Monday, 21 May 2018

Love is in the air .

Hello friends,
Hope you  all had a lovely weekend ,did you enjoy the wedding ,
I loved it . What with the wedding and my little birds in the garden it's true , love is in the air. 

Well I have  not been so good the last few days a mixture of hay fever and ear infection , I hate not feeling well and hubby knew I was not so good , if I am not picking up my sewing , but happy to say I am ok and now back to normal.

The weather was really hot  here today .
I will be watching the Chelsea flower show this week on TV all the lovely gardens and flowers a real treat .

I have a new finish to show, a summer stitch for my inside tree .
Here is a peep.

Designs by Cheryl Mckinnon 
From cross stitch crazy magazine .

I stitched over one using dmc threads on 25ct 
The backing material is the yellow one which is a lot brighter than photo.
It did not take long for a bee to come along ha.

This was how my WIP
 looked last time.

And now .

So it's time for another WIP this week I wonder what one will jump out of my box to me  this week .
The sun has been out all week , so things in the garden are changing all the time and now we have roses out.

Hope you enjoyed my garden photos just one more of my tomatoes.

                   Tomatoes are just starting to form .

Hope you all have a wonderful week , another long weekend for us this week and we are looking forward to the Ram roast show .
Thank you all for your emails and comments always love to read them all .

Friday, 11 May 2018


Hello friends ,
We had such a wonderful weekend  , so busy and when we were home we spent in the summer house relaxing ,the weather was just beautiful.
I have been watching all the birds playing and singing and feeding their little ones , I saw the humming bird moth for the first time this year , and so many butterflies in the garden.
Nature is such a wonderful gift .
So not too much stitching this week but I did stitch a little bit.

I did finish this one from last week of one of Dany's designs .

My Lilly of the Vally are now in flower.

I also worked on Vera Mouse this week.

We put another hanging basket up on the summer house.

Beautiful poppy

Still a few daffodil's around

I still can't get over we are already well into May time is going faster than ever .
Tonight  will be watching the TV  and a little stitching and knitting which I can't show just yet you will have to wait until after our garden and craft show.
Thank you all for your lovely comments from last time .
I do love to hear from you all, have a good weekend 

Saturday, 28 April 2018


Hi friends and fellow bloggers .
Thank you for your lovely comments from last week , it's always lovely to hear from you all . 
I go around your blogs any spare time I get and I must say so many wonderful designs out there and beautiful stitching .
I get the stitching bug all other and want to stitch more . 
I have a couple to show you this week that I stitched but still to put together and see how my WIP is growing or not!
So much frogging on it I almost set it aside but no it won't beat me .
Its a easy stitch just too many colour changes.
Well we have had more rain than sunshine this last week , but I have been out allot so it was not to bad.
So another couple of Dany's designs I do love the simple tones of Dany's designs first up is this lovely Lily of the Vally my ones are just coming out in the garden so if I find the time to finish this one next week you will also see my real flowers.

                             Muguet 2016  by Dany
               I used a variegated grey and dmc white.
Not sure what material it may be 28ct from my spare box.

I loved stitching this one by Dany on 25ct one thread over one .
Called Jardin Mythique by Dany.
I may stitched more like this over one I so enjoyed stitching this one.

 Here is a peep of WIP so far,  lots of frogging been going on here but I will stay with it , if I don't it will be lost in my dark cupboard for a long time . Lots of colour changes .

Look at my baby blue tit I found him while out shopping and he was tweeting buy me so I did.

Well we are having so much rain again but the garden loves it.
 The smell of the blue bells are just wonderful.
When I was a little girl I use to love to go to the blue bell woods it was just magic .

Most of these blue bells are from my Grandfathers  and my Fathers gardens , I have white , blue and pink ones some of them are the same stock that was in the garden when I was a little girl.

Yes that's me with my GD you can see where I got my love of the garden from . 
Sorry if you have seen this photo before but it is the only one I have with my GD 

Monday, 23 April 2018


Hello friends ,
What a lovely week we had, can't get over how hot it has been the last few days , it makes you feel so good that bit of sunshine.
Well here we have been busy , never much time to do all the things I would love to do, but I do try to take a few hours from the chores for myself and family .
I have been doing more in the garden this week with the weather being so good. 
So just a little sewing to show this week , and some beautiful gifts sent to me and the garden that is going mad with blooms .
Our tomatoes and veg are all growing away too.
So lets start with a bit of sewing first .
I stitched one more little girl on my SAL and here is one from my finish to do box that I am back stitching before I make it up , most of you have seen it before.
I am trying to back stitch all the squares then I will make into a little pillow.

If you look close you can see my thread so a few more to do then it can be put together.

My SAL I  need to start miss April next .

 And this last week I recived some lovely gifts I still say I am so blessed with wonderful friends.

What a wonderful Easter package every thing is just wonderful the chocolates are so good Hubby keeps asking for more .

Thank you Titty for the lovely goodies  every thing is on display right now around the house.

Beautiful little rabbit is hanging on my inside tree , I love rabbits .

Your little top is under my flowers.

And from the lovely STITCHING ANGEL 
I won a give away of some materials and she sent me loads of extras 
Thank you so much sweet friend.

It is so exciting when gifts come through the post .
I am one lucky lady .

Lovely gifts from Australia 

Thank you so much Angel 
And do you remember only a few weeks ago we were under more than a foot of snow.
Well take a look now.

Blue bells are out

Love this new double tulip.

Ok that's all from me this week , will be back with more very soon.
Enjoy the sunshine when you can .
Thank you too for your lovely comment's , I always love to read them .
I have to go and sort out what we are going to have for tea tonight  .
Have a good week every one.

Sunday, 15 April 2018


Thank you friends for last weeks comments .
I do love to read them and keep in touch with my many friends.

Well I hope you all  had some sunshine this week, we had a few days of beautiful sunshine and now we have April Showers , but I don't mind I brought a few plants this week and yesterday I planted them in the garden so the rain will water them in well.

I saw two butterflies already and my little Robin is back and keeps coming to my window looking in , so I have put a little food on my table outside. Robin is so tame I am hoping to take a photo but little robin is so shy and does not like it , so we will have to give him/her time.
Last week we opened the sun house up  for the summer and DH put down some new carpet down we had over and it looks really cosy , now we are waiting for the warmer weather to arrive ( should be this week ) !

We have been very busy again this week , but had a day out , once a week we always go out for lunch and we do what ever we want to do. We call it our date day so every week we get our calendar down and book our week out .

Like our friend Carol I too packed all my Easter ornaments away but kept a few little rabbits out which I love.

I am stitching away where I can but I am trying to do a finish a week to empty my basket . 

                              So this week here is my finish .

Designer is 123 Citrouille ' stitched on a cream 28ct dmc threads.

 Our friends gave us two bunches of one of my favourite flowers this week, here they are just starting to open.

So pretty.
My daughter came to visit last week and she brought me a little gift for the garden look how sweet this is.
A lady gnome.

Well it's that time again if you want to join me in the garden , remember the snow just a few short weeks ago,
Well this is for all my friends who still have cold weather , and in a few weeks you will have some Spring .

Pretty leaves coming out.


Spring flowers , not sure of their names I plant them for their beauty. 


Have a beautiful week my friends.