Saturday, 5 June 2021

It's Summer time .

 Hi all,

Well I missed a week , I have been busy in the garden soaking up the sunshine and planting lots of summer plants .

And I can't believe we are almost a week into June . I have been stitching a little and doing lots of sorting out in my craft room , I start then find things I had forgot about well that's not good news for me I have so  many  beautiful things waiting to be stitched so I started to put them in order for whats next  big mistake because I want to stitch on all of them  I now have box's every where . So that was a waste of time when I could have been stitching , so I will try and just shut my eyes dig in and see what comes out .

I am now set up for the week another WIP from the box , and 7 smalls  to stitch on this week then next month I will add one autumn one and two Christmas smalls and see how this goes .

So here is what I stitched on the last week .

       Milk paint Sampler  by Mary Garry's Sewing Cabin , it was sent to me by a dear friend who I  sadly lost  not long ago and I found it when I was sorting and only had the one side to finish , so I will make it in to a new needle case that I can look at each day and think about my dear friend , I stitched with the silk threads which I now just love .


                                                                      I love these soft colors 

And now the month of June the roses are out and I picked one with some mint 
for a beautiful smell in the lounge .
And popped it into a pretty cup.

Just a few of my lovely pink roses out now.


                       Enjoy your week hope to have more stitching to show next week 

Monday, 24 May 2021

Please bring me some sunshine .

 Well still the rain falls and today a couple of windows of sunshine , I really forgot what it looks like ! 

But they promise the rain will stop sometime this week.

So what do you do when your fed up , is add to my stash  I ordered some new charts and some new silk threads they should be here soon. 

I have changed my routine again this week , I stitch on 6 smalls each night when I can , and one large design in the afternoon for an hour .

Then rotate the large chart each week , this works for me and stops me from getting bored .

I seem to finish the smalls designs quick  this way .

Here is the one I have stitched this last week .

                                              Strawberry Heart  by Just Nan .



                                               I now need to  find a nice frame .

And below this weeks WIP is Christmas Sentiment , not allot stitched on here last week I was busy reading and lunching out .


                                         And a few photos from a rainy garden .

             You can see the raindrops  falling from these beautiful Poppies .

So sad to see every flower soaked .
But they may like it who knows .

Hope you are all enjoying your new week , I may be  grow web feet soon ha.

Monday, 17 May 2021


 Yes it's been rain rain rain , all last week and into this week too.

The garden is soggy all over and I am waiting to put a few more plants in .

But the high light of the week is we are out of lock down for a bit .

So today we had a meal out and the staff were so happy to see us again .

  Hubby had a bit of a spend and I brought few face creams and topped up on all the bits I had run out of .

Well it felt so good to get out again even in the rain , we just had a dry spot so took a few photos out in the garden just .

I have just finished my May little ornament I love stitching these .

 The charts were from the CS mag 

This week I worked on this sweet WIP.
                                                                   Winter Stamp by Vervaco.



 Look what I found today first rose and Lily of the Valley

                            Brought more books today , I passed on some to my daughter and now she keeps asking me for more books she is so enjoying them .

It's getting near teatime now so will leave you to walk around the garden even though it's wet the flowers still come out .
Enjoy your week .

Monday, 10 May 2021


Hi lovely friends ,

Hope you are all having a lovely new week . Here it is nice and sunny but so windy I don't like wind at all.

Last week was another busy one I also went for my 2nd Vaccine First one no problem I did not even feel the needle go in my arm on the 2nd  one , but  on the night could not sleep on my side my arm was so painful , but the pain soon went , but the next two days I felt a little under the weather , apart from that great it's all done .

So looking forward to some shopping soon.

Just a quick post this week , here is little  sweetie I knitted for Lynda .


My WIP this week was 
Summer Nesting Box by Vervaco 
A few more stitches added .

              And a couple of past stitching gifts I gave to friends  a Birthday cake .


Both by Brooks Books 

                                                     A few late tiny  daffodils 

Enjoy your week .

Monday, 3 May 2021


 Here we go into another month ,     MAY already ! 

Well it's been a good week and very busy .

The weather as been dry to start with and the last few days lots of showers and colder .

And today the winds are gale force , I am a little upset because I have rose buds coming on my roses and they will fall off in this wind , but there you go that's life it happens . But I don't like these winds they do so much damage .

I have another sweet finish from one of Dany's designs called  Sourire du Printemps .

I added some nice bright trimming . Stitched on 28 ct with a mix of my own threads .


I need to find a nice big white basket to fill and put inside  my Dany designs .

                      Below I worked on my hubbies  robin Christmas picture .
                          Now I will put my hand in the box and pull out another one out for this week

When out and about last week I found two more books of the Harvey Family Saga . Now I just read the 1st one and I am now re-reading the 2nd  I found out there are another two to buy that follow these four it's set down here in the south west so I know the places it's set in which makes it even better . 

My lovely friend Ann brought me some lovely Christmas ribbon .
to use for my Christmas stitching .
Thank you so much Ann.


Well it's raining now so can't take you up the garden today .

                                      But here are a few flowers I picked this weekend .


                      We do have some tomatoes forming on my tomato plants  that are ready to go outside 
                                    Next week.
                                    Have a wonderful week my friends and enjoy your stitching .

Monday, 26 April 2021

Warm days of April.

 Hi everyone ,

Again this week went so quick .

It's been a mixed week for me happy and yet so sad .

I lost another lovely friend , who was such a lovely lady .

That is 3 friends sadly lost in the last few months so heart breaking .

But life moves for ever forward and we have to make the most of our lives .

This week I spent a lovely sunny morning with one of my best friends ,we met by the coast brought a  large take away coffee and sat on a bench looking out at sea , in the warm sunshine .

It was just perfect .

There were 5 cruse ships parked way out at sea with no where to go .

We  never stopped talking for an hour , then we had a little walk around a few shops , before going home .

    The sun is still shinning here and we really have had some wonderful weather , but I hate to say this we do need some rain the garden is very dry , but once it starts it never  seems to stop.

We are starting to open up more now,  so we will be popping  out and about a little more , I need to because I find your confidence goes after a long time inside .

Well I have done allot of stitching but I can't really show you just  yet .

So this week I rotated again my large stitching and worked a little more on this one 


Naughty me  !       I gave in and just had to buy this one for Christmas it was calling my name .

                           Now I have to live to well over 100 , to get them all stitched .

                           I really have no will power ,  when I see such beauty .


Look what just came in the post from my friend Titty from Italy , wow just wonderful , I love chocolate and sweets , yummy 

 And lots of other goodies and a lovely sewing set  , thank you my sweetest friend .

Now on to the garden , when I was a little girl I use to live near the woods and spend allot of time building dens with my friends ,  we had so much freedom in my childhood in those days .
And my favorite time was April when we would run through  the woods seeing the many wonderful blue bells every where the color was breathtaking we use to pick our mothers arm fulls of flowers .
But in those days you could do that we had so much freedom .
And now in my own garden I grow my own , many are the ones from my dads and granddads own gardens I have different blues pinks and white ones .
Some of you have seen these before .

 So now you can see why I spend so much time in my garden , thinking of old times .


So many beautiful flowers are out now with this lovely sunshine , wishing you all a lovely new week.
And if you can get out visit your local bluebell woods .