Saturday, 13 April 2019


Hello all ,
After a warm week it's gone windy and cooler today.
We just came back and we are both so cold .
But it's been nice this week , I can't complain when others still have snow .
Hubby and myself hate the cold , when we lived up in the Midlands  we had some really cold weather.
When we were children I can still remember ice on my bedrooms windows  and snow up to the top of the door .
No I need warm sunshine , I would have loved to have moved to a sunny country .
But then  it would be to hot , ( you can never please some people ha )
I think we have to stay put and enjoy what we have .

Well another busy week for hubby and myself but I did put together one of my Easter stitching pieces in a little frame .

This was the freebie I showed you a few weeks ago .
I found this lovely gold frame to fit it into.

And I had two lovely gifts this week .
First one from Gabi .

Thank you so much sweet friend.
I just love bunnies .  
A lovely stitch and card .
Made me so happy Thank you.

                                                             And from Martina
                                                         a lovely stitched card of lovely flowers
                                                           You made my day  Martina thank you.

I treated myself this week , look what I fell in love with.
They are really beautiful and a real treat.

                                                                      And a sweet chart 

 My garden at the moment looks like a Bluebell wood .
We use to live near the Bluebell woods years ago and it is breath taking to see .
 So here are a few of mine.

Now these are from my Dads garden and before my Grandfathers garden and maybe my GGFS  before that ,garden .
I also have pink and white bells I will show you next time.

                                               I found a bluebell cup the other year too.

 A Carnation came out to bloom this week 
The rose is still not ready yet maybe next week .

 The old green house has died so we brought this one for now .

             They want so much money for the wooden ones .
           So this will last for a couple of years , we grew more veg outside last year and the tomatoes .

Well my friends would love to stay longer but I need to lay the table hubby is just about to go to our chippy for our tea.
                                 Thank you for all those wonderful comments .
                                                     Have a wonderful Easter.
This year I have not had time to re-dress the dresser for Easter so I just added a few things.


  1. wonderful blog as always. I would love to walk in your garden, so many flowers. I love your new green house and yes it is green. ha love you stitching and gifts from friends. Are snow is almost gone but we are expecting more on Wednesday. Oh, how I wish it was Spring. Clean my fish and all are happy. Plants in greenhouse are doing great. daffodils bloom about 4 flowers. have a great weekend. big hugs

  2. Awesome blog post June - am loving all the beautiful photos, gifts, and flowers.

  3. June: Your Cupboard is lovely with all your Easter display.
    Your new finish is perfect.
    Beautiful floral photos.
    What sweet gifts.
    Your scissors are beautiful, love the new chart.


  4. Hi June,
    Oh I love your header, the bunny is so cute.
    The golden frame fits perfectly to your pattern, it looks really noble. The little pillow by Gabi is very pretty with the violets, I like that.
    These scissors are great, what beautiful decorations on top of the handle. Thanks for the beautiful garden pictures, and your dresser looks great, with all the little details.
    Have a nice Easter, Hugs, Martina

  5. Love the little bunny sewings! Bluebells are gorgeous too.

  6. Hello June,
    lovely post and pictures. Your garden looks so beautiful. The flowers are so wonderful. Also your cupboard.What a nice idea, the cup with the flowers. I think I have to go to England again to look for pretty cups. But no, I got enough, only smaller ones I have in my cupboard.
    Wish you a wonderful sunny sunday and a happy Easter.
    Hugs, Gabi

  7. Hello June,
    what a wonderful Blogpost! I love your new header so much and all your other photos, too.
    Have a nice sunday, Andrea

  8. Hello June,
    I like your Easter Header very much. The little bunny is very cute.
    The golden frame is perfect for your little stitching.
    NIce gifts are arrive. The little pillow is beautiful.
    Enjoy the Sunday and a good start in the new week.
    Big Hugs, Manuela

  9. Love all of your Bunnies.
    Beautiful flowers, especially that Carnation.
    Have a great week!

  10. Wonderful photos June! Love your display and all the new projects and gifts. I simply adore those scissors, well done on treating yourself to such a pretty gift.
    Enjoy a beautiful Sunday in your marvellous garden!

  11. I love your Easter stitch all framed up June. So pretty. What a sweet gift from Gabi. Martina's card is lovely. I LOVE that those bluebells are from your grandfather and greatgrandfather!!! Just wonderful! And beautiful! Love it!

  12. June, Such a lovely post filled with all things Spring!! Your stitch fit perfectly in that oval frame, and the gifts are just darling, I love the bunny from Gabi and Martina's card is so pretty. Your scissor gift to yourself looks like the ones RJ and I bought for ourselves. Such a sweet pattern too! I jus adore your flowers!!! You have such a great thumb and it must be so nice to be surrounded by such gorgeous flowers. Now what is a chippy??

  13. Perfect frame for your Easter Egg cross stitch. Looks so pretty. Wonderful gifts from your friends. You have so many pretty flowers! Every photo was a joy to see.

  14. The perfect frame for your Easter stitch, delightful.
    Pretty Easter pillow gifts from your friends.
    The dresser looks so very pretty June with all your lovely things on there.
    The gardens looking fabulous with so many pretty blooms.
    Hope the new greenhouse works a treat with your summer crops.
    Enjoy a lovely week, I hear its to get a bit warmer. xx

  15. What a wonderful little army of bunnies for Easter, June! Your dresser is so beautifully decorated! The frame you have chosen makes the egg embroidery so precious, now it's almost like a Faberge egg! As for the scissors, they are simply irresistible. I have a similar pair and they cut perfectly well. Martina had a lot of foresight with the choice of bluebells on the lovely card that she made. I wish you a nice and hopefully warmer week! Hugs! Sandrine

  16. Everything wonderful , from the header, to the Spring ornaments, then the dresser :-)) , without forgetting the garden...
    Have a nice week,

  17. What a beautiful blog post, full of spring stitching and flowers. Your 'treat' is absolutely gorgeous.

  18. Yes June i too remember ice on the inside of my bedroom window! There was no central heating to heat the house when we were growing up, we were made of tougher stuff, lol.
    Your garden it looking so colourful, your Azalea is in front of mine, I have only buds at the moment. Love all your little Easter touches, bunnies and stitching.
    Have a lovely week x

  19. Now I'm even late catching up with blogs :-(, gah!! where does my time go??? Loving your stitching it looks fab framed up!! How cute is your new pattern - its gorgeous - hope its a joy to stitch. Have a lovely week (although we are half way through - doh!!) xx

  20. Yes, I agree, June--I am not enjoying the cold weather as I get older. But, if I were to move to Florida--it would be simply too hot in the summer time! Hard to find a perfect climate, that's for sure!

    Your sweet egg is so pretty--your tiny bows are always so perfect! And what sweet gifts from Gabi and Martina :) I'm glad you treated yourself to the scissors and pretty chart. Always a treat to see your garden--love the bluebells and how they have been passed down through gardens in your family.

    Wishing you a beautiful Easter weekend, June! ♥

  21. Hello June! What a lovely post. Your beautiful flowers always brighten my day. I love your framed egg with such pretty colors. I love the gifts you received from Gabi and Martina. They both are so pretty and so thoughtful.

    I have your new scissors and I love them. They are nice and sharp as well as being so pretty. And that chart is just adorable. Have a lovely and blessed Easter. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

  22. Dear June,
    I am speechless, your beautiful embroideries are perfectly set in scene, and your new header photo is also wonderful!
    I'm happy with you about the letters from Martina and Gabi.
    And: your garden photos are sensational again!!!!!
    Happy Easter for you and your family, Jutta

  23. You're all decorated for Easter, everything looks so pretty. Your new scissors from Italy are fantastic!! LOVE the green house, haven't ever seen one like that, but it looks very usable. Oh am sooooooo jealous of all your pretty flowers, we're only just starting to see blooms here. I have yellow Daffodils in bloom in the yard, so nice to finally see some colors.

  24. Your dresser looks lovely, very fresh and Spring-like. The little gold frame is perfect for that design.
    I adore those scissors!

  25. Tudo lindo!
    As flores já estão lindas.
    Boa páscoa.

  26. I hope the weather has gotten warmer for you by now, it has here and now we have rain to go with it!
    Another lovely finish and the gifts you received are adorable.
    It you ever want a working holiday, my garden could definitely use your green thumb!

  27. I would so love to see the bluebells someday. Every year I always look in wonder at the pictures from England of the lovely bluebells. So wonderful! Love your Easter framed finish, and of course, your garden! Wow! Happy Easter!

  28. Oh goodness, what a great post. How I love to see your garden and so many pretty blooms to cheer the sight. As a child I remember well walking in the bluebell wood near our home carrying armfulls home and for my teacher at school. Beautiful Easter stitching June and thoughtful gift. Adore your Easter display on the dresser and that lovely teacup and saucer ooooh. Happy Easter.