Sunday, 10 January 2021

Winter time

 Yes it's Winter time , and it has been very cold this week , but today was sunny most of this morning .

Not much going on here right now with lock down , but I think when you stay in the time passes so fast , I don't know how on earth we got to January 10 !

Maybe I am getting slower in the mornings , well there is no rush any more , no where to go and the garden is to cold and is now sleeping .

I find it to dark to stitch with out the light on when the days are so dull .

So I have been upstairs tidying my sewing boxes up .

I think it will take me most of this week to finish it was so untidy.

Just eat the last of the yummy Christmas cake, and still a few treats   left . 

Well I stitched a bit more on my SAL , started another one of my new Kits  and carried on stitching Christmas cards and gifts for the end of the year. So can't show you yet.

Just hoping now I can find my photos use to be so simple !

My SAL is starting to grow .


                              My new start for Spring Bouquet

             My friend from Italy  sent me a lovely Christmas gift this week , thank you so much Titty love everything and the chocolates are so yummy , the soaps will go into my big soap dish display . 


And from Vicky a lovely gift a lovely needle holder and such a sweet hanging bird , thank you so much Vickie 

                        Another book I read , a great read I enjoyed this one so much , and  I am still working on my puzzle but very slow.



  1. Your sal looks good. I restarted mine on 1ct. did not like the 14 ct. I love the gifts from Titty and Vicky. The spring bouquet looks interesting. big hugs Lynda Ruth have a nice Sunday

  2. I hope you are staying warm. I need to sort out my craft room as well and it will likely take longer than yours will. Both of your projects are very pretty and I'm sure you're enjoying stitching them.

  3. What pretty gifts from Italy. I am glad my gifts finally arrived June.
    I am doing the same. Staying in to be safe, reading and stitching.

  4. Lovely stitching on your SAL and Spring Bouquet. You received some great gifts too.

  5. Oh yes, it's also cold here at the moment. There was snow last week and it's still in the gardens at the moment. It's cold - minus degrees. I like to sit next to the heater.
    The beginning of your SAL looks very nice. I like the little roses in it. and your spring bouquet brings color into everyday life.
    happy New Year, Martina

  6. Hello June,
    I like your new stitching project. It looks like spring. An the SAL is so beautiful as welI.
    Today it is cold and rainy outside. In the afternoon I will start a new stitching.
    Have a nice week. Manuela

  7. June: Your SAL is lovely, I am looking forward to seeing it finished, the new Spring start is very refreshing with the bright colors, such lovely gifts.


  8. It's cold here, too, June, but the days are getting longer which always makes me happy! lovely projects you are working on and it sounds like getting your sewing stash all sorted out is a very worthwhile project! I should be doing that with a couple of my closets that are out of control. Very lovely gifts and I look forward to opening your birthday gift on Saturday. Thank you again for thinking of me! ♥

  9. It's also pretty cold here, today it started snowing again.
    I like your stitching Project very much, the daffodil reminds me of spring.
    Have a nice week, Andrea

  10. Dear June, yes, it is really winter time and I confess that in many ways I love this period!
    The SAl you started is very elegant and the bunch of spring flowers in warm colors is wonderful.
    What beautiful things you received from distant friends.
    Good continuation of January
    Ciao Susanna

  11. How I like the stitched teapot and all that you received from your friends. Hopefully you are reading another nice book now. Have a nice week,

  12. I am glad that you are keeping busy with your tidying! You never know what you might find in those boxes.
    Nice new starts, lovely colours in both.

  13. Hi June!
    What a lovely post with your stitching and all. Winter certainly is here in North Carolina. I've been also keeping busy with my two pieces. Loving the bright colors.
    You stay safe, warm and well my friend.

  14. That is a gorgeous SAL! Wonderful gifts you have received as well.

  15. Pretty stitching, my dear. yes, time passes so fast (which seems strange) in Lockdown - in Melbourne as we had two lockdowns (one of them very long) we say that we had Jan to March and then all of a sudden it was Christmas and no one know where the other nine months went - lol!