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Monday, 25 October 2021

Busy doing nothing .

 Hello all ,

Do you ever feel busy doing nothing ? I seem to these days  

The day goes so quick and then I think well I have been busy but nothing seems to be finished .

So I need another plan of action . I am going back to pen and paper and writing a list of jobs to do  the start of the week for each day , and if some  days I can't I still have to do that days work the next day before I move forward on the list . I think because I have so much time I am getting slower  if you know what I mean no structure .

So next weekend I will write down a list of jobs that really need some action , and see if I can get more done .

I am in a good place with my stitching I have more structure in that . I am working only on Christmas stitching at the moment , before I move on to Easter . I rotate my large UFOs each week and work on 5 /6 smalls .

Here is the UFO I worked on this week .    

Christmas Teddies .
These are so sweet 
Gold Collection Petites By Dimensions 

                               Also finished my October Small even thou October will be out soon. 

                         From the collections from Cross Stitcher mag free charts .

                            I have put a few Autumn bits out but not so much this year . 

I have a bucket of goodies for any children that knock the door 

but none came last year with the  virus .

I have been in the garden for the last hour and cut these flowers before the rain comes again.


                                      The rain got to this one yesterday but it's still so pretty 

What a great flower they have been flowering most of the year and seed them selves 

                Well enjoy your new week  but above all have fun  .                          


  1. Beautiful stitched pieces and gorgeous flowers!!

  2. June: Your Teddies are adorable, the Fall finish is beautiful.
    Thank-you for sharing the beautiful floral photos, its cold here and no color to be seen.
    The fall display is so charming.
    I have to start making lists myself.

    Have a lovely week

  3. I love your teddy stitch and all your October and Autumn pillows. That pink rose is pretty even wet. I love all your flowers. big hugs enjoy your week and be safe.

  4. Anch'io faccio le liste delle cose da fare perchè mi sembra che le giornate siano sempre più corte!! E ho le caramelle per i bambini, spero tanto che quest'anno vengano

  5. Je suis toujours en admiration devant ces magnifiques broderies, bravo !

  6. Profite bien de ta semaine ma chère June.
    Merci pour tes jolies fleurs.

  7. Your autumn finishes are so wonderful and colorful.
    Your Teddy stitching is so cute. I love teddies.
    Have a nice week. Manuela

  8. Sometimes I get that way with the change of seasons.
    The teddies are too cute.
    Love your Fall display, especially the girl pulling the wagon of Mushrooms, too cute!
    As always, your flowers are still beautiful.

  9. Hello June,
    I know the Christmas teddies, I like them very much, but it is also a lot of work. The autumn pillows look so beautiful.
    I also sometimes make lists of what else I have to do. It makes me happy when I can cross some of it again.
    Hugs Andrea

  10. June, I need to start list making again too. I honestly think my house was more organized and cleaner when I worked. I need more time managment skills too!
    I had a nice week away with my sister and got to visit a cross stitch store. The last thing I needed was more patterns but I could not help myself!! I love your fall display and the little monthly is so cute! You know how much I love bears and the teddy is adorable! No flowers left here, it's been a bust for color so far and with the tremendous rain storm we are having I think that will really hurt our chances for more color. I always enjoy seeing your beautiful flowers. I hope you have a great week!

  11. I love your Autumn decorations and the the Teddies are cute! I hope your pen & paper method works better for you next week.

  12. Beautiful stitching and gorgeous flowers! Your list idea is something I need to do too!

  13. Yes, I know that too, in the evening you ask yourself whether you've done everything and realize that it's not even half of what you want to do. Good idea with the list.
    Sweet the teddies and the October pattern - great finsih.
    Happy Stiching, Martina

  14. Ciao June, I like the teddy bears and your autumnal little pillows. And it’s a joy to the heart watching your flowers. I bought a cyclamen and a viola.

  15. don't even have to have a to-do list.In the morning, I'm still in bed wondering what I'm going to do...Eventually I cook and the rest of the plans disappear. I really, really like the pictures of the flowers.
    I embroider-richelieu every spare moment.
    Have a wonderful day Eva

  16. I love your little Autumn display and October will make a great addition to it.
    We never get visitors on Halloween, probably because we live on a very dark lane with a very spooky driveway!

  17. Dear June, I love your little display of autumn stitchings.
    Some days are like that: we putter around, doing a little of this and a little of that and feel nothing got done. I hear that from most retired people. But that's ok, we deserve not to rush around and fill every minute with chores.

  18. Dear June, I love your little autumn display, also the cute Christmas teddies and again such beautiful photos of your flowers.
    Have a nice weekend, Jutta

  19. I know just what you mean, June! The days pass by in the blink of an eye and I feel like nothing has been accomplished. I often wonder how I did as much stitching as I did back when I worked! I think I was simply more organized. So, I'll be interested to see if your preparing a to-do list helps you out at all. Love your little October finish and autumn display. And those teddies are darling.

    Hope you get at least a few trick-or-treaters tomorrow night ♥

  20. Dear June, I also love your autumn decoration and also the Christmas teddies, they are so cute. Have a fine sunday!

  21. I am a lifelong list maker. I write down everything! Sometimes instead of a to-do list, I make an "I did it" list at the end of the day. Makes me feel accomplished! :O)