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Sunday, 17 October 2021

Warm and Sunny .

 What lovely warm weather we are having right now .

It's so nice to still be working outside .

We have been making some changes , we had an old fence next to my craft room it was  looking very dull.

Well one day some time ago we saw a living wall at the garden centre and hubby said I will put one in by your craft  room and now I have one  but there is still alot of work to do yet , but in the spring it will be another lovely area to sit outside my craft room and have coffee .

So not allot of stitching going on but I did finish another Christmas Gift but can't show yet and worked on another UFO which is almost finished just a bit more back stitch and beads to add.

                    Already pulled out the UFO for this coming week this morning .


                             LOVE AND JOY BY  Lorri Birmingham Designs 

                                                                   Start of my living wall .


It will take allot of filling up , but that's the fun part it will be filled with lots of plants come Spring and Summer .


                                            You can fill it with any thing you want to ,  we used decking planks .

                                                          Next is the slabbing  .


I found a few reading books for Christmas reading but almost read one already .


Have a lovely Sunday .
I will leave you with some of  the last of the summer flowers .
And still the roses bloom .

Below a Hollyhock I grew from seed I wonder if it will flower this year .


  1. That's a different hollyhock from the one's over here, and yes I think it will bloom. Love your new wall and Santa stitching. Big hugs Lynda Ruth

  2. Oh that Santa is so cute! I love him :-)
    I like the idea of a living wall, it will be lovely to see from your craft room.
    Have a lovely week x

  3. What a neat idea your new wall is. It will be gorgeous! I agree with Lynda Ruth. Your hollyhock will bloom soon.

  4. Your hollyhock does look as though it is coming up to a flower head June - your rose is so pretty. I think the Living Wall will look wonderful once you have filled it up with colour. xx

  5. Hello June, The Santa looks like a jolly little fellow! Lucky you - still sitting outside. It's cold and grey here today but on the other hand it's the right weather to sew inside on the machine ;-)
    I have no doubt you will fill your 'living wall' next summer.

  6. Ton mur est déjà magnifique !
    Au printemps il sera superbe !
    Chez nous, il fait froid et avons des brouillards matinaux et en fin de soirée.
    Je te souhaite une belle semaine ma chère June

  7. June: Your gardens must be positively fabulous, I can see from the wall that it will be a beautiful wall, what a grand idea.
    Lori Birmingham designs are so sweet.
    I had the pleasure of meeting her once in Iowa in the 90s so cute and sweet.
    Thank-you for sharing your lovely floral photos.


  8. Dear June,
    I'm looking forward to more photos of your living wall. You have such wonderful ideas and you implement them perfectly.
    I like your sweet Santa very much, such beautiful colors and so finely and delicately embroidered.
    Have a nice new week, Jutta

  9. Your stitching is lovely. Look forward to seeing your living wall in the spring - it is going to be great to sit by it. Your flower are gorgeous. Enjoy your reading.

  10. I had never heard of a living wall, June, but I can see from your start that it's going to be lovely! And how nice that it's near your craft room. We've had a lovely warm October as well although the days are growing shorter and cooler. That's okay... I'm ready for winter :)

    Your Santa is darling and I am amazed at how pretty your flowers still look. Your blooms are always so perfect looking! Hope you have a wonderful week ahead, my friend ♥

  11. I very like your living wall.Tady(Czech Rep.)is actualy 9AM and temperatura 7°C...But it is sunny morning.
    I wish you many nice sunny days still ☺

  12. Hallo June,
    I like Santa Claus very much, I also have this template; I have to go and look.
    Your living wall looks great, I'm looking forward to pictures when it is completely covered with plants.
    Enjoy your week, Andrea

  13. Your living wall will be amazing, just like you beautiful garden flowers. Stay well.....

  14. Bello il tuo muro vivente, sarà pieno di colori e profumi!

  15. So cute your little Santa Claus.
    Your new wall looks great. I 'm looking forward to the wall with all the flowers in next spring/summer.
    Have a nice week, Manuela

  16. Oh I love that Santa! I think your wall is a great idea and I can't wait to see what you fill it with. A lot more plants and knick knacks I am sure. Will you put something for the birds and butterflies as well?

  17. I love that cute Christmas design, very Scandinavian.
    The living wall is going to be lovely too, you've made a great start.

  18. Well, the little man looks cute. How he walks around there merrily.
    Have a nice weekend, Martina

  19. Oh, so a cute Santa with a bell on his shoes ;-)
    Your wall is a good idea and you are so creative, it will get beautiful.
    Enjoy your weekend, Erna