Sunday, 1 December 2019

Happy Advent

Happy Advent friends ,
Well are you ready ? I started early this year but still not ready yet but getting there .
We have a beautiful day today at last the sun is out but it is cold. 
I am still very busy still lots to do and places to go so I have to stay calm things will get done .

I have so many new things to start but I also have a list of things I must do so I am making so many lists , for the New Year.

Today writing out the last few cards I have been at that on and off for two weeks .
Everyone in our road today are starting to put lights up.

So on to my stitching here is my little GGS baby sample the last bit around the edge just took for ever , but before I write in his name and then frame it to post off here it is.

Lots of back stitching in this one but I am happy and oh boy does it look cute.
Baby blessings by Joan Elliott 
 And this week I received a lovely card from our friend Gabi .
So beautifully stitched I love it.

 I also had a gift from the club I opened it today  .
We take a gift in and put it on the table and then get called up when your number comes out and this was my lovely gift .

Nice wrapping 

Lots of lovely gifts .
My sitting room is almost decorated all in soft blues and pinks 
The rest of the house the main Christmas colours.

                                My inside porch Hubby has just put the lights up inside the porch and two trees . They will be flashing away later 

I made this little sweetie above .

Another little tree  
To hold my blue and pink treasures .

And look at my Winter Jasmine 
still flowering .

Thank you all for your comments , enjoy a great week.


  1. I love your header, the baby sampler is so sweet, that was allot of work. Nice gifts from your club, How do you get flowers still, love the winter jasmine.I love the little sweetie in the tree and your white tree is beautiful.
    I love the wreath on the front door. Have a great Sunday. big hugs Lynda Ruth

  2. June: Your header is beautiful.
    I love the Joan Elliot design I have never seen this one before.
    Nice gifts and with Cadbury candy, yummy.
    Your decorations are beautiful.
    Thank-you for sharing the lovely yellow floral photo.

    Merry Christmas

  3. So pretty as always. Also want to say thank you!! Postie came yesterday afternoon, but Im being really good and not opening :-) xx Enjoy the week ahead xx

  4. Such a pretty blog background and header, June! I loved seeing some of my gifts on your sweet tree--so pretty all together :) I didn't realize that I had made you so many blue ornaments--ha ha! I am WAY behind this year having hosted Thanksgiving on Thursday--do hope to catch up a bit this week as I have no other obligations. Lovely baby sampler and your red wreath is so gorgeous--I seem to be really into red and white this year for some reason :) Have a lovely week, June! ♥

  5. The header is so sweet June! And the baby sampler is just gorgeous! I love the blue and pink tree of course!! :)

  6. I love the baby motif, especially the little bunny. Oh yes, very nice the map of Gabi.
    Very nice also your decoration in the blue colors. It looks so delicate.
    I wish you a stress free week, take some time to enjoy.
    Hugs, Martina

  7. Tout est magnifique !
    Ton jasmin est superbe et doit embaumer.
    Encore merci pour ta gentillesse et ton amitié.
    Mille bisous et belle semaine ma chère June.

  8. A lovely little baby sampler. All the little animals are very cute.
    A lovely card arrived from Gaby and other wonderful gifts from friends.
    Have a nice new week.
    Hugs, Manuela

  9. Śliczny haft dla dziecka. Zwierzątka są bardzo słodkie. Pozdrawiam.

  10. The Birth Announcement is so cute.
    Cute decorations, love that blue you painted your walls with.
    Have a great week!

  11. The baby sampler is so beautiful. A lovely gift package from your friends at your club.

    Love all of your decorations. Have started putting a few bits out. The tree will be coming down from the loft today hopefully. Cards are the one thing that I have written and have posted the ones that need to go.

  12. I love your new post. The baby sampler is so cute, and your decorating is so beautiful.
    Have a nice adventweek Andrea

  13. adoro come hai decorato casa, mi piace il tono azzurro e rosa

  14. What beautiful decorations you have in your home. Your two pieces here are so cute, especially the one with the baby animals. I also love the one in your header!

  15. Your baby sampler ist really beautiful, I love your new header and all your decorations at home.
    Happy Advent, Jutta

  16. Your decorations are so pretty. I've not even given it a thought yet. Other than realizing, with a new piece of furniture purchased after Christmas last year, the usual place some things go will be altered. Gotta figure that out. Nice gifts. You did well. Good luck with all your stitching.

  17. Lovely work on the Baby Sampler. I'm only doing one Advent Calendar this year, the one on my blog. Last year I did three online and it was a lot of work!
    I really like your little tree with the stitched ornaments in monochrome colours.

  18. What a lovely post, full of beautiful festive things