Monday, 19 July 2021


Hello all , hope you all had a wonderful weekend .

Here it has been lovely but now it's getting to hot for even little old me .

To hot to even stitch for long , but a little tip if your hands get sweaty try  a little bit of talc rub into your hand helps and smells nice on your stitching .

Today  I have another large UFO to show and a little free gift from a magazine I stitched ,  and some lovely gifts from friends .

I have also sorted some charts out for Christmas stitching for friends , life is always so busy and time seems to go faster so I need to start early . 

I won't tell you how many UFOs and WIPs I have but it is allot so say no more .

I want to work on one each week to get one or two finished each year now or I will never get them finished . I will keep working on my smalls to.

So this week here is another UFO.


                                                                    Vera Mouse Picnic by Lanarte 

I have been working on her face most of this week.
She is way to cute .

A little key ring was a free gift from a magazine .

 From my lovely friend Nathalie from France love all the stickers and wonderful mags Thank you  

And my sweet friend Titty from Italy so many lovely gifts  I love every thing  thank you.

                                    The herbs are HOT , just a tiny pinch next time ha .


Flowers from the garden.

And for Manuela  .
Here is Just Joey
It changes colour going from dark to very pale a beautiful rose .
Manuela is stitching this one so go other to her blog it's beautiful.

Wishing you all a happy week keep safe .


  1. Tes fleurs sont magnifiques !
    J'adore la dernière photo.
    Merci pour ton amitié ma chère June
    Câlins et belle semaine

  2. I feel your discomfort over the heat, it's been hot here too but finally cooled off last night, I hope it stays awhile. Your little mouse is just adorable! I bet its enjoyable seeing her "come to life." You received lovely gifts and your roses are just stunning!! Love that you put together pretty bouquets from your garden each week.

  3. The little mouse you are stitching is just precious! And that heart! I love it! wOw! What gorgeous gifts from Nathalie. The Point De Croix magazines are always wonderful aren't they?! I wish they were for sale here. Your flowers are so gorgeous June. I love seeing Just Joey, the one Manuela is stitching! :)

  4. Vera Mouse is so gorgeous x

  5. I love your roses, and the mouse stitching is great. Love your gifts.
    Don't understand about the herbs being hot.big hugs Lynda Ruth

  6. Vera Mouse ist cute. I remember that my daughter stitched a Vera motif during her year in Horsham.
    Your roses are wonderful!

  7. Vera Mouse is rather stunning, she has so much lovely detail. your home must be full of prettiness everywhere. I actually rotate my cross stitch on my walls as I don't have lots of space. x

  8. Dear June, I love the little mouse - reminds me of drawings by Beatrix Potter.
    Roses are lovely... no wonder there is the expression "an English rose".

  9. Nádherné ruže, mám ich rada.
    A vášivka je milá, držím palce pri ďalšom xxxxxx.

  10. June: What a sweet Vera Mouse, so pretty, I like the Lenarte.
    Lovely gift to your friend Natalie.
    Wonderful gifts from Titty, the Point de Croix magazine have such lovely designs to stitch.
    Positively beautiful roses.


  11. Oh yes, I remember the little mouse, a cute motif.
    Oh and what a great rose, beautiful flowers. I would be happy about them in my garden too.
    Have a good time, Martina

  12. Hello June,
    oh your big Wip is so beautiful. I love it. Many years ago I started to embroidery the same design, but unfortunaltely I made a very big mistake in it. I have no choice but to throw it away. I sill have the pattern. And who knows, one day I will start it.
    Thanks for showing the Just Joey Rose. It is so beautiful. A wonderful colour.
    Have a nice week. Manuela

  13. Your flowers are wonderful. Particularly the hydrangea. It’s the first time I was able to have one, but in the last weeks the temperature here reached 42’, so it was shuttered. The changing clima is wearing out persons and nature too.
    Vera Mouse will be beautiful such as all the gifts you received from your friends.
    Hugs & Kisses,

  14. I am in love with Vera Mouse - she is just delightful June. And your sweet keyring is beautiful - your cross stitching always is just so lovely. Hot where you live & Oh so cold here currently.

  15. Your stitching is wonderful. I love the mouse, such a sweet face. So pleased she is not real though!! Yes the heat, oh my, so draining. At least it's a cooler day today. Lovely gifts too.

  16. Какие прекрасные вышивки и цветы!
    Я вышивала Мышку Веру давно ,из журнала Burda , в 90-х, но попрежнему люблю её.
    Желаю комфортного и творческого лета!