Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Baby it's cold outside.

Hi everyone ,
Well we had our first frost  the other night and it as been cold the last couple of days and wet .
Can anyone tell me where this month went to  ! I feel like I just woke up and it's almost another new month !
Time is running away from me again.
I spent a day Christmas shopping with my daughter last Monday and sat sipping a hot chocolate , and eating  chocolate brownie's so yummy just heaven .
Yesterday out with hubby for Lunch and more shopping and today a trip to the seaside to have coffee with a friend and it's still raining.

I have been stitching but only a little I don't like stitching in the night light so need to fix up my lamp .
I have been sorting out and found another big box of stitching UFOs that only need a little stitching to finish  them . I don't like setting goals because ----------something will come along , you know what I mean , you just have to start it now and you can't wait.
But I do really need to finish a couple of UFOs each year.
So must find some time to do this .
I stitched all my Christmas stitching for this year last year so I have allot of finishing to get on with , and can't show you yet .

So first up a little birthday gift I stitched for a friend a sweet little pin cushion . 

            A lovely little design by my sweet friend Dany .
Stitched on white 28ct  and you can see the backing material .

I stitched a little small lemon bead inside each flower .
Using six strand sweets threads 
Sugared violets and Butter mint  hand dyed thread

Couronne de Ve'ronques by Dany.

Thank you Dany for your beautiful designs 

I will show you my UFO next week that I restarted again next week
I may have it finished by then 
And here a few more flowers just hanging on before the winter sets in.

You can see the flowers are coming to a end already there are signs of bulbs coming up for next year .

Thank you friends for your lovely comments .
I wish you a very happy Halloween .


  1. Bellissimo cuscinetto, chissà quanti ufo avrai, anch'io ne ho un sacco. Sempre stupendi i tuoi fiori.

  2. lovely flowers as always. I will look in my magazines and see if the owl is in one too. love the pin cushion Happy day hugs

  3. Oh yes, it is now pretty frosty, especially in the morning.
    The small violet pattern of dany has become pretty.
    I have to think about bringing my fuchsias in, I would like to overwinter them. Do you have a hint for me?
    Happy Halloween, Martina

  4. La pluie et le froid et la grisaille sont de retour également sur les Vosges.
    Merci ma ch-re June pour ta douce amitié.
    Je t'embrasse et te souhaite une bonne journée

  5. It turned cold here also, & some snow appeared!
    A very cute pincushion, & your flowers are still beautiful.

  6. Hello June,
    here in north Germany it is very cold as well. We have frost in the nights.
    Your little stitching finish is wonderful.
    Thanks for sharing the flower photos from your garden.
    Have a nice week. Hugs, Manuela

  7. Oh your sweet pin cushion by Dany! Just lovely! Your garden may be coming to a close but it is still lovely. We have snow coming down sideways today June!

  8. We've had quite a few frosty mornings June, I don't mind apart from scraping the car to head to work. I've got quite a bit of colour left in the garden too which is amazing for up here at this time of year.

  9. I love the pin cushion and have enjoyed seeing all of your flowers this year. It's finally cooling off here in California, but the winds have really come in with a vengeance.

  10. We have a freeze warning for tomorrow night, which will be the first for us. So I feel your chill. Lovely flowers for the end of the season though. And I love your stitching too!

  11. Love your Autumn display, so many pretty things!
    have a lovely weekend

  12. I really like your little flowerembroidery. In the middle of Germany, it is also pretty cold, since yesterday it rains.
    Have a nice weekend


  13. Dear June,
    I'm very excited about your UFOs.
    How pretty the violet embroidery looks, how delicate they are.
    Your garden still looks very good despite the low temperatures, thanks for the great photos.

  14. Love all of your stitching.

    Yes we know it's Autumn now.

    Have a good week.

  15. Pretty little finish. The nerines caught my eye, they remind me of a late aunt she always had a good show of them in her front garden.

  16. We had our first frost this past week, June, and it was a hard one--everything has died... You are lucky to still have bits of color in your garden.

    Love the little pincushion and I wish you luck with your Christmas finishes. It is a busy time of year and we have Thanksgiving in between here in the States! I'm the hostess this year (for 20) so am getting a bit anxious that it will all get done :)

  17. ma che fiori meravigliosi, qui piove e fa freddo

  18. It was a bit of a shock when I got on my bike the first frosty morning. My toes were so cold by the time I got into work! I can't believe we are already into November. What a lovely little pincushion; I like the added detail of the bead in each flower x

  19. Florals for birthday gifts are widely used, beautiful flowers

  20. Couronne de Ve'ronques pattern by Dany is beautiful! Job Well done ; )

  21. Such a lovely birthday gift. I know the recipient will think of you and your love of flowers when she uses it. Your flowers as always are stunning.

  22. What a beautiful finish and a lovely gift. So nice to see those gorgeous flowers before they're gone for the season.