Sunday, 28 March 2021


 Hi everyone 

Are you looking forward to Spring and Easter , I just love this time of the year .

I can't believe it's almost here and I am so late posting out to family and friends I thought I had weeks still, but with every day moving into the next day I forget where I am . Monday comes then its  almost Friday !

Hope to catch up this week , today the sun is out and very strong but a little colder but in a few days time they are saying it will be like summer for a few days , so I will be lost in the garden .

Our clocks go forward tonight so it will be lighter longer in the evening .

We have also started to unlock a bit so we are going out now once a week to the garden shops .

But we can't drink or eat out yet ,  but that will be coming soon.

I find it so strange to go out again after being inside so long , but you soon get use to it again.

I often wonder if it will ever be normal again , I hope so. 


Well I never got to put my blog on yesterday , so I will start again and today is a dull day not very nice .

But we have a little heat wave to come this week

So this week I did finish from my basket .

                It's been some time since I stitched this one and I am not sure 

                              who the designer is but it may be


                                                               This is the backing material .

And below this was my WIP this week  Winter Stamp  Vervaco 

                                                      And stitching from the past . 

                                                   I have so many you forget them .



                                                   We brought a lovely butterfly last week . 
                                     Already to hang in the garden this week .


                                                         Talking of the garden .


                                                            Anemone  I love these flowers

                                      Christmas roses have been beautiful this year .

Tulips are out now

Our wild Devon violet 

Enjoy your week all , there is so much to do inside and outside this week .
                                So it will be a busy one for me .


  1. Beautiful flowers, our faffs are out and the tulips are in full bud. Your stitching is lovely, very spring like, especially loving hearts happy homes. It is a dull day, quite yuk actually especially as the clocks have moved forward.

  2. I love your new butterfly and all the flowers and stitching you have done and are doing. big hugs enjoy your days in the garden.

  3. June: The little pillow is adorable.
    It is going to be 70 here tomorrow, a warm-up for us.
    Thank-you for the blast from the past, it is a treat to see what yopu have stitched in the past.
    Lovely garden photos.
    Have a sweet day


  4. I love your sweet little finsih. And Winter Stamp with the little birds, really great.
    With us it has meanwhile also attracted many flowers from the ground, my daffodils are just showing their beauty. But no comparison to yours.
    Have a nice week, Martina

  5. One word only: W*O*N*D*E*R*F*U*L

  6. So beautiful your finish.
    Your past stitches are so beautiful, too.
    Today I will go in the garden.
    Have a nice week. Manuela

  7. I think that piece is a Little Huse Needleorks, it's cute.
    All very cute finishes, love that little cottage piece.
    Beautiful flowers.
    Have a blessed Easter.

  8. Dear June, Nice to see some of your past stitching. Flowers from your garden are just so beautiful. I can't say it's very warm here but we are supposed to get 60 F in the middle of the week. Time to garden!

  9. Enjoy your garden time, it's so lovely to see the beautiful flowers June. Lovely crosstitch finishes.

  10. Tes fleurs sont si belles !
    Profite bien de la douceur du printemps ma chère June.

  11. Love the little pillow finish and the stamp design too.
    I do like your butterfly, hopefully you've got it out in the garden now. It's been beautiful here for the last two days at least!

  12. I cuscini sono adorabili! Anche le mie rose d'inverno quest'anno sono splendide ed è fiorito tutto il giardino. Buona Pasqua :)

  13. The little pillow finish looks so nice. I also like the past stitching very much.
    The flowers in your garden are so beautiful
    Hugs Andrea

  14. Your new piece is gorgeous and I love your backing material. Thanks so much for sharing your past stitching pieces with us; it is great idea. They are all so beautiful and as I loo at each one it becomes my new favorite of the bunch!

  15. Your stitching and gardens always brighten my day. Yes it is strange going out again. I don't know if we will every return to normal but here's to hoping we can.

  16. I like the little pillow and very much the one with the thatched cottage. But all your stitching are beautiful as your flowers from the garden.

  17. Oh your new header is beautiful, especially the little pillow is like a dear greeting to me dear June !
    All your embroideries are so beautiful to look at, I sit in front of the computer and enjoy. I wish you wonderful Easter days, dear greetings from Anna

  18. Dear June,
    unfortunately, there is still a strict lockdown here, too,
    we could not meet with the whole family during easter. All hotels and restaurants are closed.It is a sad time. You show again so beautiful embroidery, also your new april header is beautiful. I look forward to reading from you again. Greetings from anna

  19. So many beautiful finishes ! The little welcome pillow is so adorable:)
    Love your garden flowers too!
    Hopefully someday, everything will be normal as it used to be. Thanks to the technology to keep us all connected:)

  20. Dear June,
    very nice “it blooms embroidered on your linen” and also in your garden, I like your new headeer too, that’s a HUMMEL-figure, right?
    Love to you and your family,Jutta

  21. Beautiful embroidery June, always such pretty patterns and finishes. Love seeing your garden come alive in the Spring. Our area is in lockdown and we couldn´t get to see the family or friends over Easter.

  22. Dear Juneanne, it's always so nice to come and see you! Your embroideries are beautiful, that little delicate cushion entered my heart.
    And then what about these wonderful colorful flowers? Here too it was a very hot week, even too much and yesterday it snowed! Now the air is quite cold and the peaks of the surrounding mountains are white and reflect with the sun. But now spring doesn't stop anymore.
    I send you a big hug, see you soon
    ciao Susanna

  23. But how many beautiful embroideries! They are also very complex and you have performed them with remarkable perfection. Wonderful spring flowers in your garden *.*

  24. Lovely stitching, think my favorite is the sewing sampler. Lots of very nice detail there. Your! So many colors. Not that much is out here yet, basically just the flowering trees, and Daffodils. I also love the time of the year, as I really dislike winter and am always happy to see it come to an end.