Friday, 14 February 2020


Hello all , 
We have another storm on it's way this weekend  and more rain .
Hubby took me out for lunch today in between a few of his  meeting's .
It was nice for Valentines day because it looks like we will be staying put this weekend with the weather again .

On the stitching front I have a finish to show you and I worked on one of my WIPs  .

I stitched up a basket of stitching last year and now want to take my time on all the finishing .

When I go shopping I look for lovely writing pads that will match my stitching and I have one to show you that will be a gift next Christmas for someone .

They can keep stitching notes or Christmas lists inside .
I use my note pad all the time for writing down notes about my stitching .
  So here is the first one of the year .

                                Let it snow by Sugar Stitches Designs .

I used some pale blue 28ct from my box and dmc threads .

And I really enjoyed working on my WIP this week .
I love working on a different one each week ,

 Garden Interlude by Lanarte 

Here is a little more of my puzzle this one is not so easy but I am getting there.


Valentine cards to each other and one from my dear friend Nancy 
Thank you my sweet friend.

Hubby came home with more flowers too .

 I also picked a few flowers from the garden .

Thank you everyone who leaves me a comment .
I love to read them all .
Enjoy your weekend .
And please stay safe in this bad weather .


  1. Il tuo WIP è davvero elegante, colori stupendi! Mi piace molto anche il pupazzo di neve!

  2. Happy Valentines Day to you both. I will email later about what the doctor said about my kidney and upcoming operation. Stay safe out of the storm

  3. Lovely picture for the front of the notebook. Great progress on your WIP too,
    Hope the storm is kind to you.

  4. The notebook is wonderful June! So many wonderful flowers! Hope the storm was kind to you.

  5. Wonderful stitching and beautiful flowers. Happy Valentine's Day.

  6. A lovely front to the notebook.
    Happy Valentine's Day.
    Hope the storm passes you by with no damage, stay safe xx

  7. The little snowman is really cute, and such a great finish. Great. Wow and the floral motif, not much is missing and you can admire it in all its glory.
    What a beautiful bouquet of flowers from your husband.
    Enjoy your weekend, we want it to be sunny and warm. Martina

  8. Lovely stitches June. I especially like the sweet snowman...he's so cute! Your flowers always look so wonderful too. Stay safe. Happy Valentine's Day. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

  9. The little snwoman is very cute and I like your finish very much.
    Your wip will be so beautiful. I love it.
    Tomorrow it will be warm, rainy and storm.
    Hope you have a nice weekend. Manuela

  10. What a cute snowman! And the floral design is already looking stunning.
    Stay safe.

  11. I love your notebook finish! I may have to do one for my granddaughter. I also love the colors in your WIP and look forward to seeing more of it.

  12. What beautiful flowers you showed us, and what a stunning floral WIP you worked on this week! Absolutely lovely, can't wait to see its progress. Stay safe in the storm! Robin.

  13. Beautiful stitching. The Lanarte piece is gorgeous. Wonderful cards and flowers. Best idea to stay inside, one thing it isn't cold.
    Have a good week.

  14. Flowers are so pretty.LOVE the colors in your 2nd piece (WIP) and your little blue notepad is adorable. That will make a lovely gift! Sorry you've got another storm coming.

  15. June, your stitching notebook is so cute. RJ and I made notebooks with stitches attached. I gave one to my niece and I'm wondering now if she has made use of it. Your flower stitch is so pretty and such detail!! I can't believe you have such gorgeous flowers in your garden already. They look so pretty in that gorgeous vase!! We have had so little snow but lots of becomes so dreary. At least you have flowers to bring nature inside to brighten your day.

  16. Great idea mounting your stitching onto a notebook :-)Lucky you with flowers and a card, Valentines day passes my husband by, i think he walks around with blinkers on, lol. Never mind I got to go and and see James Blunt in concert on Valentines day :-)
    Hope you have a good week, let's hope we have seen the last of the storms!

  17. Lovely!! The notebook looks fab xx

  18. I like the little snowman very well and fits perfectly on the writing pad. Lanart's flower picture is very charming, I like it. You have already completed half of your puzzle.
    Have a nice week.

  19. The notebook is such a great idea for a finish, June. You gave me a red polka-dot one with a sweet bear on it and I love it! I'm sure the recipient will love hers, too :)

    Sounds like you had a lovely Valentine's Day--such pretty flowers you received. I do hope the storm wasn't too bad this weekend and that you are done with storms for a while! Enjoy your week, my friend--happy stitching, gardening, and puzzling ♥

  20. What a cute journal idea! Love your WIP, pretty flowers there and pretty flowers in your garden. Hope you are warming up a little now.

  21. Dear June,
    the little snowman is really cute, what i nice notebook.
    Your progress with the Lanarte motif is wonderful, continue to have fun with your embroidery. The next puzzle is on the way and you've got a great husband!
    Hugs from Berlin, Jutta

  22. June: Your Snowman is adorable.
    I do hope your storms are not bad ones.
    That floral design is stunning.
    Love the floral photos.


  23. Looks like you had a great Valentine's Day. Lovely cards and flowers.

    I'd not thought of putting my stitching on a notebook. What a great idea for a gift!

  24. This beautiful Garden Interlude by Lanarte

  25. What an adorable note pad, the snowman is goes well with it.
    Your WIP is coming along beautifully, I love those colours. And your flowers are gorgeous!