Monday, 11 October 2021

Nice week.

Hi all ,

Well it's been a very nice week , we have  got loads of jobs done inside and out .

Also had the flu jabs , they are saying it could be bad this year.

Washing all done but still some ironing to do .

So pretty back to normal now.

I just but a finish to the Just Nan design I stitched a few weeks ago .

I also pull out a Christmas UFO , which I will do  each week now up to Christmas , I am in no rush for any of my UFOs but when they are finished some will be for our home and some for the family , but I never stress myself any more , I just love stitching and  it makes me feel at  peace when I pick up a needle and thread . I stitch to enjoy now and won't rush , it's not worth it for your own health. So my motto is enjoy your stitching no need to rush enjoy every stitch .

Here is my little Just Nan finish .

And here is my finish .

Two pieces of felt , wadding pushed inside  so it is plump and blanket stitching around the edge .

I have just made a Christmas ornament the same way but can't show you that yet .

Nice and light to send as gifts .


Next my Christmas UFO worked on this week .


                                                     Victorian Christmas Bell  .by  Janlynn 

                                    Now I need to dig into my box of UFOs for next week .

                               And waiting for me this week  my cross stitch magazines .


                             Also two lovely Thank you cards from friends . So pretty .

                                    Well better get the tea going , I am a little late .

My daughter came over to see us and picked up the gifts we brought her from our holiday .

                                                                 She loved them .

                                                                 Have a great week all .


  1. Hello, glad you got all your chores done and back to normal living. I love all your stitching and your pretty cards. I love the new mags. Have a great week. hugs Lynda Ruth

  2. I'm sure that, as much as you loved being away, it's good to settle in to your routine at home again, June. Good for you for getting your flu shot--we got ours on Friday, too. Sore arm, but I feel much better having received it. Your little heart finish is darling and I love the project you are working on, too. You have a great attitude toward stitching and I feel the same way. I've definitely slowed down over the years and truly enjoy the journey :)

    Hope you have a great week ahead ♥

  3. Oh your Just Nan ornament is darling! Enjoy your new magazines June. :)

  4. Lovely projects, June.
    I have leaved through those magazines online already, courtesy of our library.
    Have fun with them, maybe with a cuppa and scone ;-)

  5. I just love everything you are working on June 💕

  6. Sounds like you are back into the swing of things. So pleased you had a lovely holiday. Have a good week. 😊

  7. June, Your little Just Nan heart is precious! Glad you are settled back into your daily routine. The cards are so pretty!! Boy, I have slowed down, not of my own choosing though!! I wish I still had the energy I had when I was younger...Have a great week. Mary

  8. June: Your Heart finish is lovely, at first I thought it was a wood frame, you did a perfect job finishing it.
    The new design is so sweet, it reminds me of being young and sledding, so much fun.
    Nice magazines, I Spy Santa pillow is adorable, I have a friend who gets that magazine, I may have to borrow it and do the pillow.
    Nice cards.


  9. So beautiful your finish, June.
    Nice progress on your wip and the magazine looks good.
    Have a nice week Manuela

  10. The little heart is very pretty and the embroidery from Janlynn is beautiful too.
    I thank you for visiting me and send you warm greetings from Berlin, Jutta

  11. Wonderful finishing for the little Just Nan heart.
    I am glad you are enjoying your stitching regardless of how quickly you finish, or not! It's supposed to be relaxing and fun.

  12. Congrats on your finish! It is very cute. Looking forward to seeing what makes it out o the box this week. That is the best attitude to have about stitching. So often we lose track of that as we rush to get things finished for this day or that.

  13. Get well soon, I also got a little cold and I hope I'll be better next week. Very nice motifs and a great finish on your heart.
    Have a happy new week, Martina

  14. Dear June,
    the heart looks great, also the little Christmas Stitchery and I'm sure you won't get bored with these embroidery magazines ;-)
    Have a nice sunday and a fine new week