Monday, 10 May 2021


Hi lovely friends ,

Hope you are all having a lovely new week . Here it is nice and sunny but so windy I don't like wind at all.

Last week was another busy one I also went for my 2nd Vaccine First one no problem I did not even feel the needle go in my arm on the 2nd  one , but  on the night could not sleep on my side my arm was so painful , but the pain soon went , but the next two days I felt a little under the weather , apart from that great it's all done .

So looking forward to some shopping soon.

Just a quick post this week , here is little  sweetie I knitted for Lynda .


My WIP this week was 
Summer Nesting Box by Vervaco 
A few more stitches added .

              And a couple of past stitching gifts I gave to friends  a Birthday cake .


Both by Brooks Books 

                                                     A few late tiny  daffodils 

Enjoy your week .


  1. Love your last daffodils... So cute the elegant doll... Happy to know you are ok with vaccine... Oh I also wait wind🍃🍃🙄🙄big kiss😘

  2. Glad the vaccine went OK, I have my second coming up soon before the end of the month anyway.
    Nice stitching, especially the cakes. I stitched two of them and then stalled. I really want to stitch the rest now.

  3. Happy Mother's day and I love Ellie. thanks for making her for me. big hugs Lynda enjoy your week.

  4. Lovely stitching June and I just love that cute knitted elephant :-)
    the weather is really hit and miss at the moment isn't it, I don't like the wind either, good for drying the washing though :-)
    Glad you are feeling better now, have a good week. x

  5. Love the little elephant !
    The cards are beautifully done.

  6. The little Elephant is so cute. I love her.
    Wonderful stitching cards.
    Have a nice week. Manuela

  7. So cute is the elephant, dear June !
    Very elegant with bow on the shoe !
    The embroidered cards are beautiful, to receive such a card is very special.
    I wish you a sunny may week, greetings from Anna

  8. What an adorable elephant. Love the stitching...those birthday cakes are so pretty.

  9. What count fabric did you do the birthday cakes on? They’re precious! Carol in Texas

  10. Io sto aspettando che mi chiamino per fare il vaccino, dovrebbe essere a breve, entro l'estate, mi rassicura sapere che tu stia bene e non abbia avuto problemi, sono più tranquilla :)

  11. Dear Juneanne, here too it is very windy but it still brings rain. More than one person has had pain in the puncture on the arm but luckily you did not have fever and general malaise, I understand! You are really good at knitting that beautiful baby elephant. Your Vervaco grows which is a feast for the eyes but the two embroidered birthday cakes are also fantastic. And the always elegant yellow daffodils.
    A warm hug, see you soon
    ciao Susanna

  12. June, the little elephant is really cute, also your embroidery is progressing and I like the birthday cakes both!!! !
    So beautiful Daffodils, I don’t like wind very much either, here the heat takes a break and it’s raining.
    All the best to you, Jutta

  13. Bravissima June! Your elephant is very nice and all the cross stitch too. I am that all went well with your second vaccination.
    Bug hug,

  14. Oh my goodness! What a precious gift for Lynda Ruth! She is going to love her. Your stitching is lovely June. I just got my second shot yesterday. I have a migraine. Our daughter had very bad chills all through the night. Now she feels very achy all over.

  15. I'm so glad to read you got both shots now, June! I was exactly the same as you--first one nothing, second a very sore arm and a bit tired. I feel so glad to have had them both :) I just love your gift for Lynda Ruth--it is adorable and those birthday cakes look good enough to eat! Hope your wind has died down (I hate wind, too!) and that you're having a nice weekend in your garden ♥

  16. Dear June,
    the elephant has become so cute, your embroidery is also wonderful. I like the embroidered birthday cakes.
    Hugs Andrea

  17. What a cute little elephant! Sorry you had pain from the vaccine. Everyone is now vaccinated in our house (thank goodness) and we all seem to have done well with it. I just love those cakes you made for your friend's birthdays and he tags are a cute addition.

  18. Everything you create is just so beautiful but Oh MY ... I just adore that elephant. Your daffys are really pretty too - one of my favourite flowers. 😊

  19. Great news you've had your second vaccination. I love your elephant and birthday cake ornaments. Our daffodils are over now, soon it will be time to put in some bedding.

  20. It's really a cute elephant! The little cross stitch cakes are very pretty too, also the wonderful flowers.
    Have a nice week!

  21. Gorgeous little elephant.

  22. Beautiful stitching. Your daffs look gorgeous. Cute elephant.

    I had my 2nd vaccine April 28th.I took a couple of days annual leave from work, just in case, but just had a sore arm again.