Monday, 20 January 2020

Sunny days but frosty nights .

Where do the days go , each week they seem to go faster .

After weeks of dull days , it's so hard to see what I am stitching.
At last nice Sunny days but very hard frosts .
But it's nice to be able to see my stitching again.

I brought a lamp in the sale last week and it's been a real treat to use .
very small and just clips on to my stand .
I said to hubby I wished I had brought two now , so we went out to see if any were left , and yes there were just a few left  and they had cut the price again to just over £3 well I ended up buying another 4
At that price you can never let a bargain go.
So I am very happy I went back .😊

You know I told you I am not setting goals this year ,  but I must get a few UFOs finished this year so every few weeks I will pick one up , and here is one of them.

                                                        Easter Present by RTO

                              I am enjoying stitching on this one , such beautiful soft shades.

 My lovely friend Sally brought me this Puzzle for Christmas she knows how much I love nature

                                                               So far  .

                                      So good for the mind  just like stitching.

Last week I went out for a dinner with my club and look what my ladies brought me  lovely potted
plants for outside .

                                     And below a lovely card from all .

And my lovely hubby brought me some more roses bless him , the last ones lasted ages .

My friend Marion brought me some daffodils for Christmas and look they are coming up.

And my friend Ann if you remember brought me those flowers that come in a box and are asleep .
Before Christmas well look they are still flowering  today . I have taken the white flowers out but the yellow ones are still blooming .

                                                 I am so blessed , thank you to all

Today is our once a week date we go out and have lunch  near by was a pond with these two 
Little friends .

Thank you all for your comments  it makes those dull days much better .

Monday, 13 January 2020

Storm on it's way .

Hello to all my friends 
Many thank your  lovely comments .
It's been very mild here but loads of rain with the odd beautiful Spring day , not like January at all. 
Some of my daffodil bulbs are in bud already .
Last week when we took a day out for lunch I saw some out in a garden,  fully out !
But with this mild weather we do get some nasty storms and one is oh it's way this afternoon.
 I have been  stitching but can't show you yet but I have another ornament ready to join the Christmas ones already stitched .

Brooke Books No 4 


                 A little peep at my new chart and stitching

 Winter land .
                    Using 40 ct Newcastle Linen Platinum 
                                     The ladies jacket will be
                                 stitched in a fluffy yarn 

I have a few new starts , and I looked in some of my UFO boxes and this year I must start on a few of them again .
I am just giving my arm a little rest it's been a little  painful this week. 

           My Hubby and I were playing about thinking up a verse for
       January and this is what hubby came up with .
        I thought it was good and told him to start writing
           children's books for the little ones in our family Ha.

                                  Feet and fingers glow
                           We could be expecting snow .
                           Blackbirds scurry to and throw ,
                     Looking for berries in the hedge row .

                        Look at the robin with his coat so red,
                      He wakes up early from his bed .
                     You can hear the Robin all day long ,
                      Singing away with his merry song .
                     We know January is always cold ,
                     But we also know there is a story to be told .


Sunday, 5 January 2020



Hi friends well the New Year is here , and what a busy few weeks 
again , but the decorations are now packed away .
So I am looking forward to see what the New Year brings . I have   no goals or plans but there are a few coming into my head ! 
So we will see what happens , but it must be stress free .
This weekend we are doing nothing but the things we like to do .
So you could say it's been a happy weekend .

No snow for my January header of snowmen

I have stitched a little January ornament to start the year.
           Little Dove's Designs called  Little Doves Year .
I have back stitched some parts because with the pale blue material
The white did not show up.

And the back

Not sure where the snow has gone it's been so mild 
my Christmas roses are out now .

Sitting next to some Snowdrops that my sweet friend Mouse stitch for me the other year 

Below a lovely stitch from a sweet friend Lynda .
Thank you the words are so sweet.

 Vickie this is the book after Little Women 
I have not read it but I will soon .

                                       I enjoyed my puzzle .
                          I have another new one to start this month 

                                                          Loved this one. 

The garden saying for this month.

Have a lovely week , thank you for the lovely comments .
And again Happy New Year to you all.

Monday, 30 December 2019


Thank you friends for your lovely comments .
Thank you for your friendships .
Thank you for all the lovely gifts and cards .
You are all simply the best.
I wish every one of you a wonderful New Year .

Well are you setting new goals on your stitching and your crafts ? 
                        This Year 
I am not because I want a stress free year but I will start a few new 
kits and charts some knitting and a few crafts , I will also stitch on some of my UFOs when I want to , I will carry on stitching  Christmas ornaments for next year 
I can never say no to a new chart  ! if I see one I really like  , so no good saying to myself no new charts now is it !

Here is a little Ornament I gave to one of my friends this week.

                                    Design was from  part of the Frosty Forrest 
                                              by CCN.

  And a little ornament for Martina this was from a old Magazine .
                             I thought it was so cute .

I received these lovely gifts from our dear friend Carol.
We have been friends for many years now and I have many beautiful ornaments that Carol has stitched for me , it's getting to be one of my highlights of the season thank you Carol.

       Another lovely ornament now hanging on my blue and pink                                                              tree.

               I love the needle box Carol it is so beautiful.
I was so lucky to win this little girl chart too from Carol and I do love to stitch little girl charts , this is so cute so I will be kitting it  very soon.                                         

You know my love of flower so here are the flowers now fully open Thank you DH .

      And thank you Ann above are the sleeping flowers now .

                Lovely gift from Nathalie thank you so much .

                              Lovely gifts from Lynda  
                      I am so blessed many thanks my friend.
                 Lynda also stitched me a lovely pillow I will show                                                        on my next post. 

I need to start knitting for some of my family so I popped in town for some wool and a couple of charts . 

So looks like another busy year coming up .
I wish you all a wonderful NEW YEAR ,
And I started with  a Thank you
and will end with a Thank you to all.

Monday, 23 December 2019


Hi every one well Christmas is almost here , are you ready?
I started early and I am so happy that I did because the weeks have flown.
With all the Christmas meals  out and concerts now gone 
 I can sit back and enjoy my Christmas and  do the things I love to do .
I have a new stitch to start and some new puzzles and books to enjoy.

We have had so much rain this year and gales , but the bulbs in the garden are starting to come up already .

I have been so blessed from Family and Friends I would like to thank you all for the many Christmas gifts I have opened a few and saved a few for the big day.

I also had a little extra time to stitch and finish this sweet ornament 

           I sent for this little beauty from our lovely friend 
                 Ricami di Marula  
A blue Christmas in ciondolo  there are 4 in the set so I will stitch another one next year , I love the colour.
I stitched on a grey 28 ct using DMC threads and added a tiny star.
                    Now I know Carol has opened her gifts I can show you
the stitched card  I sent her  ,  I stitched  this one over one which I really enjoyed .

Well I have been so blessed again with so many gifts and flowers .
My hubby came home yesterday with a bunch of roses . 

And a sweet friend Ann sent me these beautiful flowers ,
They come a a box asleep and you put them in water with food and they come alive just beautiful Thank you Ann they look and smell lovely .

Dear mouse sent me another lovely large project  bag and a wee bag for my bits and a bag of Butterflies , love the material so pretty 
                                     Thank you Mouse .

From Martina , I received this beautiful card and pretty material.

                  Thank you so much Martina .

       From Titty a lovely package of beautiful goodies , love the                                                           heart.
                                Thank you my sweet friend .

I brought a couple of these books one for a friend and one for myself , might help my mind ha.

Another treat from Ali , thank you I always use allot of note paper 
Everyday , notes every where in my house.

Also from our friend Julie a lovely little project  bag  .
                            Thank you sweet friend.

                   I have more to show you next time .
        And now  the bottom part of my dresser 

These little ornaments came out of some crackers we had with our Dinner out last week .


           Time to sit and rest and maybe some stitching .
                                by our cozy fire .

We brought the last few shopping bits in today and it was so busy                                       It's great to be home.

                               HAVE FUN.