Saturday, 10 April 2021


Hi stitching friends  ,

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter .

We were so lucky and had some beautiful weather so we spent most of Easter  in the garden .

We took most of the furniture out of the Summer house , and we worked and sat out in the sunshine , it was so beautiful to sit and watch nature and the little birds , bees and butterflies , yes butterflies I saw a couple of them warming them selves in the sunshine , when I came inside I had a bit of a tan  and a red face  .

But there is always a downside now it's gone cold , but its still warm if the sun comes out , just the mornings and nights are still cold and some parts have had snow ! 

We have had a busy week it's been full on so I am late posting . I also had some PC problems , which are now all sorted .

We also got out to the garden centers , brought loads of plants for the Summer and some tomato plants .

My daughter has also been sowing seeds she is becoming gardening mad now . She loves growing seeds and she  gave us a few plants , it is lovely and so much fun  to see new life  come alive from a packet of seeds .

Try it if you have not done it before .

I have also been enjoying my stitching and reading . 

I stitched this little free chart from the CS mag .
                    I do love these small designs I will start on the May one this week.
Below is a lovely Easter card from Gabby how cute  is this , thank you Gabby .
One day I must make some nice pillows out of all my lovely cards sent  from friends .

I stitched the one below for Gabby for her Birthday .

                                                  STITCHING PAST .

This is to show some of my past stitching over the years .
Now I must get around to SALs UFOs and WIPs  this coming week .



                            I have read another book this week ,  I enjoyed this one .                    


   The garden  has been filled with bees , butterflies , ladybirds , and birds Easter weekend



                   And it is with sadness I end my post with the loss of Prince Phillip  yesterday .

              We will all miss him and my heart goes out to the Queen at this very sad time .         


  1. We here in the USA bow in sadness at the loss of this man of great distinction and dedication. Condolences to the Queen and family.

  2. Beautiful spring flowers and a lovely collection of spring stitching. Hopefully the weather continues to warm up


  3. Dear Juneanne the news of the death of Prince Philip is very sad.
    Always beautiful your embroideries and the flowers of your garden.
    Best wishes and happy Sunday
    Ciao Susanna

  4. I enjoyed your lovely stitching. Your garden is just bursting with color!
    Yes, how sad about Prince Phillip. He did have a long wonderful life.

  5. Lovely pictures, both of your beautiful stitching and of your colorful garden!

  6. Some lovely stitching in your post June. The weather has been very strange here after the lovely Easter weekend we had snow this week!
    Lets hope we get some more sunshine soon. Have a lovely week x

  7. Your garden is just lovely! What beautiful tulips. Please remind me.....are you in England? Helen Phillips in her blog mentioned that a gorgeous warm day was followed by snow! Here in Texas we are heading into an early summer it looks like. We get a front or two each week to cool us down, but in between it rises into the 90s. April is too early for that! Carol in Texas

  8. Your flowers are gorgeous. My tulips and am daffodils are just starting to bloom. I now want to plant even more after seeing your photos.

    Is C/S magazine CrossStitcher? I love your monthly finishes.

  9. It has gotten cold here too, yesterday it was very pleasant and a bit of sunshine, but there is also no rain for the garden. A cute little pattern. And great finish.
    Thank you very much for your beautiful card and the little sample that came with it, I was very happy.
    Have a good week, Hugs Martina

  10. Hi, your garen and your flowers look great. Tulips do not bloom yet but the daffodils. I hope it will be warmer soon so my gardener can start to work.
    Have a happy week.

  11. Your flowers are lovely, so wonderful colours! I love daffodils and tulips, these are my favourite spring flowers. Your embroideries are also beautiful, I love them too ;-)
    Have a nice weekend, Erna

  12. Hi June,
    here it is cold and rainy weather.
    So beautiful your past stitching finishes. I love the flower wreath.
    Enjoy your garden. Your photos are so beautiful.
    Have a nice week. Manuela

  13. Your beautiful flowers are always such a pleasure to see. My daffodils bloomed this week and confirms Spring is here! I love seeing all your past stitches as I have not seen them before. That little heart is just darling and perfectly shaped! You stitch such lovely cards and you have a knack for pretty displays. Your bunny couple flanking the card is so sweet. I hope you have a lovely week and warm weather returns!

  14. Yes , dear June, very sad for Her Majesty and the Royal Family. I think the whole county is in mourning. May he rest in peace.
    I like your little monthly cross stitch and all the beautiful flowers of your garden.
    Have a nice week,

  15. Votre jardin est magnifique !
    Ici les fleurs ont du mal à s"épanouir car le temps est pluvieux et froid.
    Je vous souhaite un beau dimanche et une belle semaine.
    Je vous embrasse ma chère June

  16. Dear June, Your garden is once again a delight for the eyes, as is your stitching.
    Prince Phillip had grace, wit and often spoke his mind. He will be missed.

  17. What a lovely Spring-themed post. I haven't started the April calendar design yet, I've had a different one I wanted to finish first.

  18. June: Beautiful stitching and finishing, it is always fun to see past projects from stitcher's.
    What a wonderful idea to make pillows with the designs from cards.
    Your header photos is lovely.
    Thank-you for sharing your garden photos.
    Have a wonderful week.


  19. Hi June! I've missed my blogging friends while I was in California! So nice to read about your lovely Easter and see your beautiful stitching and flowers. My husband has been growing plants from seeds this year now that he is retired and has more time. I look forward to watching them grow into flowers. Very nice cards both given and received and I'm so sorry to hear about Prince Philip--I was sure he was going to make it to his 100th birthday! But, sadly, that wasn't meant to be. Sad that there will be no large funeral for him either due to Covid.

    Enjoy this new week and I hope your lovely days stay with you! Take good care now ♥

  20. Oh June I love your wreath of flowers; it is so pretty. I am glad you are having some warmer days and hope that they will all be warm soon.

  21. How beautiful your stitching is again, whether old or new, I like all of them. As always, your garden is a feast for the eyes, so I envy you
    Enjoy the week, Andrea

  22. Pretty stitched items as always June. I love your garland of flowers, so colourful. Our weather has been similar to yours, lovely sunny days but with an icy wind. Just planted sweet peas.