Monday, 6 September 2021

September .

 Well September is turning out very HOT .

I just came back inside after doing my hour in the garden and it's really hot .

Well it's been another really busy week . We had a lovely day at a garden party on Saturday and it was nice and warm but not to hot . We had some beautiful food to.

My sewing  machine is not back yet so looks like this won't be a cheap fix.

So no finishing to show and not much sewing .

I have been working on this  UFO this week .

I have filled in more of the spaces  still more to do and alot more back stitch.

                                                Snowdrop Fairy by Durene Jones     

And it is also time to put a few of my display's away for now 
So saying goodbye to these lovely works untill next year.



I did take some little posy's to give out at the garden party  to a couple friends .

                Fresh from the garden they loved the smell of the flowers .

 Well my friends I am taking a short break from my blog and will be back in October sometime .
September is always a busy month for us . But I will be popping in to see your blogs  during this time , when I am not so busy . I will leave you with the last of the Summer  flowers .

                                This one is new below called Princess Diana 

                        Take care all , enjoy the last few weeks of Summer and have fun .
                                         Time to get ready for Autumn .


  1. Love your stitching. Princess Diana is beautiful. Looks just like the picture. I love pink and white. Hope you have a good September. big hugs love Lynda Ruth. p.s. My knee is finally healed, but I am taking it easy. Just started an October stitch for daughter Crystal.

  2. Dear June,
    Bye-bye summer display - but I'm sure you have lovely pieces for fall decoration ;-)
    And summer is not over in your garden! Great pictures!

  3. I bet your friends just loved getting those pretty posies from you, June--your flowers always look so healthy. We've had a lot of trouble with Japanese beetles eating holes in everything this year. My husband is going to have to spray next year, I guess.

    Lovely stitching and past projects. I do hope your sewing machine gets fixed soon and isn't too costly. Enjoy your break--I think this is a lovely time to unwind and get ready for autumn. Take good care now ♥

  4. Your garden still looks so very pretty June. Enjoy your break from blogging - its good to take a break at times I find. The posies you took to the Garden Party are just beautiful as are your little basket of pinkeeps - so special. 💕

  5. Belle attention que tes petits bouquets parfumés !
    Merci pour toutes tes jolies fleurs.
    Profite bien de la chaleur retrouvée et de ce beau mois de septembre.
    Prends bien soin de toi et de ta famille.

  6. Oh yes, now you can start with the autumn decorations, and next year I'll be looking forward to your little kissels again.
    How nice that you could enjoy your meetings.
    Here it is cloudy, but in the afternoon it is sunny and warm, but not too hot.
    Enjoy your week.
    Hugs Martina

  7. The little fairy will be so beautiful.
    Lovely little summer decoration.
    Enjoy your break. Have a nice time.
    Hugs, Manuela

  8. Autumn is slowly approaching here.
    The nights have been cooler, & the Black Eyed Suzys are drooping.
    Your flowers are still beautiful.

  9. Snowdrop Fairy is so pretty!!! I love all your lovely stitches, I can see why you were attracted to them, they all have beautiful colors of flowers. Your pretty bouquets must have been so appreciated, love how you wrapped them too! Gorgeous flowers as always June. Sorry to hear Sept has been so hot, so far it's beautiful here. I'm loving the cooler weather. As of Sept 1st I consider it Autumn...I don't care that it's still really summer!! Enjoy your blogging break, I hope it's fun busy things!

  10. June: The Fairy you are stitching is lovely, I love the pillows and the display, the Bee square pillow is stunning, can you share the designer?
    Your flower photos are always so beautiful, The Princess Diana is stunning, she was so very beautiful.
    What a sweet idea to take posy's to your friends.
    Have a lovely weekend.


  11. What a pretty fairy! Those greens look very nice together.

  12. Nice idea to have the little pillows all together in a basket, how beautiful the one polka dots. Yes, it time to change all the decorations around our homes. What to about your wonderful flowers? Particularly about the rose and the violets. I had a big pot, but the high temperatures of this hot summer , here in the south of Italy, killed them :-(((
    Have a recharging and relaxing break,

  13. The snowdrop fairy is a lovely design with pretty colours. Sad to see the display of pincushions saved until next year. Gorgeous garden flower posies. Hope you enjoy your blogging break.

  14. I love flowers and embroidering(richelieu).I very likes this sites.
    Have a nice weekend

  15. I'm quite in love with the little pillows ! Sure your friends have been very happy to get such sweet pillows as a gift.
    Wishing sunny weekend,Anna

  16. June, I love your stitching. The little cushions are so adorable. Your friends must have been very happy about the small bouquets of flowers.
    Today it's raining here, but otherwise it's nice, sunny and warm.
    Hugs Andrea

  17. Your little pillows are really beautiful. Oh yes, autumn is coming, I love the warm colours of this season and your garden is still full of lovely summerflowers.
    Have a nice day, Erna

  18. Przepiękne prace! ale najbardziej podoba mi się elf przebiśniegu :),pozdrawiam z Polski :)

  19. As always, your flowers are beautiful as well as your stitching.