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Monday, 6 December 2021

Christmas is rolling in fast.

Again Christmas is like a train rolling in faster than ever .

I started really early this year , but I am playing catch  up now .

Far to much to do. I did buy a  few gifts today we went out and we did some shopping just for Christmas meals so that's all put away in the freezer .

We also had lunch out a little treat we have twice a week.

Now I need to start writing more cards out .

 They keep looking at me , they are stacked on the table , I have wrote out a few , then I looked in my address book and some have moved  and sadly some have past away , and that makes me sad , then I stop and walk away , but I really need to get going again , so this week will be just for card writing , when I have any free time .

To be honest I just want to sit down and stitch , but some jobs need doing first, can't wait to get back to my routine but last week and the weekend were so so busy .

But hey it's a new week so I will try and get most things done. 

Not much stitching this week  but I did manage a few stitches on my Winter Chalet by Lesley Teare .

                         From an old Cross Stitch Gold magazine .


Last year I had only started the leaf.

                              First card came from my lovely friend Gabi .I just love teddy on the sledge .

                                                    Thank you Gabi  just love it .



                                         You know I found a new golden deer  

               Well I found another one we brought last year I had forgot about .

               So now I have two or you could say three .


                                               Also my loveable teddy is out .

                                      New mag just popped through the door .


                      Oh and look at the free kit oh my favorite bunny of all.


 Some flowers saved from the rain .


Yes another rose  and lots more Autumn lilies .

Enjoy a wonderful week  
Above all have fun.
See you soon .


  1. Oh isn't that Peter Rabbit kit darling! Your flowers are so pretty June.

  2. It will all be done, I think the days before Christmas can give us all a little panic but it gets done in the end. Enjoy your stitching time. I love Peter Rabbit, we visited the House of the Tailor of Gloucester last week (blogged in Aimetu's - wine, food and travel) it was quite magical inside.

  3. JUne: Amazing flowers, so pretty.
    I love the design you are stitching, the color threads on fabric are so much prettier than the magazine shows.
    The Bunny is adorable.
    The tree display is lovely, the deer are so sweet looking.
    Beautiful card from Gabi.

    Merry Christmas

  4. It sure IS coming up fast June. I started early too & thought I was well organised but not so now! Everything is beautiful in this post & I love Peter Rabbit the best too! Enjoy your week & try to remember to breathe slowly. xx

  5. Oh yes, Peter Rabbit is so cute, i love him.
    Have a very nice week, Martina

  6. I love your Santa teddy!! Your way ahead of me in decorating! I decorated my front porch and that's it! The silver and gold deer are so pretty. I love finding Christmas decor that I forgot that I had. Benefit of getting older! Your flowers are so pretty, the vase that the flowers are in is so pretty, is that dogwood branches? I hope you find some time to stitch and relax!!

  7. Your christmas decoration is wonderful. The teddy is very cute. I love teddies.
    The new magazine with the freebie is nice. Peter Rabbit is very cute.
    Have a nice week. Manuela

  8. Lovely work on your Christmas stitching. The Peter Rabbit design is very sweet too. I have started some shopping but only because my sister and hubby's niece are both coming up this weekend so that will save posting their gifts!

  9. Dear June, don't get stressed! As far as I know nobody ever gets everything done before Christmas. But it's always "before Christmas" even on Dec. 26th ;-))
    The Winter Chalet will be very pretty, as will be the little Peter Rabbit design.
    Have a wonderful week,

  10. June,I visited your blog again.We are all so busy before the holidays. I always tell myself I'm going to take it slow-what I can do,that I can do.I'd also rather sit around stitching and relax.I've been embroidering quilts in the Richelieu pattern for a while now. I love the precision required.
    Have a wonderful Christmas and good health in 2022.
    Eva from Czech republic

  11. Sounds like you and I are in the same place with our Christmas cards. It always makes me sad to look through the list and realize how many have died...

    Your Winter Chalet piece is going to be such fun to watch grow--beautiful colors and design. Your card from Gabi is so cute! And I love your new deer. Mine are some of my favorite Christmas decorations to put out each winter.

    I, like you would rather just sit and stitch, but there is still a lot to do. I don't even have my tree decorated yet--but will do it today and tomorrow :)

    Enjoy your weekend and try to do something for yourself each day so you are not too stressed! ♥

  12. Your stitching is beautiful again, I especially like Peter Rabbit.
    Hugs, and have a nice Sunday in Advent

  13. Very nice blog.
    Greetings from vienna

  14. Dear June,
    In Germany, too, time is racing by, is it because we are getting older? It is hard to believe as fast as this year has passed. Thank you very much for your lovely post, I enjoyed all the photos and I am happy that you want to finish things you have started, what a shame if you didn't do that.
    I wish you a nice 3rd Advent, hugs, Jutta