Sunday, 23 June 2019


Hello Friends ,
It's here again another weekend that rolled in far to quick .
I have had a lovely week but can't say the weather has been giving out much sunshine it's been allot of rain &  showers but yesterday was hot and sunny and it was lucky for us because we had a brochure given to us to join in the fun in the next village to us , we use to live there when our girls were small so we know many of the folks there.

The festival was wonderful , music , food and many stores of art and needlework and plants.
Ok yes I did buy far to many plants , well you know me I can not go past a plant store with out buying something !!! ha.
And the needlework ladies wanted me to join them , but I had to hold back I just would not be able to do all the things I am doing now and running my own club .

Well I just looked outside and we are having more heavy rain again but on a positive note  it will water my new plants in.

So what have I been doing this week ? I worked on my SAL .

With sweet Maryse

I do love how this one is coming out.

Also some knitting 
I finished my baby blanket for the new baby coming to join our family in this world in October  and a little sweet tiny  bunny.

All packed up ready to go .

The rabbit was from this magazine.

                                                                Here they are , you can knit them in all different colours they
only take a couple of nights to knit and then an hour to sew them up.

Thank you to our lovely friend Vickie for such a sweet Birthday gift .

I brought these Jam's from a lady yesterday who use to live in the US but now lives in Devon and runs a fruit farm and sells some lovely Jams . We had a good talk to her such a nice lady .

                     Hubby brought some lovely cake bless him , I think he was feeling hungry .
           It tasted so good a lovely lemon cake .

So back to the garden I will show you the plants I brought when they start to flower
 but right now these lilies  are blooming .

                                                           My beautiful peach rose .

My summer house needs to be used soon 
Maybe this week if we get some summer .
Have fun friends always do what you want to do and feel like doing it's the weekend !

Sunday, 16 June 2019


What a week of rainy weather it's been raining on and off most of this week.
Hoping it will be different this week and we have some sunshine .

Thank you to all my friends who sent me cards , email cards and gifts  for my Birthday  .
You do spoil me but it's so nice to receive so much love  I am so blessed , thank you.

Last night Hubby took me out to a concert , to see Torbay Symphony Orchestra , normally I never go to hear classical music but oh my I have changed my mind and yes it was mind blowing I loved it .

Well I have been busy again trying to tidy all my Craft , Knitting and Sewing items , well I start ok , then it happens I find something I fancy working on then a few moments later something else , then I start looking for the materials to make it ! and my mess gets worse ! so good intentions go away. 
I now have a feeling I will never get sorted this has happened about 6 times now .
But it's so good to find things I had forgotten about  and to find them again ha.

I won a lovely gift from the lovely Lynn , I entered my pillow I stitched from her free chart and this was my prise  .
A really beautiful pillow a pretty tin and some lovely charms , You will find Lynn's site on my blog list called Happiness is Cross Stitch .

This was the one I entered below 

I also won a lovely chart from a sweet friend Vickie from the USA .

Thank you Vickie 

I also had lots of beautiful gifts here are just a few .

From a lovely friend Nancy  from the USA ,Thank you.

From our sweet friend Julie who has the kindest heart .

Beautiful stitched card from our friend Martina  all the way from Germany .

And all the way from the USA .   

 From the wonderful Carol who was the friend who helped me to  start  blogging .

From my lovely friend Titty from Italy .
Such pretty goodies .

Also from my sweet Titty 

Beautiful flowers  from my sweet friend Shirl .

Thank you 

I will show you more next time .

This week I did treat myself to some plants for the garden .
 I went a bit crazy and brought 10 new perfumed pinks and carnations.
Here are just a few .

The rose below has a beautiful smell  .

Well my friends I could show you more and more but my blog is getting far to long .
Thank you all again for your lovely comments .
And thank you for the many Birthday wishes .
Enjoy your new week . 

Saturday, 8 June 2019


Hello friends .
Well June is bursting out all over the garden has gone mad and  there are roses everywhere .
Today it's been sunshine and showers but we could get outside .
I have had more time this week to spend with my friends and also time with my crafts .

The little stitch below is a joy to stitch it's by La Comtesse & Le Point De Croix , I used a 28ct grey 
evenweave .
and DMC threads . The material you see is the one I used for the backing.


The photos are not so bright with our weather today 

This is a short post today so will leave you to join me in the garden .
Thank you for the lovely comments and enjoy your weekend and have fun.

                                    Vickie I know you will like this one I also love the one below so delicate

                                                          We have vegs already

Tropical flowers are growing ok .