Saturday, 13 July 2019


Hi friends ,
Can you believe it's the weekend again.
Time is going faster every day it seems ,  is it just me that thinks this ?
I have had a few days out this week , but a restful end to the week which I love .

I am trying to sort out my craft rooms the one outside and the one upstairs but it is so slow and I seem to be making allot more mess and things don't seem to pack away like they did before.
Throwing away allot of rubbish so it should be going down , but it is not.

A new stitch Finchley' Summer House  by Just Nan . If you like this one and would like the chart .

Let me know by next weekend and if there are more than two who would like it I will put  names into  a hat and let hubby pick one name out.

Have a fun weekend friends and enjoy your summer days I am off to find me next stitch .

 DMC threads and I lovely lavender 28 ct  a friend sent me some time ago .

I have been working on my Spring Blanket .

                                                       It's growing slowly , lots of different stitches to learn.

Lovely gifts from my sweet friend Karen , such sweet gifts thank you my friend.

This is the third bag I brought .

Thank you friends for the lovely comments from last week .
You make me feel great to be able to show you photos that gives you and myself pleasure .
So back to the garden 


                       These sweet peas are for you my friends , have a great weekend.


  1. I see a bumble bee came to your garden. Such lovely flowers. I like your stitching. big hugs

  2. What a sweet stitch and lovely finish. As always a beautiful selection on blooms from your garden. Have a great weekend before it disappears... and yes time has been moving quickly. Good thin for the desk calendar.

  3. Tutto molto raffinato ed elegante ;)
    Adoro questi fiori, con i loro colori delicati.
    Buona giornata

  4. Good luck with organizing your craft room. That's a huge difficult task. I'd love to be counted in for this pattern it looks lovely and I love birds. AriadnefromGreece!

  5. Your finch stitch turned our darling June! What a lovely blanket that is working up to be!

  6. Love your blanket! Make the most of the nice weather - it's been quite rainy in the North of England.

  7. How nice that you had free time. I always want to clean up my sewing, but I can not do it. The little birdie in front of his house is so cute and you have found a suitable frame. I also like your summer blanket very well.
    I love your garden pictures and today especially the white Dipladenia, a dream.
    I wish you a nice Sunday. Hugs Martina

  8. Love your blanket - beautiful colors. And the flowers! Your garden photos are always lovely
    Good luck with the craft rooms, it's a huge task and I perfectly understand you! :)
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend

  9. Proprio carino il tuo lavoro di primavera e anche come hai confezionato il tuo quadretto. Hai anche la lavanda nel tuo giardino come quella che ho disegnato per mio Sal "Lavender". ....Ho aperto le iscrizioni al Sal... per partecipare, come mi avevi detto, dovresti scrivermi una e-mail, in modo che io possa inviarti le griglie...gurda il mio ultimo post, ci sono tutte le istruzioni.
    Buona giornta

  10. Beautiful stitching and finishing.Like it. The blanket looks wonderful.
    Your flowers are amazing.
    Good luck with the craft room, I also try to tidy up my stitching stuff, it's a lot and you are right, the day is too short.There are still other things to do.
    Your flowers are amazing!!!!!
    Have a lovely weekend

  11. Hello June,
    your finish looks wonderful. I love it.
    Your spring blanket will be beautiful.
    I love your flower photos.
    Have a nice Sunday, Manuela

  12. Finchley is so pretty, I would love to enter for this.
    I have the same problem with my craft/sewing room.
    I try to re-organize, but I always have leftovers with no where to go!
    Spring Blanket is so pretty, love the soft colors.
    I see you have a visitor in your beautiful flowers!
    Have a great week!

  13. Such a pretty finish, June--love it on that beautiful farbric! Your blanket is getting prettier and prettier and your flowers are always the best.

    Yes, time is marching on faster and faster for me, too. Hard to believe that we are at mid-July already. I wish summer would slow down as I do enjoy the warm sunshine so much! Enjoy your coming week, my friend! ♥

  14. Now that is such a sweet finish, the border along the right side is so pretty too.
    Why is it we make more mess when we are tidying stash, hope you manage to find room to put it all away afterwards.
    Enjoy your week June x

  15. That's such a lovely stitching finish June, very pretty, as is your garden.
    I just love the blanket you are making, the colours are beautiful.
    I thought it was just me that made more mess when tidying up, lol It's good to have a sort out every now and then though.
    I hope you have a lovely week x

  16. A pretty little design June, I love how you have finished it with a touch of fabric in the frame and your Spring blanket is looking lovely with the different crochet stitches. Generous and useful gift from your friend Karen.

  17. The spring blanket is coming along nicely, so many pretty colors and I love the texture. Cute Cute little bird house stitching. Your flowers are gorgeous. You must make a mess always while organizing...I swear it's in the handbook, pg 3, lol

  18. Beautiful is the little bird, I like the motif of Just Nan. I especially like the framework for it.
    I like the summer blanket too, it gets very colorful. My sewing room also needs cleaning up, but that's probably not enough for a week.
    As always you give us a look into your beautiful garden.
    Hugs Andrea

  19. Ciao June, there are no words about your garden...I would be only repetitive! But I must say that I like your bag and am in love with you blanket.

  20. Che meraviglia il tuo ricamo!

  21. Dear June,
    Yes, time flies faster and faster, that's how I feel.
    A beautiful post: the magical embroidery, your spring blanket and also the garden photos, wonderful!
    Love to you, Jutta

  22. Your stitched piece is beautiful. It looks lovely in the frame with the flowery band, so summery. The blanket is very pretty.
    Good luck with the craft room clear up. I've tried to tidy and sort out for weeks. This past Thursday and Friday I have been on leave and although I have been out and about, I have managed one or two drawers. I bet there has been a couple of occasions where you have gone "what did I buy that for!?". The charity shop is going to love me. LOL.
    Have a good weekend.

  23. June, I love your sweet bird stitch. It is on such pretty fabric too.

    Your blanket is lovely. And your gardens always delight. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

  24. Ravissant cet oiseau. J'aime beaucoup admirer tes fleurs. bises