Saturday, 16 June 2018


Thank you friends for all the lovely comments last time , I read everyone , and where I can I do say thank you .
I just wanted you all to know how much I love everyone of them.
This blog is all about THANK YOUS this week.
As you will see on the way down when you read it .
First up my stitching .
                              Here is Lilas by Dany .
                                Or lilac's to many of us .
                I stitched on 28ct white and Dmc and Dragon thread 
          Called "Saying it with Thread Lasting Friendships."

 I have put together a few items together and like I said on my last
Blog I will think about how I will finish it.
I have started to finish lasts week and will show you soon.

            My new WIP this week is Winter Stamp by Vervaco.

I do love to change my WIPs  about  every week in the

    summer , last weeks I only managed a few stitches so will

 My Video is not working so sorry I will it next time  here are some of my gifts that friends have sent me.

                            From Julie thank you          

                           From Nancy thank you

                            From Natalie thank you    

                           From Shirl thankyou

                            Lovely card 

                           From Vickie thank you

From Carol thank you

From Titty thank you

Thank you to all my wonderful friends.
               Come with me into the garden things are changing
                      every week.

Even my sweet peas are coming out and if you cut them every day you will have more and more.

 Well I am off into the garden now for an hour then I will make a coffee and work on some stitching , after another busy week it's nice to sit and stitch.
Wishing you all a wonderful week .
 I see we have some friends
 retuning  back to us,  always great to see friends retuning and keeping in touch again , with the busy world we now live in

Sunday, 10 June 2018


Hello friends just want to pop and see you all.
What a wonderful summer we are having , we are enjoying each day .
 But really can't stop time rushing by so quick.

Well I still have not got my blog how I like I keep playing about with it , but not sure if you can all comment.
I will still play about with it until I get it right.
I have lost a few friends I follow so hoping to catch up with you soon.

Looking forward to be watching Poldark tonight can't wait .

Well this week is my Birthday week, and today would have been my mothers Birthday so its happy and sad for me .

I have started to do a little knitting and work on a few WIPs 
 but first here is a new small not finished but will be soon , I am thinking how to make it up, so I will leave it out and an idea will soon pop into my head.

So here we go first up Main Street by CCN stitched over one on 25ct  Dmc threads.            
                             The flower shop.

Backing materials .

Below Tulips and Ornaments new added WIP.

Below is 
The Time For Myself.
Soda stitch.

I shall work on this WIP  this week
And this week Pat at my Stitching club was wearing a lovely cardigan .
I told her I loved it so she sent me the pattern so out I went to buy some wool and started it.
It is an easy knit so I will get it knitted up in time for the Autumn
Do you like the colour ?

  Back to the garden oh dear it's all go but fun and that's what life is about . 
We are eating our first cucumbers and they taste wonderful

Some photos of a few lovely pink roses 

Lots of green fly on here but with the birds nesting we will hold back on spraying a little longer.

I have noticed that bees are going into the roses which I have not noticed so much before .

Well that's all for this week my friends .
Hope you all have fun and a wonderful week what every you are doing .
And thank you for the lovely comments.

Sunday, 3 June 2018


Hello to all my friends far and near ,
 Hope you are enjoying a lovely early Summer or early Autumn in other parts of the world.
We have had a very busy month so I have not had the time I like to spend on my PC, with all the things we like to do in the summer months . We have also been busy in the garden planting and weeding also going out and about.
We do live a very busy life , so some times we do like the odd hour in the gardening and sewing it is the perfect way for me to relax .
But this week not to much of this
So I do apologise to some of my friends I may be a little late with my letters  please forgive me you know who you are. I will be catching up this week.
Well my PC has been off for a few days , and now I have lost my bloggers I follow and all my extra bits , so  I will have to find them later , oh PCs are so much fun I almost put it in the dustbin today .
I lost my pictures I put in this morning and only just found them again ,oh life is such fun !!!!
Ok lets get started , I have not stitched allot the past few weeks but I did stitch another one of Dany's I love her charts so much.

                                          Peonies  by Dany       

Stitched on 28 ct
Using a dmc var and Prickly Pear by Crescent Colour es .

With my Peonies just out in my garden.

I sent this little pin cushion to a friend it is in back stitch.

My lovely stitching friend Lynda send me a lovely gift look at all this monthly place mats , thank you my stitching sister .

                She stitched so many beautiful ones.
                A whole year of flowers .

Also some extras lovely tatting and lots of candy even a bag full for my hubby . We both thank you Sis.

        Look what we found on our way to lunch one day

And Friday night we went for a meal with some friends to  
Canonteign Falls wow what a lovely place to visit  we must go back one weekend and have a walk around one day to see the falls .

They do allot of wedding party's in the big Barn

                                 At night it had lovely colour lights 
             Ok lets go into the garden to see new blooms .

Thank you friends for your lovely comments and lets hope I can sort my settings out by next week .
Enjoy a Fab week everyone.