Sunday, 29 March 2020


Hello all ,
How are you all doing ?
It's been a very sunny week  here so we have enjoyed allot of outside  time in the garden , taking in the sun rays and weeding and  hubby painting .
I have also been Spring cleaning so all in all a very busy week .
We have settled into a good routine it was hard at first but now enjoying it .
We know it will be for a long time so we made a few lists of what we are going to get done .
If you put your mind to it you can stay busy .
So the list we made is for outside and inside if the weather gets bad.

On Thursday night all of the UK came outside to clap for our NHS it was a little tearful but it was great to see everyone on their doorsteps doing the same.

OK on the stitching front I have also been busy , but can't show you because I can't yet ha.
I did work on my SAL a little  more this week.

I have been thinking this week ,which can be dangerous .
And yes a new chart .

Here is a peep it's going to be a family heirloom for my family never to forget this year in the years to come .
And how fragile we all are in this beautiful world of ours .
So we need to take a moment and think how lucky we are .
And care more for each other , life is not our's forever .

Deep in my heart I know there is some thing else out there
waiting . 
So this is what I will leave for my family in the future 
If anyone else would like to stitch along with me I will let you know where to buy the chart .

Ok I know many of you want to tip toe through the garden.
Just want to show you a lovely card from a friend .
It's so nice to stay in touch in these sad times.

      We opened the summer house this week and it's been lovely to sit inside reading .

                        Bluebells are already coming out .

  Now look at this summer house WOW I would love my one to have this fancy front .

Stay safe my friends and enjoy your free time .
Once again thank you for the many lovely comments from last week.

Saturday, 21 March 2020


Hello everyone ,
Are we staying positive and helping others where we can .
Now my club is closed I am calling my club members every few days to see everything is alright  , things are changing most days .
But we need to look forward we can win this if we follow the guide lines to stay safe .
But for now I am staying positive it's Spring and the garden is going mad , I spent time yesterday outside in the fresh air in my garden .
                  Spring is here and so is new life .
Thank you everyone for your comments I do enjoy reading them .

Here another Christmas gang member , I thought he was 
a cute one I still have to finish him once I get my machine out .
 I see at the bottom a few more stitches needed first .

                                   From Brook books
Well I have started to bring out a few Spring bits to put around the house to cheer us up.
I will fill this cup with Spring flowers that I find outside .

Some Spring plates to bring out 

                      Here a better  a better picture

            Found a few  pillows from my store ready for Easter .
           I know it won't be the same but do it for yourselves .


   And here  my cup full of promise and Spring .
 I would love to see your cups of promise for March and every month we have to stay inside , if you have no fresh flowers fill it with your own imagination , for hope and for us all to get through this year together.

                                 New Life begins .
                             My seeds are growing fast .

                                      Spring garden

Take care all make the most of what we have we are the lucky ones. 

Saturday, 14 March 2020

2020 What a year .

Hello friends ,
Well the weeks are moving so fast , it will soon be Easter.
I hope everyone is coping with the C/Virus  well , what a year it's turning out to be. 
Not only the weather and the virus but people are  now buying up all the food , so far we have been lucky with our buying .
But we can see it getting worse each week , we can only hope it gets better and we can get back to normal in the future .

We have been lucky this week to have some rare sunshine , and that in it self makes you feel better .
The black bird is still waking me up at 6.00 every morning , but what a treat it is to hear him.

 I have been working on a few gifts this week and some WIPs .
So I can't show the gifts just yet .
First up is my WIP stitched on 40 ct I am enjoying stitching on this one but only for an hour in the day light.

Winter land by Lana Lenskaya 
The rabbit also has a mohair tail.

Sorry about the photos very dull here today.
and for a easy stitch at night I am working on this one.
Garden Glory.


I was very lucky to win a chart from our friend  Mary at Stitching Friends .
Thank you so much I will kit it up very soon.
Thank you Mary for the lovely book marks also very pretty .

Another puzzle finished 
not so easy this time.

Thank you sweet friends for the lovely comments .
Please stay safe and lets smash this virus.
 I will leave you in my garden enjoy your walk. 

Sunday, 8 March 2020


Yes friends I think Spring is almost here .
The birds are waking me up each morning with their beautiful singing , so lovely to once again hear the birds chorus.
When we went to visit the garden center , we could see the young lambs jumping in the fields how wonderful . I just wish it was dry and would stop raining , but we are seeing a little more sunshine .

Thank you to all who left me such lovely comments on my last post.
We had a lovely time went out for two meals one with friends and one on our own. I had some lovely cards and gifts and flowers from friends and family , and I am still looking for the card I brought hubby ! it's here some where but I can't find it , it's a big one to, so I had to get him a little bird one out of my card box .

             I have a new member of the gang finished . 
                                    By Brook Books 
                                This one is so sweet

                                      The Gang is growing 

            Another Christmas gift finished I set this one on to a book                    to that has a velvet cover just like a mouse .
                      Designer Tralala 
                    Sorry I can't find the name of the 
                        chart I stitched it last year.
            Am I  the only one who miss lays things ? 

             Here is a close up it feels like a mouse that's if you have                                            ever felt one  .

           My puzzle is growing and  now the hard part to do

 I loved  the decor outside the garden center how lovely .
                           Made me smile .

            Some lovely flowers from a friend of mine  there must have been five bunches and look they are now opening I have them all over the house


         My poor flowers outside are so wet  and wind swept 
                      Enjoy your week and have fun .

I have been lazy this weekend watching the Rugby and the football 
another match to watch in a moment.
 So now time to relax with hubby and a bit of TV.