Saturday, 20 October 2018


Hello again friends ,
This is really a few  busy months for me , I am trying with hubby to close down the garden with cutting back plants and planting bulbs . I have a Christmas party to set up at club for next month yes that's right a Christmas party , cards and gifts to get ready . Shopping for family more gifts and lots of family Birthdays coming up .
So I really need lots of me time.
The clocks go back next week so that should help , I say every year I will start early for Christmas but never do.
Anyway this is going to be a little post for me this week , it's been a fun week and a busy one .
So first up a little Christmas stitch to show you and I will show all my finishes nearer to Christmas .
So here is this one I just finished .

Let it Snow by Sugar Stitches 
                                                          Using blue 28ct fabric from my box of bits .
                                                    My SAL is starting to grow.
                                                         Noel  2018 village by Maryse


                                                           close up.

Most the flowers are gone now but here are a few I brought into the house .

Thank you all who left me those wonderful comments my friends .
Enjoy your week and have fun , see you soon.

Saturday, 13 October 2018


Hello to everyone hope you are enjoying your Autumn , here it is so windy but it is so warm too .
It feels strange ! most times when we get gales it's cold .
I don't mind the warmth but I do not like the winds it causes  far too much damage .

We had to get up early this morning for our flu shots so that's done for the year now.
We were tired because we had a late night at a murder night meal event it was such fun and great to be out with many of our friends .

Thank you so much for the many emails and comments from the last post , I do love to hear from you all.

I have been working on my SAL this week and also stitched a Christmas stitch ,  a little more knitting and a little more reading of my book I started on my holiday .

All my washing is now done but still have a little more ironing to catch up on.
So I have packed away most of my summer cloths and need to get more Autumn and Winter things put in my wardrobe and find my boots , because the cold weather will be here very soon .
The trees are looking wonderful at the moment but I really hate the cold weather I am a Spring and Summer girl.

I will show you the Christmas stitch  and again when I put it together .

                                                PEACE by LHN

 My SAL last time 

And now

 My Knitting a simple cardigan 

 My Holiday book it is a lovely light read , I didn't get much time on holiday 
for reading so I need to finish it .

A few last photos from the garden we have already cut things back .
My hubby painted these glass butterflies they were a gift from my daughter we have a few of them in and around the garden.

Wishing you all a happy week until next time.

Saturday, 6 October 2018


Hello friends,
We are back after a nice relaxing holiday , now we are back to a busy week catching up with family and friends.
Washing done and ironing almost done , I need another rest ha.

I have been cutting down in the garden and putting in more bulbs .

The weather has been nice this week , but I still felt cold and still adjusting .

We made some lovely friends from all over the world .

We met up with my daughter yesterday in town and there are Christmas trees in the shop windows already , oh my , better get my skates on and start some Christmas ornaments.

I will start with my new Christmas SAL I just started with Maryse .

I always love Maryse's SALs ,and look forward to showing you this one each week .


                                                           I did finish my Autumn stitch  .

                                                                   PUMPKIN COTTAGE 


                        This was a very enjoyable stitch and I loved every stitch of it .
                              By Gail Bussi from CSC November 2007 Mag .
                            using DMC threads and 28 ct evenweave.

I brought this Frame from a second hand shop , it was just right .

Now I need to look at some charts for Christmas but before I leave you,
                                         Here are just a few Holiday photos.

 This is where we had coffee and hubby read is morning paper before we went down by the pool.

Just Relaxing .

A day shopping

                                                           View from our room .
                                                      Below a walk around town

                                                       Flowers I was in heaven .

Well it's good to be back and there is allot going on here , but today I am having off and doing my own things like stitching It feels so good , I took a small design with me but never even opened it so weeks with out my stitching feels good to start again .
Thank you sweet friends for your lovely comments from last time I have been playing catch up to try and read all your blogs . Have a wonderful weekend all.

Sunday, 2 September 2018

September Time .

Hello every one,
Here we are again and September is already upon us.
My mind can't keep up with  how fast this year has flew by .
But every season has it's own beauty .
We have had some cool weather but the heat has come back this weekend that's so good for me I just don't like cold weather .

I was so lucky this week to win a gift from Heather she is so sweet and has a lovely family and is a great needle worker .

This won't be a very long post today I am busy cutting beans up for the freezer , then I have a couple of jobs to do for Ron , and we have the builders coming in this week . So don't worry if I am not about much this month.
I will post but not so often ,we are also back in the garden closing things down for the year and replacing bulbs and Spring flowers so a busy month ahead .
Ok I did stitch this little design by our friend Dany this week , and I will make time to start finishing my stitching from this year now the Autumn is here.

 A beautiful summer stitch by Dany running through the corn fields 


I used DMC threads and a mustard colour 28cnt evenweave .

                       Pumpkin C
Looks like I will have it ready by the time I finish it .

 And a lovely gift from the lovely Heather .

Thank you Heather I love every thing and they have been used this week .

A beautiful rose .
To not so beautiful .

Thank you all again for the lovely comments . Have a happy week .

Saturday, 25 August 2018

Loving the last days of Summer .

Hi everyone , how are we all today?

This morning felt like winter had arrived , it was so cool, but once the sun came out and showed it's face it became a lovely day .

Hubby is busy painting outside and I have done loads of jobs and also enjoyed the late sunshine with a bit of gardening .
They are saying rain tomorrow so we made the most of the late summer sunshine.

I am starting to get itchy fingers and wanting to start something new soon.
But I have been very good and still stitching on what's already started , I am trying to get some of my Wip's and UFOs down but I may just start a Christmas one for myself soon .

I have a box full of small ones I have been working on too. I get bored very quick and always looking to start something new . So watch this space in the next few months.

Well today here is the little rose house I framed last week.



Almost there you would think , but  no I still think another
two weeks work to be done.

This rose below is one I cut and brought inside ,
Just look at how it opened .

It looks so unreal.

It's the same Rose ! 

Below the garden will only be in bloom a few more weeks ,
This year has gone by so fast .
But saying that each season has it's own beauty .

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and thankyou to all who left comments on my last post.

Saturday, 18 August 2018

Still loving my stitching.

Hello again friend's
Thank you for all the wonderful comments , and it is good to see more stitcher's popping in now that Summer is coming to an end , still we have a few more weeks to go yet .
What a year it has been with the amount of hot weather we had.
I am still busy in the garden every day, and I am still keeping up with my stitching I don't feel I have relaxed if I don't get my stitching in.

It's been a nice week here and very enjoyable week we have been out and about allot , it seems we always bump into people we know , so when we do go out it takes us ages Hubby is a talker !

So lets get started with showing you my stitching  first up is this one that I have had in my stash for ages and at last I have stitched it,

I have a nice white frame for this one so hoping to have it ready next week .
                      ROSE by CCN Material 28 cnt Natural a mix of threads Crescent Colours and DMC .

                            Next my Autumn Stitch    Pumpki
I think I will have it ready by the time I spell out the two words ,It was a good way of me keeping up with this stitch , I like to stitch many designs at the same time but I am being very good this time.

My sweet friend Reba sent me some gifts too .

Thank you Reba love them all .

This week my Hubby picked up his cups for his veg and flowers from the show the other week.


 The garden is coming to a close but when we had rain the flowers started to bloom again.
But first here is a photo of some of our tomatoes .

Have a lovely weekend all , I am going to stitch now , all my jobs are done for today .
And the football is back so that's another hobby we both share ,watching not playing let me say.