Saturday, 16 November 2019

Santa is on his way.

Hi everyone ,
Yes Santa is on his way ! are you ready ?  NO-----------   I am really not ready yet.
But I have wrapped a few gifts and started to write a few cards each day .
I want to do things a little bit early this year so I can sit back and enjoy Christmas .
The shops are already packed with shoppers and you can feel it in the air and boy has it been cold this week and lots of rain.

The TV is playing more Christmas films that I just love , and you feel so happy after watching them . The adverts are getting much like films to and it's sad because I love watching them .

This week I have my first Christmas party at our club so I am busy getting things ready for that , I should have it all ready after tomorrow.
I finished my first UFO so happy about this .
I will show you small parts then the full photo.
Then I will have to think about a frame .

This one was a  SAL free chart from a lovely designer 
Nathalie Cichon  @  Jardin Prive  I dug into my box of UFOs and could not believe it was there I think I put it away over one Christmas I love it and it's called Positive Thinking .
I use to read many positive thinking books in the past after I lost my daughter it helped me so much .
I must start reading them again they are so good and  the sayings so true.


There are parts of this chart I want to stitch again one day. 
Well I do have a few flowers left but not so good  to show you , so I will show you a couple from the past year.

Thank you friends for your comments .
Enjoy a lovely weekend what ever you are doing.


  1. I have the ways to happiness too but it is not finished. I need to get it out and get the last part of the chart and finish it. Now that I am feeling a whole lot better since the shots. It is very, very cold out here today. I don't plan on going anywhere. Dave was out earlier today and almost froze. What happened to November/ it turned into December too quickly. I always love your flowers. I would like to scatter sunshine and warmth all over this province this weekend. Too cold for me. My walking will be inside this weekend. Maybe part of next week too. Big hugs stay warm. Enjoy your Christmas movies, we have them too, I love them as well. Bye

  2. Bellissimo il tuo ricamo, hai fatto bene a finirlo è molto piacevole. I tuoi fiori sono sempre stupendi, invidio molto il tuo giardino...

  3. Woooowww...welcome back to your cupboard. Thank you for the picture. The way to happiness is very nice and yes invites to be positive as you say. And no, I am not ready for Christmas yet. I like to enjoy Autumn too.
    Have a nice week,

  4. I am glad you shared this lovely stitching once again. I am not ready for Christmas at all this year. I have never been this unprepared! I am working on a baby sampler for a young mom who is due any day!

  5. I'm not in the Christmas spirit yet, but I've already thought about advent calendars and Advent wreaths. I also have ideas for my Christmas cards.
    Oh yes, the pattern of Jardin Prive is just gorgeous.
    Enjoy the time and take it easy.
    Hugs, Martina

  6. That is a beautiful sampler. x

  7. Such a beautiful quote on your stitching :-) Oh my I am so behind this year - I've normally got started on shopping etc but not this year and its mid November - aaargh - Do. Not. Panic. - lol - I will get there (in the end). Enjoy your Sunday xx

  8. The Sampler looks wonderful. I have stitched it, a few years ago.
    Have a nice Sunday my friend.
    Hugs, Manuela

  9. Your stitching is gorgeous - lovely sentiment too. Love your header - so bright and cheery!

  10. It's been cold & snowy here, way too early this year.
    What a pretty SAL piece, yes, you could pick some sections to stitch.
    Beautiful flowers.

  11. Oh my goodness that is a beautiful Sampler.
    When I lost my Mother many sayings and books helped me through.
    Is that a pink poppy? just curious, thank-you for sharing the beautiful photos of your flowers.


  12. A pretty finish the Jardin Prive free chart. I have it on my bedroom wall and wake to it each day and read the saying to try and have a positive start to my day. It works some days better than others.
    Have a lovely party with your crafting friends.
    Enjoy your week x

  13. Your sampler and flowers are beautiful, June, thank you for sharing them with us :)

  14. You are farther ahead than me getting ready for Christmas, good for you!
    Such a beautifully stitched piece, will you have it framed?

  15. This is a beautiful pattern, I also embroidered it a few years ago. When I moved, I left it and stowed it somewhere, I have to go search it.
    I'm not in the Christmas spirit, but I've already made some preparations.
    Greetings and a relaxed week, Andrea

  16. The sampler piece looks lovely.

    I'm definitely not ready for Christmas. I only had a few cards made before my hospital visit so I've had to buy a box of cards this year. Have a few catalogues that I can look through and then I don't have to spend too long at the shops.

  17. I'm trying to be really organized this year, I have quite a lot of my presents bought and will start wrapping at the weekend. Love the Jardin Prive piece, so beautiful, how are you going to finish it?
    It's gone quite cold here, we had a frost this morning, but at least that means the sun is going to shine today :-) Have a good rest of the week x

  18. I'm already looking forward to Christmas, I would like to be well prepared this year to enjoy the Advent season, so I started everything much earlier than usual . . . . that is Christmas spirit!!!!!!
    The sampler is beautiful, I saved the pattern, too, but didn't embroider it yet. Positive thinking is always good!
    Love, Jutta

  19. Beautiful sampler! Congrats on your finish

  20. Love your stitched piece and your flowers are still beautiful despite the cold weather you are having.

  21. Adoro questo ricamo, è bellissimo!

  22. Amazed you still have some flowers. WOW! Such a sweet sweet saying your x-stitch. It looks pretty large, must have taken you some time to complete this one.

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  24. This is such a lovely sampler, June! I only stitched the very bottom of it and turned it into a pillow for you :) It really does lent itself to stitching small portions. Your flowers, even at the end of the season, look better than mine at the height of the season--ha ha! Hope you have a wonderful, productive weekend, June! I haven't begun on anything Christmas yet--need to get through my busy Thanksgiving week first :)