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Monday, 5 June 2023


 Hello my friends ,

Just another short post , it's that time of year when I am so busy , like everyone else .

I have a lots of cross stitch that I have stitched but no time for finishing them.

So when the weather goes a little cooler , and the sun goes for a few days I can get to my fabrics .

The weather here is so lovely at the moment I am always  outside working , or out meeting friends .

We have been out to lots of events again  , which we always go to at this time of the year. 

I do hope you to are having some beautiful weather.

So  I did start a little Christmas stitch thinking in front .

I loved this little fellow . It is by Maryse Dupont It was from part of a  Christmas pillow that I stitched different parts from.  


Well now we are into June my Birthday month  I have started already to find cards and gifts coming in the post .

I just had to open I know I am naughty.

The first one was from my lovely friend Manuela , oh what a beautiful card  , I love little girls .

And also a lovely chart I will start soon. Thank you so much .


And another lovely one from my friend Martina . My other love is flowers , thank you so much my sweet friends .



  More flowers to leave you with , thanks for taking time to visit  little old me .

   And below I thought I had lost this rose but this year it came alive again 

                                Just love it .


                           This  one you see growing wild in Devon .

                               First sweet peas of the year.


                                       Enjoy your week all .

Wednesday, 31 May 2023

Sun shine everyday.

 Hello all , 

Yes it's been a wonderful  week with sunshine everyday . Loving every day at the moment .

But with nice days comes hard work to keep everything watered and with a shortage of water in the UK .

We can use a little but not waste it so we are collecting what we can with dish water etc .

Monday was a fun day in our town with the  Ram Roasting Fair  and the Maypole dancing  and most the town get together , so we see lots of friends and chat for ages .

We also crowned the May Queen and the dancing was wonderful they made lovely patterns with the ribbons  around the pole it's a very long tradition . Such a wonderful time. We won lots of prizes to .  

So this is why I am late posting it's just been one of those busy weeks with lots going on , and next week looks to be another busy one .

 So I only had time to stitch on another UFO .

                           Blooms in a teacup by Luca S 

I will now  leave you with my other love  flowers .  

                                                           Peonies , top one was my GDS , then my fathers and now 

                                                         it grows in my garden .

                                                              Our Dogwood .

                                  My roses are beautiful this year .

Here are a few I cut from the garden .

                      Have a good rest of the week , and hope it is sunny for you all now .

Monday, 22 May 2023

A Sunny week.

 Well it's been the best week of the year so warm and getting hotter . 

At the moment it's just right for me .

But saying this it's so dry we could do with a little rain for the plants. 

I am sorry I was not able to read all your blogs  last week my PC needed some work on it .

But now I am back up and running again.

Most of our roses are out now and the garden smells wonderful with all the perfume around the garden .

But I now need to take a hay fever tablet .

This week I have another UFO to show I have been working on .

I know your thinking how many do I have , I can say I never count them but there is a stack of boxes with lots inside each one , some are getting near the end of a finish now so hoping in the near future you will see some finished . I just stitch them for my pleasure , keeps my hands busy and my mind active . 

 But it's a change some weeks from stitching on smalls , which I love to. I do still find the odd chart that also goes in the box ready to stitch that I fall in love with , I want to start a Father Christmas  in his beautiful red outfit , I also wanted to stitch all the little ones a stocking each , but there are to many of them now and I would need another life time Ha .

So do you stitch smalls or large stitching  ? and is there anyone out there who keeps lots of kits in boxes that never counts how many they have , like me . I would love to know I am not the only one .

    I worked on this one the last week

I found it hard to put it down, this time , I enjoyed every stitch.

Garden Interlude by Lanarte     This weeks UFO.

And I had a lovely big box of gifts from my lovely Friend Lynda.

So many goodies  . 

Love every thing what great gifts Thank you so much my friend  I have saved the one for my Birthday and will show you that one next month.

And moving on to my garden , some photos I took today.

This Poppy I thought I had lost but it's come back to life with 7 large buds so far 

And our own salad we grow ,you can just pick the leaves when you want some it grows all summer long . 

Hope you all have a lovely week  here it is still very hot . Summer is here full on .

Monday, 15 May 2023

Sun is out again .

 Another day of sunshine , oh yes makes you feel so good and very happy .

Well we have had a few days of sunshine  now, sometimes after one day of sun it rains so you never get to make plans 

Yesterday we bedded out the front garden and the hanging baskets  but one naughty blackbird thought oh great I can pull it apart and make my nest , she is pulling all the lining out bless her.

I also had a wonderful moment this week a new little Robin came right down just a inch from my hand and looked at me then pulled a worm out of the soil he trusted me , I looked out the next morning and he was looking in the window of the sun room . I wonder if someone has trained him  he is so trusting .

The garden is alive my roses are now coming out all seems so early this year , but I don't mind .

I must start knitting again I have another family baby girl arriving in October  , 

So will be sorting out a birth sampler too . No 11 GGD .

So what about my stitching , well I am so enjoying it right now . I have a good routine now and it's working for me .  In the afternoon I work three threads into my  UFO , while waiting for dinner to cook.

Then at night I work on a few smalls , this way I never get bored . I seem to be getting allot more stitching done. 

We just had our Covid jabs No 6 so that will keep us going untill the Autumn . 

My arm really hurt this time , but is ok now.

So what have I been stitching this week.

I have made something for me  , and will put it together this week.

I found this lovely stitch in Cross Stitcher mag Designed by Cheryl McKinnon 

There are also some lovely sewing accessories  to go with this design I may stitch later.


           Also I can now show you the card I made for Jutta , who had a birthday .

 I still have a couple of stitching mags and i always find one chart I want to stitch .

 Well lots and lots of flowers are coming out and the roses are really early .


                                    First rose out .

There are so many beautiful flowers to show you that have popped open in this lovely sun shine , I will show you more next time .

Where ever you are I wish you a very Happy Week .


Monday, 8 May 2023


 Hi dear bloggers ,

What a busy week , we had loads of celebrations on the go this week also elections .

We have not stopped but we have had so much fun .

We sat and watched the crowning on a big screen with friends and families  I teared up a few times , it was wonderful  there was so much to do , we watched some great singers and even had a dance , our town  put on some wonderful events  local  people were having a great time it was lovely to see young and old enjoying the events . Yesterday we were asked to two events and two cream teas another fun day , and then we watched the big show last night.

We eat so much yesterday , today we are cutting down ha I am still feeling  full.

Ok not much to show this week on my UFO stitching , it's been far to busy .

This UFO I started last year , would you believe and I never put many stitches in then . 

But I added a few more this time . Blooming Garden by Luca-S .

                                            Told you I only put a few stitches  in .

                             Have a good week all , I'll do better next week  I hope .

                     I will leave you with a few flowers photos and an old  stitch .




Monday, 1 May 2023

Sunny Morning

 Hello fellow bloggers ,

I am starting to feel excited that the weather is slowly getting better and warming up at last .

But we did get a few days of rain and  it was cold and very dull and hard to see to stitch.

We have some really busy weeks coming up , and we are looking forward to lots of celebrations .

This time of the year is always busy.

Today I have the Stick 2023 to show you that I joined with Martina and Manuela  and many others.


 My design is a lovely chart by Dany  I added a little ladybird  again , this was a lovely fun stitch .

It was so dull when I took this photo so this is a little lighter to see.

So now a few more garden photos to show , something is happening each day in the garden .
And today is warm enough to sit outside and enjoy nice because it's a bank holiday .


Have a good day all and enjoy your week 


Monday, 24 April 2023

Please slow the time down.

 Hello blogging  friends .

Can anyone tell me , who is putting  time on fast forward . Just one week left before it's May !

Is it just me or is time ticking faster ,or am I getting slower .

I thought last year went fast but this year seems to be going  allot faster .

Anyway Back to my stitching ,

 It's UFO this week so I put a few more stitches in this one again.

 Tulips by Luca - S  


   A lovely gift from my Daughter below .

 Puzzle finished the hardest one ever I must say.



 It was so large .


I  now have to send this picture to my friend she will never believe me that at last I finished it 

 Ok you know what's next the garden , SPRING is here even roses are almost ready to pop open soon .


Well I got here at last the PC is playing up today .

Enjoy your week all .