Saturday, 25 July 2020

Enjoying the Summer .

Hope everyone is enjoying the summer months .
It's been nice here this week but today it is raining and we really needed it .
The sun is now trying to come back out .

I have been very busy sorting out my craft rooms inside and outside and find once I start I find some lovely charts I had forgot .
Then I start looking at them instead of sorting ! 
4 hours later I am in a real mess and after throwing out lots of bits I can't seem to get it back tidy again and seem to have more than I started with , then I give in.
I think instead I need to do a bit each day then I know I won't get in a mess .
Hubby says just keep what you want and throw out the rest , he is a great help!  I like everything .

It was a funny week last week I had a pain down the side of my face which I get from time to time if I have been in the car with the window open , then I got two bites from some insect  in the garden on my face so it was bright red and I felt really unwell lucky it has gone now and I feel ok .

I have been stitching and I finished a WIP that's been hanging around far to long.
I am really pleased with it .

Cherry Sampler by Sugar Stitches .
stitched on 28 ct dmc threads .
I think I will frame it but not sure yet .
I will look around at what I can find.

Our tomatoes are doing really good with out the green house .

So far we have eaten about eight of them and they taste wonderful. 

 This little bee is so tiny he is about the size of my little finger nail .

We have almost finished the patio we are just putting the new arch up. 
Have a great stitching week every one.


  1. Very pretty Cherry sampler June, your garden as always, is a joy to see.

  2. A beautifully stitched piece and lovely garden photos. Let's not discuss craft closet space!

  3. Beautiful strawberry sampler. How beautifully colorful it blooms in your garden.
    Enjoy the weekend, Andrea

  4. The Cherry Sampler is lovely. Wilkos do some nice square frames if you have one close by.
    Have you ever had Bell's Palsy? That can be brought on by draughts from windows apparently. I had it many years ago.
    Love the garden, fuschias are my favourite. One of mine has recently recovered from being landed on by a deer! Silly thing jumped off the rockery and landed on a bush!

  5. The cherry sampler is very nice and your garden is beautiful. I especially love the last picture. I'm also trying to clean/declutter my craft room/home office, but I am doing it one pile at a time so as not to get overwhelmed. I am surprised at finding things I'd forgotten I had and have to restrain myself from immediately starting a new project.

  6. Sampler je nádherný, bude krásny v ráme :-)

  7. Decluttering is an on going thing around here. Pick a room and go to it. My craft room is 3/4 decluttered. Dave came home yesterday to me trying to declutter my kitchen shelf unit in the corner by the patio doors. I bought some lg coloured boxes at the dollar store to put my stuff in. You know all the tins for cakes,pies, bagels and muffins etc. I did manage to get the top two shelves looking good. I will need more boxes. My cabinet where I keep all my pantry items got a make over too. That was all I could do for one day. Trying not to hurt my back. I love your stitching, and all your lovely flowers. I have a ton of tomato's coming on all my tomato plants. Lots of tomato's to go in the freezer for sauce. Have a great weekend. Big hugs

  8. Oh dear, I hope you're feeling better. Insect bites are bad, but very special on the face. The cherry pattern is cute, beautiful colors.
    Our tomatoes are not growing particularly well this year, only a few fruits, I don't know why
    My husband started to survey our lawn, he has now done about 1/3. But it takes a long time to finish. But my hydrangeas bloom again wonderfully.
    Have a nice Sunday.
    Hugs my friend

  9. Hi June, nice to hear from you again. Lovely strawberry sampler, like it. Your wonderful garden is always a joy to see.
    Summer is not as hot as last year but dry. We need rain. This night it rained twice for some minutes. I heard the "Aaaaaah" of the bushes.:).
    Hugs, Gabi

  10. bello il ricamo e anche i fiori

  11. Hi June,
    wonderful finish. Hope you find the perfect frame.
    The Summer is okay. It is not to hot as the last two years. Today it is raining.
    Enjoy the Sunday, Manuela

  12. June, It's been so hot here that I have the ac running 24/7. Your stitch is so sweet. The bing cherries this year have been out of the world delicious. I can't bring them in the house without them all being eaten in a few hours.Your stitch is making me think I need to make something with them!! I hope you have something in your stash that works for finishing.
    Your garden is so beautiful!! And your sunroom and garden table and chairs are both so inviting. It's all magazine worthy!! Have a great week.

  13. Congratulations for your beautiful embroideries, and also the photos of the garden are wonderful.
    Best regards,

  14. Welcome back missed June! :-)) I am happy to read that your face is better now, not even the air conditioning in the car and at the supermarket are good . I like the Cherry Sampler and the pictures of your garden too, of course!
    Have a wonderful week,

  15. Glad to hear you are feeling better! Your cherry sample is adorable and your garden looks so inviting... I am sure you enjoy some really pleasant stitching time there

  16. Your yard is absolutely beautiful! I have trouble with the sorting and tossing too. I try to do only one shelf or box each time or else it is over whelming. I need to do a good cleanup myself but keep putting it off.

    The Cherry piece is so cute! Glad you finished it off!

  17. Glad you're ok now xx We've been having a sort out at home too and moving my crafty area around (after I've blown the dust off :-( ) I know what you mean about moving stuff around and it not getting any tider - lol. Your stitching is perfect as always and your garden is beautiful xx Have a good week xx

  18. June, when I start cleaning up, I feel like you, too, I can’t throw anything away;-)
    I love your new sampler, so beautiful colors and great embroidered!!!!
    In your garden I would love to be with you, you really have the green thumb!
    I am glad, you feel better now, Jutta

  19. Ciao June, beautiful your Cherry Sampler, what about the scent and flavor of the tomatoes from your vegetable garden? Wonderful place to embroider in peace, your garden full of beautiful flowers. Arranging the craft room is a real challenge for all of us: you don't want to throw anything away!
    Oh I'm sorry for the pain in the face, I hope it's gone completely now
    See you soon, ciao Susanna

  20. che bei pomodori! Il ricamo starebbe benissimo con una cornice rossa


  22. What a very sweet Cherry Sampler, it looks lovely! I hope you've found a frame by now?
    Your garden is so beautiful, it looks like a wonderful place to sit and enjoy everything.