Saturday, 14 July 2018


Hello friends ,
It is still very hot here I am living in shorts most days .
Well where did this week go ?
Not much stitching this week , I am working on a few things for the garden and craft show , which is coming up soon.
But I have started a new Autumn stitch  , I have had this chart for some years now and just love it.
So I have put in a few stitches and I will spell the name out each week with one letter and hoping it   will get finished by the last letter Ha we will see how I get on.

We have been very busy with lots of things going on in our life,  so time has been a little short but hoping to show more stitching next time, so I will show a few past stitching photo's , another birthday gift from our friend Lynda , they just keep coming , great for me I would love to have birthday gifts every week what fun.
Also we are just about keeping the garden going we have not had very much rain this summer so it's been hard to get every thing watered and again with the garden and craft show around the corner , what flowers will still be left ! we are wondering if any will still be in flower , I am outside every day cutting off the dead heads , the roses are just starting to come in to bud so that's good but I have to keep my eye on them .  it's all a matter of timing to put anything into the show.

 Ok here is my new stitch and the first letter is P 

                                                           And now stitching past 

 I like to show you my stitching past every now and again , It does me good to see what I have stitched over the years , many of my stitching pasts are given out to friends and a few I keep myself.


                  And look at my great gifts that came from our sweet friend Lynda .

Even gifts for Ron thank you so much my sewing Sister 

Lots of holiday bits that will come in so useful

Lovely stitching Thank you so very much sweet friend.
Ok those of you who love my garden photos come with me for a moment into my garden.

Well my friends that's it until next week I need to do some lunch and then I have a few jobs to do , and maybe I can get chance to sit and stitch a little .
Tomorrow afternoon is another cream tea in the countryside 
Then back to watch the world cup.
Thank you for your lovely comments , I always love to read them  It makes blogging well worth doing knowing that I can give a little enjoyment to others and it's good for me too .
Have a happy weekend all .

Saturday, 7 July 2018


Hello everyone ,
This is going to be the longest Summer we have had for many  years .
It keeps going on and on.
We are trying to keep cool with lots of cool drinks and ice creams .
The butterflies are now awakening and many are flying around outside in different sizes and colours , even the hummingbird moth .
The bees are so busy  and so many different ones this year lots more tiny bees . 
That brings me on to my new stitch from the little book Ann brought me for my birthday.

                                       From this book
                                     Which I am loving .

I will be starting another design from here over the weekend.

 I have not had the time to finish anything this week .
It's been far to hot  and I have been watching the world cup which I am loving .
But will get back to it soon.
Look what I found when out shopping the other day found it in a thrift shop and fell in love with it


   In the garden plants  are drying up and some are loving the summer. So a few photos after a good watering.

Just want to say a big thank you to every one who left me a comment.
 I must start looking at Autumn and Christmas charts soon ready to start after this month. 
But first need relax and enjoy the summer before it is gone .
Also looking forward to Jo's Summer post card hop coming very soon and this time I found time to join.

 Have a lovely weekend sweet friends and have fun.

Saturday, 30 June 2018


Hello friends , well it's so good to be back to normal on blogger and  at last get each others comments .
Thank you for all the lovely comments from my last post .

Ok why have I called my post daisy chain ? you will see soon. While stitching my mind took me back to years ago when I was a child , running through the wild meadows and finding these beautiful daisy's and sitting with friends making daisy chains we would wear them on our heads and around our necks .
We would also pull out the petals to find out if the boys we liked loved us , by pulling out each petal saying he loves me he loves me not until the last petal when you knew.
Then the Butter cup we would hold it under each others chin to see who loves butter the most , then the dandelion to blow the seeds away the quickest . What simple fun we had in those happy days .
Now it's hard to find these meadows on your doorstep today
And our weather at the moment is so much like the weather we had when I was a little girl day after day of wonderful summer days.

Now I must say it's a little to hot for me , but I do love summer.
Ok lets get back to my stitching and more birthday gifts from sweet friends it really has been a happy birthday month.
The garden is just holding on in the heat,  just hope we can keep up
with the watering . 
So first up my daisy stitch .

So talking of daisy here is this weeks stitch , a friend sent me this from a magazine called  I think it was called Grilles & fxpications !or something like that.
I had seen it before and always wanted to stitch it.

 I stitched it on 28ct white with dmc threads.

A finish set on another box 
to hold my flowers for my crafting.
Flower shop.

                          Now I have three boxes and they are 
                           so useful I know I will make more.

              Oh how lucky am I  another lovely gift from
             Our lovely friend mouse Thank you so much 
               Sweet friend , I love every gift and I am using 
               The needle pillow right now.

                                      Love the colours . 

                                    And Chris and the boys 
                               From the Boxing club sent 
                                 me these .


                                            They are great  , I never use to like Boxing
                                          but what Chris teachers them is wonderful .
                                           discipline ,  confidence  and lots more
                                           it's so good for them and keeps them off the streets
                                           Both boys and girls go , they are really lovely.
                                           We support them as much as we can .

                                           We had time to go for lunch twice this week .
                                         Right on the sea front we had a lovely meal .
                                           Then walked along the sea front in this beautiful hot weather.

                                      The garden is feeling the heat too .
                                          Every where is so dry .
                                            So here's a short walk around the garden.

                                         The veg is growing like crazy .
                                         I think we are keeping our family and friends in food ha.


                                            Tomatoes are not red yet but my
                                                   little ones are red out side .

                                          This is one of my favourite roses now
                                           The sweet smell is just beautiful .
                                            It was a cutting from a friends garden a few years back .
                                            So I am not sure what it is called.

Have fun this week .
Enjoy your Summer .
I will see you in July.