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Monday, 10 January 2022

Here we go , New year is moving fast .

 Hello fellow stitchies ,

 Looks like many of you are all sorted with your new stitching goals  well done .

Well I have been packing away Christmas things , but can never find room for all the boxes , I seem to end up with an extra box each year ! 

I see the time is not slowing down and is still moving fast , how do we slow it down ! 

I am in a a tiding mood  yesterday I sorted  out all my box's of threads  , that took all afternoon but feels so good . I may sort and  tidy my fabric out this week and see what colour's are low and re-order some.

I have been sorting mags and charts out to give to some of my friends who live not far away .

I need to hafe my stock each year , I do tend to keep things I will never stitch , so it's time to say goodbye ,

and only keep what I will stitch . 

And I still get tempted with new charts and kits , so if I buy one , one  has to go.

So what have I stitched this week , a little more on another UFO and stitching on my six smalls .

Also still knitting a little and want to work on a few felt ornaments .


                    But today  I have a  new finish the first for 2022 . Hope you like it .

                                                 So here is my new Finish .


                                                                                   A closer look 


Time for a GIVEAWAY .
If you would like the chart  leave me a email .
And I will pop your name into a hat and my hubby will draw it out next week .

Joli Bouquet by Collection  Tralala.
I used a few of the threads on the chart list and a few silk threads that I made up .

I will leave the UFO untill next week .
But have another book to show you .

Lots of lovely stitching in this book .

Started to dress my dresser but soon it will change to  Easter  Ha the rate time is moving .

Do you like my roses I have been collecting in my glass dish 

They look so nice when there are no real ones out there .
And now a few flowers in the garden  for Mary she misses my flowers .

On my living wall the flowers are still looking good.
It has been very mild .

And in the garden ,  the flowers are still coming out .
The slugs are so naughty , they keep taking bites out of them 

Well have a great week and don't forget to put your name forward for the give away .


  1. I would love to enter your giveaway. I love the roses in the dish and that book looks like it has great stitching charts in it. Big hugs for the week. Love the flowers on the hanging wall. Lynda Ruth

  2. It feels good to have a sort out dosen't it? As I've got older I find I don't want to keep things that I don't use anymore, someone else might as well have the use of it while it's still ok.
    Love your finished stitching and your dresser looks lovely.
    Have a good week

  3. Je suis bluffée par les jolies roses dans ta coupe en verre !
    Je pensais qu'elles étaient vraies.
    Je te souhaite une belle semaine ma chère June

  4. Your latest finish is so pretty June. Your flowers are pretty. Just my colors. ;)

  5. I love how you finished off that cute vase of flowers--I really need to get more creative in my finishes--and I would love to have that pattern--and I even have collected some silk threads--yet not done a project with them!!!
    hugs, di

  6. Haha my Hubby says the same about my handbags, one in one out! Happy sorting. Your finish is lovely, as are your roses. My cyclamen is not looking as well as yours, they always seem to die on us.

  7. Oh June your finish is wonderful. I love it.
    Please count me in for the giveaway.
    Your dresser looks great and the new books sound very interesting.
    Have a nice week. Manuela

  8. June, Your new finish is so pretty!! A perfect stitch for your love of flowers. YOur roses are so pretty, what are they made of? They are so realistic! Those Spring bird samplers are so sweet!! I always love seeing your flowers, hard to imagine that they are still blooming. It is 7degrees F here today!! Time has not slowed down at all. I honestly don't know how the days fly by so fast, hopefully when we have more daylight it will seem like we have more time.

  9. June: It is a lovely design and the perfect frame, so pretty, please do not add me I have so many patterns to choose from, I need to purge some.
    The book is a wonderful book, so many fun and pretty designs to choose from.
    Your dresser is lovely, you know how to display items.
    Your rose bowl looks like real roses.
    I love seeing your garden photos, I am looking forward to seeing your wall fill with flowers.


  10. The first finish of 2022 is a lovely one, June! The little bow and pretty cameo that you added finish it off so nicely.

    That is a great idea to get rid of one chart as you add a new one. I ordered a couple new ones yesterday with some Christmas money--really don't need them, but they were just so pretty :)

    Your dresser looks so pretty and I'm so honored to see several of the gifts I've given you on display! Amazing that you have flowers appearing even if the slugs are dining on them... It is SO cold today--was really hard to even pull myself out of my warm bed! Ha ha :) Enjoy your day, my friend ♥

  11. Lovely floral finish, the frame, ribbon and cameo are the perfect finishing touches. I always enjoy seeing your dresser. I've just changed my smaller display to be Winter themed. And reminded myself where my Valentine pieces are for next month!

  12. What a beautiful first finish for the year. I love your roses and the book has some pretty designs in it! The top of your dresser looks so pretty with all the pretties!

  13. Dear June, it seems like it's always Spring in your house and garden ;-)
    I particularly like the wildflowers in your book!

  14. I love your stitching, it is so beautiful and your dresser looks stunning. My cyclamen has had it. I can't keep them very long sadly. Happy New Year to you all x

  15. How I love your dresser, everything you put on it. Your little cross stitched pillows and the too lovely lilla cup and sauce. Thank you your pictures,

  16. Such a beautiful, flowery and colorful post, dear June, I can relax wonderfully reading your blog.
    Thank you for your comment with me, hugs, Jutta

  17. Hello!!!! Can I enter my name for the giveaway? Lots of love!! Titty from italy.

  18. Lovely finish June, and beautiful flowers from the garden. Love your dresser, so sweet. Have a great weekend

  19. The first flower stitching is so pretty and fresh looking. We need it to brighten our lives that have been such a mess for two years. Good for you for getting organized with your craft supplies.

  20. A very pretty new finish to start the year. perfect frame and bow.

  21. I'm late again with my visit. As always you show wonderful pictures. Your garden always seems to be in bloom.
    I cleaned up my sewing room. It's a wonderful feeling to have everything in order again. I also keep things that I will never need.
    Have a nice day.
    Hugs Andrea

  22. Your photos are so pretty and I love your first stitching.
    Have a nice sunday, Erna