Sunday, 18 April 2021


 Do you find the time for all the things you want to do ! 

I have more time now than I have ever had , but I find I am always rushing around and the days are flying  by , one day it's Monday then in no time at all it's Friday.

I wish I could turn back the clock and slow everything down a little .

But with so much to do each day that's not going to happen , I am so lucky really to be at home now  and have the time to do the things I want to , but still wishing and hoping that a few more hours would come my way  .

I gave it some thought , maybe I am getting slower ! but then after reading some other  blogs some are saying the same that time is passing  by so quick.

Anyway  moving on we have had some beautiful weather sunshine every day , but a frost every morning .

I have sat out with my coffee in the afternoon just watching the birds and bees  ( this is where my time is going ha )  but it has been so enjoyable .

This week I have a new stitch and finish , I also worked on my large Spring design  a few more branches of willow and just a few more to add , so next week I will pick up and work on another WIP.   and a few photos from the garden.

             Below is a new stitch and finish from one of my favorite designers sweet Dany 

                                                                  Called Hibiscus 

And a few of the Easter cards I stitched  this year for friends .


                                                              Below a little sewing box .

                                          This is the large one I worked on this week 
                                     I still have a few more willow branches to stitch on here yet .

                      A lovely gift from my friend Nathalie , thank you so much 
                                                              sweet friend 

                          We are sitting in the garden most afternoons with our coffee the weather is still 
                                          so beautiful  but I hate to say this we do need some rain.

Our marigolds are ready and waiting 
But we are still having a few frosts over night.

                                            And signs of Summer rose Buds !

                                          Wishing you all a peaceful week and a sunny one .


  1. Hello June,
    i like your stitching very much. Your Wip is so beautiful.
    Enjoy the time with your coffee in your wonderful garden.
    Have a nice Sunday. Manuela

  2. Love that little finish on your header, so sweet.
    Great stitching projects.
    That vase of flowers is gorgeous.
    We still have cold temps here at night also, but sunny during the day.
    Have a great week ahead!

  3. Dear Juneanne, also here begins the explosion of colors of spring in the garden and on the surrounding countryside but it is often cloudy and the air is still very fresh.
    Your exchange of Easter cards is delightful and the embroidery of the flowers you have in the blue frame is very beautiful.
    Time flies incredibly here too: it's so monotonous and contracted! It seems to me that from Sunday we arrive in a moment to the following Thursday.
    A hug, see you soon
    Ciao Susanna

  4. Good morning, June... I know just what you mean about time going faster as we age. I do think part of us not getting as much done as we would like is the fact that we are simply slowing down. With no deadlines, I feel that I can always "do it tomorrow" so I put things off. Not a good habit! I, too, wish I could exist on just a few hours sleep so that I could do all I want :)

    Your new little finish is lovely and the Easter cards are all so sweet. I'm sure they were much appreciated! And you'll have a beautiful finish in no time on that larger floral piece.

    Enjoy your garden time with those beautiful flowers! We got a frost last night and my husband is NOT happy--he lost some of his tomato plants. I told him it was too early to plant here, but... :)

    Have a wonderful Sunday ♥

  5. What a lovely post. I love all your stitching. Love your gifts. Wish I could get one of those French magazines here but they don't sell them. I love the Hibiscus from Dany and all the Easter cards. Have a great Sunday. big hugs Lynda

  6. Hello June, It is one of the things we don't believe when we are young - that time flies by faster when we are old ;-))) I think one of the reasons, we don't seem to get accomplished what we set out to, is that we have "too much" time. After all - there is all day ahead of us, so why rush? Besides, I find that after doing a few chores I am tired compared to 30 or 40 years ago.
    That said, I think you do get a lot of things done, you stitchings show that and your garden always looks so very well tended.
    Have a great week,

  7. I can only agree with you, time goes by way too fast.
    I really like the hibiscus and the Easter cards. Time stands still between your beautiful flowers and you can enjoy your coffee in peace.
    Haveanice week, Andrea

  8. Time is definitely elastic and had behaved very strangely the last year!
    Love all the beautiful Easter stitching.

  9. Beautiful stitching and finishing.

  10. June: Your pillow is beautiful, your cards are so sweet, very nice gifts from Natalie, the chocolates look yummy
    Beautiful garden photos as always, they make me smile.
    I sometimes think I will never get anything done, it seems time flies by way too fast.


  11. Merci ma chère June pour ton amitié et ta gentillesse.
    OUI, je pense que nous sommes toutes d'accord pour dire que le temps passe vite.Mais tu as eu le temps de bien broder.
    Tes fleurs sont toujours magnifiques.
    Bisous et belle semaine

  12. It is always a pleasure for me to see your beautiful embroideries, dear june.
    yes, i feel the same way, time flies by too fast.
    we have strict lockdown here again, unfortunately the flower stores are closed again. I hope that in May they will be open again. I would like to buy plants for the garden. I wish you a nice week, dear greetings from Anna

  13. Those Easter cards are so pretty. I love the pillow and your large cross-stitch is beautiful. Enjoy your week. The down times are a part of enjoying life just as is all the busyness. Yes, time seems to be flying by!

  14. Oh such pretty pieces you have finished June! Your garden is lovely.
    It is still cool here.

  15. Yes dearest, time flies , but you have been very busy with the cross stitch and the garden too. I love your Dani little pillow.
    Have a nice week end June,

  16. What a pretty Hibiscus! Congrats on the finish.

    You are right about the time. I just knew that when I didn't work anymore that I would be able to do all kinds of things but much to my dismay I can NOT squeeze everything in. I will just keep trying to though ;)