Saturday, 10 April 2021


Hi stitching friends  ,

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter .

We were so lucky and had some beautiful weather so we spent most of Easter  in the garden .

We took most of the furniture out of the Summer house , and we worked and sat out in the sunshine , it was so beautiful to sit and watch nature and the little birds , bees and butterflies , yes butterflies I saw a couple of them warming them selves in the sunshine , when I came inside I had a bit of a tan  and a red face  .

But there is always a downside now it's gone cold , but its still warm if the sun comes out , just the mornings and nights are still cold and some parts have had snow ! 

We have had a busy week it's been full on so I am late posting . I also had some PC problems , which are now all sorted .

We also got out to the garden centers , brought loads of plants for the Summer and some tomato plants .

My daughter has also been sowing seeds she is becoming gardening mad now . She loves growing seeds and she  gave us a few plants , it is lovely and so much fun  to see new life  come alive from a packet of seeds .

Try it if you have not done it before .

I have also been enjoying my stitching and reading . 

I stitched this little free chart from the CS mag .
                    I do love these small designs I will start on the May one this week.
Below is a lovely Easter card from Gabby how cute  is this , thank you Gabby .
One day I must make some nice pillows out of all my lovely cards sent  from friends .

I stitched the one below for Gabby for her Birthday .

                                                  STITCHING PAST .

This is to show some of my past stitching over the years .
Now I must get around to SALs UFOs and WIPs  this coming week .



                            I have read another book this week ,  I enjoyed this one .                    


   The garden  has been filled with bees , butterflies , ladybirds , and birds Easter weekend



                   And it is with sadness I end my post with the loss of Prince Phillip  yesterday .

              We will all miss him and my heart goes out to the Queen at this very sad time .         

Sunday, 28 March 2021


 Hi everyone 

Are you looking forward to Spring and Easter , I just love this time of the year .

I can't believe it's almost here and I am so late posting out to family and friends I thought I had weeks still, but with every day moving into the next day I forget where I am . Monday comes then its  almost Friday !

Hope to catch up this week , today the sun is out and very strong but a little colder but in a few days time they are saying it will be like summer for a few days , so I will be lost in the garden .

Our clocks go forward tonight so it will be lighter longer in the evening .

We have also started to unlock a bit so we are going out now once a week to the garden shops .

But we can't drink or eat out yet ,  but that will be coming soon.

I find it so strange to go out again after being inside so long , but you soon get use to it again.

I often wonder if it will ever be normal again , I hope so. 


Well I never got to put my blog on yesterday , so I will start again and today is a dull day not very nice .

But we have a little heat wave to come this week

So this week I did finish from my basket .

                It's been some time since I stitched this one and I am not sure 

                              who the designer is but it may be


                                                               This is the backing material .

And below this was my WIP this week  Winter Stamp  Vervaco 

                                                      And stitching from the past . 

                                                   I have so many you forget them .



                                                   We brought a lovely butterfly last week . 
                                     Already to hang in the garden this week .


                                                         Talking of the garden .


                                                            Anemone  I love these flowers

                                      Christmas roses have been beautiful this year .

Tulips are out now

Our wild Devon violet 

Enjoy your week all , there is so much to do inside and outside this week .
                                So it will be a busy one for me .

Sunday, 21 March 2021


Well this week has been more like Spring  , slowly the garden is breaking out in flowers all over .

There is something new to see everyday .

We even got to have a morning out last week to the garden center and I am so excited with what we got to see and some new ideas for the future .

I really want to make the area outside my craft room really pretty it may take a couple of years to do but I have some wonderful ideas now , just need the time.

I hope you have all had a good week even thou many of you have new lock downs , I am hoping in the next few weeks we are coming back out of lock down , it will be great to get back to some kind of normal life again. 

This Tuesday is to remember coronavirus victims  Marie Curie is planning  a national of reflection  there will be a minute's silence at noon , also a 8 pm people are encouraged to stand on their door steps with a light a beacon of remembrance , and yellow ribbons on trees . 


Ok on to stitching  here is a little pin pillow I stitched for a friend .

  I stitched this one over one it was a by design by our friend Dany .

And this week I have been working on this UFO .


                           Summer nesting Box by  Vervaco 

                                                            PAST STITCHING 

I will be showing my past stitching over the Spring and Summer months it is more for my new followers to see and it's nice also for myself to see what I have stitched in the last few years 


The garden is also coming alive now and I am spending more time in there but at the same time being very careful . 


Enjoy you week every one the best you can , Spring will lift us I saw some baby lambs in the field last week how lovely was that . 

Monday, 15 March 2021

Hail and Wind .

 Hi all ,

Well it has not been a good week weather wise , we had some really bad winds , but we were lucky there was no damage . Then one day was beautiful and sunny , I ran upstairs came down and it was white we had a hail storm . This is more like April weather  , I am sure the months are changing .

I can't believe how fast each day passes by , am I the only one to think this I wonder.

It was mothers day yesterday my daughter sent we a card and when we can get together she is going to bring over a cream tea , but we did have a good chat on the phone ,we miss seeing each other and the rest of our family . So please everyone be good so we can one day be with our family again.

Well this week I have changed all my stitching plans again , first up I know my hubby just loves Robins so I found a lovely chart that I  have had for a few years you know how it is you forget about it then it's to late to stitch it so I have now started it so this year it will be ready for his Christmas box  .

I will bring it into the monthly mix I work on my SALs , UFOs and WIPS  of large stitching and try and find an hour each day , then that leaves me free to stitch on smalls at night and watch TV .

                 Robins from an old Cross stitch crazy mag , sorry I am not sure which one only I do rip out the pages of the charts I want to stitch , but I am sure you could ask them , all I know it was a few years ago.


I also had a thought to show you a couple of PAST stitching  each week  from now on , that I gave away has gifts or they are in my craft room .
We must all have Past stitching in and around it is always nice to see.
So maybe you could do the same I love to see what others have stitched in the past .

One of our friends Dany's I stitched from the Past 

I think the one below was a S/Bush one from the past.  

  Ok back to now  , Happy Mothers Day ,  from my daughter , the card is so cute .



                                                           Books .

                                Just finished this one a nice read from back in time .

                                    And how hard farming was back then .


                               After the storm most of the plants were still ok .

Some of the broken ones came inside .

Flowers coming out now all the time .

                                    I wish you all a very good week and stay safe still.

Sunday, 7 March 2021


We are having another wonderful Sunday , I do hope you are all to having some sunshine today. 
We had a lovely week we did get to see some friends from a distance and family phone calls .
I have been working in the garden but I am being so careful this year .
The plants are bursting all around  me  and something new everyday.
I have been stitching a few gifts and cards .
I am starting to rotate my UFOs again with my other stitching  , I find the time is still rushing by and I can never seem to do every thing I want to do  put hey ho I am getting there slowly.
So first is my WIP which I am working on through the year .


                                 Bienvenue  Chez Nous by Madame La Fee 

                   NEXT  Summer nesting Box by Vervaco  my first UFO I will be working on this  
                                                                         coming week


After many months and pulling my hair out!  at last I did it , I never gave in, mind you it was close to throwing it in the air  a few times , it looks so easy but no it is not .  
It's big and almost fills the garden table up .  

                                         FLOWERS   from Hubby   

                                     They are just starting to open and are beautiful.

And below my Camellia is coming out , in flower Language it means  Perfected Loveliness .
        Named after George Joseph Camellus .
How do I know ? I found a beautiful book called The Language of Flowers . 

                   A  friend dropped off a jar of homemade honey she keeps bees .
                                                                     I love honey .

So keep safe everyone , thank you all for the lovely comments . I think I have some free time for an hour to stitch now , have a good week.

Monday, 1 March 2021


Hi all , 

What a weekend ,  Spring  is  here  the weather was almost hot the last three days , but frosty at night .

We sat having coffee up on the decking and I was to hot ! this is February right !

That was the weekend .

But now it is March , and the garden is going mad flowers are opening every where .

So not much time for stitching , but I did manage the March small stitch .

A free gift from the C/S Mag .

The material was used on the back that you can see here.





And now into March we have another  ANNIVERSARY  and my friend popped up with these lovely pot of flowers  yesterday and left them on the steps for us how sweet , thank you Marian 

                               So they have now joined some of my other flowers .     


                                               We also cut the grass this week .

                      Even a Butterfly came out to enjoy the sunshine .

                                    Well where oh where did the years go , 
                                           54 years this week we were standing together here .


 I have been so blessed we had such a great life , and yes there have been such sadness too in our lives .
But that's life , and the sad times make you stronger .
 So now I will have get my card making bits out again to make another card.
  My hubby is my rock , he is strong, and a big softy . I am so lucky to have spent so many happy years 


                                          The sun is still shining here today .   
                      Take care all and I will blow some sunshine over to you.

                    The only news I have today is we have had 24 UFO  sighting in and around our                                coast  in the last 6 years , I wonder how many are real.