Sunday, 11 August 2019


Hi everyone .
Well we have had some really bad storms and it's still very windy but the sun is out today , it's been bad for the garden lots of plants smashed and broken .
We have spent most of the day cutting away all the broken bits .
It's sad but that's life ups and downs . You never know with our weather .
This week has been another busy one rushing here and there finding fitments for the bathroom that will be gutted out the end of the month . I think we are almost there now so it will be up to the builders then.
I have a small finish a freebie from La Comtesse & Le Point De Croix .  


Stitched on a pale pink 28 ct

I added a little charm and ribbon flower

I am still stitching away on the baby stitch and both of my SALs
Also working on my crochet Easter blanket I try and do a row per day . Some lovely new stitches to try.

 I will leave you now I have a few things to do before my team are playing . Have a lovely weekend , and thank you again for your comments .


  1. My friends Jean and Roger where here from Ontario on Saturday and I showed Jean your gardens, I had to go back thru a few blogs to get to the one with the backyard and the greenhouse. Jean just adored all your flowers and plants and said you had the most lovelies gardens she had ever seen. I love your stitching. Have a look at my blog, we had hail on Saturday and it was something. Big hugs Lynda Ruth

  2. Yes!That house of roses pattern is so sweet. Well done. The colors in your blanket are beautiful. Your garden continues to look so beautiful.

  3. Such a pretty little pillow and I love the colours in the blanket. It's so nice to see your beautiful garden photos.Have a lovely week!

  4. So sorry to hear about your storms, June... We need rain badly here and hope to get some this week. Your little finish is darling and I love the photo in your header--it is so summery and fun with the tiny buttons :) And your blanket grows prettier each time you show it.

    Good luck with the bathroom remodel--have been there so I know how many decisions must be made before beginning :) Have a lovely week ahead, June ♥

  5. Hi June oh such a pretty pillow and beautiful blanket ,well done my friend.
    Storms can be quite scary we have had so much rain here,we have water laying all around our yard.
    Oh June your flowers are beautiful love the colors,hope you have a lovely day my friend xx

  6. A lovely little house stitching and a great finish.
    Your blanket will be so beautiful.
    And your flowers are so pretty as always.
    Have a nice week, Manuela

  7. Beautiful stitching finish and i just LOVE the colours in your crochet blanket :-)
    We have had strong winds and lots of rain too, we got back on Saturday and 3 of my pots had been blown over! Hopefully a better week this week x

  8. We've had some bad storms here also.
    Hope you didn't have too much damage.
    The little Rose pillow is so pretty, and as those Roses!
    Have a great week!

  9. House of roses is gorgeous!
    Love your blanket, such pretty colours.
    Hope there wasn't too much damage with the storm and that you have managed to clear up.

  10. Oh wow, the Easter blanket has some really fun stitches. Is it a pattern you are following or is it like a sampler and you are trying out many stitches? I hope the weather has cleared up for you x

  11. June I love your newest stitch. It makes such a pretty ornament. Your blanket is so the colors. And your flowers are always a big treat to the eyes. I hope you are having a good summer. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

  12. Oh, the little pillow looks cute, it all fits together perfectly, the small charm I like very much.
    Storms are bad, but as long as no one is harmed, then it still works. Nature defends itself. I'm glad you're okay.
    What beautiful flowers, such a white hydrangea, I would also like to have, very delicate flowers.
    Hugs Martina

  13. The rose house looks great, you have processed it wonderfully. The Easter blanket will be a hit. And your flowers are beautiful as always.
    Hugs Andrea

  14. Your little pillow with La Comtesse pattern is sweet and romantic. The blanket is beautiful and the flowers from the garden, very, very pretty!

  15. That is the perfect design for you! I love the tiny house with all the giant roses, very sweet.

  16. Such a pretty pillow and lovely colours in your crochet blanket. I wish our flowers still looked like yours but sadly they keep getting battered by the rain.

  17. Such pretty flowers, sorry you had storms that created problems. Cute little pillow and I LOVE the Easter Blanket, the colors and texture are really coming along.

  18. Dear June,
    hopefully the weather has calmed down in the meantime, it's terrible if you have to cut back everything that blossomed so beautifully before because of a storm.
    The small pillow has become wonderful, and the tiny key goes so well with it.
    I also like your colorful blanket very much, as well as the beautiful flower photos.
    Thanks for visiting me, I had so much to do at work and didn't come to answer your mail.
    Have a nice weekend, Jutta.

  19. The rose house looks great.It's so nice to see your beautiful garden photos.

  20. Beautiful stitching and crochet! Sorry the storms damaged your garden. It seems there are more bad storms coming your way these days? Is that true? Anyway, your garden still looks amazing! I always love to see all the beauty therein.

  21. We've had threats of storms, but they seem to bypass us every time. Your garden looks lovely so the cleanup was a success!
    Your finish is adorable, I love it on the pink and with the fabric you chose.
    Those are lovely stitches for your blanket.

  22. Loving the blanket June. I'm not good at crochet, perhaps something like this would help me learn the stitches and be so useful after too.
    Have a lovely week x