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Saturday 24 February 2024

Sunshine after a week of rain.

 Another week of rain and a little sunshine , but the garden keeps throwing flowers out , but then the rain  will damaged them so you can't win .

 We have been out alot this week I love going out for lunch when we get a free day, which is not so often , so we make the most of it , when the weather is bad and it's so dull you can't  do very much inside .  

Well it was so funny this week , my hubby gave me a lift to my friends It was raining so I was getting out of the car slipped on a big clump of grass and fell out of the car , when I was falling I thought oh no this will be the hospital  for me , but I got up and could not feel anything , not a mark on me , hubby said you must be Super woman , apart from feeling silly and looking around to see if anyone was looking , but happy to say no one was around because it was a nasty day. So anyway I am still here thank goodness.  Hubby was laughing after and said you should think of being a stunt woman  for films !

Anyway back to stitching .

My finish for Manuela and Martina's Stick 6 2024 No 3 Favorite designer , now this was hard because I have to many designers  that I love , but I dipped my hand into a bag and this one came out . Sweet Rose by LHN .

I have just found this frame so will frame it tomorrow . Only I just pushed it in and the size looks ok .

 I still have to frame it yet so it sits flat .


  One of my friends birthdays this month  so  I made her Peacock book mark she loves them .

   Added it to a card and added a ribbon  .

Just finished a scafe I had lots of wool left over from the summer jacket which needed  pressing .  It's a very light fluffy wool and goes great with a sundress .

                    I have just started this new Puzzle below .

                                  Flowers still fighting the rain .

The grass is like a bog , and I just had a warning of loads more rain coming in.

 So hoping I won't get webbed feet . Enjoy your week all.




Saturday 17 February 2024

The Birds are back singing.

 Hope you all had a week of happiness and love .

I have enjoyed my week , but would have loved some dry weather so I can get outside  more , there are signs of life every where with bulbs breaking out but the rain is so heavy they get bashed about . I have still been busy sorting out my craft stock. I am almost done  inside then I need to clean out the outside craft room . I have been strong and have given loads away , now I need to do this each year , and not buy to much only if I just have to buy it , if you know what I mean .

Well I had a busy week , I did get out into the garden when we had a moment of no rain . I planted some summer bulbs .

But the best part of this week ,was hearing the sweet song of the black bird  , they are now singing every morning I just love hearing them it warms my heart.

Oh I have found so many charts that I forgot about so can't wait to kit them up.

I have dug into my WIPS  again this week and brought out  another one for my girls  in the family , but so much back stitch . I must try and get them finished before the end of the year . 

I went out with my friend to hit the charity shops and found two beautiful goodies that came home with me , but I did give away a few things  from my house , I didn't want any more .

Ok this is what I worked on this week .

 DMC Gifts of friendship Sarah Kay .


                    Almost finished the back stitch on the small girl.

                          A few more stitches on the bigger one , then more back stitch.

  This week I felt like doing a puzzle , my friend gave  me this one for Christmas .

                     This is what I brought at the charity shop .
                   A sweet pea holder I will put fresh sweet peas in once they come out.
             Cost just £2 a bargain  

I fell in love with this water colour , only £3,99 the frame would have cost me over £3O.OO , I looked up the painter and most of her work this size was about £110 pounds . So always worth a look around I seem to find some lovely things 

Cards for Valentine we had a job to find any we left it to late , the middle one was from my lovely friend Nancy  thank you..

When we did go out hubby brought me some bulbs . 
I will get more next time I love them and have them  everywhere  now , they even flower in the cold weather , but hard to find in the shops  so will look for more 
Next week.

Well dear friends I will close now , enjoy your weekend .

Saturday 10 February 2024

Dull weather.

 I really hope Spring is not to far away , flowers are already blooming around , but they are saying snow is on the way , I do hope they are wrong .

Well my craft room sorting is going well almost done , but I have had to be strong . I have two large bags to give to my cross stitch friends , who use to come to my club I no longer run , 20 years was a long time and once I got covid that was it , it turned out to be long covid , but I am feeling much better now but do get a little brain fog , so each year I will  do the same , I have found lots of charts I must do and lots of kits I must finish. 

 I have also been cutting down branches with my hubby and filling up the garden bin ,  also I started another puzzle  and almost finished my knitting item. I can never sit with out something in my hands . A little bit of sunshine would be nice after lots of really dark dull days. Would you believe it the sun just came out and no snow to be seen , maybe they got the weather wrong this time we will see .

So first up is a little chart I started sometime ago and must finish this for two of my GGDs who will soon be moving into a new house , so thought it would be great on their bedroom wall. I love this saying.

                                  Design Works  ' Don't Look Back .


I still have to fill parts out and lots of back stitch .


                                  Next is a birthday card I sent to Erna .

                                        Hope you had a lovely day.

Well the garden wants to bloom after all the rain , I have flowers popping up every where at last .

These snow drops are all over the garden they are the tall ones the small ones are not coming up again .


So again I can say , my winter blues are now going away now I can see signs of Spring .


Saturday 3 February 2024


Yes February is here ,

We are getting slowly to spring thank goodness . I feel much better  now but I have been playing catch up with everything , housework and gardening , and before I was ill I started clearing out all my junk from my craft room and I am almost done ! then you find some lovely charts and kits you just have to do . It's never ending then I fill up a bag for some of my friends who are stitcher's from my old club .  Then I go back to the bag and think oh no I like that one , it's so hard to down size your stock , then I get strong and say no it's got to go , and I go to bed and think well I  could stitch it , it would be nice for one of the GGC , so it comes back out the bag ! 

I don't think I have any will power at all. So I will have to live with a full room. but saying that I do have two full bags to give away so it's  not to bad , I need to do this every year now , then in the summer I have my craft room outside to sort ! no wonder I can't stitch !  Anyway moving on I did put a few stitches in another WIP 

Winter Stamp by Vervaco

      Almost there lots more back stitching and a few more stitches.

     I have been stitching lots of cards , the last few weeks easy to pick up and down  just have to finish them . I did stitch this one for my lovely friend Carol for her Birthday last month.  I know she loves blue.


                             I also did this lovely puzzle  Garden in bloom .

                                       This was a delight to do.

              Lovely hubby brought home more flowers to cheer me up .

So that's it for now , I will dig out another WIP for next week and finish off my craft room , Oh I did start a scarf with my left over fluffy  wool from my  summer cardigan from last year .I will show you next time . Have a fun weekend .


Saturday 27 January 2024

I want to forget last week.

Hi All , 

Oh I really want to move forward and forget last week. I have had some really bad viruses in my life time  , but last weeks was bad . Hubby also had it but not so bad , but he said it's the worse one he had ever had . I done all my detective  work and still can't find out were it came from , I was only in contact with one other person  and they did not have it .  But thank goodness I am still here to tell the story .My house was already spotless and it's been cleaned from top to bottom again. So lets forget all that and move on .

The storms were pretty bad and the last one was 11th  one . Now all is calm and sunny and warm .  I did pick up another WIP and tried to put a few stitches in there , If I had been well this one would have been finished , so it's not far away because I will get it back out before Easter .

I do like stitching on WIPS in the winter months I have also been stitching on cards and a few smalls, I have allot of finishing to do. 

                               Ester Present  BY RTO 

               Can you see the little chicken I tried to finish last week .
  So I did get out yesterday to walk up the garden here are a few photos to show Spring is not far away.


Now I really need to get back to sorting out my craft room , almost there and now I will know where everything is again , well I hope so.
                                  Enjoy the weekend all.

Thursday 18 January 2024

Far to cold .

Hi all, 

I hate cold weather and last night was the coldest on record  for us in the UK.  We both have  fluffy blankets over us at night watching TV . Still cold with the heating on.

This week to keep warm I have been working upstairs packing away all the rest of the Christmas bits . and then looked at my upstairs craft room and knew I just had to sort it out . So I took every thing out and started this big job , another week and should be done . there were beads floss and charts all over the place  I have filled two big bags for my stitching friends , they love looking at all my mags and books .

Hubby is also clearing the garage out when he can , but it's to cold . We are going to do this every year now , It's the right time when it's cold . I have also started in the kitchen  clearing any thing I no longer use is going . Through life you collect so many things . I do pass most of it down to my family , They love every thing .

I have been stitching many cards for this year already and just starting on Easter ones which I can't show you yet , and I am digging into the big box of large UFO stitching , I will show the one I worked on last week, and I just dug in for this weeks ,  I have so many , so I need to keep working on them with smalls and cards  this year.

So here is this weeks out again and I really enjoyed stitching on this one .


                                    SUMMER NESTING BOX  BY  VERVACO .

Just started on the bird box , it's nice to stitch onto this one  after stitching on my smalls .

       And hubby did bring me back some lovely daffodils  to sit next to my stitching from last year .

One lady down the road has some lovely early  daffodils out now  .my ones are only just popping through the ground , I think they will pop back ha when they feel the cold .

 Have a good week all , think of me with all my mess , but it will be worth it , I have found loads of charts I forgot I had.

Monday 8 January 2024

Already for the New Year !

 The first week of the New Year ,went by so fast . 

I spent last week packing away neatly! , last year was  not so neat , but now I know what is in each box with stickers . I feel better organized , and I have ordered my own white steps  so I can do every thing my self ha .  No paint  on these new steps if you know what I mean .

So not that much stitching here this week , but I have sorted out  some smalls and a Spring Large   from my WIP box , and sadly say good bye to my large Christmas WIP. I did get a few stitches in last week.


More lovely Hand made cards  by my lovely friends .
Just wanted to share with you .

 Thank you  all .

This was such a sweet puzzle from my friend .
Not that easy because of the shapes . 

And more lovely gifts from Natalie 

                                                             Thank you sweet friend .

Now it is very cold here and they say snow will fall soon , but in the garden the bulbs are coming up already , and look at my lovely little tree already in flower .

                     Have a good week all and keep warm in this cold snap .