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Monday, 17 January 2022


Hi everyone ,

Yes  it's Monday again it comes around faster each week .

Last week was another busy one for us , we even went to see our dentist first time in two years but happy to say all was well.

The weather was sunny with the odd rain showers , some days  are very cold and the odd day was warm  .

I walked up the garden and the bulbs are  growing up and are forming already , I even saw some in bud when we went shopping last week. 

But I have a feeling we could still get some bad weather yet , a few years ago , we had a load of snow in April , so I will keep my winter jumpers on.

This week I have finished my first butterfly , and I have been working on one of my UFOs  .

We have been spending time watching the football and some great program's of the life of old film stars . that we never knew about before . We have a few more yet to watch .

Ok thank you all who entered the giveaway , and the winner is Manuela . 

Well done Manuela  can you please send me your address .

I will be having a few more give away's this year so keep watching .

Ok I have been stitching lots of smalls but can't show you  just yet but here is  another one my UFO's with a few more stitches added . 

                                                        Easter Present by RTO 

                                         And my first butterfly almost finished .

I had another Christmas gift from my friend Titty from Italy , Thank you so much .

She posted well before Christmas but our post is very slow. 


Thank you so much my sweet friend , it's yummy , pretty and very useful

                        Look what I found today the first flower of Spring .

                                            What a lovely gift from nature .

                                                     And a lovely gift from my Hubby below .

He knows I am missing my flowers , he always buys me some in the Spring months bless him.


                                        And a Mimosa .I have always wanted one of these .

                                                       BOOK of the week .


 If you love flowers this one is for you .
I want to stitch every one of them .


                                         This book holds almost every flower , its just beautiful .
I spend hours just looking at it , but have yet to stitch from it , I have a few like this .

 Well that's it for this week but look at this little fellow I came across when shopping .
                                                             Have a happy week all.

Monday, 10 January 2022

Here we go , New year is moving fast .

 Hello fellow stitchies ,

 Looks like many of you are all sorted with your new stitching goals  well done .

Well I have been packing away Christmas things , but can never find room for all the boxes , I seem to end up with an extra box each year ! 

I see the time is not slowing down and is still moving fast , how do we slow it down ! 

I am in a a tiding mood  yesterday I sorted  out all my box's of threads  , that took all afternoon but feels so good . I may sort and  tidy my fabric out this week and see what colour's are low and re-order some.

I have been sorting mags and charts out to give to some of my friends who live not far away .

I need to hafe my stock each year , I do tend to keep things I will never stitch , so it's time to say goodbye ,

and only keep what I will stitch . 

And I still get tempted with new charts and kits , so if I buy one , one  has to go.

So what have I stitched this week , a little more on another UFO and stitching on my six smalls .

Also still knitting a little and want to work on a few felt ornaments .


                    But today  I have a  new finish the first for 2022 . Hope you like it .

                                                 So here is my new Finish .


                                                                                   A closer look 


Time for a GIVEAWAY .
If you would like the chart  leave me a email .
And I will pop your name into a hat and my hubby will draw it out next week .

Joli Bouquet by Collection  Tralala.
I used a few of the threads on the chart list and a few silk threads that I made up .

I will leave the UFO untill next week .
But have another book to show you .

Lots of lovely stitching in this book .

Started to dress my dresser but soon it will change to  Easter  Ha the rate time is moving .

Do you like my roses I have been collecting in my glass dish 

They look so nice when there are no real ones out there .
And now a few flowers in the garden  for Mary she misses my flowers .

On my living wall the flowers are still looking good.
It has been very mild .

And in the garden ,  the flowers are still coming out .
The slugs are so naughty , they keep taking bites out of them 

Well have a great week and don't forget to put your name forward for the give away .

Monday, 3 January 2022


 Well here we go into another New Year , now my hubby loves the turn of of the year and  gets excited .

But I get a little sad seeing another year pass , not sure why but I get a little tearful.

I try and get into a joyful mood , and always stay up to see the New Year in .

I think the reason is I am a one year older and I need to slow the clock down ha  , but  mostly I think backwards about all the lost family and friends  that are not with us any more and that starts me off feeling tearful .

But it is the time of year I think backwards  .

Now New Years Day is different !  I think forward  I am excited to sort out a new design to  add to my others , but  that can turn into many ! and not just one ha. Then I get excited when my hubby and I plan the garden out and plan decorating the house .

There is always lots to do each year .

I have already planned out my stitching this will be much the same as last year  with new ones added .

Jo asked me so show a few of my books this year I do have alot so will show you a few this year .


I would like to get 3 large ones finished this year if I can , but I will not pressure myself  .

So here is the first UFO of the year I worked on last week but just a few stitchies a day 

all helps for it to grow .              This was a SAL by Maryse , from a couple of years ago . 

                                            The material is a lemon colour but it's so dull here today

   I found this in a CS mag a few years ago and thought oh yes I must stitch this I like the 3D  on two of the butterflies .

So just started  this one it is  a  creamy lemon material   would you believe , but it is so dull here again today.

                                       I started kitting a scarf thanks to Dany .
                                     A bit slow but I knit watching the news .

                                                        This weeks book is ? 


                                               And inside are some really lovely charts 

Now I will warn you I have many many books you may ask why , well I lived so close to David & Charles  a few years ago , and it's a good job they have now moved , because my friend and I would go once a week and come home with a  bag full some just a couple of pound because of a little damage , that most times you could not notice .  We also live near to Trago also a great place for cheap books . But lately they are going up in price.

Well my friends thank you for your friendship . Thank you for your kindness .

Thank you for all the lovely gifts and cards  . So many hand made ones .

Have a wonderful year , and I look forward to see what you have stitched and finished in 2022.

So lets go for a bumper year of stitching . So bring ob 2022.


Monday, 27 December 2021


 Hi everyone , I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas .

And I wanted to THANK YOU all for your friendship , kind words , stitching advise , helping me when the PC goes wrong , being able to talk when there are low times and happy times  just sharing with like minded people . You know who you are Thank you .

Well we are almost into another New Year and I do get tearful thinking of all the family who have passed and many friends who have passed away far to many and to early this last year .

So the year's move forward and I am already planning my year ahead , I know I have to stitch a little faster to get all the lovely charts and kits I have , stitched  in my life time .

So I will be still working on my UFOs and 6 smalls a week, they are waiting in my bag , I won't stitch them all in a week but I will stitch a few strands  on each and change for another small .Then when I finish one I add one so I am working always on six , Ok you might think I am mad but it works for me , There is no way I can work on one at a time I get very bored quick .

So now I am looking forward to seeing what you will be stitching in the New Year.

Well I will now show a few I stitched for gifts And some lovely gifts I had from my stitching friends .

I can't get over all the gifts I had from friends  and family this year there are far to many to show you  I was truly taken back with the kindness . 

  I stitched this little dish for our friend Carol. The chart was from an old magazine ?

                                                And a few more gifts sent out this one was  one of  Dany's charts .


                                        This was also out of  one of my old mags's
                                   I must start writing notes again about my stitching .


  Now I am sorry about the light on the rest of my photos it's very dull today .

                      From my friend the lovely Carol , her stitching and finishing is just beautiful .
                                                                        Thank you .


And from my friend Ann  a lovely sweet tin and inside the little one is such sweet pins ,

                                                                      Thank you Ann .

                       A few more decorations and this little house is well over 70 years old now .
My sister in law gave it to me  , I have had it over 50 years and she had had it for years before that .

Well I never did find my address book , but I did find all of the addresses by 5 of them .

Hoping I can find it before Easter , then I can send a Easter card and tell them .

  Well l wish you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR , 

Monday, 20 December 2021

Happy Christmas week .

 Well hello everyone ,   

  It's Christmas week are you ready , well I was untill I lost my address book  ! lucky I found an old one and i  have been ringing around trying to find the rest , I now have them all apart from 5 , I bet after Christmas I will put my hand on it , but no such luck yet . Hubby said no wonder I just looked in your craft room , oh dear is it that bad , yes it is so after Christmas I better tidy it up.

If I do find it I will send Spring cards out and let to let them know why .

I am almost ready now to enjoy the week.

I have been stitching a little bit on Easter stitching  but still can't show you yet .

And my UFO this week.        The Snowdrop Fairy by Durene Jones 


                                    And now some gift and cards from friends .

                                     Lovely goodies from our dear Mouse .

                      Thank you so much Mouse I will be using these gifts very soon.

                     And below from our friend Vickie , thank you Vickie it's on my tree . 


                                          And from Sheryl , a beautiful card .

                                        It is is so pretty  I must take a better picture of it next week.

                                                    Thank you Sheryl ,   I love it .   

And from Mary a lovely stitched ornament , 
Oh I love it thank you Mary so sweet of you .

                       And from my lovely friend Nancy a beautiful stitched card .

                     Thank you I have saved your gifts until Friday.

                       And my dresser is full of Christmas treasures from over the years .


Well I wish you all a very Happy Christmas ,  the postman just came and left me a pile of goodies .
So the tea will be late today . Have fun all.