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Monday 10 June 2024


 Almost Summer now we are into the month of June, I like this month .

Not to hot so you can sit outside and enjoy any sunny days we have . 

We have now put most of the outside furniture out .  Great to sit out with a coffee and take in a few rays of sun shine and watch the busy bees 

This last week was so  busy , so not that much stitching done ,  so will show you an old stitching  that I made into a needle box it's full so I am now working on another one

Some of you have already seen it others may have not .


This has been very useful , but I now need another one that I am working on.

  I also brought this gift for myself  , I will be starting it very soon.

I was busy  making some cards and little gifts to give out for my friend Jackie who is our town crier .

Also I finished my puzzle at last .


                       I enjoyed this one,  but was not an easy one.

These are all from the garden , we gave out to a lovely new Rev from the USA who is now staying here .

                             Enjoy your week I maybe back very soon .


Sunday 26 May 2024

Sunshine and showers .

Hi friends , how are we all .

Are you having mixed weather like we are , sunshine and showers , every day is different , one day I am dressed for summer next day dressed for winter ? 

This is a busy time for me so not allot of anything going on . So I wanted to just pop in and say I am still here . The garden takes my time up at the moment . I go in there every day if I can for an hour and cut back and weed and everyday it gives me a gift back my roses are all blooming now and I have never seen them looking so good . Hubby is also bedded the front garden out and it's starting to look beautiful.

I did have a few moments on this weeks UFO some knitting , card making and time on the puzzle .

Now every thing is planted I can get back to my stitching , at last..

So this weeks UFO is an old one I want to finish this year for my family , I am stitching many gifts for them to keep as gift sakes .

               You can see it's a GOLD COLLECTION .

                                    Christmas Teddies . 

                    I am also finding that the sun is so strong for my eyes .

                                                So I have to get in the shade  .

 After months of dull weather  it takes time to adjust to the light .

So now a few more photos of the garden flowers . Its a bank holiday here  so lots going on my hubby and I are crowning the May queens tomorrow. 

They say we will be having a few showers  , that means we will get wet again.

Hope not the children always look so lovely in their pretty dresses and head dress.

Have a lovely weekend , what ever you are doing.

Tuesday 14 May 2024


 Hello all, 

Well we had 4 beautiful days of sunshine but then yesterday was rain  all day and we got really wet when out shopping . 

The sunshine days were wonderful I wish it was like it every day and rain every night that would be great .

Saturday afternoon we had our Spring covid injection , and it knocked us both about we both had no energy to do anything  so Sunday was a wasted day , Monday we were both fine .

 We have had loads of birds in the garden and butterflies even a few ladybirds  so nature seems to be happy.

Not much stitching this week but a few stitches in another UFO. 

And I can now show a card that I stitched for Jutta for her Birthday.

                         Hope you had a lovely Birthday  Jutta .


  I have been having pain in my hand due to stitching so  I am knitting  to change 

the use of my hands and it works changing from stitching and knitting also  resting with a puzzle . It gives my hand a little rest . If I can find more time I want to do more felt work , painting and card making . But with our busy life  it is hard to find much free time,  Maybe this summer I can find time .

 Another UFO for my GD Lucy  .

                   I loved this one  it seems to call out her name . 

This week I brought some goodies for the little ones , the money goes to the hospital for new born babies .


                                                 My GGC will  love these.

                                      So I will say good bye for this week

                                         And leave you with more flowers in the garden.



                Have a wonderful week and enjoy what you stitch or knit .

Tuesday 7 May 2024



I am so happy .

 May is here one of the months that I love .                                                             

Not to cold and not to hot , the garden really starts to come alive . You can even sit outside watching nature , birds are active and so are the bee's  and the odd butterfly is flying from one flower to the next , I even saw a ladybird busy rushing in and out of the flowers. What can be better to just sit and watch nature when it's kind. Almost takes over from my enjoyment of stitching .  If only it stayed like this . This year far to much rain , but we were lucky it was not snow . Yesterday was beautiful almost a  hot! day ,  today it starts with more sunshine . I need to get back to nature ,with all the bad news that is going on all over the world , They never seem to show any good news any more .   

So I have been stitching , knitting , sorting , reading , doing puzzles and gardening this week and that makes me feel happy inside,

So I start off with another UFO , I love pulling out with eyes shut from one of my big boxes , It's like Christmas all over again. I am not a stay with it stitcher .I like something different all the time . I also have a smaller box of smalls , that I work on every day . Am I different or is anyone out there the same.

I also put knitting in the mix this week. 


  A SAL I joined with  Maryse  Dupont  a few years back . I will make this one into a pillow or a table top , I will have to think about it.

                Also this week  I knitted some cotton  dish cloths . 


                              Puzzle so far ,

                             It seems to be a tricky one because it's 

                             different to the photo  on the front .

                              My friend said I  will find it interesting !

                                            Lily of  the Valley  picked from the garden.

                              Here you can see them better.

                                           Garden in Spring .

                             Lots of spring and summer flowers coming  out.



                                                More sunny days are coming ,

Sunday 28 April 2024

Some Sunshine .

Oh well this week we did get a few sunny days , but also lots of rain , but I didn't mind if we get some sunshine with it .

I am still sorting out in my craft room trouble is I keep finding some lovely charts .

I am wondering how I will  ever get to stitch them all.

Maybe I can find an extra few hours , but I have started to get a little pain in my hand , if I stitch to much , I have sent for some magnet gloves that do help.

This week it's time to show  our Stick 6. that Manuela and Martina host 

Thank you both .

                                         Easter and Summer . 

I stitched a Spring one rather than Easter hope you don't mined girls.

         Next one will be a rose so I will look in my box for a pretty one.

Talking about roses I had a big shock , when I was in the garden weeding and de-heading I looked up and could see 2 yellow flowers I thought they were Tulips when I walked up I was shocked to see two beautiful roses fully out with an Iris, What! roses in April no way , but yes they were there saying hello to me .

 This morning I worked in the garden and filled two buckets up of dead heads and leaves I am happy I did because the showers are now back again .

      So the spring stitch was Violets , by designer the lovely Danny .

                     I found some wild violet by the bird bath .


I will start this puzzle this week looks fun.
I brought this rock plant this week 
I just loved the deep pink.
Cotyledon Elise. 

              I told you , I could not believe my eyes Roses in April .

            I even had to drag hubby up to see them ,he thought I was dreaming .HA 



                                   Hope you all have a perfect week.

Sunday 21 April 2024

Beautiful days at last.

 Yes at last we are now getting some beautiful days , makes you feel so good .

Well the last two weeks have been busy with appointments like  the dentist , I still have gum pain , but it is slowly going .

What else have I been up to , some gardening , knitting  a few dish cloths I love these for wiping down , stitching , still sorting out the craft room  so I can start making cards again , reading , shopping .a puzzle will be popping out soon , I have a few that I still need to do so I can pass them on. 

 We gave our grandson our big BQ  and a beautiful punch bowl , we use to have allot of house party's and outside party's , but now we go out to eat , it's easy for us to do that now. The young ones will enjoy this , they eat outside allot. When my family were young I sometimes had 18 to dinner , no way could I keep that up now . 

I enjoy someone else doing the cooking now days  I only cook a couple of meals per week now we just  find it cheaper to eat out  when there are just the two of us . I notice that lots more people are doing this , we see lots of our friends out to. 

Today I will be out in the garden , the bluebells are out now everywhere so I need to pull a few out , I also see that there are rosebuds everywhere that's early.

So not that much stitching , but I did put some stitches one of my WIPs 

   Blooms in a tea cup by Lucas S 


From a sweet friend Miriam.

A lovely spring gift .
Thank  you so much

                           Not much stitching but it is slowly growing 

                                    I will try and do better next week .

  But most of my time was outside now the sun came knocking on our door .

            I had to get outside in the sunshine It's been a long time with no sun.

But I have taken lots of photos from the garden , here we go.

                     Loads of blue bells and white also pink .  These have come  from the stock of my granddads and his family and could be well  over 300 yrs old or even older. 


                                                 Forget me not.
                               I will take some of these down to my daughters grave  
                                     I know she will have loved them.

First lily of Valley just coming out .

I hope you all have a lovely week . 
The sun is still out here so I will be outside again .
Hubby as cleaned all the slabs so it's looking good .
And we will bring out the garden furniture today .
Have a great week .
Hoping more stitching  can be shown next week