Monday, 14 September 2020

Time to sort out my stitching .

Hello all, 

Hope you are all enjoying these last few days of Summer .

It is just to hot to be outside this afternoon.

I did do a little cutting back in the garden today but my arm is still a little painful.

Some days I have no pain and then the next day I do.

Anyway I have to carry on I have so much I want to do . 

I am sewing lots of gifts for Christmas which I can't show you  yet and with more stitching hours to come in the Autumn and Winter months ,

I though it's time to get back to my UFOs and WIPs so I will be stitching on allot of these in the long Winter months and starting the odd new one too.

So this week I have been stitching this one almost finished just the back stitch and bead work to do now. 

There was some writing too but I did not really want to stitch that part.

I love this little fellow he is so cute .

Called Love and Joy by Lorri Birmingham Designs .


So this is my first one almost finished .
Next up 

Noel by Grilles de Maryse .

I started this one in 2018 

I messed up a little with the amount of material I used but that's ok I will re-set it around and may leave a little of the stitching off . 


  I will show you more of my WIPs and UFOs 
In the weeks that follow .
It's a good job I don't have to rush stitching these .
I can just sit back and enjoy them .
I lost count how many I have but they will get stitched one day .

This morning the spiders were out .

Cob webs every where .

We have had loads of lovely tomatoes from outside 
I gave a few bags away to friends .

We are slowly closing the garden down .

Summer house stacked with the summer chairs and tables .


Bulbs are already coming up.

So slowly saying good to our summer garden.

 Thank you once again for your lovely comments .
Wishing you all a good week.
Again stay safe this virus is not going any where yet .


  1. Lovely photos of your garden and cute stitching too. Look forward to seeing more of your WIP's
    I've been tidying the garden up in readiness for Winter too today but its so hot I had to come in, Summer has come again for a few days at least. Have a good week x

  2. Your garden as always is so beautiful. You don't have much grass to cut. I do love your Santa stitching. Have a safe a wonderful week ahead. big hugs Lynda Ruth

  3. June, your garden looks like a litte park! Both cross stitches are very nice. I particularly like the Santa in his colorful outfit.

  4. Pretty stitching and I'm loving seeing more photos from your beautiful garden as you get it ready for winter. Things are cooling off here a bit and tonight will dip down into the low 40s (5° C!!). I'm not ready for the cold yet, but we'll be out in sunny California soon so will at least enjoy a bit more of the sunshine and warmth. Hope your arm improves, June--that would be difficult to get everything accomplished with a sore arm. You take care now ♥

  5. I just love seeing your beautiful garden photos and lovely stitching, have a wonderful week x

  6. June both stitches are wonderful. That Santa is so happy and delightful. What color linen did you use for the second it a gray? I love the color.

    Your garden is always so beautiful and a joy to see. It's still very hot here in Florida and extremely high humidity. And rain, rain, rain!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thinking of you and I hope your arm recovers completely real soon. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

  7. Pretty stitching and what a wonderful garden. I like the Santa, he looks so happy.
    Yes, the summer is over but here in Germany, this week is very warm, a late summer.
    Hope your arm recovers soon.
    Have a lovely week.
    Hugs, Gabi

  8. Your garden is so beautiful, ours is turning over too so it's bulb time. Lovely stitching, I hope your arm continues to improve

  9. Dear Juneanne, I hope your arm is better soon. Your embroideries are very refined. I love Lorry Birmingham Santas and have embroidered two of them: they are beautiful!
    I find a garden that begins to dress up in autumn very beautiful and even in my garden there are still tomatoes but we think of autumn plants such as broccoli, cauliflower, artichokes and many onions and leeks.
    I greet you with affection
    Ciao Susanna

    1. Thank you Susanna ,
      My arm has been very painful , but slowly getting better thank you .
      Enjoy your week.

  10. che belli i tuoi WIP! L'estate è quasi finita ma qui fa ancora molto caldo, sembra agosto!

  11. Your stitching looks wonderful.
    Hope your arm will be better soon.
    Here in Germany we have wonderful summer weather as well.
    Enjoy the week. Manuela

    1. Thank you Manuela ,
      It's been a hot week here to , but I think it will only last a few days more.
      Enjoy your week.

  12. C'est si joli chez toi ma chère amie.
    Profite bien de ton jardin.
    Mille bisous

  13. I like how beautiful your winter stitching is. Thank you for the beautiful view of your garden, it is blooming very beautifully. I hope your arm will be free of pain again soon.
    Hugs, Andrea

  14. Your garden is so beautiful!!! and your WIPs look really pretty. Hope your arm will be better soon

  15. Sono davvero meravigliosi i tuoi punti :) Il tuo giardino è spettacolare, usi dei prodotti specifici per farli crescere così belli?
    Buona giornata

  16. I like your summer house and the sitting room that you have outside there, but I also see a nice conservatory. This is typical English, isn’t it? How I love...thank you for let me dreaming with your pictures.
    H & K,

  17. That piece with the Winter scene is just beautiful! Santa looks like he is marching right into winter. Looks like you harvested lots of yummy tomatoes there.