Sunday, 16 June 2019


What a week of rainy weather it's been raining on and off most of this week.
Hoping it will be different this week and we have some sunshine .

Thank you to all my friends who sent me cards , email cards and gifts  for my Birthday  .
You do spoil me but it's so nice to receive so much love  I am so blessed , thank you.

Last night Hubby took me out to a concert , to see Torbay Symphony Orchestra , normally I never go to hear classical music but oh my I have changed my mind and yes it was mind blowing I loved it .

Well I have been busy again trying to tidy all my Craft , Knitting and Sewing items , well I start ok , then it happens I find something I fancy working on then a few moments later something else , then I start looking for the materials to make it ! and my mess gets worse ! so good intentions go away. 
I now have a feeling I will never get sorted this has happened about 6 times now .
But it's so good to find things I had forgotten about  and to find them again ha.

I won a lovely gift from the lovely Lynn , I entered my pillow I stitched from her free chart and this was my prise  .
A really beautiful pillow a pretty tin and some lovely charms , You will find Lynn's site on my blog list called Happiness is Cross Stitch .

This was the one I entered below 

I also won a lovely chart from a sweet friend Vickie from the USA .

Thank you Vickie 

I also had lots of beautiful gifts here are just a few .

From a lovely friend Nancy  from the USA ,Thank you.

From our sweet friend Julie who has the kindest heart .

Beautiful stitched card from our friend Martina  all the way from Germany .

And all the way from the USA .   

 From the wonderful Carol who was the friend who helped me to  start  blogging .

From my lovely friend Titty from Italy .
Such pretty goodies .

Also from my sweet Titty 

Beautiful flowers  from my sweet friend Shirl .

Thank you 

I will show you more next time .

This week I did treat myself to some plants for the garden .
 I went a bit crazy and brought 10 new perfumed pinks and carnations.
Here are just a few .

The rose below has a beautiful smell  .

Well my friends I could show you more and more but my blog is getting far to long .
Thank you all again for your lovely comments .
And thank you for the many Birthday wishes .
Enjoy your new week . 

Saturday, 8 June 2019


Hello friends .
Well June is bursting out all over the garden has gone mad and  there are roses everywhere .
Today it's been sunshine and showers but we could get outside .
I have had more time this week to spend with my friends and also time with my crafts .

The little stitch below is a joy to stitch it's by La Comtesse & Le Point De Croix , I used a 28ct grey 
evenweave .
and DMC threads . The material you see is the one I used for the backing.


The photos are not so bright with our weather today 

This is a short post today so will leave you to join me in the garden .
Thank you for the lovely comments and enjoy your weekend and have fun.

                                    Vickie I know you will like this one I also love the one below so delicate

                                                          We have vegs already

Tropical flowers are growing ok .

Saturday, 1 June 2019


Ok did someone move my calendar forward it can't be June already no way.
Well I just had a look and yes it is .
So that means it's my birthday month again and I will be another year older ! I really want to slow the time down but it seems each year that the time goes faster , do you think the same ?

Today we are so lucky the weather is just beautiful and we have been working in the garden most of the day . I know there is an air show in Torbay we can hear the aircraft from here , I bet allot of my family will be out watching it. It seems only a few years ago one of my GSs would sit with me on my garden bench and we would watch the Red Arrows flying down to Dartmouth they would always fly over our house . Now he is almost 7ft very tall and well in his twenties

Thank you to all my friends who left me such lovely comments from last weeks post.

This week we have been out and about so I still have not done the amount of crafts I wanted to do .
I also need to take some time to start sorting out all my crafts I have bits all over the place .
I really do need to get some kind of order  and be a little more tidy.
In a couple of weeks it's my clubs birthday too so I need to start getting the prises ready .

So I am still working on the same design as last week Spring Delivery .
A few more stitches on this one.

And another new one thrown into the mix I will stitch a little more before I tell you more.

 I will have a finish to show next week I hope , but don't hold your breath .

 I have put more rows into the Easter throw .

 Enjoy your weekend .

A few more flowers out .

Hubby brought me the new pink Clematis .

Well my friends I am just going to make a cup of tea for hubby myself and watch the birds from our conservatory before I start my stitching enjoy your weekend . Take some time for yourselves to do what you want to do this weekend.   See you soon.


Saturday, 25 May 2019

Hoilday Weekend .

Hi friends ,
It's a long weekend for us in the UK so we have allot going on .
But first I must tell you we were away in London part of this week  , hubby and myself had a invite to the Queens Garden party . It was wonderful and a great experience so another tick off our bucket list .
We stayed there a few days and went first class on the train and it was a wonderful way to travel then we used taxi's in London .

So time has been very short for my hobbies .

The weather has been warm and sunny and the garden is growing like crazy the roses are coming out now .
I have been outside most of today cutting off dead flowers and hubby mowed the lawns so we are almost back to normal.
We are into  the last week of May can you believe this ? I am sure someone is turning my clock forward every day , never enough hours  .
So a little more of my stitching I showed you last week .
                                                Spring Delivery by Madame Chantilly

                                    I did a little more work on my Easter Crochet Blanket .

 At the  Queen's Garden party .

I am pulling a funny face here ha.

It was a great day I have lots of photos but there were so many people there we had to be careful what we can put on line .

Can you see the Queen .

So just a few I can share .

                            My peonies are out this one was on the floor when I got back.
My roses 


Thank you for your lovely comments .
Hope to have more to show next week.
Have a lovely weekend .