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Monday, 22 November 2021

Winter is on it's way.

Well where did that week go ? 

I think the fairies are turning my clocks and making them go  faster.

I have never known it go so fast .

We went out this morning to get a few more Christmas gifts .

Also stopped for lunch it was nice,  not to busy .

We had our boosters on Saturday at our local race course , so hoping we will be ok now for Christmas with lots of  events we will be going to .

I made a start with my decorations I have the fire place decorated then  went to start my small tree and the lights would not work , so we replaced them today , so I can get on with that tomorrow.

We have had some beautiful  sunny days but today was colder and we had a light frost , so yes Winter is on it's way.

So lets get on with stitching  first up my UFO 

I love this one it is so pretty and I love the soft colours .


                                               And here is what it will look like .


                      I have been stitching but can't show you yet because they are gifts .

                     But unpacking my Christmas goodies again this one was from last year .



                                                                        Lots of detail on here  


The garden is sill blooming I had to pick these roses and the Autumn Lilly .

Hubby came home with a gift again for my living wall .

How cute he was on sale  1/2 price .

He is a friend for the Robin .

I can't wait to see it full of flowers next year.
We still have a few flowers out .
Poppies are still blooming.

            Enjoy your week all , It will be a bust time for us all the next few weeks .


  1. I love your Christmas work in progress; yes the colors are so soft and lovely. I truly love your stitched piece from last year too! So many wonderful details. How great your backyard is still gifting you with blooms. And your little squirrel goes well with the bird. It will all make for a beautiful display.

  2. June: You always choose such beautiful designs to stitch.
    Winter is here for sure 18 degrees this morning taking the dogs out.
    Your flowers are lovely, that squirrel is adorable and will fit perfectly with the robin.
    Have a lovely day


  3. Hello June, that is indeed a very lovely picture with the snow-covered town in the background. I remember the fairy from last year, so pretty with all the beads ;-)
    Your garden never rests - still so many flowers!

  4. I love your latest cross-stitch project and that Christmas fairy is beautiful! That little squirrel is adorable. What a thoughtfull Hubby.

  5. Those are 3 beautiful pieces, foe sure.
    Love that little Squirrel & Robin.
    Those yellow Poppies are gorgeous.
    We will be celebrating Thanksgiving this Thursday in America.

  6. YOur cross stitch kit is so beautiful, love the mix of soft flowers and church. The fairy is beautiful and it must feel so good to take her out this time of year and enjoy her. Can't believe you still have such pretty flowers blooming. I had a small snow shower already! The weeks are flying by and going way too fast for me! Never enough time in the day. Your squirrel is so cute, I love watching their antics. Have a lovely week.

  7. Il tuo UFO è davvero bellissimo! Io non ho ancora iniziato con le decorazioni e i regali di Natale, ma presto lo farò

  8. Xmas day will be wonderfull for your family.
    I don´t saw yelow poppies.
    I wish you a nice day ☺

  9. Everything here is just beautiful June. Your living wall is going to look so wonderful. xx

  10. Love your vintage Christmas piece and the Nora Corbett Fairy. Have you stitched any of the other celebrations? I have the New Year Fairy and the Halloween, of course!

  11. Le rouge gorge et l'écureuil vont bien s'entendre dans le jardin.
    Je vous souhaite une très belle journée June.
    Ici, il fait très froid : moins 4 degrés ce matin !

  12. Another beautiful design June, I love this time of year when Christmas stitching can be displayed. We may have snow this weekend, turning chilly isn't it.

  13. A wonderful little christmas fairy.
    The robin and the little squirrel are very cute.
    Have a nice day, Manuela

  14. I love your Christmas stitch, and your fairy, the robin and the squirrel and all your lovely flowers. Hope you have a great day. big hugs Lynda Ruth

  15. I, too, wish time would slow down, June! I always feel that way this time of year as I'm always way behind on Christmas stuff. Your fairy is one of the prettiest finishes I've seen--just love her! And your new little squirrel and robin made me smile. I am glad you got your Booster and didn't have a bad reaction. Do take care now and have a lovely week ahead ♥

  16. Oh what a magical and fairytale little Christmas elf, that is such a pretty picture. I love it.
    take good care of yourself, Martina

  17. Time does seem to move faster and faster and there is just not time for everything. The little fairy girl is so pretty and delicate looking. Your UFO is coming along very nicely too.

  18. Dear June, the beginning of your UFO looks lovely, also the fairy from last year with shimmering pearls. Your living wall got new figures. I’m surprised that flowers are still blooming in the garden.
    Greetings Erna