Monday, 19 October 2020

Last summer flowers.

 Hi all ,

I really think the days are passing far to fast I can't believe it's Monday again.

I was naughty and worked in the garden on Saturday putting the bulbs in at the top of the garden I forgot what time it was and must have been out side for three hours , I felt fine .

But yesterday the pain in my legs and arms was not good .

I must stop after 20 mins and come back inside but I felt so good until Sunday , never mind I am better today just a bit of pain in my arm and when I sit down ha .

I have been stitching but can't show you just yet but I did start another new one YES I know to many already  started but I love this one so much and if I don't stitch it now I may never find it again ha.

So here she is the lovely Elf so far .             

                     The Christmas Elf Fairy by Mirabilia

I have used the right threads and there are so many beads to apply .

  Stitching on a 28ct and Crescent colours also the fluffy white thread

 by Rainbow Gallery Wisper Thread .

So far I am really enjoying this one and can't put it down.

So now to the last few flowers left in the garden .

But first I have managed to grow an Olive tree and have a few olives on there . 




Enjoy your new week have fun and take time to do what you want to do . We change our clocks soon so that will be more hours to sit in and stitch , so with that Happy Stitching all. 

Monday, 12 October 2020

Rain today.

 Hello friends,

Here it is another rainy day Monday , but we have had a good weekend with lots of sunshine , so  it's not to bad .

Well you will be happy to know I got up this morning with no PAIN in my arm , I could not believe it after all these weeks .

I could only stitch a little then would have to rest , it's been very hard for me . I like to be busy all the time. It must have been the brandy my hubby gave me last night with a drop of lemonade , I am not a drinker but this was so nice .

I have had a nice week and weekend my friend took me out for coffee and yesterday my daughter came over .

Hubby has now put most the bulbs in and I can see my Iris growing up out of the soil already .

I have some stitching done but can't show you yet even in my pain I could not go a day with out stitching a little .

So will show you today more UFOs and a couple of passed stitching you may or may not have seen before . 

I really must get on with some of these UFOs soon I said to myself no more new charts or kits , well that lasted about two hours yes I did give in and have brought a few new kits just can't help myself ,

With another lock down coming in again before long I thought I would treat myself for Christmas so you will see them soon.

We have also started to buy a few Christmas food goodies each week just in case of lock down again .

So here is a couple more of my UFOs .

Some of you may have seen them before .

Next week I will be hoping to have a finish and some stitching to show all being well.

 Tulips by Luca-S  this was kit form but I changed the material .

Lucy by Bothy threads .

I do try and stitch on all my UFOs after Christmas .
For a change after all the smalls .
Also I do get lots more time in the winter months

And this next couple I stitch some time ago.

Celtic Christmas .

There were so many beads on this one .

Not sure what this one was called now .
But I liked the water color look .

Look at the books I have read since last April .




All very different but I really enjoyed them all.

Now could you help me name my little friend who thinks I am his or her mother ! 

Yes he sat on my foot again when I was cutting a few dead flowers and he or she tried to come inside with me but I told him no way .
It's nice having a fan but there is a limit .

Thank you for your comments everyone and wishing you a lovely new week .
Stay safe , we will get there and have fun again.

Monday, 5 October 2020

October Time .

Another Monday afternoon  , they do come along so quick .

Well how are you all  ? enjoying the Autumn colors around the 

garden . 

We have had loads of wind and rain so not really a nice weekend .

This afternoon we had our flu injection so hoping that keeps the bugs away we will see.

I did spot allot of winter birds are coming back into the garden this week .

I still have arm trouble but it is getting much better each and every day .

It's worse first thing in the morning  then seems to get better in the afternoon.

I did stitch the other Autumn chart that my friend Karen sent me and I did do a finish at last , so hoping to finish the other part I stitched next week . 

I also started a new Christmas design I will show you soon.

And I am still working on lots of gifts which I can't show you just yet .    

           Autumn Skies by Hands on Design 

               cream 28 ct  and dmc threads .


       This is the material  I backed my stitching with.


 Look at the mice they sit inside a leaf to keep warm , how sweet.


Thank you again for your comments hope you all have a wonderful week .

Some new flowers added and some old  with the last of the blooms .



Monday, 28 September 2020

Feeling like Autumn .

 Hi everyone, 

How are we today , do you find the morning and nights feel much cooler  , I think it's time for warmer clothing , trying not to have the fire on yet maybe mid October .

My arm is still a little painful but getting better , so I can only stitch on small designs so I am getting a little bit of my Christmas stitching done so can't show you yet .

I found another big and I mean big box of UFOs  boy I can't wait to start stitching on them again there are so many , just wish I could stitch faster. 

And still I buy more when I see them , it's so tempting . But I have told myself I must finish 3 or 4 now each year . I have all this free time ! but I know what it is I have hubby here working from home , we love talking and when we stop for coffee a hour or two will slip by but it's lovely to have him here to talk to.

Now this next UFO I must have brought 20 years or more ago . 

I have just found it in this big box so this one I really want to finish it It is so me .

                    Picking Wildflowers by Janlynn 

Not much more to stitch on this one  plus the back stitching , I love it so pretty, would make a lovely pillow . You can tell it is old I was stitching then on 14 ct AIDA. 

The next one was a SAL ( I get tempted with these also) 


2013 SAL by Sara Guermani , another Christmas one I must finish .

 I have also been reading lots of books and doing a Sudoku every day to keep my brain active . 

                             I am reading this one at the moment .

                              It's a good book I am enjoying it .

All about opening a cafe , takes me back to the days we had a hotel 

and the  people you meet .


              I have not been in the garden much this week,

                but hubby put a few spring plants in and some bulbs.


I did bring this one back inside 

                                       A new coffee area 

Autumn flowers.

What do you do with old chipped plates I put them on the garden fence .


A few late summer flowers still trying to shine .

Have a good week all thank you for your comments .
I can now read your comments and reply 
Thanks to Jo .

Monday, 21 September 2020

Wild life wonders.

A new Monday morning they do come around quick.

Well my arm is slowly getting better I can only work on small item's at the moment until it gets better,  the pain is still bad and hard to even comb my hair but I am slowly getting there.

I forgot to tell you last week before my arm hurt I was working in the garden looked down and there was a frog sitting on my shoe it was so funny I had felt something on there but was shocked to see this frog .

The other funny thing the same week I was cutting back and almost cut a hedge hog made me jump made him jump to  .

There is always so much going on with wild life in the garden.

Thank you all for the lovely comments , I see some of you are now on the new system and it is more difficult to comment until they change it to how we like it . 

So not much to show only a few more UFOs I want to pick up  again and work on this Autumn and Winter .

                    Vera Mouse Picnic by Lanarte .

                                SAL 2019 by  Maryse Dupont

                     The time for myself  by Soda stitch .

I would love to get some of these finished next year  I have loads more to show you each week I like to spent time on a different one .
I have new ones I have added to the mix  .
I like to stitch on what I fancy stitching that week .
But in the Summer I stitch on more smalls and at the moment more Christmas smalls , before I get back to my SALs Wips and UFOs .
No rules with stitching do what ever takes your fancy and what you like to stitch.
Well my friends stay safe this virus is coming back so take care.
I will leave you with a few more photos , have a good week.


                                         This summer basket almost touches the floor .

New Spring Basket

                           Good bye to the last few summer roses .