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Monday, 29 November 2021


 Hi Friends ,

How are we all today , all good I hope .

We had a bad storm with 90mph winds , lucky no damage just a few pots of trees  fell over at the front .

Now we have frosty weather and could have snow tonight and it's very cold .

But hey ho the sun is out today.

And here we go again  new virus Omicron .

 It's bad news to hear a new virus is back with us. I think it will be with us for many years  to come .

But hoping our wonderful health people will find an answer one day .

But for now we need to keep going and follow the rules and I am sure we will be free of it one day.

Hubby and I have been very busy this last weekend and we had our first Christmas meal out on Saturday .

It was great to be out with others again .  So we did make it for one meal now we will have to see if we have to stop  next month.

So here is the UFO  I worked on this week,  Roulotte en Hiver  Tralala.

I will keep this one out to finish the little extras , and also bring out another winter UFO .


 I can show you this little simple card , because the person won't be a blog reader .

                                      The simple chart was one I cut out of an old magazine , but I thought it was so cute , and a little bow or flower is just enough to make it stand out .


                                Well I decorated one tree and my fire place and dresser so far .
Now because my decor won't go with red I use red in the dinning room and hall way .
 but here in the lounge I go for soft colours , like you can see here .


                                 Looks great at night when the lights are on.
                                                                Yes I use roses .

                                      I can't be with out my flowers now can I .

                                          Hollyhock still alive and doing really well .


                        This one needs to go back to sleep untill the Spring naughty flower .

         Take care all , Happy Advent. Enjoy the run up to Christmas .


  1. Anche qui è nevicato, tutto è magico ma chiaramente ha portato dei problemi. Nel weekend ho fatto l'albero di Natale e ora la casa mi sembra più bella :) Mi piace molto il Tralala

  2. Dear June, What a cute litte winter scene and I love the decorated Mantel in soft colours!
    Happy stitching,

  3. Oh I love hollyhocks! When we lived in Texas the ones I had grew well above the ground floor of the house! Haven't been able to grow them that well anywhere else.

  4. June: Your Tralala is adorable, the card makes me smile.
    Your decorating is lovely.

    Merry Christmas

  5. J'aime beaucoup la décoration dans ces teintes douces.
    Je vous souhaite une belle semaine ma chère June.

  6. Your christmas stitching are so wonderful. The card is very cute.
    I like your decoration.
    Enjoy the day, Manuela

  7. I think the weather is strange all over the world.
    I'm glad you didn't have a lot of damage.
    We go from cold to warm temps, back & forth.
    Your Tra La La piece is so pretty, & OMG, I love that little deer!
    Very pretty display.

  8. Your house looks lovely already. The Tralala is a lovely design, very French in their style.

  9. I agree with you June. I do believe this virus is here to stay.
    That little deer you stitched is DARLING! Your decorations are lovely.

  10. It all looks beautiful June ... both your handwork & your decorating. I adore that wee card - so sweet. Your hollyhock is rather stunning too - have not seen that colour before. xx

  11. We already had our first snow, but it is gone very quickly.
    I like your snow motif from Tralala very much.
    Have a good week, Hugs Martina

  12. Nice decorations. I need to do something different this year, just haven't figured out what yet. Lovely stitching. I had thought by now it would be safe to eat out again, but it isn't and now it's getting worse again with Omicron. Sigh...I so wish everyone would get vaccinated to stop the variants from happening.

  13. Love the Tralala piece. Your decorating is lovely. I've just brought the Christmas tree down from the loft today... yet to decorate but at least it's down.
    Look out for something in the post coming your way!! :)

  14. June, Love your tra la la stitch and the sweet deer card, both are so sweet! Your decorating looks so soft yet festive. Love that you added pretty roses on your mantle. I am so shocked that you still have flowers blooming even with the cold! We have had snow here and all the pretty colored leaves that fell are now brown, I don't mind the cold but it's been so grey and always overcast and dark by 5pm...saps my energy! I have been working on baby shower decorations for my first niece, first baby for her at 38! So, no Christmas decorating yet for me. Stay warm!!

  15. Nice decorations and cross stitch too,

  16. Oh, your fireplace looks so lovely with the pretty silvers and aquas, June. And the live flowers--wonderful! No flowers here--ha ha! We've had snow but it melted quickly. I'm glad your high winds weren't too damaging!

    Love your sweet little deer card and your Tra La La stitching, June! I'm making some cards for Christmas today as well. I'm way behind in getting my gifts out but wanted to let you know that your package arrived yesterday safe and sound. I will make myself wait to open it until I've mailed yours :) Just a warning--it will probably not be reaching you until January the way the mail is around the world these days.

    Stay safe, my sweet friend! ♥

  17. A beautiful scene June, with perfect roses. Your deer card is so cute. Stay safe, stay well x x

  18. I like the Tralala stitching so much and the Christmas card is so cute. Your Christmas decorations look great.
    I also believe that the virus will be with us for some time to come.
    Stay healthy,
    Hug's Andrea

  19. That sounds like a horrible storm, glad you are ok and only had minimal damage. June I will be surprised if these viruses ever do away. They just keep seeming to morph into another one that is even worse. I too am praying that there will one day be a way for them to eliminate them.

    What an adorable UFO you are stitching. The deer looks very nice too. You decorated very nicely too.

  20. Tus trabajos son muy bonitos¡¡..las tarjetas de tua amigas me encanta, y el hada es una maravilla¡¡¡