Monday, 3 May 2021


 Here we go into another month ,     MAY already ! 

Well it's been a good week and very busy .

The weather as been dry to start with and the last few days lots of showers and colder .

And today the winds are gale force , I am a little upset because I have rose buds coming on my roses and they will fall off in this wind , but there you go that's life it happens . But I don't like these winds they do so much damage .

I have another sweet finish from one of Dany's designs called  Sourire du Printemps .

I added some nice bright trimming . Stitched on 28 ct with a mix of my own threads .


I need to find a nice big white basket to fill and put inside  my Dany designs .

                      Below I worked on my hubbies  robin Christmas picture .
                          Now I will put my hand in the box and pull out another one out for this week

When out and about last week I found two more books of the Harvey Family Saga . Now I just read the 1st one and I am now re-reading the 2nd  I found out there are another two to buy that follow these four it's set down here in the south west so I know the places it's set in which makes it even better . 

My lovely friend Ann brought me some lovely Christmas ribbon .
to use for my Christmas stitching .
Thank you so much Ann.


Well it's raining now so can't take you up the garden today .

                                      But here are a few flowers I picked this weekend .


                      We do have some tomatoes forming on my tomato plants  that are ready to go outside 
                                    Next week.
                                    Have a wonderful week my friends and enjoy your stitching .


  1. Hi, I love your stitching. dany has lovely charts. Tomato's already wow.
    Love the flowers in the vase. hugs

  2. That little Robin is so sweet! The flower pillows are gorgeous too, something to look at even if the wind blows all the real ones away!

  3. What a sweet pillow. That little bird is adorable.

  4. Both of those little pillows are so charming. Are the Dany designs only
    available in the UK...? I could not locate them here. Perhaps you can
    furnish the source for purchase....Many thanks.

  5. Merci ma douce amie.
    Je te souhaite un beau mois de Mai
    Ici également nous avons la pluie, le vent et le froid
    Vivement le soleil

  6. Piękne majowe hafty. Pomidory już są? U mnie jeszcze nie kwitną. U nas wciąż zimno w nocy 1 stopień. Pozdrawiam.

  7. Hello June,
    your newest finish is so beautiful. It looks like your garden.
    Have a nice restful week. Manuela

  8. Già i pomodori, che belli! Serve un bel cesto per i ricami di primavera :)

  9. Your finish is so sweet, June--love the yellow trim on it! And your little Robin is coming along so nicely (your Robins are so much cuter than the American Robins :).

    Hope your week is going well and is filled with lots of stitching and gardening time! Enjoy ♥

  10. Beautiful stitches and flowers, too!

  11. I always love your stitching from Dany's patterns. :) The robin is darling.

  12. Beautiful stitching on those little pillows June. I cab just picture them in a white basket, they would look great. Are these on Etsy?

  13. Hi June,
    i love Dany´s Design, this is so beautiful, and a great finish.
    Here it is also cold, and not sunny, i hope it will be better next time.
    Have a great week, Martina.

  14. Your pillows are so sweet and I also love your little bird. Your garden keeps growing although the weather isn't finde.
    Have a nice day, Erna

  15. Very nice little pillows, and beautiful flowers and I love the card too.
    Have a nice week,

  16. June: What an adorable pillow, where ever did you get the yellow fringe trim, it is wonderful.
    That robin is so cute.
    Nice ribbon from Ann.
    Beautiful floral photos.


  17. Lovely Dany stitching, I hope you find a suitable basket soon. I love having flowers indoors, I am never without any, even last week on our holiday I took a vase and had some in the caravan we hired.


  18. So cute are the two spring pillows June !
    Also like the finishing. Wishing nice weekend , Anna

  19. So sweet little pillows, beautiful dear June!!! I also like your new header photo so much. I was working in the garden last week, when a little robin came up close and saw what I was doing, I love those pretty birds.
    Thanks for your comment with me, have a nice May, Jutta

  20. Dear Juneanne, it is always a pleasure to come and visit you and admire your beautiful embroideries! They are so joyful and colorful, the robin is gorgeous too. Happy reading, then and your garden offers fantastic flowers.
    Ciao ciao Susanna

  21. Always lovely your blog with works and flowers... I wait from mine there is a new post! Happy Sunday

  22. I like your finisch of the little pillow. The robin looks so cute,I look forward to more pictures of them.