Monday, 20 January 2020

Sunny days but frosty nights .

Where do the days go , each week they seem to go faster .

After weeks of dull days , it's so hard to see what I am stitching.
At last nice Sunny days but very hard frosts .
But it's nice to be able to see my stitching again.

I brought a lamp in the sale last week and it's been a real treat to use .
very small and just clips on to my stand .
I said to hubby I wished I had brought two now , so we went out to see if any were left , and yes there were just a few left  and they had cut the price again to just over £3 well I ended up buying another 4
At that price you can never let a bargain go.
So I am very happy I went back .😊

You know I told you I am not setting goals this year ,  but I must get a few UFOs finished this year so every few weeks I will pick one up , and here is one of them.

                                                        Easter Present by RTO

                              I am enjoying stitching on this one , such beautiful soft shades.

 My lovely friend Sally brought me this Puzzle for Christmas she knows how much I love nature

                                                               So far  .

                                      So good for the mind  just like stitching.

Last week I went out for a dinner with my club and look what my ladies brought me  lovely potted
plants for outside .

                                     And below a lovely card from all .

And my lovely hubby brought me some more roses bless him , the last ones lasted ages .

My friend Marion brought me some daffodils for Christmas and look they are coming up.

And my friend Ann if you remember brought me those flowers that come in a box and are asleep .
Before Christmas well look they are still flowering  today . I have taken the white flowers out but the yellow ones are still blooming .

                                                 I am so blessed , thank you to all

Today is our once a week date we go out and have lunch  near by was a pond with these two 
Little friends .

Thank you all for your comments  it makes those dull days much better .


  1. What a lovely blog today. I love all your flowers and I like the stitching you are doing.Those are cute friends.I love that new puzzle you are doing.The roses are so pretty. big hugs

  2. Bellissimo post, adoro tutti questi colori così primaverili, complimenti per queste belle foto.

  3. Nice work on the Easter Present, lovely colours for Spring.
    The jigsaw looks fun too.

  4. Your stitching project is very pretty and I love the puzzle you received. As always, I love your flower pics, too.

  5. Love the colors in your project .. very soft and calming. I agree...the days seem to escape me too.

  6. The jigsaw is really great, I do like that one.
    A sweet Easter gift stitching project.
    Lots of lovely blooms to brighten your winter days.
    Have a good week June x

  7. Hello June...the jigsaw looks like so much fun and it will be very pretty when finished. Love all of your pretty flowers. What a special treat. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

  8. With us it was finally frosty, if only overnight, but that's a good start. However, it should get milder again by the weekend.
    Easter Present is so pretty, you can see really beautiful spring flowers.
    Oh there puzzle is beautiful, it's fun.
    Have a wonderful week, Martina

  9. I too am working on wips for a while, for every two wips I finish then I will allow myself to start a new project. Having too many wips makes me feel bad so this is the year I really want to get some particularly long time ones finished. Beautiful flowers, how wonderful that the yellow ones have lasted so long. x

  10. I like your stitching progress. It will be a nice Eastermotiv.
    A wonderful puzzle. I love it.
    Have a nice week and Hugs, Manuela

  11. Lovely stitching June and such lovely gifts, I love a good jigsaw. Beautiful flowers, they brighten up the dullest day x

  12. è già primavera da te! Bellissimo, fai anche i puzzle

  13. So much beauty.

  14. It got very cold here, and now snow.
    That puzzle is awesome.
    Pretty Primroses, my Mom had many different colors in her yard.
    Pretty flowers, it's fun to watch bulbs come up.
    Two cute ducks in the pond.
    Hope you are having a wonderful week.

  15. So glad you found two lights to help you out with your stitching, June. Don't know where I would be without my big Ott light! My mom doesn't have one at her place and I struggle with my stitching when I visit her (going up tomorrow again for five days). I love that you and your husband have a weekly lunch date--I think I'm go to suggest that when my husband retires :)

    Enjoy all those pretty flowers and stay warm and cozy inside this week ♥

  16. Such a pleasant foretaste of Spring. And we all long for it in sad January! Best wishes,June!

  17. I love that"Easter Present" stitching. well done on finding the bargain lights.
    Your roses are such lovely colours

  18. June: Your WIP is very pretty, I am looking forward to seeing the finished design.
    Your gifts are so pretty, of course you know I like seeing your flowers.
    What a great find, on the lamps, I too would go back and buy more for so little in price.
    I do like doing puzzles, I love the looks of this one.
    The ducks are adorable.


  19. Such beautiful flowers and plants you have received from your friends. You are a very lucky lady. Great progress on your puzzle!

  20. Dear June,
    thank you for visiting my blog. I can't work without my embroidery lamp, I'm glad that you can do it again now. Your Easter present already looks great, and you got off to a good start with the puzzle. Beautiful flower photos, many thanks and best regards, Jutta

  21. Lovely post, June, very gentle and soothing. I love Easter Present - such pretty pastels and that puzzle looks fun. Love all the flower pics, too.

  22. P.S. Good bargain hunting, too.

  23. Beautiful stitching. The puzzle looks great, I see you have completed the easy bit first. LOL.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  24. Dear June,
    The Easter Ufo will be beautiful, I'm looking forward to the finished picture. I really like the puzzle, you have already done a lot. And again you show us beautiful flower pictures.
    Hugs Andrea

  25. I found this post sweet and bright, thank you.