Saturday, 18 February 2017


Hello folks ,
Well what a different morning it is today last week snow flakes and this week warm and sunny , our weather is a little crazy a bit like me ha. 
I had a lovely busy week out with hubby and friends so now I need to play catch up .
Yesterday I  went out to a craft and stitching show , it was a very nice one , not allot of cross stitch which is crazy because it is starting to make a come back , you will see this in the coming year.
I think there will be lots of new ways to create our cross stitch  this year and I know I  have many friends who are starting to take it up again . 
The store at the show I could not get near to the front good thing really I have far to much stock .
Ok lets start with a gift I made for our friend Barb , it was her birthday this last week .
                  Spring Time by Carolyn Meacham .

 I know Barb likes her garden and birds so I stitched this
 little bird house with a little robin on the top 
I used a board saying I brought and made it into a calendar and she can change it around you can see the other side here.

The stitching was a kit form but I changes the Aida to 28cnt.
The Birthday cake for my friend is growing just have to add the beads now back stitch and finish .

                    And a little more on my Victorian lady.
                         This is getting a little tricky now .

We had a nice Valentine's
Hubby was busy so I cooked a nice meal at home.
Here are a few cards from the day and my roses are still holding on but all our chocolates have long gone.

Some of the stash I brought yesterday  

 This week we cut the lawns in the back garden for the first time this year and I have been out working hard cutting things back .
It is now coming to life with flowers showing their wee heads.
I hope our weather does not have a bite in it's tail ! 

Thank you sweet friends for all your wonderful comments .
You know I love to read everyone of them and I do hope I can keep your interests each week and you pop back to my little blog .
Have a wonderful week .

Saturday, 11 February 2017


Good morning my friends all over the world.
This morning it is snowing ! not allot but it is lovely to watch the snow flakes falling another of natures delights .

Well where did this week go I ask myself playing catch up every day.

It is with sadness to hear my favourite magazine will be no longer for sale. Cross stitch Collection.
Oh how I will miss this one . 
And this very last one I have a small write up in here . I have seen many of our friends in the magazine over the past years the last one had our lovely friend Kim inside .
I am happy to be in this last issue so I think I will have to keep this one and not cut it up . 

 On to my stitching .

Victorian Lady 
Lesley Teare 

The hard part of this stitching is coming up now on the dress and the lace gloves and then the back stitching and beading .

March cake by Brook'e Books .
And below lasts weeks finish .

I used a different backing material in the end the other one was just a little to small. 

 No garden this week but some flowers my Hubby brought me this week.

Last weeks opened 

So pretty and still alive .
This week roses

I have had a nice week watching the birds in the garden I think this must be where my time goes but I see my friend the robin every day and my doves always drop by for something to eat .
And my little wren I don't see very often came out to play I love this little bird so much just like my robin I could watch them for hours .
I was eating my lunch yesterday at mid day and a family of long tail tits came down right by the window of the conservatory 
They were that close I could have touch them 
Thank you again for the lovely friends who come to visit and the ones who take the time to leave a comment ,always love to read each one .
Have a wonderful week .

Saturday, 4 February 2017


Hello dear friends .
Here we are into the first week in February and it's been a week of storms and rain but mild .
Now it is turning cold but it is dry and a beautiful sunny day .
My PC is back up and running again so everything is good right now.
Today I will show you my little stitch to mouse for her birthday , and another stitch I am going to send to a beautiful lady soon when I finish it. Some more work on my WIPs .
            So first up is this little pillow to hang up,  for our friend mouse , in her craft room for her Birthday.

                  From Grande Histoire de' l'ouvrage
              By les Brodeuses Parisiennes 

Stitched on white 28ct dmc threads.

A free chart from Linen flowers 
called Peace Ornament 
I really enjoyed stitching this one 
so next week it will be posted to a lovely lady .

Back to my WIPs 

A little more work on these two you can look back at my last post to see the progress 

My friend Reba sent me this beautiful home made card .
Thank you I love it so much 

I will show you another one next week.
Spring will be on it's way soon.

 More hints of Spring .
Primroses . 

Lets hope if we get some snow it won't be allot if we do get some .
 Thank you to everyone that left a comment .
Wishing you all a lovely week .

Saturday, 28 January 2017


Today feels like Spring after days of cold the sun is out I have even opened the windows for an hour.

Well I am still not g up and running with my email sever yet I think they are having big problems so I found out how to sent a few emails out but don't worry if you don't hear from me you know why , hope it will be fixed next week.
I have been stitching away when I can so will show you this first .
  I finished the rest of this one this I showed you last week.
                   by Cuore e Btticuore .

Stitched on 32 ct 
I have lots to put together soon so will spend some time getting them all finished soon.


Victorian beauty 
by Lesley Teare .

 This next one I can show it is a birthday gift for my friend no blog 
It is going to be a birthday cake.

                            A little bit more added to my SAL.

 Thank you mouse for my lovely gifts I did try to email you .
But I will thank you here just in case you didn't get my email.
And a Happy Birthday to you today your gift should be there soon.

What beautiful goodies thank you can't wait to start this one love the butterfly pin.  Your stitching is so lovely and those little bells.

I found these few snow drops in the garden to match. 

My first daffodils I brought them this week .
But I have seen lots more in some gardens already . 

Well it's been fun setting this post up with whats going on with my PC ! 
So better leave it now .

Thank you for all the lovely comments .
Wishing you all a happy weekend .

Friday, 27 January 2017


Hello to all my friends ,
We are having problems with my PC server so I can not send or receive emails right now but hoping they sort it out very soon.
So I am still around , but can't reach out .
 I will be back very soon .

Saturday, 21 January 2017


Hello friends ,
Here we are again , this was another cool week.
I know many of us don't like January there are parts I don't like but I am going to give you a list of good things January can bring ,

No more Christmas Shopping .
No more writing out cards and finding friends have moved and you can't find their new address anywhere.
Less stress.
Time to look forward.
More time to relax and do our stitching.
Sitting by a warm fire nice and cosy at night.
Better TV. 
Nice crisp walks .
Watching the snow flakes full , if you have snow.
Pretty frosty morning .
A rest from the garden.
New growth shooting bulbs telling you Spring is almost here.
Sitting watching the birds you can see them much better now.
Naming the new birds that come to visit.
Watching our football team , at the top at the moment .
Watching a good film .
Shopping in the sales and buying many bargains mid January after the rush.
Nice hot soups and stews .
Well I think I could go on and on. 
So we have allot of positives at this time of the year .
I know you could write many more good things .
Notice my new header this is another dresser in my craft room I know many of you like to view it each year . 
I have lots to show you so here we go.

          Almost finished this one just a little more to stitch .
                     Sei Peronaggi in cerca di Natale
                                   Cuore e Batticuore .

I have not finished yet I have her hand and the rest of the top and beading to do so still a few more weeks yet . And she wants to smell her rose! 
Not enough on the rest of the stitching to show  I have been out allot this week.

 Another pair of pink gloves almost ready that's 3 pairs now , 
what colour next ?

 I recieved more beautiful gifts from my wonderful friends.
First from a sweet friend Karen in the US, some beautiful Christmas gifts.
Thank you Karen for all the beautiful goodies I will enjoy every one of them . 

From my dearest stitching sister Linda from Canada two wonderful 
Magazines that I am reading at bedtime at the moment .
      Thank you so much I love them.

And from my sweet friend Titty from Italy  , more beautiful gifts .
Always beautifully wrapped and smell so wonderful .
Thank you my friend .

Yesterday I was out and found this book in a sale .

Was £12.99 down to £3.49 well what can I say ! did I buy it you bet I did .

 Here are just a few pages inside .

                          Well my friends that's about it for today 
Oh I did buy some new glasses at last after my eye test so hopefully lots more stitching . 
Thank you for all the wonderfully comments and I always read each one , so thank you for taking the time to come and visit me.
Will leave you with more photo's of my craft room .
This is last year at the moment it is very messy to cold to tidy up but in the Spring I will be back in there. 
Have a great week hugs to all.