Sunday, 7 July 2019

A Summers Week.

Hello to all my friends who visit me on my little blog.
I have  been off line most of this week , so I used my new ipad it is a little different but it made me use it .
I brought a book and found out different ways to use it  , and  so I am getting much better on there .
But today I am back on my PC I must say I missed it , so if I have not got back to anyone sorry my friends I will play catch up in the next few days .
Well we are having some lovely sunny days and I am loving it but hating doing housework in the heat. 
So I must get going early in the morning and then I can relax  in the afternoons.
Today I have been out on the bank cutting loads of brambles down that make their way through the fence , so I have lots of little scratches on my arms and legs.

Yesterday afternoon we went to an afternoon tea to raise money for our library it was beautiful sitting in a friends garden with many people having a cream tea and lots of cakes came home with a book too ,  they have a beautiful garden so it was a lovely afternoon.

This week I also had a lovely gift from our friend mouse .
So I think you need to see some photos .
This is my lovely gift from sweet mouse.

Mouse made me another project bag for my sewing she knows I love these and it makes it so easy to find which stitching one I want to work on that day. Also some lovely butterfly extras Thank you little mouse I love everything , you know me so well.

Next I stitched this little chart I have had for ages .
It's so cute and I made it into a small dish , I take my earrings out at night and it's just the right place to put them until the morning.

Free chart by Whispered by the wind Spring 2002 .
Such a cute chart.

                        The backing materials .

                                     Another bag for my knitting .
                                   At the same time money goes to helping
                            to raise money for care.

  Sweet peas are late this year but I just cut the first few.

We are getting some amazing sunsets at night this is just one .

   Thank you for your lovely comments from last time , I will leave you now with a few photos of my front garden pots .
                                Have a wonderful week.





  1. Wonderful blog as always. Your flowers are so sweet and I could sit on your front porch all day and enjoy the flowers. Love your stitching. hugs and have a great Sunday.

  2. I love your garden1 And what a beautiful gifts!

  3. Oh June, your front garden is amazing. So many lovely flowers!
    Beautiful stitching and gifts, hope the heat is not too bad and you can relax and stitch in the garden

  4. Love your project bags. Your garden looks lovely too. You are good at using new technology - I'm a complete technophobe and dont use things to their full potential lol - Im always a bit scared I'll do something wrong and break them lol xx Have a lovely week ahead xx

  5. Lovely gift from Mouse. Your stitched dish is a nice way to finish. As always your blossoms are beautiful.

  6. Oh June, I was the same with my smartphone .. I had to buy "A Dummies Guide to Smartphones"!! LOL. The gift from Mouse is beautiful. Your tray is lovely, what a great idea. Your garden is looking fabulous, as always. Hope you have a good week.

  7. SEmpre bellissimi i tuoi fiori, ti invidio molto. Il regalo è molto carino e utile. Mi piace tanto ance il tuo cestino con il ricamo nel centro. Brava, Brava...

  8. June: What a sweet Lady Mouse is, such lovely gifts.
    I am loving the little bowl you mad for your earrings, so cute.
    I love floral bags, I have so many filled with kitted projects.
    I do not like my iPhone or ipad, I wish I had my old flip phone back, I am too old for all this modern techy stuff, giggles.
    Beautiful floral photos.


  9. Lovely gifts from Mouse, what a sweetie!
    I love your little dish, it's a beautiful finish.
    Gorgeous sunset and I love all your flowers.

  10. Love the little Spring stitch you did June. Your garden is gorgeous. The pansies are my favorite!

  11. Mouse certainly treated you well!! What a great idea for a little dish!! And, it would certainly be an easy finish with the ribbon...I'm going to store that idea away! Charming stitch too! I'm glad to see your still supporting a good cause by buying the bags! The Le Sac would be coming home with me too!! French and floral a lovely combination. YOur flowers are beautiful as always but that iron stand with the cascading impatience is such a gorgeous display! Have a wonderful week and I hope it cools down for you. Mary

  12. Hello June! Your teas sound so nice. I would love to be there with you. Love both of your new bags and they most certainly will come in handy for your many crafts. Love your stitched basket for holding your jewelry...great idea and so pretty too.

    All of your blooms are gorgeous. You have one of the prettiest gardens I've seen. Have a lovely week! RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

  13. Je te souhaite également une merveilleuse semaine ma chère June.
    Les fleurs qui ornent ton jardin sont superbes !
    Mille bisous

  14. Your garden is so pretty June, you always have such a lot of colour :-)
    I love the little basket / bowl you made, it's something different.
    Hope you have a great week. x

  15. What a cute little jewelry dish.
    Beautiful flowers, love those little Pansy faces!
    Have a great week!

  16. Hi June I have been commenting using my phone and have just discovered that for some reason it doesn't work,I am still travelling for a bit yet,so will comment when I have Internet.
    What a sweet parcel to receive from your friend,love your work and those flowers are so pretty xx

  17. Lovely little stitching and a wonderful finish.
    So beautiful flowers in your garden.
    Enjoy the week.

  18. I can imagine people stopping to admire your front garden, it's so bright and cheerful. Unfortunately, the thieves would be helping themselves if we had things like that out here. One family had a whole soda type seating ensemble taken from their back garden last week, they'd only had it a week!
    A lovely little design for your bowl finish.
    Sweet peas here too, I took a pic for my next blog post.
    Cream tea and books ... Great way to raise money, sounds perfect to me.

  19. Oh, I'm so excited about your idea with the earrings, what a nice bowl to put them in it. And the motive is so cute. Also, the bag has a beautiful flower design, great for your knitting things.
    Have a nice week, Hugs Martina

  20. What a beautiful motive, just right for the earring bowl. As always, your garden flowers are wonderfully blooming.
    Also, the bag for your knitting things has become wonderful.
    I wish you a nice week, greetings Andrea

  21. Love your stitching. That earring tray is adorable. Great idea. I'll keep that in mind for future gifts!

    That sunset is unreal!

  22. Your garden looks beautiful. What a super little tray, perfect for earrings.

  23. Dear June,
    I'm happy with you, I like the present very much.
    Oh, what a beautiful motive, just right for the earring bowl, the front and the back, beautiful!
    Your garden photos are is so beautiful again, I admire your green thumb.
    The sack is great, too, and the sunset, great, thanks for the nice photos,
    I wish you a nice week, greetings Andrea

    1. Sorry, I just had thought about Andrea, hihi, it must be called Jutta of course.

  24. Wonderful garden as usual. Nice little tray : what a pity to cover it with something inside! :-)
    Have a nice week- end,

  25. Le viole sono i miei fiori preferiti. Adoro la borsa e come hai rifinito i ricami.

  26. I'm so glad you are back on your computer, June! I am fearing the day my computer dies as I dread getting used to a whole new system. I have an iPad, too, but really need to do more than read on it :)

    Love your tray that you made--what a creative way to use your cross stitch. So useful, too :) And such nice gifts from Mouse--enjoy.

    I'm glad your sweet peas are now blooming. I tried to grow them two years ago, but they never even came out of the ground. I think I will try them again next year, but start them indoors first. Hope your weekend is fun and relaxing with lots of stitching and gardening time! ♥

  27. So glad you like your gifts :) love the wee tray ..good idea for my dressing table me thinks too .. love your garden ..need to get into mine and weed mouse xxxx