Monday, 13 January 2020

Storm on it's way .

Hello to all my friends 
Many thank your  lovely comments .
It's been very mild here but loads of rain with the odd beautiful Spring day , not like January at all. 
Some of my daffodil bulbs are in bud already .
Last week when we took a day out for lunch I saw some out in a garden,  fully out !
But with this mild weather we do get some nasty storms and one is oh it's way this afternoon.
 I have been  stitching but can't show you yet but I have another ornament ready to join the Christmas ones already stitched .

Brooke Books No 4 


                 A little peep at my new chart and stitching

 Winter land .
                    Using 40 ct Newcastle Linen Platinum 
                                     The ladies jacket will be
                                 stitched in a fluffy yarn 

I have a few new starts , and I looked in some of my UFO boxes and this year I must start on a few of them again .
I am just giving my arm a little rest it's been a little  painful this week. 

           My Hubby and I were playing about thinking up a verse for
       January and this is what hubby came up with .
        I thought it was good and told him to start writing
           children's books for the little ones in our family Ha.

                                  Feet and fingers glow
                           We could be expecting snow .
                           Blackbirds scurry to and throw ,
                     Looking for berries in the hedge row .

                        Look at the robin with his coat so red,
                      He wakes up early from his bed .
                     You can hear the Robin all day long ,
                      Singing away with his merry song .
                     We know January is always cold ,
                     But we also know there is a story to be told .



  1. Ooh looking forward to see how you get in with the fluffy yarn - I wonder if it will be tricky to stitch with?? Your finished ornaments look lovely. Not much happening in the garden up here but it is blowing a hoolie :-( xx

  2. Unbelievable that daffodils are coming out! Your ornaments are so darling!

  3. I love Ron's verse, he should write for the little ones. He is very good. I like your stitching. I too want to see how you do fluffy yarn. Big hugs

  4. What cute little finishes you've got there! And I love your new start, the colors are so peaceful, and I love the little boots peeping out of the skirt. It's going to be so cute when it's finished :) Also, nice January verse! Happy stitching :D

  5. A great verse, well done Ron - you could always chart it and stitch it with a little robin on it?
    Sweet ornament, they make a nice collection of four.
    Stay safe in the storm June, its very wet and windy here this evening.

  6. I do like the Brooke's Books animals. They make a great series.
    The poem is lovely, I like Julie's idea of charting it with a little Robin. But it should be "fro" not "throw"! Free proof reading LOL

  7. Love your latest Scottie dog ornament, June--you are doing a great job at stitching this series. And your husband's poem is so sweet. Perhaps he'll write one for each month?

    Hope your mild weather continues and your winds die down ♥

  8. Hi June! I'm so in love with your Scottie...he is so adorable. This is a wonderful series and you are doing such a great job with it. I too think Julie has a great idea. I've missed you and my other blogging friends and I'm so happy to be back. I had a rough fall but hope to get my mojo back soon. Have a wonderful January my friend. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

  9. Oh, the number 4 does not look elegant, fine with a vest and tie, I really liked that too. And again a very fitting Finsih.
    Your new pattern also looks very interesting.
    Your husband's saying is also very nice, unfortunately we can no longer see robins here.
    Have a good week, Martina

  10. Your new finish is wonderful. Nice Idea to make the band with the button on the backside.
    A wonderful new stitching progress.
    Here in Germany it is warm. It looks like we have March already.
    Have a nice day. Manuela

  11. What lovely ornaments, great finishes. We have a pair of robins in our garden.

  12. Those Brooke's ornaments are too cute, love the Mouse.
    What a pretty new start.
    Great verse!
    Have a wonderful week.

  13. Amo i pettirossi, ne ho tanti nel giardino. Adoro le tue rifiniture.

  14. What a beautiful verse your husband wrote :-) Very apt for January.
    Love those Brooke's ornaments, I think the mouse is my favourite. Your new start is lovely too.
    We have been seeing bits of the storm too, the wind and rain is horrible, I'm still wishing for some nice frosty mornings.

  15. Bellissimo questo pettirosso... i tuoi ricami sono molto carini e ben fatti. complimenti per il tuo nuovo inizio e per il tuo nuovo ricamo.

  16. Love your newest ornament and I think your newest one is cute. I can't wait to see the fuzzy floss on it. That would be so sweet if he wrote a little book for the children in the family and it would even turn into a family keepsake to be passed down to newer generations!

  17. I like the colours of your new cross stitch and the little ones are very nice.
    Have a nice week end,

  18. Complimenti per gli splendidi lavori di ricamo che hai mostrato in questo post.
    Tutti belli e delicati.

    Sono una tua nuova followers, mi farebbe piacere se venissi a trovarmi:

  19. I love daffodils, I think they call Spring into being! Your Books Books ornaments are adorable!

  20. Great rhyme, June (although the English teacher in me wants/needs to tell you that the word "throw" in the third line should be "fro" - sorry, can't help myself. You could embroider a robin to go with the rhyme. Your new winter stitch looks lovely, you should enjoy stitching that. Lovely collection of BB ornaments - they look great together.

  21. Your ornaments are so adorable! I'm looking forward to seeing more of them.
    Lovely new start, and your husband's poem is cute!