Monday, 27 January 2020

More rain.

Hello every one .
I wish our weather would settle it's so dull here in the day time and very hard to stitch in this dull light .
We are having more and more rain , but on a positive note we have a few signs of Spring .
Talk about counting your blessings I have a daffodil out and a few snowdrops in bud I thought I had lost them .

I also have one very naughty cat , that comes to visit , he is cute but a nightmare , he has broken so many ornaments in the garden he gets every where he can jump right on to the bird table he has broken every bird box he has had the bird table on the floor , he can climb anywhere .
So this year I don't think we will enjoy watching the pretty birds .
Not sure who his owner is but wish they would put a little bell on him because I can see he will catch allot of birds this year and it's so sad to see.

Moving on another little ornament to add to the box , this is so cute.

                       Hattie Hedgehog by Brooke books .

                                                               The set so far .

                  I had another wonderful gift from my sweet friend Karen from the USA .
                            We have been friends for many years now .

               Thank you Karen for your lovely gifts I know how busy life is for you at the moment .
                  And you still found time to write and send these lovely gifts .
                                                         I will email you soon , bless you.

                          Puzzle is starting to grow but not much time this last week .
                                                     Some weeks seem so busy .

 My daffodil , what  with frosts wind and rain this week  it's bloomed ,  so happy to see the first one in my garden . I have seen many in other gardens .

                       Also the snow drops are getting ready to bloom nothing better to see the signs of                                                                                      Spring

                              And a few more flowers are coming through .

              One day this week I spent all day putting my Mill Hill beads into pots .This little cupboard is a very good place behind the flowers are loads of little draws .
                                                          And away from sight from  my hubby ha.

                             It's almost full now , I have a few more to collect when needed .
                          There are 8 draws but you can see they are small but just right for these.
                       ------------------                           ---------------------              -------------------
Thank you to everyone who sent me a comment , so happy to hear from you all.
Will leave you with some flower photos , enjoy your week.


  1. That cat needs a big bell so he can't jump. You got allot of stitching done. Nice little group 5 so far. Nice. I love your cupboard for your beads. Such lovely flowers in your garden and house. Nice gifts from Karen. Your puzzle is coming along nicely. Can't wait to see it finished. Have a great week. hugs luv

  2. The Booke's books are looking great, a nice collection growing.
    If you get a bottle with a squirter on it June and fill with water and when you see the cat give him a squirt he'll soon get the message he is not welcome in your garden. It wont hurt him but will give him a quick sharp shock. Even though I have a cat we had a problem with a stray coming into the garden and fighting with him. The vet advised this treatment, humane but effective.
    Have a lovely week.

  3. Isn't that hedgehog adorable! I love the long eyelashes on her! Your whole set looks wonderful, June :) I know what you mean about the poor light and having difficulty stitching this time of year. I could hardly see to finish an ornament today--very dark and gray outside. We are due for a bit of snow (hopefully) so perhaps that will brighten up the landscape.

    Your flowers are so lovely--no sign of anything here and we won't see daffodils until the end of March or beginning of April. Enjoy this last bit of January--so hard to believe February is arriving on Saturday! ♥

  4. I agree with the spray bottle of water approach; I've had it recommended as well. You're making good progress on the Advent Animals and I love the way you're finishing them.

  5. It's been raining with us since yesterday. This is quite good for the roses, they are thirsty all year round.
    Hatti Igel did a good job, again a very nice finish. Your puzzle has also grown a lot.
    Your garden is already showing its first spring flowers, I'm looking forward to spring.
    Enjoy your week, Martina

  6. La petite armoire à perles est magnifique !
    Merci pour toutes les jolies fleurs.
    Je t'embrasse ma chère June et te souhaite une agréable journée.

  7. Lovely stitching and lovely flower pics. Yes, do try the spray bottle with the naughty cat - it works every time.

  8. It's raining cats and dogs at the moment.Not my weather. Found some flowers blooming in my garden. Very surprised.
    Your stitching is beautiful and the puzzle is growing.
    Your flowers are wonderful and the cupboard looks great.
    I agree with the spray of water. This I do when cats stray around my garden.
    Have a great week,

  9. Hi June
    Today it is rainy.
    Your little hedgehog is very cute and a lovely finish.
    Your first springflowers are wonderful.
    Have a nice week, Manuela

  10. It's sunny here today but still too wet to get out in the garden. We have two cats who sit wistfully under the bird feeders but they are getting too old now to catch any birds thankfully. Lovely stitching and gifts and the jigsaw is coming along nicely, love Sue x

  11. Hello June. What a great post. I love the fact that flowers are popping up here and there. With the long winters, it's nice to see signs of life once again in our yards. Beautiful colors. They're all so pretty.
    We have a cat that wanders through our yard as well. "I hate working in my gardens, and running into smelly cat poop". He has killed a few birds also, and he won't be around much longer. We have a box trap that we put out, and with a little treat inside, they, the cats, will walk in and not be able to get out. I then take them over to the animal warden here in town. From there, after 10 days, they go to a shelter and are put up for adoption. Now some people may think that I'm cruel to do this, but we can't sit on our porch and watch the little birds die. We put out food year around for the birds.
    I love your little hedgehog, and the whole set is so sweet and colorful. Beautiful work. Your puzzle reminded me that for the first time in a long time, I bought one for myself and as soon as I get settled in my she shed, I'll lay it out. I really enjoy puzzles.
    Well I've kept you long enough my friend. Have a wonderful week and enjoy the many blessings within it.

  12. Cats get away with a lot dont they making messes in the garden and the owner doesnt have to do anything about it grrrrr. Lovely stitching as always xx Have a good week xx

  13. That looks a great jigsaw to do. Lovely flowers, I am looking forward to spring. Your ornaments are gorgeous

  14. The pillow finishes are lovely, I really like this series and you are making a beautiful job of finishing them.
    We have quite a few neighbouring cats who visit our garden. It's nice because we can't have one of our own.
    The water spray is a good idea if they become a nuisance though. Certainly better than kidnapping them and taking them to a shelter! The poor owners must be so worried.

  15. June: The pots for beads are perfect, the cabinet is beautiful.
    Oh my goodness that hedgehog is adorable as are all the pillows.
    Nice gifts from Karen.
    Nice progress on the puzzle.


  16. It rained until yesterday, but it snowed last night. I really like the little hedgehog. The puzzle has grown a bit again. How beautiful the spring flowers are already blooming with you, with us only the laces look out of the ground.
    I wish you a nice week,
    greetings Andrea

  17. Hi, June,
    Hattie Hedgehog was my favourite ornament of all Advent Animals, beautiful! You have really a very nice girlfriend . . . . . . . and your system for your Mill Hill beats is perfect . . . . with the puzzle you have already come so far. Thanks also for the beautiful spring fotos, it rains a lot in Germany and we have temperatures around 5 degrees, that is too cold for the flowers.
    Have a nice week, Jutta

  18. Hello June! I am so sad to read about that cat killing the birds. I would definitely use Julie's method and blast him with the water! Chase him right out!! Your flowers are coming up great! That hedgehog is so sweet. :)

  19. I used to have a naughty little cat who managed to detach his bell/collar no matter what we got him. It became a challenge for him and us! Hopefully your visitor looses interest and moves on, or the spray works! Your ornaments look so lovely - I love the hedgehog x

  20. Hope the kitty moves on so your birds can come back. The Hedgehog is cute and I love your gifts from your friend. I just love the pictures of the flowers, makes you feel like it is spring already.

  21. Ciao qui invece non piove da troppo tempo aumentando così l'inquinamento atmosferico. Non fa freddo per niente, le stagioni non esistono più.... non è bello così. Complimenti per i tuoi ricami e per il tuo set...che aumenta