Sunday, 15 November 2020

Thunder wind and rain.

Hi everyone , how are you doing this week .

We are ok and plodding along with our routine's each day with our daily duties .

Each day moves on and I have to keep asking what day is it today !

We had a lovely mild week, but yesterday rain and today thunder gales and rain lots of rain .

But apart from the bad weather it's a good day .

I have spent the last two days beading on my Christmas elf and she really sparkles but try and take a photo is hard you just can't see the sparkle I am slowly changing the thread on the wings .

Now looks like I am running out of beads but I have some coming tomorrow I hope .

I am still stitching lots of Christmas things but can't show you just yet .

So just a little look of other things I am working on this week.

Two little cards below . 

Christmas elf 

Puzzle finished but boy this one was so hard .

Found these outside but later 
A friend Peter shouted out did you get your apples ok .
How kind ,so some apple puddings this week and maybe an apple pie. 

OK the garden is not going to sleep this year this is what I found yesterday . 

Bulbs are coming up every where for next Spring .

Enjoy your week and thank you again for taking the time to pop over and visit my blog and leaving a comment . THANK YOU.


  1. Ciao June, so the bad weather has arrived there. However your flowers are always beautiful.
    The postcards you are embroidering are beautiful, the elf with the sparkling beads is beautiful. I can't imagine how complicated it was to complete the very elaborate puzzle!
    Today for dessert of Sunday lunch I made some walnut and apple muffins: comfortable dessert.
    I hug you and wish you a good start to the week

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  3. Your garden is still lovely and I'm enjoying seeing the different colors.

  4. June, I'm shocked at how much is growing in your garden!! It's a cold, windy Winter day here today! Earlier in the week it was like summer! Your Christmas Elf is so beautiful!!! I am going to have my computer looked at this week. I cannot get emails and I have a feeling the ones I sent it never went through. I sent you a long one weeks ago, did you get it? Health issues have kept me off the computer but I hope to catch up with everyone soon. Miss you!!! Hugs, Mary

  5. You are keeping busy during these crazy COVID times also.
    Your garden is still looking great! It seems confused!

  6. English gardens never rest, they just keep flowering all year long. Love all your stitching. How was the apple pie. good I hope. What kind of apples. I am doing better. Had a bit of a bad night Saturday but better today. It will take time to get fully well again. Big hugs love Lynda Ruth

  7. Where are you located? Your garden is beautiful. I think two photos are of primroses, correct? But I do not know the
    pinkish lavender mass of blooms in two photos. Can you educate me?

  8. The beginning of your cards looks very nice.
    And the Christmas elf, I'm thrilled how nice it looks with the little pearls.
    In your garden the roses are still blooming, I can't remember having rose petals in the garden in mid-November, but for me there are at least 6, how wonderful.
    Have a good week and take good care of yourself,

  9. Lovely stitching, it is almost time to get my own Christmas Elf out to hang up. I do like it when my Christmas cross stitching comes out and is put up on the walls. Enjoy the apples, I was given lots this year so made chutney and still a couple of batches in freezer ready for crumbles. x

  10. Hello June,
    the christmas elf is so cute. I love it.
    I'm looking forward to your cards.
    Wonderful flower photos from your garden.
    Have a nice week. Manuela

  11. Nous avons eu également une belle semaine mais depuis hier, le vent et la pluie sont revenus. Ton jardin est toujours aussi beau. Câlins ma chère June.

  12. Your garden is looking lovely, I need to get out and tidy ours. Day by day is all we can do just now but I'm amazed we're in November. I hope your beads come soon, happy stitching.

  13. Pretty stitching June, the little Christmas Elf is lovely as is your garden at this time of year, with still so many blooms to enjoy. The puzzle is amazing and looks so difficult, a real challenge.

  14. Dear June, Your Christmas elf is absolutely gorgeous! The wings are almost translucent and the beads give the little elf so much sparkle. Congratulations on your beautiful work.
    I can't believe your garden still has so many flowers! It seems to want to skip winter - from Fall right into Spring ;-)

  15. I saw some pictures of the storm on the news (I forget but think you are in the states?) and it looked horrible with trees on roofs, so sad. Those are some cute cards you are making. I love Pooh and his friends.

  16. Your projects look great. The Christmas Elf is going to be just lovely. I always like looking at the pretty pretty picture you post as well as shoe casing your stitched pieces in your header. Stay safe and stay healthy.

  17. Your Fairy is looking lovely, so pretty. How great to see flowers still blooming. Yeah you've finished your puzzle. Have you got another in the pipe-line?
    I'm starting to get my Christmas gifts online. I have my NHS letter to shield again so there is no other choice and I don't think I would go out to the shops if I was allowed. We do have a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel with the 2 vaccines in the final stages of development.
    Stay safe, stay healthy.

  18. Oh, your Christmas Elf is looking so beautiful, June! I am not ordinarily a fan of fairies and such, but she is very sweet and your beading makes her look so extra special! Beautiful flowers--things are gray and dull here and it's even snowing a bit although not sticking on the ground just yet. Good to have things like your puzzles and stitching to keep you busy during lockdown... Take good care now, my friend ♥

  19. The Christmas Elf is so sweet, her wings do look lovely and the beading is beautiful.
    Your garden is still looking wonderful too.

  20. Your flower pictures made me smile. We have none here this time of the year. Sorry you had such a storm. Your stitching is coming alone nicely. Love the lady one. I haven't been blogging much of late and decided I needed to get back into. Hope you and yours are staying safe.

  21. beautiful picture.Your garden is looking lovely.thanks for share
    clipping path

  22. Dear June, your little elf shines wonderfully, I admire your patience, the little pearls make a lot of difference. And your garden photos, wow, it almost looks like spring. Greetings from Berlin, Jutta

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  24. Lovely stitching and your garden is looking wonderful. It's been raining at my end here too lately.

  25. Wow June, your garden is wonderful even in November! Thank you for sharing those beautiful pictures. Love the charts you are working on, the Christmas elf is so sweet
    Have a very good weekend

  26. June, your Christmas Elf is looking so pretty, I love it. I like the flowerphotos from your garden. My roses are still in bloom too, I can't remember that November ever happened.
    Have a nice week, Andrea