Sunday, 18 August 2019


How is everyone today ?
I hope you are having a good day , I love Sundays I like to do all the little things that get left in the week and the hours go much slower .
Well my crafting is really cut down this week , I pulled my hamstring a couple of years ago and it is so painful and now I have pulled it again , it's my own fault I am always climbing up steps on to walls up in the garden and I have to stop it I think I am still 20
 ha , I am so lucky I feel so fit and well and do the most crazy things .
So this week I have been in allot of pain , it hurts to sit the only time the pain goes is if I stand up or lie flat ,well that's no good  if you sew.
Today I am feeling a little better so will try and stitch today before my team play ,we lost last week ,hope we are better today.

So first up is one of my SALs loving this one .
                                By Ricami di Marula .

                Slow stitching on the baby stitch.
                     Hoping to get lots more done soon.

A new buy a Set of 3 vases from Next I thought they would look nice with Spring flowers next year.

Poor garden took a beating this week after the storm and winds we had lots of rain.

Many thanks for all your lovely comments enjoy the rest of your day .

Sunday, 11 August 2019


Hi everyone .
Well we have had some really bad storms and it's still very windy but the sun is out today , it's been bad for the garden lots of plants smashed and broken .
We have spent most of the day cutting away all the broken bits .
It's sad but that's life ups and downs . You never know with our weather .
This week has been another busy one rushing here and there finding fitments for the bathroom that will be gutted out the end of the month . I think we are almost there now so it will be up to the builders then.
I have a small finish a freebie from La Comtesse & Le Point De Croix .  


Stitched on a pale pink 28 ct

I added a little charm and ribbon flower

I am still stitching away on the baby stitch and both of my SALs
Also working on my crochet Easter blanket I try and do a row per day . Some lovely new stitches to try.

 I will leave you now I have a few things to do before my team are playing . Have a lovely weekend , and thank you again for your comments .

Sunday, 4 August 2019


Hi everyone , 
Summer is getting better , here not so hot but some lovely sunny days .
Another busy week ! where are the days where you could sit and stitch most of the day ? looks like that's gone with a busy life 
style . 
I have not much stitching to show today . I am working on a few Christmas ornaments  which I can't show yet , and stitching on a couple of Sal's and a baby stitch and I am still working along on my blanket which I am enjoying . 
I have had a couple of nights where I could not get to sleep  this past week and I have been tired , I think it's the warm nights because I go out like a light most times I do read a few pages of my book and that makes me go off , but lately it's not happening .

I am cooking a roast today and using my own beans that are ready.
 Well back to my stitching here is a peep of my baby stitch for the little boy that joins our family soon.

Can you see a rabbit ? coming to life I will share more about it next time .

 My SAL  1 next 

This Sal I am stitching with Maryse is coming out so beautiful .
The edging takes a long time to stitch but worth it 

Below Sal 2 .


I had to join to stitch this beautiful design .
And back to the garden .
I noticed this year allot more butterflies are visiting my garden.

Thank you again for your lovely comments .

Just harvested these beans for dinner they will be yummy .

Enjoy your Sunday and new week I am looking forward to watching Poldark  tonight which is set in Cornwall not to far from  here in Devon. 

Sunday, 28 July 2019


Hi friends ,
It's truly been Summer time this last week , hope you have all been keeping cool , and drinking plenty of water and having the odd ice cream . I am going to have one when I finish this post .
Another busy week here lots going on but I try and get as much me time out of the day that I can.
It's beautiful outside today sunny and some nice winds so later after my ice cream I will work on my Easter throw in the summer house .
I did a few hours work in the garden this morning and both Hubby and myself have almost stripped the bathroom of the old wall paper ready for the builders in a four weeks  time . 
I have a new little finish to show you .

This was taken from a little booklet by  Durene Jones my friend Ann brought for me last year .

                              Stitched on 28ct dmc threads.

              And below another design I stitched last year .
        From the same book , I will be stitching many more from the book some really lovely garden ones inside there.

I made this little earring basket for Martina's birthday a couple of weeks ago.

                            SWEET PEAS one of my favourite flowers.

I asked hubby if he would pick up some pineapple juice for me ! and bless him he came back with a pineapple he said it would be better and he would cut it up when it is ripe ! 
I will give this some thought .

OK it's been HOT,  and the garden is still holding on at the moment.

                  Lots of water and feed to keep them going .

This one sits in front of my craft room I have given up on cleaning it up for now to much rubbish I need to sort out and it's been to hot .

Thank you again for your comments , stay cool and enjoy the rest of your summer days , I am off now to have my ice cream outside.

Sunday, 21 July 2019


Well it's another very hot Summer for most of us , and too hot for so many.  I love Summer but I don't like it too hot , you can't sit outside unless you are under cover .
 It's to hot to stitch or anything else , apart from watching the wild life or reading , which is another nice hobby.
I am still trying to sort my craft room out so much rubbish in there mostly card making bits.

This week passed very quick so hoping this one goes a little slower.
It's dull here this morning but the sun will be out soon , good because we have been invited to another cream tea in the next parish .

I have a winner of last weeks chart it's Andrea . could you send me your address please , and thank you to the others who entered the draw there will be other giveaways in the future so please try again next time.

 So this weeks post I have a finish I have not shown you.  I made this into a pillow , Spring Delivery by Madame Chantilly .

                    Stitched on 32ct and DMC threads .

Above you can see the backing colour.

I have just started to stitch a baby chart for  my GD she will be having a baby in October she found out it was another boy after her scan.
I will show you next week so far I have only added a few stitches to it.

I had some beautiful flowers from the manager of our local boxing club , he phones us up allot to talk to hubby , and we have all become good friend over the past few years , so sweet of him .

Thank you again for your kind comments .

The out door beans have gone mad I can't reach the top 

The lilies are out but don't last long in the heat .

Have a lovely week everyone and the sun is back out now .