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Monday, 20 December 2021

Happy Christmas week .

 Well hello everyone ,   

  It's Christmas week are you ready , well I was untill I lost my address book  ! lucky I found an old one and i  have been ringing around trying to find the rest , I now have them all apart from 5 , I bet after Christmas I will put my hand on it , but no such luck yet . Hubby said no wonder I just looked in your craft room , oh dear is it that bad , yes it is so after Christmas I better tidy it up.

If I do find it I will send Spring cards out and let to let them know why .

I am almost ready now to enjoy the week.

I have been stitching a little bit on Easter stitching  but still can't show you yet .

And my UFO this week.        The Snowdrop Fairy by Durene Jones 


                                    And now some gift and cards from friends .

                                     Lovely goodies from our dear Mouse .

                      Thank you so much Mouse I will be using these gifts very soon.

                     And below from our friend Vickie , thank you Vickie it's on my tree . 


                                          And from Sheryl , a beautiful card .

                                        It is is so pretty  I must take a better picture of it next week.

                                                    Thank you Sheryl ,   I love it .   

And from Mary a lovely stitched ornament , 
Oh I love it thank you Mary so sweet of you .

                       And from my lovely friend Nancy a beautiful stitched card .

                     Thank you I have saved your gifts until Friday.

                       And my dresser is full of Christmas treasures from over the years .


Well I wish you all a very Happy Christmas ,  the postman just came and left me a pile of goodies .
So the tea will be late today . Have fun all.


  1. I just love your three gingerbread men. Your dresser is really full of Christmas treasures. I love all your new cards and gifts from friends. Your almost finished your snowdrop fairy. big hugs Lynda Ruth Merry Christmas

  2. The Snowdrop Fairy is beautiful already. You did get some gorgeous gifts too. I think I'm going to be making January cards too LOL

  3. June: Your Fairy is lovely, loads of fun and useful gifts, you know you are loved.
    Beautiful photos of yopur shelf.

    Merry Christmas

  4. Dear June, your snowdrop fairy is so pretty! I hope you find your address book Nevertheless, many cards and presents have reached you ;-))

  5. Hello June,
    so many card are arrived.
    I wish you a Merry Christmas.
    Hugs, Manuela

  6. Love hose Ginger guys on your header!
    You received some very pretty gifts.
    Merry Christmas !

  7. June,I wish to you and your family wonderfull celebrate days ☺
    With love Eva from Czech Republic ☺

  8. how cute the snowdrop fairy looks, already suitable for the winter decoration.
    Wonderful gifts and your dresser is a real highlight
    I wish you a merry Christmas time, Hugs Martina

  9. Such a cute Christmas shelf, and nice new items a as well. I stopped mailing cards a good number of years ago. Most where to people we see and or talk to all the time, so all decided it was kinda silly to continue the tradition. But, now with Covid, we're really not seeing people. Though still talking. Hope you find your address book.

  10. Tanti auguri, che sia un Natale pieno di luce e serenità!

  11. Such a beautiful collection of ornaments, I expect there's a great story behind each one. Merry Christmas to you both 🎄

  12. You've received so many lovely gifts, June! I love seeing the little gingerbread boy, sheep, and snowman ornaments that I gave you years ago hanging from your hutch shelf. Hope my gift for this year arrives soon... Wishing you and Ron much love and happiness on Christmas Day ♥

  13. Dear June,
    your address book will definitely come up again. You have received many beautiful cards and gifts.
    I like the fairy very much.
    I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas
    Hugs Andrea

  14. Your new fairy is beautiful, so delicate and fine. I love your pretty cards very, very much.
    I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and thank for your last blog comment,
    Christmas greetings, Jutta

  15. What beautiful gifts you have received June!

    Hope you find your address book soon.

    Merry Christmas to you and your husband.

  16. Wishing you and your family a Christmas of peace, love and good cheer.
    I like the gingerbread family, all your cards and the gifts you received.
    Merry Christmas,

  17. June, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!! Lovely gifts and cards you received. I was supposed to host Christmas Eve dinner and woke up sick that morning, so disappointing, another year without family.