Sunday, 13 August 2017


Hello friends ,
Well it's been a nice weekend , better weather and the sun has just come out. 
I have been a bit lazy today, but I did work hard yesterday in the garden cutting lots of things back , and the sweet peas are now gone just had the last few . DH arms and hands are cut with the thorns from the roses , I had a few too we gave some of them a good cutting back there was allot of dead wood .
This morning we had so many birds in the garden a family of long tail tits , blue tits,  baby robins, baby blackbirds and just the cutest sparrows they are so funny and always make me laugh all trying to have a bath this morning about 20 of them all in the birdbath  together what fun they were having.

My DH has gone off to the car show to judge , I just wanted to stay put , I have so many little jobs to catch up on , but not many done yet ha.

I have been stitching this week but can't show you just yet only my WIPS. 
So first the last of my sweet peas then back to my stitching.

The very last ones of Summer I will miss them and the smell was so beautiful.
My WIPs 
This is how I left Vera Mouse .

 And now.

OK don't laugh it takes allot of time when you have to thread change every few stitches , but yes there is growth.

OK next one my little Sarah Kay 
Friends in the Sunshine.

And after.

I must say this playing around with different WIPs is wonderful.
Can't wait to get this weeks two out now .
 There is no way for you to get bored with your stitching doing this rotating , soon I will add a few more to the mix.
I am also stitching smalls and Christmas gifts .
We better go for our walk now .

                               Poppy in dusky pink how beautiful.

        Naughty month eating my leaves, but he is beautiful.

                              Still have some sweet smelling roses.

  Hollyhocks such a sweet lemon .

Well better stop or this will be one big post .
I am going to go and get a few biscuit crumbs for the little Robin and try and make friends with him.
I also need to do a couple of small jobs and a little ironing then I can stitch and watch the football .
Thank you again for your sweet comments .
Wishing you all a happy week.

Sunday, 6 August 2017


Hello friends ,
Here we are into August I must say I am still in June but never mind I am sure one day I will catch up .
So far it has been a busy year but this month is looking more of a relaxing month.
Not so much to do in the garden now we just keep the grass cut and de-head the flowers .
So maybe a little more stitching time for me .
At club this week we made up gift tags from old scraps , this is so much fun and very relaxing for a change , comes with a warning ! you can't stop when you start , there are a few I made at the end of the post ,
Also our friend Jo asked me if I would like to be blogger of the month , so if you want to read more about my life take a look.
Jo thank you so much for asking me , Jo has a lovely blog with lots of things going on and I would love to join in some but my life right now is far too busy , but if you would like to join in some fun take a look .You will find Jo here just click.
This week I must kit up some Christmas smalls ready for gifts.
I am still having fun with my WIPs and here are two new ones I popped into the mix . 
                         This is so sweet and will be made I think into a pillow.

Bumblebee by DMC

 Now the next one is one I have had in my stock for a few years  and I love it but really could not face sorting out all the threads  but I sat outside and did it .
I also have the plate of this one , not sure if this one will go in a frame or pillow or on top of a box I should know by the time it is stitched. It will not be an easy one lots of tweeding and one and two threads.
Sweet Nectar  by The Gold Collection.

I am stitching on smalls too but need to finish them first.
Ok lets walk outside our weather is up and down right now lots of wind and rain but so far this weekend not to bad the sun has been out.


Lots Of tomatoes .

                                   And Peppers yummy .

We need a new green house next year I don't think ours will stand another storm so all needs to come down in the winter.

Thank you so much for all the lovely comments again .
I really do love to hear from you all.
Now just before I go we were making gift tags at the club great fun, I can't stop making them now, a great way to use up left over paper , ribbons , cut up card from old Christmas cards , and even stamping and colouring in , this is what I have made so far.

That's it from me this week , have fun and I will be back soon.

Sunday, 30 July 2017


Hello peeps, yes the show goes on even thou it was raining most of the day.
Our Garden and Craft show was wonderful and yes we got wet but who cares . 
We were so pleased that allot of people came after all the hard work every one put into it .
No photos yet but I can show you what I put in to show first was a little felt heart with a pocket to add a gift at Christmas.

I didn't think I would get any thing for this one but yes I got a 3rd.
And my lovely Victorian lady 
 by Lesley Teare  

I won a 2nd 
Do you like the beading and the way I stitched her glove over the cross stitch , I had so many people saying how much they loved her.

                                And my funny sheep won 1st 

Don't you think he is cute 

             I had some wool over so knitted him a scarf.

Well there was a lady from the local school waiting by my picture and asked me about the pattern , she wants to knit it for a show at the school  , so I told her she could have it ,  she was so happy.
 The knitting pattern is Sirdar 4610.
I also won a 2nd for my rose bloom.
It is in a different vase now but this is my rose.

And again a 2nd with my miniature arrangement in a teacup.

And my DH won 5 x 1sts & 4 x 2nds 
For flowers and veg .
So we were very happy . I was so happy for my many friends who also won .
So yes it's been a busy week and with the bad weather we had this week we were both running in and out trying to save the best flowers so it was not so easy this year.
So no walk in the garden this week but I will show you one WIP I worked on this week and some lovely flowers my club brought for me.

Winter Stamp by Veraco.
So yes this week most of my friends at the club and I went out for a summer meal , it was wonderful, I love everyone of them they are all so sweet and we always have a ball , laughing all night .
And again my naughty friends brought me these beautiful flowers.

                 So beautiful, they spoil me all the time bless them all.

                                               And such a beautiful card and words.

So that's it for this week dear friends , we will try and rest up a little bit after such a full on week.
Thank you all for your kind words and I am so happy you enjoy my blog , have a happy new week every one.

Monday, 24 July 2017


Hello Friends ,
I just don't know where the days go. We had a nice weekend and we went out Sunday , the weather was a bit messy but today the sun is out and it's very hot.
Thank you all for the lovely comments last week . 
I have been busy and will show you what I will enter in the 
Garden & Craft show next week. 
Yes it is that time again .
It seems all go at the moment but I am getting there just taking things one at a time . I can't rush like use too.
So first up my stitching this last week .

Mouse sent this to me sometime ago for this years big birthday.
 Thank you little Mouse.

 Mani di Donna  by Simona Bussiglieri.

                            Hornbook Series I Flowers .
 I have placed my stitching the other way around from the pattern I liked it better this way.

 And my WIPS this week.
I am having a ball rotating all my WIPs 

Lovely flowers from Chris and the group of boys at our local boxing club and keep fit club .

                                  And lovely card  .

Thank you so much everyone.
 I can't leave  you without some flowers and also I forgot to show you all the cards from last month.

Look at my lovely cards .

                                     Some stitched.

Well my friends it's time to leave you now have a good week 
be good and have fun .