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Monday, 6 February 2023

Spring is just around the corner .

 Hello all ,

Yes signs of Spring  around the corner , we need it so bad with so much negative news around  the world .

I always try to be very positive , come what may but it's hard these days .

But seeing a few daffodils around our town , and hubby bringing my first bunch of daffodils home for me It brought lots of Spring thoughts in.

I also finished off my daffodil stitching in a nice light oak frame I found in a thrift shop for a few pence .

I never buy new frames now , I pick lots  up from  the thrift shops . Just hoping they will fit some of my work and I  love it when they do. 

Another puzzle has been finished , I think I am getting quicker in my old age ha.

Bedroom is  painting all finished just waiting for new carpet to be fitted.

So I am hoping my post will bring you some Spring in to your homes.

Spring Bouquet by Magic Needle . I changed the material to 28cnt to Duck egg blue .


                          I stitched this card for the lovely Erna who just had a February Birthday .

                                     Happy Birthday Wishes to you. 

                                                                My puzzle now finished .

                    So now  I leave you , have a nice week and Happy Stitching To all.

Monday, 30 January 2023

Wow the Sun Is out today.

 Well that's a nice change to have some sunshine  today, makes you feel so good at this time of the year.

This week was another busy one , we did get out to lunch and I did bump into my old boss from when I worked at our local wool shop , It was great to see her and her daughter , so I am going to visit her soon and really catch up , she only lives a couple of roads away .

I have a few signs of Spring in the garden , and hubby brought me a gift of Daffodils , they are still in bud at the moment , but will soon be out in flower.

The bedroom is all painted now , so it's the waiting time now for the carpet , curtains and furniture all to arrive !

I have started the other puzzle it's growing but I don't have  much time to work on it , but when the dinner is cooking I zoom in on it and pop a few more bits in place .

This week I have also been working on one of my UFOs  I love this one and may make a garden pillow with it .

I have also spend a couple of hours sweeping up outside and three buckets of leaves went into the garden bin , 

So lets get a few photos up for you to see .

I have been stitching On this UFO this last week .

Au coeur du Jardin by Passion  Bonheur .

I just love her charts .


                                             So what's next's weeks one  ?

                                                    Next my puzzle so far .

                                       It's growing slowly but I am enjoying it .

                             And below is real signs that Spring is not to far away.



This lovely fellow came towards us when we were walking down to the the store .

                                   Wishing you all a wonderful week .

Monday, 23 January 2023

Another cold week.

 Hi all, 

Hope you are keeping warm , this last week has been really cold again . Heating is going on and off lots of times in the day , but if the sun comes out we sit in the sun lounge  and it gets lovely and warm  in there .

Well this week the TV has died , so we have to go and buy another one . We do have a smaller one set up now , untill we buy one  you would think I could get alot of stitching in but no I like to sit with the TV on when sewing . So the other night I did get out a Jigsaw Puzzle and I loved it I did it in about 2 hours  such a pretty garden one.  

I sorted and cleaned 7 kitchen draws and cupboards out  the last week , but I never counted before how many there  really are. 

Yesterday I did and there are 22 ! all together , some are only small but some are big . I have cleared out anything I will never use  so will have another go this week .

This week we had a little snow but some really frosty days.

The bulbs are coming up and I have seen some daffodils out in some gardens already , my ones are coming up and I might have a bud but with this cold week every thing will slow down .

I have joined in with Manuela and Martina in their Stick 2003 .

I am only stitching smalls so this is all ready to show you.

The chart is a card chart from  Permin no 5875/22

                        And below my two  New Year stitches so far this year.

I don't have allot of blue in my house apart from duck egg blue.
But I do love the colour but I love pink a little more .


                                                  It's cold every morning .


                       All done in two hours  , but the next one  is bigger .
                    Shows you what you can do when the TV breaks .

                               The next one , wish me luck.

Monday, 16 January 2023

Rain and more rain.

Hello everyone , 

Hope you are enjoying your stitching and crafts now Christmas is packed away .

I wanted to do lots and lots of stitching but with the rain everyday  it's so hard to see  my work .

So I am only stitching at night with my light , roll on Spring.

But I am now Spring cleaning , I am starting in my kitchen cleaning out each draw and cupboard so far two have been cleaned it feels so good It may take most of January to do them all . Hubby did clean the cooker for me which was good , and the bedroom is all painted , we ordered the carpet but we have to wait 6 weeks ! so we have to hold up every thing else for the moment , maybe the weather will be better then . There is always a positive I hope ha.

Well  it is time to show one of my UFO that I have been working on , also I have been stitching Easter cards and Birthday cards will show them in the future , and I just finished stitching small Stick 2003  with

Manuela and Martina  and others , so need to put it together  soon.

So here is my first UFO , I must have 10 boxes full so I need to get working on them big time . So every two weeks I will show you the one I have been stitching on.

 Winter Chalet by Lesley Teare , it was in a magazine , but if you go to her blog you will see the chart.


                  I just loved the colours in this design.

We went out for lunch today at Jacks patch  , now this little fellow just sat looking at us .

I didn't think he was real , untill he flew off ,  every time I go anywhere there is always a robin there even in the garden . I love these little fellows .

Another parcel arrived , from my French friend Natalie , thank you so much , what a lovely gift .


                                   Can't wait to start these designs some lovely Christmas ones . 
                                      And what a beautiful card , I will put him up again next year .
Also a beautiful Calendar of butterflies , here is the January one.


FLOWERS are trying to come out , but it's bitter cold .

                             Hope it makes you feel good and that Spring is not far away .

                                                             Enjoy your week all 

Monday, 9 January 2023

Happy January

 Hoping you are all ready for a  Happy New Year , 

I am hoping this year slows down and that the year just moves a little slower than last year .

The weather is very mild again after a cold few weeks before Christmas which killed off a few of my plants , my new tropical plant died, it was getting a bit to large must have been 6ft tall and wide . So we cut it down and we cut it into bits to fit into the was so sad but I knew it would have to be moved and given away. Now I can start again and make a new wall garden . So watch this space .

Ok stitching I have started back on my UFOs so will show one each month or twice a month if I have, time  I will be working on cards for Birthdays and Easter and Spring .  I have seen a few new charts I want to buy, but I told myself no, only when I have stitched two from my pile ! that might not happen ha.

I am now looking forward to Spring even though it's still Winter , I love watching the birds that are coming in at the moment I have a Robin who sings so beautiful at the top of the garden so I give him a few treats, and he seems to know when I come out , hubby said they have good eye sight . I asked him how he knows that, he said I read it in a book years ago! ha .

Well back to stitching again here is one I started last year but wanted to finish it for the Spring.

I showed you this one last year but I have only just found time to finish it .

  From January 2023 Calendar by Kirsten Schmidt .

                               Sorry the lighting is bad at the moment , so I took three shots .

 It took for ever to dress the dresser again after Christmas but here it is again.



                       Lots of things back in place , before Easter treats come out to play .

                       Some lovely goodies from my sweet friend Titty came  last week .

           Our postmen have been on strike all over Christmas and New Year so lots of late gifts .

               Which is making Christmas last longer , I don't mind at all . It could be Christmas every day                                                                            for me Ha.


Thank you so much Titty love every thing , and the tag you made is wonderful.

Well that's all for today , I am stitching on lots of  new things which I will show in a few weeks time .

                                                         Have fun and keep warm .

Saturday, 31 December 2022


 Happy New Year to all my blogger friends and anyone who comes in to see my blog  .

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas , and making new wishes for the New Year .

I have loads and loads of things I want to stitch. this year just hoping I can try and get more time  to do every thing .

We had two lovely Christmas days , then hubby got bored and said we need to decorate the bedroom and get the carpet down before the new wardrobes and bed arrive early March ! Oh no I thought  not untill after the New Year .  But no I spent the last few days moving furniture about . Then you start looking inside and find things lots of things that needed sorting . So many hand bags , shoes etc .

Then you can't find homes for them all. I even had cross stitch in there I had forgot about . So yes it was hard work sorting but also exciting . So hubby has been busy painting the walls and ceilings .Then after the New year we will get the new carpet .

Then they can come and fit it ready , and we will buy new curtains and new bedding to match .

So looks like I won't get the time and peace I wanted . This week will be busy putting the Christmas things away to.

So I need to get in my craft room and see what I am going to stitch , I am joining in with Manuela and Martina in a stitch along. but only stitching smalls , then I need to get some Easter and Birthday cards stitched work on a UFO every month and finish off the stitching I am already working on . I may add one or two new ones to the bag .

It's been a really dark day today with none stop rain .

So lets get some photos to show you , I have had so many gifts and cards this year to many to show .

So here are  a few more ,

From Ann a dear stitching friend of mine .

Thank you my sweet friend .

A lovely Christmas tree cross stitched by Erna .
And from Mary a hand made beautiful card .
Thank you both they arrived today .
Our post men are still on strike .
So all our post is so slow at the moment .

From wee Mouse some lovely gifts , thank you my friend love them all .

So a Happy New Year to all .
Will  you be staying up we always do , I may even have a brandy and lemonade later .
Have Fun everyone.

Friday, 23 December 2022

Happy Christmas.

To all my friends around the world and in the UK  , wishing you all  a very Happy Christmas .

Hope you are all ready and if not almost ready . I am almost  ready even thou I started early this year .

There is always last moment things to do , or something we forgot .

I lost my address book last year and it's been a real pain trying to recover my addresses .

I just wrapped the  last of  gifts for my family so I am almost there now .

Enjoy the wonderful time , think of others who are on there own , maybe drop a card in , it means allot to others .   

     CHRISTMAS BLESSINGS TO ALL , and lets hope there will be peace in the New Year.


From the lovely Jutta , great hand made goodies Thank you so much 

From another lovely friend Vickie  .
Thank you my dear friend .

From another lovely friend Nancy 

                                                       A lovely stitched card .


And this is where most of my stitch cards sit 

And below my dear friend Pauline made me some lovely home made cards .

                            Another gift from my dear friend Marion .

Well my friends stay well and I will see you in the New Year    .