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Monday 27 November 2023

First frost .

 Well we had our first frost the other day and it was so cold . Some people love the cold I hate it .

Give me warm weather any day . It's a strange time of the year I feel unsettled because there is so much to do , but you can't really  do to much  I have wrapped and wrote out lots of early post . Now I want to get the house ready , but I have to wait for hubby to get the boxes down , hopping the end of this week .

We went out for our first Christmas meal and it was so yummy I eat far to much , I am not a big eater . But I eat every thing and a desert , but no starter .

I have been stitching away but no finishing I will save that  for when I am not so busy , I have also sent out lots of cards .

                             This one I am happy to say is now with Jutta .

                                          And the one below with Erna .
                                       There are more on there way .

I have been stitching on my fire place , but the stitches are so small it takes for ever and alot of colour changes .

                                                      Last time .


This time  

                                                    The Interior by  LUCA-S   

I must say my hubby is simply the best , look what he walked in with . He knows I miss the garden at this time of the year , he said this will put a smile on your face 

                                           Enjoy your week.

Wednesday 22 November 2023

Late this week.

 Hi friends , 

Well  I am late this week blogging , it's been a busy week again .

But I am getting lots of things done at home , I have wrote alot of Christmas cards out and brought and wrapped lots of gifts , so I am almost done , then the start of December  (which  won't be long ) I can start cleaning and decorating then sit back and relax .

I made myself start early this year instead of putting it off and rushing around , like most years .

We have our first Christmas time dinner coming up this Saturday , looking forward to this , and seeing friends.

I stitched this little man this week . 

                                          Let it Snow by Lizze Kate .

                               I  think this backing will go just right , with the stitching .

                     I have has my first Christmas card from the lovely Gabi below , I love him .


           What a beauty and a lovely chart too,  lots of Christmas stitching for me to do for next year .

                                   Thank you so much my lovely friend .

 We had a milder week apart from rain , so I did take a few more pictures of what was flowering this week.


Not sure how many more flowers will pop out , we have colder weather to come .

Well my friends I will try and be back early next week , enjoy the rest of this week , and the run up to December .

Monday 13 November 2023

Time is moving on.

 Here we go again , where did that week go , is it just me that thinks time is going far to fast.

I went out with hubby today and had a lovely dinner , and brought some new bulbs for the garden if you wait till now they start selling them at a cheaper price .

 I have now stitched all my cards just need to put them together and post them , I also wrapped and sent the first gifts off around the world and another bag to do.

I did manage to stitch a ornament this week to, but it needs to be put together now .


                                                  Snowflakes by Bent Creek 

 I used again material oddment from my big sack of oddments my friend passed me some years ago I am thinking it looks like a 32cnt , a simple design and I enjoyed stitching this one.

 Look at my lovely plant my friend gave me  Christmas cactus.

Bulbs we brought today , in the sale , now is the best time to buy if you want to pay cheaper

                                In my bunch of flowers I thought it was a rose but no ! 

It is a cabbage .


It changed from pink to green .
How amazing 

Enjoy a lovely week all.

Monday 6 November 2023


 Well here we are again and now it's already November . So I know Christmas is around the corner ,

I am so happy I started planning Christmas last month and I am now in front for the first time in years ,

Cards are almost wrote out ,gifts are wrapped just a couple left to buy .

When you are busy all the time you do have to get organised .

Well last night was a fun night , hubby had to pick the best guy at the firework display . 

I have never seen so many people out at one time in our town , it was fun.

Also Saturday our town's history was put on to a board  that was unveiled to show the history of our town We had a Roman settlement just a few roads away from us .There is such alot of history in our town .

Well the storm just missed us but we still had winds and so much rain . But the sun is back out today , which is nice . I maybe able to tidy up outside .

Not to much stitching to show, I have been stitching cards which I can't show you yet , but I have been working on a Christmas design I started last year and will be stitching on it untill after Christmas.

With are few smalls. This is so much like the colours in my lounge I just had to stitch it .

Maybe I will keep it out all year to put a few stitches in , Just have to see if I get more time for myself .

                                        The  Interior by LUCA-S .

                        The Winner of last weeks chart was Kay can you please send me your address .

                  I brought these mags last time I went shopping they have some nice Christmas Stitching ,

                   in there for next year.  

                               Below the beautiful Autumn Lily just bloomed 

                                    Also a surprise rose came out . We have only had one frost so far .

                       Have a lovely week all .

Monday 30 October 2023

Lots of rain.

Well we have had so much rain this week , it's a wonder I have not got two web feet like a duck.

Today  we have had more sunshine BUT it won't last we have a bad storm coming in this week  with 

100 mph  winds so there will be damage and flooding to look forward to. 

Looks like we are all getting strange weather this year .

We were talking to a man who said they use to have the sea come right in for miles , he was right because some stone's we brought from a local pit had shells inside and that man there said that's how far the sea use to come in many years ago , so I wonder did it happen before . I know from reading books that we were joined to Europe once and we were tropical .

So yes it maybe it all happened before .

So it's time to show my stick 6 in 2023  with Martina and Manuela.

Well I wanted to stitch this card for a lady who loves Bears , I just could not wait to fluff his scarf up.

                                 Bothy Threads - Xmas Bear 

             I had to work with some wool and then you brush it .

                                                                        Nice and fluffy .

          Last night we went to an awards event  , and I was given a nice bunch of flowers .

                                                        How nice was that .

              Well tomorrow it's trick or treat night , so I have some sweets ready for the children .

             That's if they come out in the rain !


So that's really my week , but I have started writing out Christmas cards and wrapping up gifts so this is early for me , but the next few weeks will be a very busy time now right up to Christmas day .

So I did promise myself this year to start early , so I can sit back and enjoy every thing .

                                                                    GIVE AWAY 

 If any one would like to stitch the Xmas Bear you can have the chart and what threads are left  . If there are more than one of you I will draw out the names from a hat . 

Have a lovely week all .



Monday 23 October 2023

This month is moving to fast .

 I have never know the time go so fast , or is it me being so busy . I need to slow down a bit .

In November I start writing cards out and wrap Christmas gifts that need to be posted , HELP .

I better start sorting myself out and get things in order . First thing write a list , I have already brought cards and a couple of gifts , so now I will have to get going . 

I like to have most things done by December so I can then sit back and enjoy it all.

So I have made a finish on something I stitched a while ago .


                                                      The snow is coming down by Trilogy 

                                          Again using oddments out of my big bagful of materials given to me some

                                                                    time ago . I backed it with this nice gold material .

My GD asked if I could do a nice blanket for baby Peach , and I had this one all ready done so I just added some lemon around the edges , and finished off all the side bits  .


                                                       And its ready .

                    There are a few flowers in the garden blooming standing up to the cold wet weather .

That's it for today , I will try and get more finishing done this week,
Have fun and don't get stressed like I did when I looked at the weeks left to Christmas ,



Monday 16 October 2023

First Frost .

 Well we had our first frost of the year the other day and it's gone so cold, I just gave in and put the heating on .

So now it's time to pull out the fluffy socks and warm fluffy PJs also warm tights .

I don't do cold I only like warm . So now I am only going out into the garden on sunny days , most of it is tidy for now . 

I also need to get going on knitting  a few baby coats hats  mittens  also a blanket . So yes I need to 

get started . I did finish the fingerless gloves  all finished .

I have also stitched a few Christmas cards up to but  I can't show you yet.

                        Good job I have these ready now .

                                  OCTOBER is a funny month can be warm and cold .

It seems only  just a few weeks now sitting in the sunshine on holiday , then we go to lunch and what do we see,

      Yes Christmas every where that made me worry .

               But hubby loved it and pushed all the buttons so we could dance ha.

                                        But here's a warning it's just around the corner .

See you next week with some stitching , have fun