Saturday, 26 November 2016


Hello friends ,
Well the time is going by so fast I am always playing catch up .
How are you doing are you ready for Christmas ?
I am getting there but no way am I ready yet still lots to do.

Well it as been one of those week's for me .
My crown came out so a trip to the dentist was a must ,  but when she looked at it the part that held my crown in had spilt , OH NO so had to go back in the afternoon and have my tooth out and a plate made because it was on the side where you can see it.
So I was not a happy cookie , it as been hard to eat but at last I am getting use to it .

The weather as been up and down we did have a bad storm and lots of floods , we are so lucky that we live on a hill so we never get flooded .
Then we have had cold damp weather and some beautiful sunny days and yesterday I was in the garden pulling out dead plants  and gathering leaves , and my little friend my robin came to day hello he was helping me move the leaves next time I will try and take a picture , last Spring he was with me most days , so when I had finished I put some cake crumbs out for him.

I have also been unable to put a post on , but I see goggle have changed my setting , so I am just getting use to this .

This coming week we will get the Christmas decorations down I am not going to get my big trees down this year , we are just so busy .

We just got back from a coffee morning and I won a big tin of chocolates and we were given a box of cake looks so yummy.

Stitching , well I have been working on another WIP and lots of Christmas ornaments some felt work and knitting . Most I can't show until next year.

Over the next few weeks I will start looking for what to stitch in the New Year .

Thank you once again for your wonderful comments I always love to hear from you all.

This is my WIP I worked on this week.

            Winter 's   Stamp  by Vervaco  growing slowly.

                              And here I am working away at lots of Christmas ornaments.

These are the ones I was working on a couple of posts ago by
Cuore'e Battiecuore .

They are nice to stitch don't take to long but need to finish about 15 of them ! 
Wish me luck .

A lovely gift arrived from my sweet friend Titty from Italy 
My own advent I have never had my own before , thank you Titty.

 My DH brought me a little gift last week look at this.

My own little robin  how cute .

 I also brought a large white tree that I can use all of the seasons .

I still have to open up all the branches and set it out it all lights up too.
So I am going to look forward to decorating it each season.

                                   This is a lovely angel my friend Sally gifted to me last year

                                                  I was at a Christmas fair and found this little beauty it is hand painted .

 Well I am off to read my magazine in a moment and make a coffee  .

  Have a good week everyone .
Just before you go look at my bulbs  Liz brought me they are growing .
I wonder what colour they will be we should know by next week.

Thursday, 17 November 2016


  Hello friends
Well I went out with hubby this morning and picked up more
Christmas shopping , well It was so crowded I was so happy to get home .
 I just have one or two bits left to buy and then the food shop in a few weeks time.
I really feel it's not the same any more all this rushing around 
I would love to have the Christmas pasts once more . 
 But you have to move on with the flow and can't keep looking backwards , but I do still dream about times gone by.
We have had some good times but there was always something special  about years ago and we would always get a white Christmas and the smell of mince pies , puddings and cake hitting you when you came through the door ,  you would come in shaking the snow from your boots and your hands were so cold , in time to watch a movie.
Watching Christmas movies my favourite and I loved , A Wonderful Life.

Ok lets move on because I will be here all day , we had a very warm week but today is rainy and windy .
We have also had a very busy week lots going on .
But I did get a little stitching done and some more work on one of my WIPs .

Natale in Tazza

                                  by Cuoree Batticuore

Stitched on a white 28ct material from my box , using dmc threads.

There are 5 designs on this chart and I fancy stitching one every year for my dresser.
I love all cup designs.

We had my clubs Christmas party in the week and it was great fun , and in two weeks we are all going for a Christmas dinner.
I set the girls a challenge ,  everyone had a secret partner to buy a gift for and the best wrapped one would win a prise .
Here are some of them .

Some beautiful gifts .
I had two because we had a new friend join us and here is what they gave me.

                Lovely notelets and buttons from Jackie.

                 And look at these goodies from Carole .
Both gifts were wrapped beautifully and sorry I forgot to take 
many photos I was oh so busy.

I would like to take this moment to thank all my wonderful friends for leaving such wonderful comments and I see I have a few more followers , so a warm welcome to all.

I still have a garden of flowers just about hanging on.
And what a wonderful surprise I found yesterday .
A rose without a mark on it !

See you soon . 

Monday, 7 November 2016


Hello friends ,
Here today we have a lovely November sunny morning , but we are having a few frosty mornings and nights , but I don't mind one bit if it is sunny the rest of the day , in the conservatory it feels like summer when the sun is out it is nice warm and cosy.
I had another busy week last week with the dentist and Christmas shopping for the family .
Just need a few more bits and I have most of the gifts , I do buy alot in the sales .
So I will be out and about looking for bargains I can put back for next year. 
I hate shopping when it gets near to Christmas you can't move and the car parks are always full.

Thank you dear friends for all your lovely comments they really cheer me up and it is always so nice to hear from you.
I have been a little naughty and not read so many blog posts this last few weeks but I will catch up soon.
Time goes so quick this time of the year.

Ok what am I showing this week well there is another WIP I am working on , I love stitching on a different one each week and I have finished stitching sweet Elle's SAL at last we are stitching a square each month at the club so that's why .
I then need to find a nice way to finish it maybe a box.

Summer Nesting Box by Vervaco , I changed the aida from the kit to a 28 cnt I like this better.

Ele's SAL , I really enjoyed  stitching this with lots of different stitches ,  Ele is gifted with talent.

 I took some photos of my friend Lily's work and Sheila her daughter.

Lily is such a wonderful stitcher just look at this 

                           Just beautiful thanks Lily for letting me share your work.

This is a quilt that Lily is working on and below what Sheila her daughter is stitching.

I will show you more of my friends work at the club I run this winter , when we can no longer go into the garden.
But at the moment we still have a few flowers these are what I cut last week from the garden.

Flowers in the month of November !

Ok lets walk outside and see what we can find today.

Well what do you think not bad for November .
Some look a bit ragged 
This maybe the last with our frosts but we will wait and see.
Enjoy the start of your new week , see you soon.

Saturday, 29 October 2016


Hello friends how are we today ? 
This week has been a week of mist , cold , damp , and sunshine what a mix of weather and today is so mild .
I have been out in the garden putting in some spring bulbs .
Just a few parts  in the garden left to do.
I have noticed there are so many berries on the tree's they say it is a sign of a bad winter , and it is a way of feeding the birds and small creatures so they have plenty to eat , so we will wait and see.
I don't know what the real forecast will be I thought I read some where it would be mild !

Well I found a little time this week to finish a pillow and I made a start on another new WIP . 
I also stitched another Christmas ornament so will show this next time.

So first up is my finish , it was one I stitched late last year .
It was sitting inside my box of ready to finish ones.

                           Autumn stitch by the lovely 
                                       Dany brod.

                              Stitched on a white 28ct evenweave.

                         Using DMC thread and varied

 Sitting in my window brings Autumn  colour inside.

                             My new WIP 

Winter Stamp by  Vervaco

Some Autumn leaves 

Thank you friends for the lovely comments last week.
Always lovely to hear from you .
I know how busy we all are at this time of the year so thank you for taking the time to come over and visit .
Have a lovely stitching week . 

Saturday, 22 October 2016


Hello friends, 
Well I must say it is a lovely Autumn day today .
Fresh but sunny. 

Thank you for your lovely comments it is always good to hear from you all.

Well this week I worked on another Christmas ornament and a WIP, time is still a little short but I am stitching away when I can.
 So we start off with an old chart I have had in my sock for ages and I have two big box's of free magazine charts so I need to get stitching on them .

              This was such fun to stitch and finish .
          I thought I would try and make it into a mitten .
               What do you think ? not bad for a first try.
                             And below the back.

Seraphina Christmas card kit free from 
Cross/Stitcher 1998.
I stitched it on 28ct cream with DMC threads.

The WIP I stitched on this week was 
Garden Lasses "Lucy" 
By Lesley Teare

          This is the one I won from our lovely friend Mii.

 I had club this last week and one of my lovely friends Mo made me this .

She is always spoiling me and this is the second one of Sunny Sue she made for me , I love it so cute.

               Before I start showing AUTUMN pics here are a few more holiday photos.

After breakfast when we would walk back to our room We would count these little fellows .
We had a side each and we would see who the winner was , 
I must say I had the best eye for them.

Our lovely friend Pedro sharing is chocolate with us , 
he worked in the entertainment team . He was dressed ready for his Charlie and the chocolate factory .
Ron would always join in the archery and table tennis and he won us two nice bottles of champagne we are saving for our Christmas dinner party.
Have a lovely week all and enjoy this sunshine if you have it .