Saturday, 12 January 2019


Hello all , 
Well the reason for my title I just looked out of the window at our grass space across the road and it is covered in Buttercups and Daises you would think it was Spring . Not sure about that I still think we have more cold weather to come yet  , but it does look pretty.
Well I am still not 100% yet but each day I am feeling a little bit better , this must be the worse virus cold I have ever had . I hope none of you get this one.

Well  I started a new SAL with Maryse again it's going to be a very pretty one .

This is my  new start so far ,  using Belfast 
 Linen cream 32ct 

Called " Instants Precieux "
It is going to be a nice romantic square .
All the little moments and delights that relax us .
Embroider , taking tea , picking roses from the garden .
So you can see why I was ready for this SAL.
I am already thinking pillow but we will see has it grows .
 Not forgetting  my Winter SAL with Maryse .

Slowly growing .
 Also a little Birthday stitched gift  for Lynda .

A freebie by the little stitcher 

   I  had booked to go for a meal with the club .
But I was so unwell I couldn't go

And my dear friends had brought me this beautiful Orchid that my sweet friend Margaret dropped off to hubby for me , what wonderful friends I have, I love them all to bits .
So that made my day , bless you all.

So pretty , I have now put it into the porch I think the house will be far to hot for it .

Hubby brought me yet more beautiful daffodils ,

And today I went outside and look what I found growing out there in the garden.

I brought them in before the rain could catch them.

Thank you my friends for your lovely comments and good wishes to get better .
I am back almost to my full stitching .
Have a wonderful week and stay warm .

Saturday, 5 January 2019


Hello everyone ,
Well I am back still not 100% yet but getting there , my daughter still has her cold and that's been 3 weeks , so looks like another week for me.
I am feeling allot better and yesterday we went out for the first time , it was just nice to get out for a few hours .
I also walked around the garden today and the bulbs are really pushing their way up .
I also picked some Christmas roses , I love them they are so pretty .
Thank you everyone for the wonderful comments from last time and thank you for the gifts which have been  so many .
I am happy to say I am back to my stitching and other hobbies , I have been sorting and making a list of what to stitch for this coming year , I have started a new SAL which you will see over the next few months , I have also spotted a few large stitching kits I want to stitch for my home so will be buying those soon. I have sorted also a big box of smalls which I will rotate with my larger stitching and I am hoping each year now to get some of my WIPs finished .
I really love stitching the best out of all my hobbies and know it's good for relaxing my mind I go off in another world when stitching , do you ? I really think it's a form of mediating 
First I want to show you a little beaded ornament I stitched for a friend of mine .

                            I used the new DMC thread with the sparkle in it I loved it .
                                                                       The Front 

The Back

I sewed beads around the outside 
It was a free chart that was given to me .
I have been doing a little knitting too.

I love the way the colours form .

Christmas Roses 

                                                  My Christmas roses I cut them today
                                                                  they are so pretty
                                                            Another picture of them .
On Christmas Eve we went to the coast for lunch 
This was the view from the window .
It was raining but it was lovely to eat and watch the waves coming in.

Below these house's face the sea with their palm trees .
But it can be very cold in Winter .

The  same week before Christmas we went to a little parish in Idford 
For a poem reading and to see the display of Christmas trees .

The cream stone you see above is from the Saxon times .

                   It was a lovely afternoon looking around and talking and listening to some beautiful poems .
From Titty in Italy some lovely gifts .
Thank you my sweet friend .

 And from my dear friend Nathalie from France .
Thank you you are both Angels . 

I have lots more gifts I will show next time .
I will leave you for now 
with my first daffodil's Hubby brought me yesterday for the New Year I cut some catkins to go with them .

Have a great stitching weekend and a HAPPY NEW to you all.

Sunday, 30 December 2018

Happy New Year friends .

Hi Friends ,
Just wanted to say a Happy New Year to you all .
I went down with a nasty cold virus on Christmas night and that was it for me .
I have been in bed for the last few days but I am back , fighting this virus it is not a nice one and I never stay in bed for more than a day ,but this one got to me.
Just had my first meal after four days but can't taste a thing .
But never mind I will rest up and get stronger for the NEW YEAR .
So my friends have a lovely time and I will see you all in 2019

                                                   My little bear has been looking after me.

Friday, 21 December 2018

Ready or not it's almost here .

Hi  everyone ,
Well it's almost here , are we ready ? well almost , just some last minute things still left to do .
I think all the shopping is done might buy a couple more bits we will see.
I still have to make flower arrangements to put on my graves I always do some for my friends family to , so we may do this Christmas Eve and then have lunch out , sounds good to me .
We had one hectic week but very enjoyable and lots of fun. So not much stitching time , but I have some new stitching to show and other goodies .
Thank you to all of you ,who left me some lovely comments , love to read them.

So we will start with my stitching I found this little kit in my big box of goodies and thought oh yes come on,  out you get you have been in there for a long time , and  so I thought it would be a easy stitch wrong but I am enjoying it even though it's got allot of colour changes .
              Christmas Teddies by Dimensions  Gold Collection thought it would make a nice pillow
for one of  the little ones next year .
 I can't wait to get back to my stitching his week I am sure there will be allot more time.
What do you think of this table it was set all in gold and little gold Christmas trees all the way down it was my Hubbies dinner night , and we had allot of people coming .

I did make loads of name cards and loads of boxes with chocolates in for everyone.

Here I will  just  show you a few of them .

And some of the boxes for the ladies and gentlemen 

A close up 
I made so many of them and loved it.

At the end of the night , one lady brought me this handmade lovely table decoration for my Christmas table 
This was so sweet.

Parts of my last top shelf

The wedding candle was a gift from a friends daughter who got married this year.

We love loads of fruit at Christmas time and have loads of bowls full every where I love the smell and colours .

In my garden the little Violas are doing really well in this mild weather.

 Also our bulbs are coming up .

To everyone I wish you a blessed Christmas and Happy new year .
I will be back very soon.

Saturday, 15 December 2018

More Christmas Delights

Well hello friends , are you rushed off your feet yet ?
Why do we do it ! last year I was so stressed out that I said I would start early this year and I must say it's been a little better for me.
I still have things to do but I am almost there now , writing a do it list for every week works well I put the most important things at the top and when you mark them off it's a sense of achievement and that makes you feel so good .
I can't seem to keep things in my head when I am busy so it's best to write them down , I was taught this years ago when we were running a business , and it really works .

Yesterday was a nice dry day and I spent 3 hours in the garden  sweeping and getting the leaf's up .
I found a few bulbs coming up already and some Christmas roses in bud and some primroses out .
If we get a bad frost they won't last long it was so nice to get in the fresh air and I forgot how long I was out there for and then last night I was at our outside carol service and it was colder last night .
but we had a good time.

I have had some lovely gifts from my sweet friends this last week .

From my sweet friend Carol .

Beautiful gifts  and a lovely treasured ornament in my lounge colours 

Thank you Carol l love it
It now joins my apple blossom tree.

Another lovely gift from Julie 

A gingerbread man I love him ( I also love to eat gingerbread ) 
But promise I won't eat him Julie .

I put him with a lady friend and Julie said be careful ! 

                             Well you were right Julie , look what I found this morning .
                                                Thank you Julie.

A baby ginger bread .

                               Another lovely gift from Stitching Angel  thank you what a lovely card
                                      and lovely Christmas threads , thank you Angel.

From sweet Vickie a lovely chart and she saved me some bunny charts she knows I love rabbits .
Thank you Vickie .

My SAL coming along slowly 

I also started a scarf ,this is beautiful wool I brought from a show last year and just found it 
upstairs so it's nice to pick up when I am watching the TV .

Below my blue and pink shelf looks lovely when the lights are on at night.

My second shelf on my dresser close up.

And look what I won at a raffle the other night , I really wanted him and wow my number came out .

So I wish you all a lovely time with your preparations this week.
Thank you for your comments my friends .
I will be back again soon .