Saturday, 12 October 2019


Hello friends I am back after a lovely holiday .
We had a great time , we did go with Thomas cook ! but it was ok all went well at the end we had a rescue plane for the flight back so allot of waiting around  .
We were the lucky ones so can't say to much , just grateful to be home some poor people had it really bad.
We have had rain most days since we came home

I was writing my blog out last week when my PC crashed  , so that's why I am late with blogging.

Well I have been catching up with friends washing and all the things we have to do when we get

Good news  my GD had a baby boy , baby and mother are doing fine.

So I had better catch up on my baby stitching.

The builder's came back on Monday almost finished now.

So it's not been easy to move about upstairs .

Well the weather is much colder already and signs of Autumn everywhere.
I did spend yesterday cutting back lots of dead plants ready for winter.
I could have stayed on holiday all Autumn and Winter ,  but it is good to get home really .
I need to sort out my Christmas stitching , I noticed the shops are already full of Christmas .

So lets get back to the post, first up a catch up with my stitching.
Not really had much time but here is my progress .

The baby stitch so far.

                                       Such cute baby animals .

                                               Santa is growing too .      

As you know I love  to go  shopping and  have coffee with friends  ,my daughter was walking past and took this photo ,

                                                             I am the one with two hands up.

This week I had a lovely gift from my friend  Nathalie  , thank you my friend I found loads of designs I want to stitch .


                                                Some baby gifts I brought for the new baby.
                                                 Cute booties I found on holiday.
                                       More little baby gifts .              

                                      A couple of holiday photos .


Oh how i miss this place just love it there so we will be going back .

Well now I am up and running again I want to catch up with all your blogs this week, and see what you have all been stitching .
Until next time have a lovely week.

Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Back to sunshine today .

Hello friends ,
 Just a quick blog today , then I will be taking a rest and will be back later in October .
But I will be popping in and out to read your blogs.
We still have the builders in and lots going on here,  bulbs to put in and the garden to close down  ready for the winter , new GGB on the way too.
It's a busy time all round so I won't have much stitching to show for a few weeks .
It's been so cold here the last few days we put the heating on ! now we never put it on until October .

I did get chance to stitch a sweet stitch our friend Carol sent me in the year  .

I loved stitching this one and will stitch it again.
I stitched it on a pink 28ct love the button detail .

I love the finish on the chart I may do something the same .
 But I just can't get to my sewing machine or finishing bits right now.
I wanted to pick a Christmas stitch up from my box and this one was on the top , so I have been working on this one .

It's sad to see the end of Summer , but we went out on Monday for lunch and to pick up a few things,
and I was so shocked to see allot of trees already going brown.
Are we going to have a long Winter ? we have so many berries on the bushes.

Well enjoy your Autumn I will leave you with some flowers still holding out .
Many thanks to all who left comments on my blog I do love to read them.

These small roses always make me smile.

Some times there have been more than 10 bees on here.

  It's been a great year for butterflies and the plant above will soon be full of butterflies

Sunday, 1 September 2019


Hello friends ,
It's September time and the weather is still sunny and warm .
Hubby is taking down the green house  today , all I can here is glass falling down  .
The roof is now gone thank goodness , hate to see it go but with the gales we have it may not last this winter . Not sure if we will buy another one , the outside tomatoes are nice and yummy anyway .

The builders are in again this week , not sure how long they will be here hoping they will have most of it done  this week , maybe a few more days the week after.

Happy to say my hamstring is much better , but the pain last week was not very nice , and it was driving me mad not able to do much stitching .
After this month I am hoping do some finishing but I can't get to my room when the builders are
here .
At the moment my craft room is full to so no room in there until I can pack every thing away in the winter months .

I did manage to finish my SAL just in time it was touch and go.

I loved stitching this design  and liked the  colour of the hoop it was sitting in so I popped some wadding in and cut some card and stuck to the back added a few bits and you can hang it up too.

                            Thank you Marula  for giving us all chance to stitch your design .

                                                  Also a little on my baby stitching

It's coming along and so will the baby if I don't get a move on ha.
Take care my friends enjoy the last few days of Summer .
I will leave you with the last few flowers in the garden 
Have a really lovely week.

Sunday, 25 August 2019


Thank you all for your kindness shown last week , I have rested more this last week and the pain seems to have gone apart from the odd  pain now and again that shoots down my leg .
So thank you my friends .
So I am not doing so much running around just taking it steady .
The builders have been in and have stripped the up stairs bathroom and will be back the middle of the week.

Well today we have a hot one to hot do go outside and to hot inside but I am thankful my lounge will be cool until this evening .

I also want to say a big thank you to Lynda who sent me such a big box of goodies for last Christmas , Birthday and Anniversary .
And so many threads , I know I will use them all I go through so many.

 How wonderful , where do I start !  can't believe such kindness 

look at the lovely pillow Lynda stitched  for both of us.

  So many goodies even hand made socks for my boots in winter.

                                            lots of candy treats too.
                   Thank you so much Lynda for your kindness.
               And another gift came from my friend Yvonne .
                           some lovely sewing aids .

Thank you  so much Yvonne.

Well my stitching  for new GGS and SAL 
only have a few stitches in,  so will save  them until next week .
But will show you a throw in my UFO box that I want to pick up this winter I did a little last winter but not enough of it .
So when it is cold I will snuggle up and start stitching it again.
it is from the Stoney Creek Mag from years ago.

Nature's Home.

So every winter it comes out of his box for a few more stitches 

So from October I will fill another part .
Garden is still blooming like crazy .
So will leave you with a few more photos 
Enjoy the rest of our long bank holiday .

 Until next time my friends enjoy the last part of Summer before the Fall.

Sunday, 18 August 2019


How is everyone today ?
I hope you are having a good day , I love Sundays I like to do all the little things that get left in the week and the hours go much slower .
Well my crafting is really cut down this week , I pulled my hamstring a couple of years ago and it is so painful and now I have pulled it again , it's my own fault I am always climbing up steps on to walls up in the garden and I have to stop it I think I am still 20
 ha , I am so lucky I feel so fit and well and do the most crazy things .
So this week I have been in allot of pain , it hurts to sit the only time the pain goes is if I stand up or lie flat ,well that's no good  if you sew.
Today I am feeling a little better so will try and stitch today before my team play ,we lost last week ,hope we are better today.

So first up is one of my SALs loving this one .
                                By Ricami di Marula .

                Slow stitching on the baby stitch.
                     Hoping to get lots more done soon.

A new buy a Set of 3 vases from Next I thought they would look nice with Spring flowers next year.

Poor garden took a beating this week after the storm and winds we had lots of rain.

Many thanks for all your lovely comments enjoy the rest of your day .