Saturday, 22 February 2020


Hi everyone,
 Hope you are all enjoying your weekend , I am feeling good for the first time for a long time . 
So much cold damp weather and rain can get you down when you don't feel so good . I still really have not felt well since that virus in 2018 which sent me to bed for 5 days , that's not me I am up and about after a day most times . But I am afraid it stayed with me all this time I never felt really well , so I am hoping I am at last picking up .
I don't like to talk about it because some of my friends are really poorly at the moment so I just got on with it .
The weather is still bad dull and cold but really not to bad for February .
Some parts of our country are underwater and my heart goes out to all these people .
Here there is so many signs of Spring so I know it's not far away .
I am enjoying my stitching so much , and wish I could stitch faster .
I have been kitting many charts up ready .
The nights are getting lighter too .

I stitched another ornament Pierre Penguin by Brooks Books .


A very nice fellow in deed  I stitched some beads for bubbles coming out of the glasses. I don't think you can see them that well.

      And here are the  Christmas  gang all together .


I have been working on UFOs and WIPs will show you some of these next time .
But I did do a little more on this one .

Winterland by Lana Lenskaya 
It's been hard work to stitch on 40 ct these dull days .
But I do try to stitch a few stitches each day on this one .

Yesterday I brought a few mags .

Once I spotted Peter Rabbit that was it .

I was hoping to finish my puzzle but boy the roof is hard . 

Maybe next week .
Such a pretty one .

Thank you all who leave me such lovely comments , I love to read them all it's wonderful to have so many friends who come back every week thank you .
So the signs of Spring carry on each week I will leave you with the garden .

                               Forget -me -not poppy out every where.

Have a good weekend 
And happy stitching all.


  1. Your flowers are so beautiful, I wish I lived in England and could walk among the flowers and smell their sweet smells. I love your stitching. You are getting quite a gang of Christmas animals.Your will have to get their own tree to hang on at Christmas. I love the blue lady, I like her sweater. I bet that was fun trying to stitch the blouse. Yes, I can see how the cottage roof would be hard to do. I like your two new magazines. Thanks for the emails. Love the yellow rose. It finally showed. Big hugs love Lynda Ruth

  2. Good to see some signs of Spring June and I'm happy to hear that you're feeling a bit more like yourself again. We've got another stormy weekend with high winds, rain, sleet and snow. Last night was very windy here and the temperature plummeted. I'm hoping that Spring might be around the corner when March arrives.

  3. That is wonderful to read that you are feeling more like yourself again, June, after all this time! Hope your good health continues...

    Your penguin in so cute--one of my favorites so far and I like the little beaded "bubbles." And I love the colors in your Winterland piece. I'm sure you'll have your puzzle finished by next weekend :)

    We've had a rare sunshine-filled week here and I'm loving it. Probably more sun this week than in the entire winter combined! Loving your spring flowers--enjoy ♥

  4. Mamma mia quante belle cosine.
    I ricami sono stupendi.
    Tutti quei cuscinetti uno vicino all'altro sono meravigliosi.
    È il puzzle che dire, bellissimo non vedo l'ora di vederlo finito.

  5. Hello! nice signs of spring in your garden! Today I have been at the shopping centre and I have bought a little plant of Yellow tulips!! so bright! I am happy to hear that now you are feeling well. Keep going on like this!take care! chatting and stitching, and doing puzzles is nice for all of us! we are rather worried here in Italy. The Coronavirus is in the North of Italy and some towns are silent, empty, with the people inside their houses without the possibility to go out...the schools and offices are closed there... no trains stop in those railway stations... it is such a surreal story.......nevertheless, have a nice long weekend! we don't know if the Carnival in venice will take place this year.....kisses! titty p. from Italy

  6. These illnesses take forever to disappear. Let's hope you will soon feel much better. Love your projects and of course the beautiful blooms.

  7. The bubbles in Pierre's glass look fine to me, a very nice touch.
    The garden is looking lovely as always.
    I have discovered the Press Reader program where you can borrow digital magazines using your Library card. For free! You can't save them but you can screenshot them if you use a mobile device. Or just read them on the computer.

  8. It's lovely to read that finally your system seems to be improved and you are feeling so much brighter.
    Winterland is looking lovely, she's beautiful.
    This past week has been so wet, windy and wild but I too see signs of spring in the garden, only just though, not as much as your lovely spring pots are showing.
    Enjoy your weekend x

  9. I am so glad for you my friend that you are finally feeling better now. Your Advent Animals are so darling. I enjoyed your garden so much today June. It is sunny here, but so much snow on the ground still.

  10. Hi June, so sorry that I haven't been by to visit with you much lately. I am so sorry to hear that you have been feeling poorly for so long - that is definitely no fun! Do look after yourself and maybe with Spring on the way for you that will be just the tonic that you need. I love your Christmas ornie gang - they look like they are having lots of fun together and Winterland looks fabulous. Good luck with finishing the puzzle and thanks for sharing pictures of your lovely garden.

  11. I hope that spring will come really soon, with the sun and a little warmth, that is good and will help you to feel better. And if you can go to your garden then, perfect.
    Pierre looks pretty with his fine bow. And your winter country has also grown nicely.
    Oh how great, unfortunately we don't have these magazines anywhere to buy, I would have instantly fallen in love with Peter Rabbit, doesn't he look cute?
    I wish you a great sunday, Martina

  12. Lovely to read you are feeling well, I'm sure seeing you better helps those around you. Your penguin is cute, that's a nice collection. Enjoy your magazines.

  13. Hope you are up to 100% soon sending hugs xx Enjoy your magazines with a cuppa and a relax xx Enjoy your Sunday xx

  14. Lovely stitching June and beautiful flowers!
    So glad you are starting to feel better, have a relaxing weekend

  15. Another wonderful finish from your advent-calender. The little penguin is very cute.
    I like your new stitching very much.
    The new magazin looks good. I love the rabbit on the cover.
    NIce progress on your puzzle.
    Enjoy the Sunday, Manuela

  16. June, Your penguin is just too cute!! I love your finish and he looks so sweet nestled in with the rest of the animal family!
    I'm so glad to hear your feeling better. The sunny skies do help with our outlook. I think we will be having 2 days in a row of sunshine!! A small miracle this dreary winter. I love all your flowers and I"m sure just seeing them brightens your day. Have a wonderful week. Mary

  17. I hope you're feeling better now June! There's definitely a virus going around right now... What beautiful finishes and WIPs you have going on! And I must say that puzzle is so beautiful. Are you going to display it once it's finished? Lovely work on your garden as well, I love seeing your flowers. Have a nice week!

  18. I really like the new Brooks motifs! Your other embroidery is beautiful too. You will surely get the roof of the puzzle this week. How beautiful it is blooming in your garden, we are still far from it.
    I wish you a nice week
    Hugs Andrea

  19. Your embroideries are so cute!Beautiful flowers too!

  20. Hopefully you feel better, now. I love your Winterland Lady and I don’t have to much words for your flowers! :-))

  21. Good to hear you are feeling a bit better. When illnesses linger it seems to become the norm. Only when we start to feel to better do we realise that we weren't feeling so great in the first place.

    Your stitching is wonderful. You are really getting a collection of the Brookes Books characters. So cute.

    Have a good week.

  22. I love the Christmas characters! Beautiful stitching. Your garden makes me yearn even more for the spring. We do have a few things in bloom here as well, but most will come in mid spring for the season.
    I'm wondering if you have told your doctor how you have felt so weak and sickly since your 2018 illness. It could be a reason why you have never actually "bounced" back. Maybe a small infection somewhere. Let him know my friend.

  23. Oh the sight of Daffodils do make me happy. I love your garden and the pictures you share. I'm really looking forward to spring now! x

  24. Glad you are feeling a bit better. Damp weather gets me down too so I am almost always wearing a sweater in the house and have a blanket to cover my legs! I just love the Penguin!! I think he is my favorite. Hope you find lots of good stuff to stitch in your new magazines!

  25. Bring on spring, I'd say you definitely need it! Enough of the rain and not feeling well.
    All of your BB ornaments have turned out lovely so far, they are on my want to stitch list!
    Your Winterland is beautiful, she looks great in blue.