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Sunday, 1 May 2022


Well here we go it's May . I love  this time of the year .

We have a Holiday Monday tomorrow and we will be busy , so thought I would put a few past photos on rather than no post .

The weather here is still beautiful , but we did have a few showers last night and today.

I have been planting in the garden lots of new plants I have grown from seed .

Looking in the garden yesterday I have bluebells out and roses ! so spring and summer flowers together this year even daffodils and tulips  very strange year.  

Our power went off last night for a moment , 2nd night in a row the only thing is it sets all my outside lights off  . 

If any of you are having a May holiday I wish you fun .

I will be back next week with a new finish .

So will leave you with some  mix of May photos from the past.

I know some of you have seen these before but some of you have not.

                                                          Dresser in my  craft room 

                      The box below  I stitched on 40cnt   one thread .

                                      And a assortment of stitching goodies ,
                                some were gifts and some were stitched for myself . 

Well can't leave you with out a few flowers .

                                                  Enjoy your week . I will see you soon.


  1. Love all your stitching. Your garden as always so beautiful. It's been raining here all week and weekend. We should get some sun on Monday. Have a great day. big hugs Lynda Ruth

  2. Buon primo maggio anche a te e grazie per avere ricondiviso alcuni dei tuoi lavori

  3. Lovely post, June. As always pretty stitchings and flowers. What is the purple vine?

  4. Love seeing the Lily of the Valley. We had it across the street from us, at a vacant building and I used to pick it. They have torn that down now and are rebuilding an entirely new apartment building. The flowers are all gone. :( Enjoy your evening my dear friend.

  5. Everything looks so beautiful June. Such a pretty time of year for you. Wishing you a lovely week June xx

  6. I enjoyed all of the pretty photos of your stitching and flowers. We had a brief power outage when we were away (we asked our neighbor). Unfortunately, when the power comes on the lights on our bedroom ceiling fan come on at full strength. We returned home at 5 am to a fully lit up window. Sorry that you had to reset the outdoor lights each night.

  7. Beautiful stitching and flowers, I enjoy seeing some of your stitching that I never saw previously. Just love the vase with the lily of the valley, I haven't noticed any of mine coming up, my daffodils are just blooming now. Is that clematis in bloom now? It's stunning!! Have a lovely week!

  8. What a pretty little pitcher & cute display.
    Great stitching pieces too!
    Still cold nights here.

  9. Je te souhaite une belle semaine ma chère June et un doux mois de mai parmi tes fleurs

  10. Oh yeah, we have pretty dry weather too, just a few drops of rain this morning, I hope it will get better during the day.
    Gorgeous little finishes.
    Have a good week, Martina

  11. A lovely collection of beautiful stitching, happy May x x

  12. Hello June,
    wonderful finish stitching in your dresser and wonderful flowers in your garden.
    Have a nice week. Manuela

  13. Oh my God! I love, love, love your dresser and everything on it. I know I said this different times... I am becoming crazy trying to see all the things you have on it.
    Thank you for the picture and for the picture of lily of the valley.

  14. I love the month of May so very much.I started with my flowers in boxes...
    I wish you too very nice May ☺

  15. Have wonderful May,my favourite month of year.
    Have nice days ☺

  16. Dear June what a beautiful spring themed embroidery gallery you have shown! And yes, May is a splendid month, how not to love it. The flowering of your garden is always fantastic.
    A hug ciao Susanna

  17. I love your stitching finish and the pretta flowers in your garden.
    HuGs Andre

  18. Such a beautiful time of year--at least in your area, June! Our past six weeks has been so dreary and un-springlike. I honestly can't remember a spring as depressing as this one has been (weather wise). Fortunately, it looks like things will begin to improve in about a week... Seeing your beautiful stitching and flowers certainly brightens up my day--thank you! Enjoy the rest of your week ♥

  19. It is always nice to see stitched pieces again. I simply LOVE that dresser and all the pretty pieces on it. Have a wonderful week.

  20. May is a wonderful time and also wonderful are your stitching and flower photos.
    Have a great time, hugs Erna

  21. Beautiful photos here. I remember the iStitch box lid, I have mine next to me on a box which contains beads. I also recognise that Just Nan in the square frame.