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Monday, 29 August 2022

Sunny Monday .

 Well the sun is shinning and another beautiful day  here .

We still have not had the  amount of rain we get most years , I don't mind apart from the garden .

Well my vac died on Friday so I had to order a new one ,  it came the next day ,  and took my hubby most of the day to unpack it .

Then we had to find out how to put it together ,  and I started it up and it's  great love it . 

The football is back which we both love so we were happy this weekend .

I have been cutting back plants and cleaning up the garden , before it's time to put  the bulbs in  .

Another Summer that past far to fast , but it's nice to have Seasons and nothing lasts forever .

I am stitching alot of Christmas goodies a few Autumn ones that I will show in the next few months .

I put a few more stitches in my Spring stitch , I wanted to finish this one but it will have to wait untill the New Year now.  

We have another holiday today it's bank holiday  Monday , but we stay home because the traffic gets so bad .

Holiday makers come down to our area at this time of the year and it gets really busy .

I have a few jobs to do today , then I want to give a couple of hours to my stitching if I can .

So this is my Spring Stitch or shall I call it my Summer stitch ?

                 Summer Nesting Box by Vervaco .



 You can see a little growth  from last time , so I will say good bye to this one  untill the Spring , I wanted to stay with it , but there are only so many hours in a day and my hand is not to good after spending time with my other love Gardening .

So like I said above Seasons change and it's time for Autumn and Christmas  stitching .

I am well on the way for my Christmas stitching  which I can't show you all yet .

I will dig in my box of  of UFOs and see what I can finish .

So my friends I will leave you with my garden plants that are coming to an end soon .

This year has gone far to fast for me again  , bulbs are already coming up   !  I think nature is all to pot . 

Enjoy the flowers while they are lasting .


                            Enjoy your week and the last  of the days of the  Summer  days .

                     What are you going to stitch for Christmas  smalls or one large stitch ?

Monday, 22 August 2022

Raining today .

 Well hello all, hope you all had a nice weekend and managed to get some stitching in .

Here I am happy to say we  have had some rain , but I wonder if that's it for summer days and will we get more so we can get to sit in ! and enjoy the garden and wild life .

I think we have only sat out in  the Spring , and that  the Summer was a hot wash ,  just to hot to sit out .

I tried it one day and took out my favourite  ice cream a Magnum, they are so yummy .

I thought this will keep me cool while I sit out , so it was all going so well , I was trying to eat the top and the sides , then the front slid down onto the clean slabs then while I was trying to kick it away so hubby could not see the mess on his clean slabs the other side slid down my front well it was a mess worse than the mess my GC use to make .

So now we see who can eat one with out making a mess , so far no one can win not in the sun shine we have had  .

I hope we  get a few more  sunny days so we enjoy the rest of the Magnums in the freezer .

Any way moving on I stitched another little winter stitch this week , I also got in a little mess with this one and need to put a little more snow in place .


                      It was from a calendar  2009 a friend sent to me  by Kirsten  Schmidt  .

                     I used DMC threads and a oddment of fabric  from my large box given to me by another                                  friend  who no longer stitches  .

                  I lost the chart looked everywhere and tried to make it look the same .

                   I have just found the chart again on the back of this picture ! 

                              So there you go I am just not with it at all , ha .


                      I have sorted two nice puzzles  out for the Autumn I would like to do.

 Well  that's it from me this week ,   I will be back next week then I will be taking a blog break for a month and will see you in October .

Have fun and I will leave you with my flowers that are still holding on after the hot Summer .


                       The out door tomatoes have been a winner so sweet and yummy .                 

Monday, 15 August 2022

Too Dry.

 Well it is bone dry here and we do need some rain .

Looks like it is on it's way soon , thank goodness before everything is dead. 

Well another busy week , lots going on  so not much free time .

I did get chance to meet up with my friend this week  to chat and coffee , then  hitting the shops .

I found a lovely set again for my dresser .

I have started a little  bit of Christmas stitching  like this one here 

                                           By Holly's Hobbies ,  festive Owl  .

                                               He is so cute and an easy stitch  

                                         A friend sent me the chart a few years ago now .

                                      Have you started any Christmas stitching yet ?                                



                            Below a lovely little set for the dresser  only £1.99 for both another bargain.

          I was given these lovely flowers yesterday  they are just beautiful.

                                                                      So pretty .

                                    Sadly only one photo of my garden this week .


                      Now do you often see pictures in the sky or on wood  etc 

Well I often see pictures on my rug in the wash room , see if you can see any thing .


                            Not a good photo  but you can  just see a little baby sleeping ?

                                She has a little hat on  and a blanket pulled up to her chin .

                            On the right side  down a little off at an angle you will see a line and above the babies                                  face and then her head with hat on. 

                      Now my hubby can't see anything and most people can't but I often find pictures  in  .

                      objects  .

                          Well my friends  it's going cloudy so we may just get some rain  today at last .

                    We need it so badly at the moment  everything  is starting to die in the garden .

                   Enjoy your new week my friends .




Monday, 8 August 2022

Hot Summer Days.

 Hello to all my lovely friends out there .

Hope you are  all enjoying these beautiful summer days .

We have just been tidying the front garden but it was to hot for me , but we did it and sat in the shade after and had coffee . 

Yesterday it was nice to see my daughter and catch up with all the family news , and later in the afternoon we had a phone call from my GD and all the little ones .

Well we were naughty last week and lunched out alot , it's so nice not to cook this weather .

Well on the stitching front I am only stitching a little maybe I try and get an hour done each day but when you look it's not much .

Anyway I did  finish stitching this one but still need to find a nice frame .

      Bunny Basket by Serendipity Designs .


                      My Magazine dropped in the post this week


                                                              With free gift .

                      I have been working on a few more cards but can't show you just yet .

                     And it will soon be winter stitching I always Start in September .

   The garden is starting to go over a bit now with no rain  we try and water the main plants but the rest are not looking there best now.

So hope you all have a great week enjoy your stitching .

                               I will leave you to wonder around the garden .

                                                                   See you next week.

Monday, 1 August 2022


 Well here we go August already !

Where did June and July go , they just came in and then gone with a blink of an eye.

So did you have your moment , I did last week again just sat and enjoyed a few moments , and boy does it feel good.

The garden is getting pretty dry now with no rain and the grass is going yellow , we are keeping the plants going Just ! 

The weather is beautiful cloudy and sunny which I like .

Not much going on here this week , we did watch the football yesterday and our girls were just wonderful , also the German girls played well, but it was great that England won at last.

We also watched the Common Wealth Games opening in our home town of Birmingham . it has changed allot since we were there in fact we have lived longer in Devon now .

Well bad news yesterday my sewing machine died again , just when I was going to sew a little pillow .

So instead I made it into a card for a friend .

                         A  lovely design by Dany  called Pensee's d'automne.

                           A lovely easy stitch for a new stitcher to cross stitch 


I also have two cards to show you I made one for Danny's Anniversary   and one Birthday card for Martina .


On the cross stitch part you can see little beads .


Sorry not a very good photo  but you can see a bit of the bead work .

And this one was for Martina 

this chart was from an old New Stitches Mag 

So moving on I know many of you enjoy my flowers so will leave you with photos taken 
this week.


Enjoy your your start of August .

Monday, 25 July 2022

I enjoyed my moment .

 Hi all,

Don't you think we could  do with lots more time in our busy lives , I seem to lose a day or two each week  then I start rushing, and no we should take a moment , so I did this week I just sat in the garden and never moved for  must have been over 30 mins . I knew I had loads to do but I thought no that can be done tomorrow , so now I am two days late doing my work and I don't even care ha. I enjoyed my moment  and may have another moment this coming week. 

Well the week started hot but then we had cloud so not to bad here and after that a little rain .

Sun is back out now  with cloud so very enjoyable  . 

I have been stitching a little here is my progress on my UFO .


                                    It's growing a little from last time .


                                                         Summer Nesting Box by Vervaco 

                                           I had another lovely gift from my friend Nathalie 


                         Thank you so much my friend I will enjoy every one of my gifts .


I will leave you with this weeks flowers  and after a few small jobs I my have another moment ha .

Have a wonderful week all.