June, thank you for sharing your photos, happy anniversary. Lovely Easter stitching.

  23. Happy Anniversary! What a great looking couple you both make.
    Lovely pillow you made, and LOVE your flower photos. It's so gray, frozen, and still winter here.

  24. Happy Anniversary! You are only 1 year behind my parents, they were married young too and had children straightaway.
    Love your finish of Nest Egg, your photos are very inspiring, I am looking forward to finishing my version soon.

  25. Hi June what a wonderful post and Happy Anniversary to you both,such a beautiful couple,love the pictures ,hope you have a wonderful day my friend xx

  26. You and Ron are such a handsome couple, June! I loved seeing your old photos and hearing about your life together... 52 years--amazing!! We are 10 years behind you--will celebrate 42 years in July :)

    Lovely little pillow--your fabrics perfectly accent the cheery colors of the design, June! And what wonderful gifts and cards--enjoy the next 52 years together (ha ha!!).

  27. Happy 52 anniversary. Congratulations from Germany. Nice pictures from you both.
    Lovely flowers, in my garden only snowdrops are to see.
    Your stitching is wonderful and inspiring.
    Have a great day.


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  29. Happy Anniversary June. What a special relationship you and Ron have. I loved the older photos and really enjoyed seeing you with your special guy. You make such an attractive couple...perfect for each other. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever