Monday, 18 May 2020

Sunny days .

Hello everyone hope you had a lovely weekend .
The weather is wonderful again here we have had some wonderful sunny days , we could not ask for better .
Almost finished the new patio it's been hot but better than the rain .
Now we can start the fun bit , by dressing it up .
I did manage to frame one cross stitch I showed you a few weeks ago I was not sure if to make it into a pillow but I found just the right frame for this one in my craft room .

I did put some wadding in the back of this one so it puffs out a little

Simple life by Jardin Prive 
Stitched on a pale pink 28ct  dmc threads .

After talking to one of my GGD 
I am knitting another one of these sweet summer jumper's .

This little girl looks just like my GGD

            Started Don't Look back from last week.

 I had a lovely gift from my friend Titty.

                       Thank you my sweet friend .
               Not much news from here 
                 Just getting on with our daily life .

Now I have to rush to start the tea so I will see you next week .
I have all the time in the world but still rushing !
Thank you for your kind comments enjoy your walk .

Look what I found in the garden a fairy and teddy tea party 

 Enjoy your week .


  1. You've done a great job framing your stitching :-) it looks great. Lovely photos as always and loving the wool you are knitting with very pretty your ggd will love it x Have a lovely week xx

  2. Your finished project looks great. I love the color of yarn you chose for the jumper. A good start on your WIP and I love the flowers!

  3. I always love the fairies tea parties. Your Home Sweet Home is lovely. I like the colour for the sweater. Your garden as always is wonderful. Have a great week. Big hugs Lynda Ruth

  4. Lovely post June, a little sunshine to add to my day. I love the little jumper and the colour you've chosen is perfect - it's so pretty.

  5. Oh yes, it is getting warmer here and the sun shines from the sky all day.
    Simply Life looks fantastic and you have really found the right framework for it. Nice work.
    Your GGD will be happy, a nice start so tender and with sequins.
    Beautiful your garden, and with the small decorative figures - I think the idea is cute.
    Have a good week, Martina

  6. Lovely post again. Simply Life looks perfect. Very nice. I think your GGD will be very proud with the new jumper. Color is great for a little girl.
    Weather here is very nice and warm after a few cold days last week.
    Your garden looks beautiful.
    Have a great week.

  7. Hello June,
    a lovely finish. The frame is perfect.
    The summersweater for your GGD will be wonderful.
    Beautiful flowers as always in your garden.
    Enjoy the week. Manuela

  8. What a lovely finish to your beautiful stitching! And that sweater will be gorgeous:) Really wish we had your weather here in Sweden...instead of rain, snow and hale storms! And yes, Swedish summer is supposed to be around the corner...?!

  9. Oh what a beautiful finish there June! The sweater for your dear little one is going to be so pretty. It has been nothing but rain all day and night for many days now here.

  10. June: What a perfect frame, it is beautiful.
    I love the dress you are knitting, so pretty.
    As always your garden photos make my heart happy, it is so nice to see such beauty.
    Have a lovely Day


  11. It looks great in that frame. Glad your patio is almost finished! I am sure your GD will love her jumper!

  12. You found a perfect frame for your piece. It looks lovely. It is beautiful weather but I hear it's not going to last! looking forward to seeing your new patio.
    Take care.

  13. Your GGD is going to love that jumper, the wool looks so soft.
    Perfect frame for the finished design.
    love and {hugs} x

  14. Your flowers and garden are gorgeous. I love the yarn and sequins that you are using for that pretty jumper. Your cross-stitch looks perfect in that frame....a pink confection. We are finally having a spell of sunny weather here also. It is so nice. Can't wait to see the new patio.

  15. Dear June, y
    our Simple Life has become beautiful, I have to remember the idea of padding.
    Your knitting needle also rattled, very nice.
    I am happy with you that your girlfriend has sent you a present . . . and your garden photos are wonderful as always.
    Stay well, Jutta

  16. The frame is perfect for the finish, lovely colours too. Very much like your garden!
    The new jumper is going to be very pretty too.

  17. That frame is perfect for your stitched piece, and the jumper is going to be great, lovely shade of pink. Your garden always looks so colourful :-)
    Enjoy the lovely weather. x

  18. The frame is perfect for the beautiful picture.
    A nice start for your GDD. As always, it blooms wonderfully in your garden.
    Have a good time, Andrea

  19. That's such a lovely finish. The frame really suits it, and the padding is very effective. Lovely wool choice for your GDD x

  20. June, You have some stash of frames to find the perfect one for your lovely stitch!! The jumper looks so soft and pretty. You are multi talented! As always, I love your garden photos, the fairy's are so sweet. Lovely gift from your dear friend. I don't think 24 hours is enough time in the day for all we want to accomplish!! Stay well. Mary

  21. A beautiful job of your framing of the crosstitch, love the jumper you are knitting.Hugs.