Sunday, 9 December 2018

Christmas delights .

Hi Friends just a quick hello to you all.
I know all to well how busy we all are at this moment , there are large amount's of cards , Christmas paper , ribbons all over my house , we don't seem to be catching up , but we know we will , we always do.                  
We have already been to loads of Christmas dinners , party's and Carol services , more to come in the next two weeks , my stitching is a little slow , so not worth showing you yet so I will be back later in the week to show you more of my progress .

Thanks again for your lovely comments you are my little Angels , and I thank you so much.

Talking of Angels ,
 I wanted to show you a couple more gifts from my blogging friends so first up I had a lovely gift from our lovely friend Andrea who's stitching is just perfection .

Wow love my cross stitch and the wonderful goodies and beautiful card .

My lounge is a blue and pink colour so here is my blue collection hanging on my Apple Blossom 
that lights up at night.

So pretty 

look how neat and a little heart on the back.

     Another one of my Angels is little mouse because I was dancing around my house last week
                 She made me another bag  for my stitching  , oh I have been so spoil- ed again
 Love it there is a little butterfly hanging in the zip and an extra pocket in the front for my threads .
  So I am one lucky lady right now .


Extra pocket.
So more dancing I think is coming up.
 Now I did make some thing this week at club a small  cup for hubby .
Even a handle I will be making more of these through the year .

I told you it was small it's made of paper and holds one Chocolate .
A big thank you to my friend Ann who shows us how to make the most amazing things at club 
Thank you Nancy for my lovely crossed stitch Christmas card ,
and gifts that I am saving until Christmas week.

Allot of friends love my dresser so I used it for my header ,
And here are some photos , close up.


Full of lovely gifts and stitching over the last few years many from my sweet friends .
They all hold some lovely memory's to me and always will .
More in the week .
Now I have to get back to my roast dinner which we will be having later .
Hubby is outside in the cold putting the lights up bless him.
Have a lovely week .

Friday, 30 November 2018

Almost December !

Hi Friends ,
That's another week that flashed by far to quick.
Well I am doing good so far , I seem to be doing all my Christmas jobs in order .
I have started to decorate the house inside and it's looking nice and cosy .
I had time to do two quick designs but no finishing until the new year apart from one gift I want to get ready , but still no pressure , I am loving my new approach to Christmas I am writing a few cards a day and wrapping a parcel up each day.
I wrote hubby a food list for Christmas  and he seems to be doing this  in order ok.
So we will see what next week looks like .
We even had a leak in the drive way and had a nice man come yesterday to fix it and he had to turn the water off , but no problems there , and we are back up and running again.

I did do a happy dance yesterday all around the house , our friend mouse sent me a gift and wanted me to open it , and wow it's a bag holder for my SAL it's so pretty , I have seen them on some blogs but never had one myself and I was thinking about treating myself to one soon, so little mouse must have heard me talking to my hubby , see you never know where this little mouse gets to.

Also today and the next few weeks I have some paper charts from my Gold magazine to give away .
If you like it let me know and I will put your name in a hat and sees who wins .

So first up my two little quick stitches.

                                This was from a magazine cross stitch crazy designed by Lesley Teare 

Sorry the light was not good when I took the photo of this one called " This is my Joy "
                   By LHN , I stitched it over one on a 28 ct it is very tiny.
                                                                        And My SAL

                       Not much stitching on my SAL this week but it's growing each week.


                                                             My lovely gift from Mouse

I love the colours .

It holds my large hoop and all of my SAL  items 
and look at how pretty the inside is.

                                                And the inside of this little bag '
                                            This also holds all of my stitching tools.
                                           Did I already say I love it ? Thank you so much Mouse.    


                                                            Give away .
Now from the gold magazine this chart is for cat lovers  a  Christmas pillow the chart is in full colour
and will be a dream to stitch  "Called A  Very Cosy Christmas " by Carol Thornton
I just won't have the time to stitch every design from this mag , but this is too nice to throw away .
I have a couple more soon to give away. Let me know if you want to stitch it , I will post it anywhere
so it's open to all who follow me on my blog ,  I will let you know the winner next week.

                                         And here is my dresser still a little to add yet .

Thank you friends for your comments and hope you have a smooth run into Christmas.

Friday, 23 November 2018

Sweet Songs .

Hello everyone ,
Yes there is such sweet songs coming from my garden I think it's our dear Robin letting us know he is back .
I could sit and watch him all day and the rest of the beautiful birds that are starting to come and visit.

Well I had my first Christmas party this week ,  and we have our first Christmas meals and a Michaelmas Lunch coming up very  soon. So we are already in full swing .
 I want to start decorating soon but I have a few things to do before .

 I am not getting much time for stitching or finishing , so finishing will have to wait until I can have my own time with out rushing like I said last week
I am still working on my Christmas stitching but most of this will be for next year. I think it works better for me to do this so I am not under any pressure at all.

Hope all our friends in the USA had a fab time with your loved ones  on Thanks giving .

Well it's been a very cold week , a bit warmer today , I think we are in for a bad winter again this year . We will have to see.

Well I have made a mistake on my SAL but all is not lost . I use to do this when I first started sewing , until I knew I must start in the middle , well I didn't and now I found out it maybe hard to get all the design in , but no worries I will now go to the over side and see how far I can go .
Any part I miss out I will make an ornament , it was going to be a pillow any way and what I could do is pin it over the pillow if it fits well or it will be hung close by. I am not going to have no sleep over it. Things Happen ! And it won't be ready until next year anyway .
So this week I have stitched lots of trees .

My SAL so far .
Don't you just love it when you find a big box of stitching goodies you forgot all about , well
look what I found ,  a SAL I forgot about .

So this will be on my list for next year.

And I found this book I love too.

Cross stitch greeting cards by Joan Elliott.

Lovely little Christmas tree I want to stitch soon.
Here is  what I won at our Christmas party .
A robin jigsaw , so sweet I will be playing with this other Christmas 

I also had a secret Santa gift that will be opened next month.

I brought my favourite German biscuits now they are back in our shops 
Oh I just got a phone call we have a water leak in our drive what fun !
Good job we are insured this will be  expensive.

Well my friends back to a few more jobs before I can sit and stitch.
Thank you to all who send me such lovely  comments , some I still can't write back to why I am not sure  , but you can be sure I do read them .

Wednesday, 14 November 2018


Hi friends ,
Well at last I seem to be catching up with everything .
 I have almost done all of my  Christmas  shopping just a few more bits to buy , and then next month the food  shop , but I don't do that now hubby does most of that for me I just write a BIG list .

I have made a start on writing cards out , and have a large amount of finishing to do in the next few months  but  I am not going to stress myself out ,  just do what I can  , when I can  , and enjoy it .

We have had lots of rain this past week but it is mild , I can stand that at the moment just don't like it to cold . There is less sunlight now so I try and do allot of things in the light , It's hard to see in the afternoons with the dullness so I do most of my stitching at night under a light , but by 9.00 I have had enough and change to knitting or something crafty .

In a few weeks I will be busy again putting Christmas decorations around the house I may start early this year and sit and enjoy only some years you put them out and before you know it you are taking them down again. 

Well I have managed to do a little more stitching and I will show you a few plants that are still flowering  even though they look a bit sad  .

This is a sweet little stitch by Ellen Maurer-Stroh " Sending my love " it was a freebie in 2001 .
Not sure if you can still get this one , but she does have some lovely free charts and they do stitch up nice , so I must revisit her site soon.

                                 Stitched on an old oddment of 32 ct beige material using dmc threads
                                         And below another house stitched on my SAL with Maryse

                       My poor garden is still not ready for sleeping  lots of leaves around , and it's been a lovely Autumn beautiful colours around  the town .

                                                      Winter jasmine in flower

Well my friends enjoy the rest of this week.
Thank you so much for the many comments .
Keep stitching and enjoy every stitch .

Wednesday, 7 November 2018


Oh dear November is here and I am still playing catch up .
I wonder if I can catch up before December , time must be moving faster or maybe I am getting slower.
Our calendars are full until after Christmas so any free time is a real bonus, and I will make the most of it
After the frosty mornings the weather is so mild but we do have more rain.
Today was our day for going out and lunch we do this once a week since my hubby retired , we never know what day of the week it will be , but it is when we don't have so much on that day .
I noticed when we were in the car that the trees are really beautiful more colourful this year and so pretty. I wonder if we will have snow this year two people have already said we are going to have a bad winter , so we will see .

I have done a little stitching but need to start some finishing very soon.
So here is one I stitched the last week .

 This is one of Dany's  designs,  little baby Jesus is so sweet , stitched on 28th evenweave using
Var Six Strand Sweets called Blueberry Pie .
                                               PEACE 2017

                                                           My SAL with is growing slowly

A tiny little robin I in a old magazine.

She sleeps all day  in one of my bedrooms .

I pulled out these books of many to look at this week .
So many lovely things to make , it always gives me lots of Ideas.
                                Look at the picture below from one of the books it is so pretty .
                         It would be nice to include your cross stitch on there too.

 I brought this Poppy to wear on Poppy day , I have so many different poppies now I can't stop buying them.

Well a big  thank you to all my friends for your lovely comments .
I hope you all have a beautiful week full of love and fun .

Monday, 29 October 2018

Clocks go back.

Well here we are and another new week , clocks went back this weekend, so the dark nights are here.

I am a little late posting it has been another busy weekend for us , bingo Saturday night  DH likes to help put the tables back at the end of the evening to help the library ladies who work so hard raising money .
Yesterday afternoon  a 40s tea dance , good fun , to raise money for the poppy appeal .
I love the 40s music loved Glen Miller .

Today we had a day out to the other side of Exeter looking at the Christmas displays in the garden centre .
Now I have brought most of my Christmas cards I will start writing them out soon .
Last year I left things a little late so this year I want everything done before Christmas.

We also picked up a new shredder this week , what a god send this is I have piles of paper work from my fathers house when he passed away a few  years ago and I needed to sort it all out but could not bring myself to do it until now it always takes me a few years before I can do these things  , so I can now get rid of all the bits I don' want to keep and sort the rest out to keep.

I have done a little stitching this week , here is my SAL

 Also a little Christmas stitch from a cross stitch magazine.

A little Angel I fell in love with and just had to buy her.

 A friend brought back some rice snacks from Japan look at this one a cute bird.

 We planted a few winter plants .

 And my DH brought me a new plant .

 And after a very cold week and morning frosts we still have a few flowers blooming.

So that's about it for this week , the dark nights are upon us so more time I hope for stitching.
I don't really like winter but it does have a few positives it is cosy around the fire .
Thank you for your lovely comments , always love to read them .        Keep warm .