Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Back to sunshine today .

Hello friends ,
 Just a quick blog today , then I will be taking a rest and will be back later in October .
But I will be popping in and out to read your blogs.
We still have the builders in and lots going on here,  bulbs to put in and the garden to close down  ready for the winter , new GGB on the way too.
It's a busy time all round so I won't have much stitching to show for a few weeks .
It's been so cold here the last few days we put the heating on ! now we never put it on until October .

I did get chance to stitch a sweet stitch our friend Carol sent me in the year  .

I loved stitching this one and will stitch it again.
I stitched it on a pink 28ct love the button detail .

I love the finish on the chart I may do something the same .
 But I just can't get to my sewing machine or finishing bits right now.
I wanted to pick a Christmas stitch up from my box and this one was on the top , so I have been working on this one .

It's sad to see the end of Summer , but we went out on Monday for lunch and to pick up a few things,
and I was so shocked to see allot of trees already going brown.
Are we going to have a long Winter ? we have so many berries on the bushes.

Well enjoy your Autumn I will leave you with some flowers still holding out .
Many thanks to all who left comments on my blog I do love to read them.

These small roses always make me smile.

Some times there have been more than 10 bees on here.

  It's been a great year for butterflies and the plant above will soon be full of butterflies


  1. I love all your stitching. The flowers in your garden are beautiful as ever. Hope you have a great trip. Enjoy your bathroom when it's done. big hugs Lynda Ruth

  2. June,I just love all your flowers but those big sunflowers just make me smile!! Sweet stitch that Carol so generously sent you and great progress on your headless ornament!! I'm loving the cool weather but not ready to put the heat on yet!! I hope you have a long, temperate Autumn to enjoy! Mary

  3. Oh goodness! I can't believe you have had the heat on already! Wow! Such sweet stitching you are working on June. Do take care now. :)

  4. Hope all goes well with the builders - then I think you need to take a holiday!! Beautiful designs you are stitching as always. p.s.I had to put the heating on last night ssshhhhh!! lol xx Take Care xx

  5. So many lovely flowers in your garden June, it's been pretty cool with us too and I have the heating on this very minute!

  6. Snap, my heatings been on for a week now especially in the evenings. Lovely flowers in your garden hope they continue for a few more weeks.hope the building work goes well.

  7. Your little Love piece turned out great, June! So glad you enjoyed the chart--it's one I still need to stitch for my own Valentine's Day bowl :) And I love the Santa--very cute with those giant elf-like shoes!

    I hope you have a lovely holiday and blogging break--it's hard to believe October will be here soon. Time to think about Christmas already--yikes! See you in October ♥

  8. Love your projects and of course a tour of your garden.

  9. The pattern of Carol is pretty, but the little Christmas pattern - I love it. I am glad that you continue to do it.
    Yes, here too, the foliage turns yellow, it is autumn, but we have already mid-September.
    Have a good time, Martina

  10. Hope everything goes well with the builders and then.... enjoy the new bathroom. The little ornie looks so cute,also the Christmas ornie.
    Your flowers still look great and yes, I have the heating on in the evening.
    Have a great time.

  11. Ici aussi il fait froid et le chauffage remarche depuis la semaine dernière.
    Tes fleurs sont superbes et j'adore les petites roses couleur pastel.
    Bisous ma chère June et beau mois de septembre.

  12. Hello June,
    so lovely little stitching. I like your Christmas stitching.
    Hugs, Manuela

  13. i tuoi fiori sono davvero stupendi, ti invio molto, io non ho proprio il pollice ricamo natalizio sembra davvero molto carino

  14. Those HIH smalls are always too cute.
    I love the Lori Birmingham designs, still have a few in my stash too.
    She had a unique style.
    Love those big 'ol Sunflowers!

  15. Nice patterns and beautiful flowers in the garden
    Come back soon,

  16. Such a sweet little stitch (Love Blooms). I love the buttons, too! And your Christmas stitch is whimsical and fun!

    Our leaves are still green, and the lawn is growing much, much too fast. My husband and son do not look forward to mowing and raking, so their favorite season is winter. Mine is fall, though. When the weather and the leaves start to turn, I feel giddy!

    The bees on your sunflower picture made me smile!

  17. The Love stitch is very sweet. I can't get into Christmas stitching yet, but I am excited for Halloween!

    Love the bees on the Sunflower, that's a beautiful photo.

  18. It's always such a pleasure to visit your garden June!
    Love your stitching too
    Hope all goes well with the builders, we had them in last year so I can empathize with you!

  19. Oh my, heat already? Crazy weather!
    Sweet stitching, I love seeing the Santa come together.
    Such beautiful flowers, the sunflower with the bees is my favourite!

  20. Dear June,
    I love both new projects, too. The little Christmas stitching is really so cute.
    And your garden photos, wow! Here in Germany wie have pleasant temperatures, not too hot and not too cold, late summer.
    Thanks for visiting my blog, dear greetings and a happy Sunday, Jutta

  21. Hey Junne,
    I love your new projects, the Christmas stitching is so cute. I like the big sunflower in your garden.
    Have a nice week, Andrea

  22. The stitching and the flowers are sooooooooo pretty. Hope things calm down for you soon so you can take a breathe. Hang in there. I'm already missing my flowers, not much left. Everything is drying up and getting brown......argh fall is here.

  23. June: Congratulations on the GGB.
    Please show us photos.

    Valentines Day is a sweet design.
    Santa is coming along, thank-you for sharing beautiful floral photos from your garden.


  24. I hope the building work is coming to an end June, I hate having work done in the house, although It's lovely when it's finished. Do share photos of the new Great Grandchild when it arrives, how exciting. I'm loving the cooler weather, not put the heating on yet though, lol
    Enjoy your little blog break, but don't stay away too long. xx

  25. A sweet little crosstitch June, look forward to seeing how you finish it. Gosh those sunflowers are so fabulous and certainly would brighten up your day. Have a lovely holiday and look forward to hearing from you when you get back. It"s getting warmer here down under, so appreciated. Able to have the house all opened up for the day today, still pretty cool in the mornings. Went to see the movie Downton Abby this morning, fabulous. Take care and how lovely to hear you are going to get a GGchild soon. Hugs

  26. Hope you are having a good rest of the month! Love seeing your stitching. The sunflowers are wonderful!