Saturday, 16 November 2019

Santa is on his way.

Hi everyone ,
Yes Santa is on his way ! are you ready ?  NO-----------   I am really not ready yet.
But I have wrapped a few gifts and started to write a few cards each day .
I want to do things a little bit early this year so I can sit back and enjoy Christmas .
The shops are already packed with shoppers and you can feel it in the air and boy has it been cold this week and lots of rain.

The TV is playing more Christmas films that I just love , and you feel so happy after watching them . The adverts are getting much like films to and it's sad because I love watching them .

This week I have my first Christmas party at our club so I am busy getting things ready for that , I should have it all ready after tomorrow.
I finished my first UFO so happy about this .
I will show you small parts then the full photo.
Then I will have to think about a frame .

This one was a  SAL free chart from a lovely designer 
Nathalie Cichon  @  Jardin Prive  I dug into my box of UFOs and could not believe it was there I think I put it away over one Christmas I love it and it's called Positive Thinking .
I use to read many positive thinking books in the past after I lost my daughter it helped me so much .
I must start reading them again they are so good and  the sayings so true.


There are parts of this chart I want to stitch again one day. 
Well I do have a few flowers left but not so good  to show you , so I will show you a couple from the past year.

Thank you friends for your comments .
Enjoy a lovely weekend what ever you are doing.

Saturday, 9 November 2019


Oh yes I have been nice and warm inside most of this week .
Woolly Jumpers and socks time .

I finished my first UFO this month but will show you next week I forgot to take some photos .

But I will show you my new start of 25 little Animals by Brooke Nolan , It is a Advent and such a cute one I thought I would add  to the mix of stitching , I will be stitching one every two weeks so come and join me if you want to the charts are free from Brooks Books . I was thinking I would stitch them into a little pillows and add them to the Christmas tree each day , but also they would look nice with on a cord running down the stairs or strung up in the porch adding one a day.
Then I will pass them on to the family .

I must say they are so enjoyable to stitch.

I brought 2 packs of Zweigart 28ct Cashel and used DMC threads .

This is the side view and I used this fabric for the back .

Sorry about the photos it's very dull.
when I took them .
 A little stash I brought some time ago .
And a Christmas mag this week .
 I have brought a few charts this week so I need to kit them up soon and get started on them.

I do hope the rain stops soon people up country have been  flooded 
Some houses have had it bad.
We were almost flooded once when we lived up country it's not nice . That's why we now live on a hill , I always wanted to live by a river but not now you just never know.

Now my flowers are also gone ( some are just holding on ) 
I will leave you with photos I took through the year .
I will have to hint to DH some indoor flowers would be nice 
And see what happens .
Thank you once again for your sweet comments .
It is coming up to some busy months ahead but I will try and keep up with my blogging now I have a little more time .
Enjoy your weekend .
missing my flowers .

Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Baby it's cold outside.

Hi everyone ,
Well we had our first frost  the other night and it as been cold the last couple of days and wet .
Can anyone tell me where this month went to  ! I feel like I just woke up and it's almost another new month !
Time is running away from me again.
I spent a day Christmas shopping with my daughter last Monday and sat sipping a hot chocolate , and eating  chocolate brownie's so yummy just heaven .
Yesterday out with hubby for Lunch and more shopping and today a trip to the seaside to have coffee with a friend and it's still raining.

I have been stitching but only a little I don't like stitching in the night light so need to fix up my lamp .
I have been sorting out and found another big box of stitching UFOs that only need a little stitching to finish  them . I don't like setting goals because ----------something will come along , you know what I mean , you just have to start it now and you can't wait.
But I do really need to finish a couple of UFOs each year.
So must find some time to do this .
I stitched all my Christmas stitching for this year last year so I have allot of finishing to get on with , and can't show you yet .

So first up a little birthday gift I stitched for a friend a sweet little pin cushion . 

            A lovely little design by my sweet friend Dany .
Stitched on white 28ct  and you can see the backing material .

I stitched a little small lemon bead inside each flower .
Using six strand sweets threads 
Sugared violets and Butter mint  hand dyed thread

Couronne de Ve'ronques by Dany.

Thank you Dany for your beautiful designs 

I will show you my UFO next week that I restarted again next week
I may have it finished by then 
And here a few more flowers just hanging on before the winter sets in.

You can see the flowers are coming to a end already there are signs of bulbs coming up for next year .

Thank you friends for your lovely comments .
I wish you a very happy Halloween .

Monday, 21 October 2019


Hello everyone ,
Autumn is here  weather is cooler and the nights are getting darker already , the clocks will change this week so we will have darker nights .
I know many of you love Autumn and yes I love the colour's that Autumn brings but I love Spring the best with the new life it brings  and I love early Summer .
But I do love the extra time to stitch , knit and rest , so we are lucky with our change in months each one brings something magical .
I have been busy bedding down the garden ready for the winter, filling the beds up with more bulbs and cutting back and weeding.
I have been sorting out some of my stitching also , I dragged out an old UFO and started some new stitching and I am still working on the baby sampler .
I have a big box of Christmas designs ready to put together for
 gifts .  So yes you could say I am a little busy .

Since we got back from holiday everything seems to be breaking ,
my PC , toothbrushes stopped working , and now the lawn mower and a few other things .
Hope that's it now for a bit.

OK back to stitching .
Here is my UFO I will work for a few weeks and when I get fed up I will pick out anther one (I didn't call myself a butterfly for nothing ha I do tend to flutter from one thing to another )
The Easter Present by RTO.

Last time the baby stitching.

                         And now , Birth Sampler by Joan Elliott .

Almost Halloween 

                         You would not believe the amount of cobwebs
                           some mornings .

                                A friend popped by to say hello.

                               Last few flowers in the Garden

                         Some flowers left that I cut for inside .

Thank you for your comments and I 
Wish everyone a happy week.

Saturday, 12 October 2019


Hello friends I am back after a lovely holiday .
We had a great time , we did go with Thomas cook ! but it was ok all went well at the end we had a rescue plane for the flight back so allot of waiting around  .
We were the lucky ones so can't say to much , just grateful to be home some poor people had it really bad.
We have had rain most days since we came home

I was writing my blog out last week when my PC crashed  , so that's why I am late with blogging.

Well I have been catching up with friends washing and all the things we have to do when we get

Good news  my GD had a baby boy , baby and mother are doing fine.

So I had better catch up on my baby stitching.

The builder's came back on Monday almost finished now.

So it's not been easy to move about upstairs .

Well the weather is much colder already and signs of Autumn everywhere.
I did spend yesterday cutting back lots of dead plants ready for winter.
I could have stayed on holiday all Autumn and Winter ,  but it is good to get home really .
I need to sort out my Christmas stitching , I noticed the shops are already full of Christmas .

So lets get back to the post, first up a catch up with my stitching.
Not really had much time but here is my progress .

The baby stitch so far.

                                       Such cute baby animals .

                                               Santa is growing too .      

As you know I love  to go  shopping and  have coffee with friends  ,my daughter was walking past and took this photo ,

                                                             I am the one with two hands up.

This week I had a lovely gift from my friend  Nathalie  , thank you my friend I found loads of designs I want to stitch .


                                                Some baby gifts I brought for the new baby.
                                                 Cute booties I found on holiday.
                                       More little baby gifts .              

                                      A couple of holiday photos .


Oh how i miss this place just love it there so we will be going back .

Well now I am up and running again I want to catch up with all your blogs this week, and see what you have all been stitching .
Until next time have a lovely week.