Sunday, 2 August 2020


Hello all,
I have been working outside most of today , and even though it's mid summer there are signs of Autumn already .
this year I feel has run away with me .
I have had so much time but I don't seem to have done that much .
I have read allot more books and spent time outside but now I need to get more stitching done .
I have sorted more or less my Autumn and Winter charts out ,
So now I need to get a move on and get finishing a few things and stop procrastinating with my stitching item's before the next couple of seasons come in.
I find the more time I have the less I do.

So this week I got my WIP back out and put a few more stitches in , I want to make a little pillow for one of my GGD I have stitched most of them a birth pillow and the ones I didn't get time to , I am stitching a pillow for them so they all have one .

                Don't Look Back by Design Works 9815

I thought this one would be so quick but no 
It seems to be taking me a long time.

Also a little peep of my next stitch and summer could be over before I finish this one but it will come in for next year.

We had flying ants out the other day .
And now wasps .
I love bee's but the others are not my Favorite .
So on to the garden .
Some flowers are going over already and others are coming back for a 2nd showing .

I do hide ornaments out in the garden .
And some times 
plates we fix on to the fence .

Enjoy your new week what ever you are doing .

Saturday, 25 July 2020

Enjoying the Summer .

Hope everyone is enjoying the summer months .
It's been nice here this week but today it is raining and we really needed it .
The sun is now trying to come back out .

I have been very busy sorting out my craft rooms inside and outside and find once I start I find some lovely charts I had forgot .
Then I start looking at them instead of sorting ! 
4 hours later I am in a real mess and after throwing out lots of bits I can't seem to get it back tidy again and seem to have more than I started with , then I give in.
I think instead I need to do a bit each day then I know I won't get in a mess .
Hubby says just keep what you want and throw out the rest , he is a great help!  I like everything .

It was a funny week last week I had a pain down the side of my face which I get from time to time if I have been in the car with the window open , then I got two bites from some insect  in the garden on my face so it was bright red and I felt really unwell lucky it has gone now and I feel ok .

I have been stitching and I finished a WIP that's been hanging around far to long.
I am really pleased with it .

Cherry Sampler by Sugar Stitches .
stitched on 28 ct dmc threads .
I think I will frame it but not sure yet .
I will look around at what I can find.

Our tomatoes are doing really good with out the green house .

So far we have eaten about eight of them and they taste wonderful. 

 This little bee is so tiny he is about the size of my little finger nail .

We have almost finished the patio we are just putting the new arch up. 
Have a great stitching week every one.

Saturday, 11 July 2020

Time passes so fast in Summer

Time passes so fast these mid summer days .
Some days I wish I could stop the clock .
I have been helping my hubby in the front garden today .
He is so busy in the week so I said I will help him on Saturday 
and I have and we always get chatting with passing people .
But it's nice to talk.

I was spoiled again this week with some lovely gifts from my friends Karen and Nancy .
What lovely gifts .

                                Thank you so much Nancy .

And thank you Karen ,
I have already started one of these charts it is a dream to stitch will show you next week.

Also I put more stitches in my WIP.

                      I think I spot a teddy can you ?

                   This will be for one of my GGD  
                    Not sure  yet if it will be a picture or a pillow .

                The sweet peas are slow growing.
               Beautiful color and with added mint 

              Have a lovely week my friends .

Monday, 29 June 2020

Summer time.

Hello friends ,
Can you believe it's almost July , you would think with us all spending more time at home , time would be moving slowly , but to me the weeks are flying away .
Our hot sunny days have gone and this week is windy with showers and not so nice outside . I am hoping our summer comes back this week.
I must say I am enjoying my time at home with hubby we do have a laugh .
 I am enjoying reading more books and spending time stitching on my WIPs .
I have been sorting out all my box's in my craft room and upstairs .
I wanted to tidy up but you know once you start sorting you find things you had forgotten and instead of getting more tidy I end up with more mess . 

The winner of the lovely chart passed on by Mary is  Lynda 
You were the first to ask and the first pulled out the hat .
So I will send it to you this coming week  enjoy I did .

This week I stitched  Cottage of the month " June Cottage " 
                          by CCN 

Again not sure what the material was and I used DMC  and  Sampler threads and Cresent Colours . 

I also stitched up this sweet bookmark up for Vickie for her birthday .
I have stitched a few more different book marks up for friends ,
They are lovely to stitch useful and cheaper to post , with out going to the post office  to have them weighed , at this moment in time.

A few sweet peas are just starting to come out .

A little peep at the new patio area .

It will take time it is so difficult to find and buy all the bits .
We are now looking for a new arch .
Each day is a joy to see what the garden brings forward .
And each day it is different .

Can you see the raindrops on the Lillie,s 

Enjoy your new week and thank you again for your lovely comments . Happy Stitching Everyone .

Wednesday, 24 June 2020

It's Hot .

Well the sun is out and it's HOT HOT HOT .
My glasses are steaming up so no sewing until to night .

Thank you to all who sent prayers to one of my best friends , I am  sad to say she passed away this weekend  .
She is free from pain now .

So it was hard for me to post the weekend  I was so upset .

Yesterday I was brave and went into town for the first time since March , It was a little scary but there were many people out there .
It was very well organized it just took longer .
We needed a few things that we could not get from any where else .
Afterwards we went to a garden center I wanted to use my gift voucher a friend gave me for a new rose , and yesterday I fell in love with one so now it's in the garden growing away .

Our lovely friend Mary from stitching friends put this lovely chart on her blog to see if anyone would like it and I managed to win this sweet Christmas chart , I am sure Mary won't mind me putting out on line for anyone else to stitch , if you would like to stitch it let me know .

I really enjoyed stitching it  Mary thank you so much , but have not had the time yet to finish it .
Not to sure  about the material I used I have a big box of bits I brought from a show but I thought it showed Mr snowman off well.
The threads were  a mixture to .

Here is the little top I knitted for my GGD .
I managed to find three dresses with Lilac colors to send her.

When in the sun shine it really does sparkle

Here I wanted to show some of the home made cards I had .
I love to keep them one day I may make a pillow with the cross stitch ones  I have collected over the years .
I will also make book marks with some or you can make calender's with them to or gift tags , I hate to put them away after so much work was put into them .

Thank you so much my sweet friends 

Here is my new rose .

I fell in love with her right away 

And now she is in to grow away .

More flowers next week.

Enjoy your lovely summer all.