Saturday, 21 March 2020


Hello everyone ,
Are we staying positive and helping others where we can .
Now my club is closed I am calling my club members every few days to see everything is alright  , things are changing most days .
But we need to look forward we can win this if we follow the guide lines to stay safe .
But for now I am staying positive it's Spring and the garden is going mad , I spent time yesterday outside in the fresh air in my garden .
                  Spring is here and so is new life .
Thank you everyone for your comments I do enjoy reading them .

Here another Christmas gang member , I thought he was 
a cute one I still have to finish him once I get my machine out .
 I see at the bottom a few more stitches needed first .

                                   From Brook books
Well I have started to bring out a few Spring bits to put around the house to cheer us up.
I will fill this cup with Spring flowers that I find outside .

Some Spring plates to bring out 

                      Here a better  a better picture

            Found a few  pillows from my store ready for Easter .
           I know it won't be the same but do it for yourselves .


   And here  my cup full of promise and Spring .
 I would love to see your cups of promise for March and every month we have to stay inside , if you have no fresh flowers fill it with your own imagination , for hope and for us all to get through this year together.

                                 New Life begins .
                             My seeds are growing fast .

                                      Spring garden

Take care all make the most of what we have we are the lucky ones. 


  1. Love your kangaroo, boy, I wish we had flowers like your garden. So Spring there. We still have snow and cold. I am well so is Dave. We are staying home and safe. big hugs

  2. What a beautiful collection of spring things! I love the dish with the little mouse in her garden, what a lovely piece. Your finish is adorable, and I love your spring pieces too! As for your garden, wow... No words. Spring in northern Europe is so stunning, I really miss it, so thank you for sharing your pictures with us :) I'm glad you're keeping a positive attitude and following safety regulations, keep safe and I look forward to seeing more of your beautiful garden :)

  3. June: That Roo is adorable.
    I love your spring plates and cup, as always you floral photos are beautiful.
    Stay healthy.


  4. Much is closed with us, we stay at home and only go out when necessary, for shopping or work, but since I only work two half days a week, I'm still good at it.
    Your spring pieces are beautiful, they look so delicate and nostagic.
    With a few little things you can bring spring into the house, also with us the garden is abundant with flowers, and when the sun is shining they are also very happy and stretch their heads.
    Both stay healthy. Martina

  5. You are always so positive. Thank you for your post, I enjoy reading posts that come through on Bloglovin' each morning, it cheers me up. Stay safe. x

  6. Very colourful post. Loving the new header picture.
    Sweet little roo for this months BB finish
    Happy Mothering Sunday to you dear June x

  7. Merci pour ces belles photos colorées.
    Mille bisous ma chère June
    Prends soin de toi

  8. Lovely spring flowers, it brightens us all so see nature blooming. Your kangaroo is so cute, take care x

  9. Lovely photos - thank you for sharing xx Thank you for your text as well, it was something I really needed to read - feeling a lot better now - I think I was just overwhelmed by how unprepared I felt xx Take care - the sun is shining here so I'm going to pop in the garden and potter around xx

  10. Your new gang member ist cute.
    I like your spring decoration and flowers.
    Take care and stay healthy my friend.
    Hugs, Manuela

  11. Your kangaroo is adorable, such a fun series to stitch. All your Spring stitches are so pretty and I love your blog header!! Your gardens are just glorious...I would be outside all the time working in them. My daffodils are about 1/2 way out of the ground, I can't wait for them to bloom, that's my sign that Spring is here. The pretty cup of flowers is so cheerful.
    I have been group texting with my family...confined to the house except for my daily walk in the woods. I used to think I would make a good hermit but finding out that's not the case!! Be well, Mary & RJ

  12. Thank you for cheering us all up with your lovely spring pictures xx

  13. I love that beautiful pink and white flower. What is it? I have to start bringing out the Spring decor soon. I think it will make the house cheerful. I love your cup and plates. Your newest gang member is cute. Stay healthy. Cathie

  14. Thank you for your uplifting post, June! I am really struggling to concentrate with all of this going on in the world and so it is nice to see others' work at this time. I hope I can get back to it... Just hard to regroup after a difficult couple of weeks here.

    Your Roo is darling (that is my middle son's nickname as he absolutely loved Kanga and Roo (from Winnie the Pooh) when he was young and his name is Andrew in real life :) And those flowers--wow--absolutely stunning.

    Take care now, my friend and keep spreading your good cheer--exactly what the world needs ♥

  15. The kangaroo is really sweet :-)
    Your garden is looking lovely, as always :-)
    It's going to be a tough year for all of us, love your little cup of Spring, what a great idea.
    Stay safe xx

  16. Thank you for your cheerful post June. And your lovely flowers. I am very stressed about our oldest son. He works at our state's Children's Hospital. I fear for him. It is only just beginning and he does not have proper protective wear.

  17. What a wonderful post. This time of year, every year is so tough for many anyway. They've been inside all winter, and it seems like spring weather takes forever to arrive. Now, this year at this time, the awful virus being so threatening makes it even harder for everyone stuck inside. I too love my garden areas and promise of spring that the whole earth brings. I'll often put on my blog, pictures of wild flowers we have in this area as they begin to bloom. Walking every day gives me the opportunity to see them. I love the idea of the spring cup! I'll need to search for a perfect one for our house at the many thrift stores in our area.
    We're all staying as safe as we can during this time, and I'm afraid that this virus will be around for a long time to come. You be safe. Keep your great outlook and stay well.

  18. What a fun kangaroo! I do love your pictures of your garden - it's inspiring me to drag the hubby out and at least weed ours! Hope you are keeping well x

  19. Your kangaroo is great, I do like that series.
    I stitched the Easter Goose too, must get that out now
    Your garden is as lovely as ever. I did remember to plant some daffs last Autumn so we have a lovely display now.

  20. Ahhh, what cute spring pillows! The kangaroo looks great too. Thank you for sharing your flowers and the new life you have growing there. It gives me hope for the future!

    Keep stitching and stay safe!

  21. How beautiful the Kangeroo boy is. I really like your Easter embroidery. Your spring flowers are so colorful, not much is blooming with us yet.
    Stay healthy, hugs, Andrea

  22. My goodness I can't believe all your flowers. Gorgeous and that you've got some you can bring in. LOVE the pretty cup. Your spring and Easter decorations are very pretty.

  23. Thank you for your post June. I forgot for a little moment what we are living in this period.
    Take care, have a nice day,