Monday, 17 May 2021


 Yes it's been rain rain rain , all last week and into this week too.

The garden is soggy all over and I am waiting to put a few more plants in .

But the high light of the week is we are out of lock down for a bit .

So today we had a meal out and the staff were so happy to see us again .

  Hubby had a bit of a spend and I brought few face creams and topped up on all the bits I had run out of .

Well it felt so good to get out again even in the rain , we just had a dry spot so took a few photos out in the garden just .

I have just finished my May little ornament I love stitching these .

 The charts were from the CS mag 

This week I worked on this sweet WIP.
                                                                   Winter Stamp by Vervaco.



 Look what I found today first rose and Lily of the Valley

                            Brought more books today , I passed on some to my daughter and now she keeps asking me for more books she is so enjoying them .

It's getting near teatime now so will leave you to walk around the garden even though it's wet the flowers still come out .
Enjoy your week .


  1. I'm so glad things are opening up a bit now, June--it feels a bit strange, but also so wonderful, doesn't it? We are all going to the local aviary later as my grandson adores birds :)

    Love your May stitch! And your Winter Stamp is looking lovely.

    I just picked some lily of the valley yesterday, too--it smells so sweet and always reminds me of my mother. It would have been her 94th birthday last Friday...

    Lovely flowers as always--I do hope your rain lets up soon! Enjoy your week ♥

  2. Dear June the rain when it is too much gets bored and the ground becomes a real sponge! But you still managed to enjoy your garden. Your embroideries are delightful. Lovely flowers! I also wish you a good start to the week
    Ciao Susanna

  3. I like the May ornament very much, the birds are very lovely too. Despite the rain, your flowers are still beautiful. With us, sun and rain alternate.
    Enjoy the week
    Hugs Andrea

  4. We have had sun for a few days and i have been working in my flower garden. Got some grass to remove between the lilies and I found a purple flower for replacing the tree. It will grow nice in that spot. Stitching lovely as ever and all your flowers in your garden. Glad you could get out for a while. Feels good. Right Hugs

  5. The weather is strange this year, we had a hail storm on Sunday, I wonder if we are going to get any sunshine this year. You still have some lovely colour in your garden though :-)
    I'm still not going out any more than I was before, I think i've got used to not going very far now. Finger crossed for some better weather soon. have a lovely week x

  6. How nice that everything is slowly getting back to normal for you and meeting friends is so important.
    Your May ornament is so beautifully designed, great finish. I especially like the winter postage stamp, I love the little birds.
    Beautiful pictures from your garden.
    Enjoy the week, Martina

  7. So lovely flowers. Great to see.
    We had rain to the last week and it is still no warm weather.
    Have a great week.

  8. Another wonderful finish. I love it. Your WIP looks like it's always done.
    I like your walk through your garden.
    Here it is rainy weather too.
    Have a nice week. Manuela

  9. The May ornament is so sweet. I also have a bunch of Lily of the Valley here in front of me. Just love them. Glad you are able to get out and about now. Take care my friend.

  10. Pretty May ornament and lovely to see so many flowers in bloom. We have had a rainy week here too, I think I need some sun now.

  11. How nice that your normal life starts again, with us too soon;-) Your embroideries are very nice to look at, also the garden photos, the plants are good for the rain.
    All the best to you and your family, Jutta

  12. So cute your May ornament, dear June!
    Also love your finishing with this little bow. Here it rains for a week, I hope the weekend brings sunshine and warmer temperatures.How beautiful it blooms so much in your garden. The first lily of the valley are now also seen here. I wish you a nice weekend, greetings from Anna

  13. Glad to hear you got out and got a bit of a break. Your garden is being rejuvenated in the rain and is really going to bloom now!

  14. Flowers and stitching are wonderful. I can almost smell the Lily of the Valley. Glad you got out and enjoyed yourself. We've begun getting out a bit; but still being pretty cautious. I wish more people were vaccinated. Our percentage still isn't as high as it should be.

  15. Nothing has really changed for us except my bus was a little busier than it has been!
    May looks so sweet, bet you are looking forward to June's June next month!

  16. Your cross stitching is always just so beautiful June. So neat & such detail. Your flowers look wonderful & I wish I could smell that lily of the valley ... I'll bet its just divine. ❤