Monday, 12 October 2020

Rain today.

 Hello friends,

Here it is another rainy day Monday , but we have had a good weekend with lots of sunshine , so  it's not to bad .

Well you will be happy to know I got up this morning with no PAIN in my arm , I could not believe it after all these weeks .

I could only stitch a little then would have to rest , it's been very hard for me . I like to be busy all the time. It must have been the brandy my hubby gave me last night with a drop of lemonade , I am not a drinker but this was so nice .

I have had a nice week and weekend my friend took me out for coffee and yesterday my daughter came over .

Hubby has now put most the bulbs in and I can see my Iris growing up out of the soil already .

I have some stitching done but can't show you yet even in my pain I could not go a day with out stitching a little .

So will show you today more UFOs and a couple of passed stitching you may or may not have seen before . 

I really must get on with some of these UFOs soon I said to myself no more new charts or kits , well that lasted about two hours yes I did give in and have brought a few new kits just can't help myself ,

With another lock down coming in again before long I thought I would treat myself for Christmas so you will see them soon.

We have also started to buy a few Christmas food goodies each week just in case of lock down again .

So here is a couple more of my UFOs .

Some of you may have seen them before .

Next week I will be hoping to have a finish and some stitching to show all being well.

 Tulips by Luca-S  this was kit form but I changed the material .

Lucy by Bothy threads .

I do try and stitch on all my UFOs after Christmas .
For a change after all the smalls .
Also I do get lots more time in the winter months

And this next couple I stitch some time ago.

Celtic Christmas .

There were so many beads on this one .

Not sure what this one was called now .
But I liked the water color look .

Look at the books I have read since last April .




All very different but I really enjoyed them all.

Now could you help me name my little friend who thinks I am his or her mother ! 

Yes he sat on my foot again when I was cutting a few dead flowers and he or she tried to come inside with me but I told him no way .
It's nice having a fan but there is a limit .

Thank you for your comments everyone and wishing you a lovely new week .
Stay safe , we will get there and have fun again.


  1. Dear Juneanne, even the rain is beautiful in the fall! Glad to read that your arm is improving a lot. The embroidered tulips are wonderful, the watercolor is also splendid and the Celtic Lady of Christmas is beautiful. I'm making it too and can't wait to be able to frame it, like you did. Oh maybe the little toad saw you as a princess? :)
    It's raining and it's cold here too.
    Ciao ciao Susanna

  2. June: What a sweet post, your wips are wonderful, I really love florals so Lucy really caught my eye.
    I love the finished and framed Celtic Christmas and the Water color designs, so perfectly framed.
    I hope you have a lovely week


  3. Nice work on your WIPs. I have stitched Celtic Noel too, but it's too early to get her out yet! I also converted her into a Bride for a friend who was getting married.

  4. The Tulips you are stitching are gorgeous June! I loved seeing your older stitched pieces too. Maybe Freddy Frog? I would not want it on my foot!! It is raining cats and dogs here today too!

  5. Celtic Christmas is beautiful. I have this pattern waiting for a start one day. Glad to hear that you are a little better and able to get some stitching done. x

  6. June, all you cross stitch works are beautiful, the finished and unfinished. Looking forward to seeing your UFOs finished. I hope there won't be another lockdown!

  7. Oh what magical work, your UFOs show so many beautiful flowers today. I hope that your arm will get better soon and that you can gradually finish your beautiful projects.
    Have a good week, Martina

  8. Hello, lovely post. Good to hear your arm is better or fine at least.
    Last weekend was wet here, but I enjoyed reading and stitching.
    Call your little friend "Froggy" I would say. Don't kiss, you got your prince already :)
    Have a happy day.

  9. Hello June,
    so many wonderful projects. I love them. The flowers are so beautiful.
    You are a very busy reader.
    Enjoy the week. Manuela

  10. You finish a lot of beautiful UFOs, I especially like the tulip picture.
    I hope that there will be no more lockdown, but you have to take precautions.
    Greetings and get well soon for your arm, Andrea

  11. woww belli i tuoi lavori
    from italy

  12. sono felice che tu stia meglio! Bravissima che finisci gli UFO

  13. Splendid works! You are really very good!
    I love both the tulips and the celtic Lady and your new friend, too!!!
    Bye for now

  14. Beautiful stitches June. I'm glad your arm is ok, mine is still giving me some pain, perhaps i should make myself a brandy and lemonade to see if it works for me ;-)
    I've started putting bits away for Christmas too, although lets hope there's not another lockdown.
    Have a good week

  15. Glad your arm is finally feeling better! You need that rain you know for all those gorgeous flowers. Don't feel bad about the purchases. Just put them under the tree from your husband for Christmas!

  16. Lovely projects, each and everyone. Glad you've made such good headway and can do more stitching. Best of luck with the up coming lock down. Stay well, stay safe.

  17. Well, like everyone says, DON'T KISS the frog. ha ha Love your stitchin and your flowers. big hugs