Sunday, 17 October 2021

Warm and Sunny .

 What lovely warm weather we are having right now .

It's so nice to still be working outside .

We have been making some changes , we had an old fence next to my craft room it was  looking very dull.

Well one day some time ago we saw a living wall at the garden centre and hubby said I will put one in by your craft  room and now I have one  but there is still alot of work to do yet , but in the spring it will be another lovely area to sit outside my craft room and have coffee .

So not allot of stitching going on but I did finish another Christmas Gift but can't show yet and worked on another UFO which is almost finished just a bit more back stitch and beads to add.

                    Already pulled out the UFO for this coming week this morning .


                             LOVE AND JOY BY  Lorri Birmingham Designs 

                                                                   Start of my living wall .


It will take allot of filling up , but that's the fun part it will be filled with lots of plants come Spring and Summer .


                                            You can fill it with any thing you want to ,  we used decking planks .

                                                          Next is the slabbing  .


I found a few reading books for Christmas reading but almost read one already .


Have a lovely Sunday .
I will leave you with some of  the last of the summer flowers .
And still the roses bloom .

Below a Hollyhock I grew from seed I wonder if it will flower this year .

Monday, 11 October 2021

Nice week.

Hi all ,

Well it's been a very nice week , we have  got loads of jobs done inside and out .

Also had the flu jabs , they are saying it could be bad this year.

Washing all done but still some ironing to do .

So pretty back to normal now.

I just but a finish to the Just Nan design I stitched a few weeks ago .

I also pull out a Christmas UFO , which I will do  each week now up to Christmas , I am in no rush for any of my UFOs but when they are finished some will be for our home and some for the family , but I never stress myself any more , I just love stitching and  it makes me feel at  peace when I pick up a needle and thread . I stitch to enjoy now and won't rush , it's not worth it for your own health. So my motto is enjoy your stitching no need to rush enjoy every stitch .

Here is my little Just Nan finish .

And here is my finish .

Two pieces of felt , wadding pushed inside  so it is plump and blanket stitching around the edge .

I have just made a Christmas ornament the same way but can't show you that yet .

Nice and light to send as gifts .


Next my Christmas UFO worked on this week .


                                                     Victorian Christmas Bell  .by  Janlynn 

                                    Now I need to dig into my box of UFOs for next week .

                               And waiting for me this week  my cross stitch magazines .


                             Also two lovely Thank you cards from friends . So pretty .

                                    Well better get the tea going , I am a little late .

My daughter came over to see us and picked up the gifts we brought her from our holiday .

                                                                 She loved them .

                                                                 Have a great week all .

Sunday, 3 October 2021


 Well we are into October and we are  back , from a lovely relaxing holiday .

It was a little stressful going with all the paper work and coming back .

But it was wonderful to get away , we missed not going for the last few years .

Well we did nothing but  just relaxed I didn't even take my stitching with me  this time ! 

We only went shopping  one morning to buy my daughter a bag for her birthday .

It was also lovely to meet up with all our friends from all over the UK , who also stay at this hotel every year if we can .

Now I am washing ironing and cutting back in the garden ready for Autumn . 

Also sorting out all the winter cloths we need now we are back to the rain and winds .


It's a lovely place to relax , it's a big  and you can spend time looking around the beautiful gardens, eating 3 meals a day is hard work though .
And at night we sit and enjoy the music with friends and yes lots of wonderful drinks Honey Rum is now on the top of our list our friends also brought my hubby and I a bottle to take home so I will save this for Christmas day and think about our lovely holiday once more. 

                                 Just a few of the many cakes you can help your self to so  many .

 So now I must dig out my stitching and get started again , so it will be a Christmas UFO and some small Christmas stitching for gifts . Can't wait to get started again.

So I will leave you with some stitching from the past , untill I am back up running again.

Well it's good to be back now and I can not wait to pick up my needle see you next week.


Monday, 6 September 2021

September .

 Well September is turning out very HOT .

I just came back inside after doing my hour in the garden and it's really hot .

Well it's been another really busy week . We had a lovely day at a garden party on Saturday and it was nice and warm but not to hot . We had some beautiful food to.

My sewing  machine is not back yet so looks like this won't be a cheap fix.

So no finishing to show and not much sewing .

I have been working on this  UFO this week .

I have filled in more of the spaces  still more to do and alot more back stitch.

                                                Snowdrop Fairy by Durene Jones     

And it is also time to put a few of my display's away for now 
So saying goodbye to these lovely works untill next year.



I did take some little posy's to give out at the garden party  to a couple friends .

                Fresh from the garden they loved the smell of the flowers .

 Well my friends I am taking a short break from my blog and will be back in October sometime .
September is always a busy month for us . But I will be popping in to see your blogs  during this time , when I am not so busy . I will leave you with the last of the Summer  flowers .

                                This one is new below called Princess Diana 

                        Take care all , enjoy the last few weeks of Summer and have fun .
                                         Time to get ready for Autumn .

Monday, 30 August 2021

Much better week

 Hello there  I though today was Sunday ! but it is Monday silly me .

The weather here as been beautiful at last , really nice summer days .

I have never seen so many beautiful butterflies in a long time , alot of white and a few brown , blue and yellow ones , many bees and the odd dragon fly .

Also our Hedge hog always leaves a nice package outside our back door each morning so we have to be a little carful when stepping out .

Again not much stitching I have been wasting time watching the wildlife .

I am stitching away on Christmas smalls but can't show .

And I have been busy making all kinds of cards for my stock .

They are saying here that it will be hard to find Christmas bits this year , well that's great .

They said the same thing about some food bits  last week and they run out of some things I wonder why ?

  Ok here are a couple of UFOs I put some stitches into this week .

 I thought this one would make a lovely pillow but still alot to stitch and I will pull it out sometime 

In the New Year.                      Lily Pond Dreams by Karen Weaver 


More stitched on hubbies one .
This one was from a magazine 

We brought the birds a seat to but we have not painted it .

They can sit and eat their food .

A double Lily so pretty. 


Just wanted to say have a great week and thank you all for coming over to my blog and the wonderful comments you leave  just warms the heart. 💝

Monday, 23 August 2021

Not ready yet !

 Hi everyone ,

 How are you all ,  hope you  all had a good weekend .

We had a little sunshine and it was lovely just right and not to hot . 

I am not ready  for Autumn yet .

So looking at the weather for this week it's looking pretty good .

We worked most of the weekend outside , we treated our selves to a few new plants after taking out a bush that was getting to big .

We also watched our team Chelsea win again , so that put a smile on our faces .

So moving on to my stitching  , I now know I am the naughty one ! yes I seem to have more UFOs and WIPs than any of you . Or is there someone out there who is naughty to ?

Well I have 3 boxes full ,  I thought !  but yesterday I found 4 boxes so what's inside them  I wonder .

Yes  you are right I opened the first one and there were a few more UFOs  in there , but did not have the time to dig deeper . So will dig in this week .

I am now thinking of Christmas stitching and  I am in front this year with a basket of smalls already stitched .  Just waiting for my sewing machine to come back .  

Oh and I was lost for two nights , my magnifying lamp broke right through , I thought I would have to wait untill we go shopping to get another one , but my hubby came to the rescue and spent all morning making it good again , the light stopped working ages ago but I have a clip on one that gives me the light I need . Bless his cotton socks , ( a saying we say in the UK ) .

So here are the UFOs I stitched on this week .

Winterland by Stitches through the years . Stitched on 36ct with one thread .

Close up of the Jumper stitched in a mohair thread 

Stitched a little more on the fire place I wanted to stitch more but to much going on here 

Look I found this harvest mouse in my box . Called Country Charm by Jane Netley Mayhew .

I must get this one stitched for Hubby .

Hubby did paint my seat for me , we want to change all the wood work to this color 

I just think this looks like candy floss .

So pretty.

            Some new plants we put in last week.

Well my friends hope you have a Happy Week .