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Monday, 16 May 2022

Party time .

 Well it will be soon , with the Queen's Jubilee in June .

 So I thought I would finish the last few stitchies of Dame Gateaux by Tralala Collection  .

       So here is the sweet stitch that I enjoyed stitching so much. 

                 Placed on a metal tray  but if I use magnets I could stand it up on my dresser .


                                         This is just to show the backing fabric.


Stitched with  a green 28 ct out of my bag of cross stitched  bits .


                      To the garden  now , we had rain today but now the sun is back out .


 A  new bug house and we will be looking for a butterfly house next .

Trying to get more insects  in and already this year there are more butterflies .

Already my Tomatoes are growing , I  started these from seed , and they are growing outside .

                                                       Lovely yellow Iris .

Now the summer is almost here , I don't have so many hours to stitch .

So at the end of my post I will show some past stitching , last time I had many comments saying they loved to see my past stitching , some I keep and lots go for gifts  and to the family . So I will tag on the end of my post each week  , and hope you enjoy .

                                   This one I stitched for myself I wonder why .

                                                        Thread keeper  was a gift.

                                This one was stitched for a friend who loves Art deco .

I do stitch all kinds of styles  of cross stitch what ever takes my fancy  at the time .
I love large med and small designs I won't tell you how many I have started .
But it is alot . 
When I see a new one I want I am off again.
But hey it's my hobby it keeps me happy and I go off into another world  when stitching.

I find it so relaxing , if you have never stitched before try it .
Try small  at first and go from there , but a warning  you never want to stop.

                   Ok my friends have a lovely week , enjoy the weather and stitching .

Monday, 9 May 2022

Roses in May .

 Yes Roses in May .

We must be a month in front  this year the seasons seem to be changing here  ,we have been lucky this winter with just two storms and  the weather  being really mild  , and now we are already sitting out in the sunshine .

We are  just putting out our bedding plants  and trying to put lots of red white and blue  flowers out for  for the Queens Jubilee .

We have had a busy week again so not much time for my stitching but I do have a finish to show you .

I have loads of unfinished stitching and I think it's time to start a few finishes .

This one  as been waiting to have a finish .

                       Milk paint Sampler by Mary Garry,s Sewing Cabin 

The back .


                     When out  shopping I fell in love with this jug .



                        Here is a close up of it , I love little girl any thing .

                                                        Must be the child in me .

    So lucky to have sweet friends and my friend Titty  from ITALY sent me some lovely gifts 

                                                     Thank you so much my friend.


                   I love the egg  so beautiful and so are all the gifts thank you.


                               Hubby and I won all these gifts at a fair last Monday .


                         So the GGC will be happy when they come . We do seem to be lucky.

We have had a lovely week again and the roses are coming open all over the garden.

So will leave you with some photos  of the roses that are out at the moment .

Have a fun week all and enjoy your week.


Sunday, 1 May 2022


Well here we go it's May . I love  this time of the year .

We have a Holiday Monday tomorrow and we will be busy , so thought I would put a few past photos on rather than no post .

The weather here is still beautiful , but we did have a few showers last night and today.

I have been planting in the garden lots of new plants I have grown from seed .

Looking in the garden yesterday I have bluebells out and roses ! so spring and summer flowers together this year even daffodils and tulips  very strange year.  

Our power went off last night for a moment , 2nd night in a row the only thing is it sets all my outside lights off  . 

If any of you are having a May holiday I wish you fun .

I will be back next week with a new finish .

So will leave you with some  mix of May photos from the past.

I know some of you have seen these before but some of you have not.

                                                          Dresser in my  craft room 

                      The box below  I stitched on 40cnt   one thread .

                                      And a assortment of stitching goodies ,
                                some were gifts and some were stitched for myself . 

Well can't leave you with out a few flowers .

                                                  Enjoy your week . I will see you soon.

Monday, 25 April 2022

The year is moving on !

 Hello friends we are into another week ,

We are almost into May ! time again is going so fast  , or maybe I am getting slower .

I seem to be always rushing  about , Monday is here then a blink of the eye and it's Friday .

And this is my favorite time of the year.

So I am going to try and make more time and sit and smell the roses .

I need to make a do it list again , I started one at the start of the year and it worked so well but then things happen and with the Easter holidays to .

So today I will go back to my do it list , and get back my free time in the afternoons.

We are having some beautiful weather this year , we have not  really had a bad winter just a few storms and since then most days are sunny with colder nights ,

That's why we have Spring and Summer flowers out together , I now have my first roses out and yet I still have bluebells out .

Today I have a finish and more on my new WIP.

I will start to rotate my UFOs again starting next week  and hoping to finish a couple they have been in the box far to long .

So here is my New Finish .

                                                    Hope by Cherry Hill Stitchery .



                                         I stitch it on 28cnt  not sure of the colour ,

Only I have two big bags of material that were given to me and I am trying to use them all up.

                             We know there are many people right now that need HOPE 

                                                      And the backing material .


                                 And this was my WIP before .

                                                            And now .


 Well we are already eating our lettuce  every day that we are growing and it just melts in your mouth .


 I love this kind because you can just take off what you want and it carries on growing .

                            Our first rose of the year and it was the last rose of last year.

                         All of our roses have buds on them so you will see more soon .

The garden is showering us with flowers every where so will leave you with a walk  around.

And a big Thank you to all who leave me with lovely comments , I have made so many friends on the blog I feel I know you all now .


Have a Happy Week .

Monday, 18 April 2022


Just popping in to say a few Thank you's .

Hope you have all enjoyed your Easter , we had a lovely one , it was so good to have some of our loved ones around  this year.

So we have been busy bees .

I came down with a cold,  I tested and I was negative so that was good .

Just a short post today to say thank you to all the lovely Easter cards and gifts. 

I have already showed a few , and here are the ones I have had sent me this week .


This pretty little rabbit was from Manuela how sweet she is .
I love her thank you .


My dear friend Ann sent me this lovely tin .
And this is what was inside .

                                Lovely Short bread biscuits  and I  love the card with the blue tits .

                             Thank you Ann I think there are just two left  Hubby found them ha.

                                      And from dear Mary just look at all these goodies .

                         Oh Mary thank you so much I love every thing all so beautiful.


Love the hand made card Mary 

Lovely sewing treats 

                                    Hand made book mark is wonderful.

I love your stitched ornament you stitched for me , thank you for your kindness .


And from my sweet daughter more flowers for Easter ,  my GS and girlfriend brought cakes too but 

was all eaten before I could take a photo . 

So once again I  thank you all  for your friendships  , it's always a nice place to meet up  with you all .

With our many hobbies , you all amaze me with your stitching skills .

Enjoy your week  .