Saturday, 20 April 2019


Hi everyone ,
Thought I would put my Easter Blog on  now .
Well what do you know , after a really cold weekend last week this week is hot yes hot  ! I just looked at the temps  at the top of the garden and it was 95 can you believe it ,we have worked in the garden most of yesterday and today , the tomatoes are already growing in our little green house , photos next time .
I am so excited to tell you we have a garden warbler now nesting in my box next to my window , oh my he sings just beautiful songs he is small and beautiful , he is also so quick and very shy.

We have treated our selves to ice cream yesterday and today to cool us down.
I hope you are all having a lovely time ,we never go out at holiday time , living not far from the sea and the race track  people flock to our towns so the roads are very busy , so we stay put and enjoy after the people go home.
Well I have two little pillows to show you today one Spring and one Summer .
 The first one here , by one of my favourite designers sweet Dany.

I love to add a bit of lace to some of my stitching , thank you Dany for the lovely chart.

Stitched on 28 ct and DMC threads  .

The back

And from the lovely Lynn B a freebie part one of  four designs 
You will find Danny and Lynn on my side bar 
Again 28ct and dmc threads 


More lovely Easter cards from my wonderful friend Nancy 

And sweet friend Ann.

Three new easter pillows for this year 

I told you last week I have pink and white bells to and they are just coming into bloom.

Close up

My rose is still not open so maybe next week 
Below is a new house plant growing already .

Thank you all for the wonderful comments last week 
So happy I am not boring you with my little blog .
I do love sharing with you all.

And now lets step outside into the garden once more 


Saturday, 13 April 2019


Hello all ,
After a warm week it's gone windy and cooler today.
We just came back and we are both so cold .
But it's been nice this week , I can't complain when others still have snow .
Hubby and myself hate the cold , when we lived up in the Midlands  we had some really cold weather.
When we were children I can still remember ice on my bedrooms windows  and snow up to the top of the door .
No I need warm sunshine , I would have loved to have moved to a sunny country .
But then  it would be to hot , ( you can never please some people ha )
I think we have to stay put and enjoy what we have .

Well another busy week for hubby and myself but I did put together one of my Easter stitching pieces in a little frame .

This was the freebie I showed you a few weeks ago .
I found this lovely gold frame to fit it into.

And I had two lovely gifts this week .
First one from Gabi .

Thank you so much sweet friend.
I just love bunnies .  
A lovely stitch and card .
Made me so happy Thank you.

                                                             And from Martina
                                                         a lovely stitched card of lovely flowers
                                                           You made my day  Martina thank you.

I treated myself this week , look what I fell in love with.
They are really beautiful and a real treat.

                                                                      And a sweet chart 

 My garden at the moment looks like a Bluebell wood .
We use to live near the Bluebell woods years ago and it is breath taking to see .
 So here are a few of mine.

Now these are from my Dads garden and before my Grandfathers garden and maybe my GGFS  before that ,garden .
I also have pink and white bells I will show you next time.

                                               I found a bluebell cup the other year too.

 A Carnation came out to bloom this week 
The rose is still not ready yet maybe next week .

 The old green house has died so we brought this one for now .

             They want so much money for the wooden ones .
           So this will last for a couple of years , we grew more veg outside last year and the tomatoes .

Well my friends would love to stay longer but I need to lay the table hubby is just about to go to our chippy for our tea.
                                 Thank you for all those wonderful comments .
                                                     Have a wonderful Easter.
This year I have not had time to re-dress the dresser for Easter so I just added a few things.

Saturday, 6 April 2019


Hi everyone , yes this week it's been a bit of everything   here frost , cold , April Showers and now back to lovely sunshine so I have been working in the garden and DE-heading my flowers then we sat in the sunshine for coffee, what could be better after a busy week .

I have some new stitching to show you and  a  couple of books I brought this week .
My daughter brought me a new puppy for mothers day .
And a friend of Ron's gave me a big box of sewing goodies I am going through them  and some large Aida I will pass on to the Browne's and guilds group .

And yes more flowers to show you , you won't believe this , one of my roses is in full bud , I think we could have our first rose by next week I think this will be a record for us , I know I had one out late April before  but this will be early .

 So first to show  is my little Rabbit stitch .

                                    This is a little freebie from Cosmic Handmade .
I used DMC threads on 28ct , I made the pillow first then set the stitching on after.
                    So cute don't you think .

 Bunny now sits with my Easter duck 

Here is my new puppy pug Suzy .

So cute , I would love another real puppy but we live such a busy life its just not possible.

Here is a hand made card I made for my daughter.

I found this lovely vase in a second hand shop I love it .

It is like new and I got it really cheap

Below is a book I brought this week you can knit or crochet so many flowers and butterflies 

                                               Here is a peep at just one page .

                                                And I could not pass this little teddy by

                                       And now if  you want to you  are so welcome to step into the garden.

                                             ONE OF MY ROSES IN BUDS ↓

I will leave you now I have an hour to stitch before tea .
Enjoy a fab week .