Sunday, 15 April 2018


Thank you friends for last weeks comments .
I do love to read them and keep in touch with my many friends.

Well I hope you all  had some sunshine this week, we had a few days of beautiful sunshine and now we have April Showers , but I don't mind I brought a few plants this week and yesterday I planted them in the garden so the rain will water them in well.

I saw two butterflies already and my little Robin is back and keeps coming to my window looking in , so I have put a little food on my table outside. Robin is so tame I am hoping to take a photo but little robin is so shy and does not like it , so we will have to give him/her time.
Last week we opened the sun house up  for the summer and DH put down some new carpet down we had over and it looks really cosy , now we are waiting for the warmer weather to arrive ( should be this week ) !

We have been very busy again this week , but had a day out , once a week we always go out for lunch and we do what ever we want to do. We call it our date day so every week we get our calendar down and book our week out .

Like our friend Carol I too packed all my Easter ornaments away but kept a few little rabbits out which I love.

I am stitching away where I can but I am trying to do a finish a week to empty my basket . 

                              So this week here is my finish .

Designer is 123 Citrouille ' stitched on a cream 28ct dmc threads.

 Our friends gave us two bunches of one of my favourite flowers this week, here they are just starting to open.

So pretty.
My daughter came to visit last week and she brought me a little gift for the garden look how sweet this is.
A lady gnome.

Well it's that time again if you want to join me in the garden , remember the snow just a few short weeks ago,
Well this is for all my friends who still have cold weather , and in a few weeks you will have some Spring .

Pretty leaves coming out.


Spring flowers , not sure of their names I plant them for their beauty. 


Have a beautiful week my friends.

Saturday, 7 April 2018


Well hello to all my friends ,
on the second week in April , we have had a few nice days this week so yes I have been outside working in the garden. It's getting very busy out there , with bees buzzing and birds singing and each day something else pops open .
The bluebells will be out soon and forget-me -nots also the Lily of the Vally. I really love Spring .

But today is dull damp and cold so I think I will watch the sport and stitch today , unless it gets better.
I have a new finish to show you and a some gifts from friends.
But first I would like to say a big THANK YOU for your kind comments from the bottom of my heart from my last post.
So here we go . I have so many stitched item's but sometimes I don't seem to have the time to finish them , so this is all going to change and I need to dig in to my basket . 

       This is one of Dany's charts with just a few changes .

                                       I stitched it on 28ct linen cream
                                   and a mix of different threads .

                The fabric at the front is the same as the back .

My friend Ann gave me this lovely Easter gift after club

Lovely garden mugs for Hubby and myself and some beautiful daffodils , thank you Ann they will be well used this year .  
           And from Nathalie another lovely gift thank you so much.
                   Hoping you had a lovely birthday .

Lovely cross stitch and magazine and Easter serviettes 
and beautiful card.
 My friend Margaret stitched me a sweet card .

Thank you , I am so blessed with the amount of  lovely friends I have , through out the year they send me such sweet gifts . Thank you to you all for your kindness you know who you are  Bless You.

The sun is coming out so maybe we can get out side and empty the Summer house of the garden furniture.
We will wait and see if it is going to stay out.


This is the straw liners the birds a taking for their nest building .

Look at your daffodils now Ann they are just beautiful and so large .
Wishing you all a great week with lots of stitching.

Monday, 2 April 2018


Hi Friends ,
Hope you all had a really wonderful Easter.
I had a lovely one apart from the rain.
I also got to meet up with some of my family in Exeter and it was so much fun.
I have not had much time for stitching or my blog . My PC went wrong again , well not really it's me not knowing what I am doing ha.
I am slowly still getting there , one moment I love it then I hate it . It is faster but if you push the wrong button , I don't know where I am . 
I have been trying to sort my photos out into files but when you have so many it takes forever .

Things are moving on outside birds are making their nests and pulling away at fibber's in our pots,
it is so much fun to watch.
Yesterday my DD came over for dinner and she could not get over all the different birds that come to visit the garden.
Mind you their food bill is almost the same has ours ha.
Well lets move on to my stitching I have started more flower designs but will show you soon.
First is a little Easter ornament .

         Spring Eggs by Homespun Elegance .
It was a nice easy stitch on 28 count dmc threads.
 And one of my WIPs Nest Egg below.

                     A little card for a friend.
My DH brought me a hare for Easter how cute.

My first  Devon Violet out.

         My white Camila is coming to bloom 

Thank you , for your lovely comments from my last post . I wish you all a happy week and will leave you with a few Easter rabbits.


Sunday, 25 March 2018

Almost Easter.

Hi everyone ,
Have I had fun this week or what  , NOT at all , I am still trying to find my way around this PC . I am not the kind of person who likes to play on here , I just want to know where the basics are that should be easy right , well this PC has too many things on here for me .
It just took me an hour to put my photos on last week it seemed so easy .
But I got there in the end
 Hope you all had a good week . My week has been a bit of a messy one can't seem to get going . I am looking forward to the new week ahead hoping this will be a better week.
I will be busy for a few days this week but once Easter is here I am going to enjoy it.
Well after all the snow and then the rain , the sun popped out today to see us and I have started to work in the garden just for an hour , the garden seems to have recovered .
We had so much snow it broke all the guttering so a job for DH over Easter. 
I have been stitching on and off this week so this is where I am so far.

            Nest egg by Satsuma Street stitched on 30ct Red Pear .
This is so full of colour and I just needed to stitch something bright .
                   Another WIP is by our lovely Dany .

Another bright colour .
And my third WIP
 Summer by DMC 

It's such a nice change to stitch on something bright .
Here is what last weekend looked like.

And now just a few days after.

The flowers must be strong to come through 2 heavy snow falls.
They don't look so good as they could have been , but they are fighting back.
 Thank you again for the lovely comments I read every one of them but if you didn't get a reply I did send you one the PC may still be playing tricks on me ha .
Well have a lovely Easter my friends , I will be back soon .