Sunday, 17 January 2021

It is still Christmas here .

 Hi sweet friends hope you all have had a good week .

Yesterday morning was like another Christmas for me , a lovely parcel from my friend from the US came and I had some lovely gifts .

Some parts of the UK have had some snow .

I really need some sunshine so I can walk up to the garden again . we do have a couple of flowers coming out , so I know Spring is around the corner .

I am still working on a few Christmas gifts for the end of the year  and looking at more to start soon.

So this week as well as stitching I can't show you yet , I can show you my new stitching progress and my SAL.

   So first up my SAL , sorry not a very good photo , it's still very dull here to see any thing .

               And one of my new stitching kits Spring Bouquet by Magic Needle .

                 I did change the the material to this soft color .

Again the picture is so dull .

And below what beautiful gifts from my sweet friend Karen .
Thank you so much , blew me away so many charts .
I will look forward to starting these soon.


Lovely warm scarf and earrings.

                                       Look at the Salt and Pepper , how cute .

Well I have been truly spoiled thank you .

At the moment the air is so still and feels strange and the sky is very grey .
It's like it is before we get a  bad storm so lets hope we don't .
There are no birds about it feels strange.

Oh well another week inside I have been keeping busy with sorting .
And things are starting to look tidy at last , so I will keep the good work up .
We should get our Vaccine soon I hope .
So we are staying safe .
Have a good week everyone and stay safe to . 

Sunday, 10 January 2021

Winter time

 Yes it's Winter time , and it has been very cold this week , but today was sunny most of this morning .

Not much going on here right now with lock down , but I think when you stay in the time passes so fast , I don't know how on earth we got to January 10 !

Maybe I am getting slower in the mornings , well there is no rush any more , no where to go and the garden is to cold and is now sleeping .

I find it to dark to stitch with out the light on when the days are so dull .

So I have been upstairs tidying my sewing boxes up .

I think it will take me most of this week to finish it was so untidy.

Just eat the last of the yummy Christmas cake, and still a few treats   left . 

Well I stitched a bit more on my SAL , started another one of my new Kits  and carried on stitching Christmas cards and gifts for the end of the year. So can't show you yet.

Just hoping now I can find my photos use to be so simple !

My SAL is starting to grow .


                              My new start for Spring Bouquet

             My friend from Italy  sent me a lovely Christmas gift this week , thank you so much Titty love everything and the chocolates are so yummy , the soaps will go into my big soap dish display . 


And from Vicky a lovely gift a lovely needle holder and such a sweet hanging bird , thank you so much Vickie 

                        Another book I read , a great read I enjoyed this one so much , and  I am still working on my puzzle but very slow.


Sunday, 3 January 2021


 Well the New Year is here and already rolling away , my goodness lets just hope it will be a much better one.

So have you made any knew plans for the year , I have I will stitch cards through out the year . I have started two new SALs one I can show today , my other one in a couple of weeks I have  not sorted out the materials yet .

 I  have also brought myself a new kit to start and lots of WIPs and UFOs to get back to this coming year .

I will also add a few to the mix through the year and make room for any I fall in love with , you must know what I mean .

Well it has taken me an hour to find my photos WHY ! is there a little elf in here hiding my photos again.

If I find him he is in big trouble I can tell you.

Ok my first Sal is started .    By Madame La Fee  Bienvenue ches Nous


                 New kit I fell in love with and  will stitch for my sitting room 

Such pretty colors in this one that match my room .                

UFO Below  

Easter Present by RTO

 This will be for a friend of mine  she loves these designs .
Stitched on P Paper .



                                                                                                                                                                       Some lovely tulips from my hubby .

I am so sad today after hearing my friend died before Christmas  , she was a pen pal of mine for over 20 years , even though we never met we knew each other very well , and we so enjoyed our friendship  by letter , phone and email . 

I know for the last few years she was ready and waiting to go to her husband and now they are together again .
So 2020 took two very good friends away from me I hurt so much deep inside , 
On my last post you will see the Snow lady I stitched for her.
I am hoping she saw it before she past .

Take care my friends stay safe  .
Lets hope this year will bring us some love with a better future for all.






Sunday, 27 December 2020


 Hi every one hope you all had a happy Christmas , we had a lovely day with our daughter .

Boy did this holiday go fast I have to keep asking Hubby what day it is ! 

Last night we had a big storm with up to 100 mph winds , so not much sleep last night maybe 3 hours at the most.

Today is sunny and calm and you would not believe it we were lucky the wind forced open the door on my craft room so water wet my carpet a bit but we were lucky to notice it,  the guy next door lost some felt off his shed but no trees down here , but lots down else where and floods .

I do feel for anyone having floods it must be the worst thing of all.

Just want to thank all my friends for all of the lovely cards and gifts , I love them all thank you .

So while I am still awake ha , I will leave you with just a few of the cards  and gifts I made for my 

lovely stitching friends I forgot to take photos of some of them sorry.


 So I need to make a start on my new Christmas stitching  my goal will be one a month .

But first some Spring stitching and back to a few SAL's 

And I am wishing  and praying to get back to seeing my friends once again for coffee .

Here I am waving  with two hands with one of my dear friends . 👇That's me .before the virus 

                                         I miss my friends so much .

Wishing you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR and I will be back just after to catch up with you.

                          Still stay safe and  it won't be long for freedom again.


Monday, 21 December 2020


Hello to all are you busy  I was but I am ready now  .

I have been exchanging gifts with my friends at my front door and really wanted to hug them but can't , but we will next year I am sure . I think we have done every thing now just a couple of things left to do. Hope every one stays safe with this new strain hitting us now .

 I was told to look out for the Christmas star over Christmas the last time it came close  to us was over  800 years ago, so if the sky's are clear look to see if you can see it .

Not much stitching this week but a few more stitches went into my work.


             Lots of lovely gifts from my dear friends from Mary .


          Thank you so much Mary such lovely gifts and love the little pillow it's so sweet.

                                     And such a beautiful finish .



                         And from Carol thank you so much for the beautiful gifts .



                            Another beautiful ornament  Thank you  Carol.

                                            Look at this beautiful tree so  pretty.

                                                   My flowers are still blooming in the kitchen.


                                          I picked the ones below from the garden .

                                          Yes you are seeing my first snowdrop and still roses .


                                             More gifts from lovely friends thanks Marion .

                                                Soaps smell so beautiful.Thank you.


                                               From Sheryl  a lovely sweet fairy  Thank you.  



Sunday, 13 December 2020

Christmas is not far away !

We had a couple of frosts and some lovely sunny days this week so I am grateful for this. 

Today is dull raining and windy but cozy inside .

It's been a fun week too with some Christmas goodies sent to me gosh I am like a child with goodies .

First I better show you what little stitching I have managed this week. I do love this one it needs pressing It's not a good photo with the dull day .

 Roulotte en Hiver  by Tralala 


                             A few cards sent to friends .

Some goodies sent to me this last week.
From Mouse 
A lovely project bag beautiful rose material inside to 
And butterfly stickers .
Thank you so much Mouse 
and for your friendship . 

Another lovely friend Andrea sent me some goodies 
I unwrapped one a day like an advent so much fun.
 Thank you my friend I loved every one of my lovely gifts .

Beautiful stitched 

And from Martina 
A wonderful card and beautiful roses material 
Thank you sweet friend .

And another very kind friend my dear Nancy 
Thank you what a lovely mix of gifts .

I have a few more to show you next week.

In the New Year I am starting another new SAL 
By Madame La Fee 
she has some lovely charts 
So I will be working slowly through the next year on this one with the rest of my stitching .
Your more than welcome to join me and others with any of her designs we will show our work the first Sunday in February and the start of every month  after that 2021 .

I have already brought another one for next  Christmas to do .
No garden this week because of the rain , but hubby came in with these yesterday because it was going to rain today .


Can you believe these were growing away outside yesterday.

Then this morning he came home from shopping 
With these bless him .

We have a new GGD arrived a few days ago . 
Have a great week my friends .
Stay safe still and take care.