Friday, 18 June 2021


 Hello friends ,

First I would like to thank you all for the beautiful cards , email cards , charts , gifts etc .

You sent me for my Birthday 

I have been smiling all weekend and knowing how lucky I am to have such wonderful caring friends 

You are simply the best  THANK YOU.

I had a wonderful long weekend , my daughter came over on Saturday and we had a cream tea in the garden and the weather was beautiful , I had loads of phone calls to. It was a special day.

Yesterday Hubby took me out for lunch , we both said it was not the best but it was ok.

Then we went plant hunting I wanted to add some pretty irises  to my garden , they are such a beautiful flower I managed to find 3 of the 4 i was looking for,  Cranberry Swirl , Metolius  Blues , and Comme un Sourire  Why I didn't have them before I don't know , they are not cheap but we got money off because they have finished flowering until next year  . Monet loved irises and I can see why .

This was my birthday gift from Hubby 

I know I have a beautiful chart in my stock some where so  i will pull it out for stitching next year .

Hope you have all been having the lovely weather we have had .

So I show you some of my lovely gifts and more next week.

But first I made a little cot quilt for my youngest  little GGD Lottie .

 I back stitched around the teddies to make them stand out .

 Because it has been so hot I have left my cross stitching for a few days only .

I also finished at last my edge around my blanket .


And here are some lovely cards and gifts I had sent me by my lovely friends .

 From my lovely friend Carol , this lovely chart I just kitted this one up 


From Mouse a very useful gift just what I need Thank you .

From Martina A beautiful Card .

Also from Gabi 
One day I will make a pillow with all my stitched cards .
A pillow of love and friendship.
Thank you.

From the lovely Lynda a beautiful stitch and lovely table cloth .
               Thank you so much.

        And from Vickie our sweet friend some lovely goodies . Thanks my sweet friend .

I will show you more wonderful gifts next week , Thank you everyone of my lovely stitching friends you made my day .

The garden has been growing like crazy and I work an hour or two every day now , cutting back .
The large blue bells I grew my self from seed they are planted every where and are just beautiful .

                  The most beautiful  Peony .

Have a wonderful weekend all and Thank you again for your kindness .


  1. You are loved my friend, so glad you love all your birthday gifts. big hugs Lynda Ruth A big hug for Ron too

  2. Dear June, Happy belated Birthday wishes! Cream Tea, flowers and lovely cards and gifts - what more could a girl want! Love your crocheted blanket, nice stitching and beautiful colors.

  3. Sounds like a fabulous birthday. Lovely gifts and flowers.

  4. A belated Happy Birthday June, looks like you got some wonderful gifts and it sounds like you had a lovely time too.
    I love the quilt you made for you ggd and your crochet blanket too, very pretty.
    We've certainly had wonderful weather this week, although the rain has set in here today, hopefully it will be better again next week.
    Have a lovely weekend x

  5. Happy belated birthday! I love peonies, too.

  6. What a precious little quilt for Lottie. :) And I love the colors in your blanket!! Such wonderful gifts you have received from everyone June! :) Your flowers are divine. I am glad you had a lovely birthday.

  7. Happy belated birthday! Congratulations on finishing the afghan too.

  8. Gosh how beautiful it all is June ... I just love all your gifts. Belated Birthday Wishes to you - I am a June baby too. And that paeony - OH MY!! I wish I could grow those here. Happy Weekend to you xx

  9. I'm happy that you had a great birthday, it's not that easy in the pandemic, but you were able to enjoy the time very much. you got nice presents.
    Your garden looks wonderful again, it is in bloom here too, the roses like the warm weather, they are now in full bloom.
    Have a nice weekend, Hugs Martina

  10. A belated happy birthday. x

  11. Happy belated Birthday, Dear June.
    You had a wonderful birthday and so many wonderful cards and gifts arrived.
    The quilt is very cute. I love Teddies.
    Have a nice weekend. Manuela

  12. My best wishes for your birthday also from me... Lovely cards and presents you received... Lots of love😍😘😘

  13. June: So many lovely gifts, Happy Birthday.
    The Teddies are so sweet.
    The blanket is beautiful, it looks very large and warm.
    As always your garden is beautiful.


  14. Hello June,
    happy belatet Birthday!
    You have received beautiful cards and gifts. Your blanket looks really cozy and will keep you warm on cold days.
    Enjoy ths sunday, hugs Andrea

  15. Your birthday goodies look wonderful, June--enjoy each and every one. I hope this coming year is a good one for you and that life will return to normal for us all.

    Your sweet quilt for little Lottie is darling and your blanket is lovely. But, boy, that peony takes the prize for most beautiful--that is spectacular and I've never seen one like it. Hope your coming week is filled with lots of happy stitching and gardening time, my friend ♥

  16. Happy belated birthday wishes June, what lovely cards and gifts you have received and even the weather gifted you with a sunny day. Beautiful little cot quilt and crochet blanket.

  17. happy birthday, my friend. I am preparing something for you. I have already bought something for you on Sunday. In the next weeks a parcel will reach you. Many kisses. Love. titty from italy

  18. Thank you to you, for all the things you show us.
    Have a nice week dearest June,

  19. I am glad that you enjoyed your Birthday. You have been sent some lovely cards too. It would be a great idea to finish them as one large piece to display too.

  20. so glad you had a wonderful day and you got some lovely gifts too :) we have yellow iris's in our front garden ... no idea where they came from but they are lovely too :) xxx

  21. Happy Birthday June! It sounds like you were spoiled on your special day! You received some nice gifts and lucky you, a special visit from your daughter! The colors in the crochet blanket are so pretty together and I love the teddies!

  22. Tanti auguri anche se un po' in ritardo!! Tanto caldo anche qui in Italia, per fortuna possiamo andare in montagna e al mare. La tua trapunta è stupenda!

  23. Belated happy birthday, dear June ! I'm late with my birthday wishes but they come from the heart. Lotti will love this cute teddy quilt, I have also sewn quilts for my grandchildren. Beautiful is the crocheted blanket , love the colors ! Here it was very warm the last few days, we could enjoy iced coffee in the shady corner of the garden. Wishing you a pleasant week,Anna

  24. Happy Belated Birthday June!! You received such lovely gifts. The blanket is beautiful and that peony is exquisite!! I have an unusual peony but it didn't bloom this year. I think it needs to be moved. You have an amazing green thumb! Have a wonderful week.

  25. Dear June, Happy belated Birthday wishes! Cream Tea, flowers and lovely cards and gifts. I live your teddy quilt and your colorful blanket, also your gardenphotos!!!Thanks a lot for your comment on my blog, have a wonderful weekend,

  26. Spóźnione życzenia Urodzinowe 😘🎂🥂