Saturday, 14 January 2017


 Well hello again dear friends it's the weekend already .
I have had a good week , I met up with some friends for coffee and we talked about the last few weeks and what we had been up to.
The weather as been a little up and down one day really cold and the next sunny .
They told us we would have some snow but it never reached us here, only on the moor's can I see any white , but we did have another bad frost last night. 
DH was out this morning breaking the ice off the birdbath and feeding the birds.

Well what have I got to show you today , a lovely gift , stitching, knitting a new SAL and new start. 
I also redressed my dresser , too cold to go into my craft room yet but when I get out there I will bring in some Spring bits to put on the dresser.

Another Christmas ornament ready to put together.

Grande Histoire de Noel 
Les Brodeuses Parisinnes.
On 28ct white evenweave 
Once I get some free days I will start to finish them all and put away for next Christmas.

Below my Wip last week .

This week.

Growing slowly.
 And here is my new start for this January, friends who know me know I always start a new WIP for the New Year.
After sorting I found this one .

We have the 12 months of the year,  now will I stitch them all !
I may do they would make a lovely throw over . We will see after I stitch the first one which will be April or May. 
I have loved Sunbonnet Sue for a long time I just love little children.
Takes me back in time what fun we had we had no mobile phones or the Internet , so we had to make our own fun and the time seem to last forever .
But life moves on so they say.

And I just made a new start on my SAL , I am going to make a table topper I think so but not sure yet.

                       Just started to stitch the edging .
And here is another pair of gloves need to sew them together now and start the next pair .

Gifts from my friend Natalie from France 
Thank you so much love everything the magazines are just beautiful and love the butterfly pad I will keep my notes inside , even a gift for my last GGB. 

I was looking for something for this jug and wanted cream with just a touch of pink .
What do you think .

Only cost £1 they look real .
Here is my dresser now after all the decoration are put away.

Thank you to everyone who left a comment last week .
I do love to hear from you all.
I wanted you to know it means so much to me.
Could you please do one more thing for me , two of my sweet stitching friends are very ill could you please say a prayer for Maureen and Janet they are such lovely caring sweet friends .
Thank you , see you next week , have fun.

Saturday, 7 January 2017


Hello again friends ,
Well that week went fast! 
Today is Saturday and it's always a happy day for me , it's my day and I don't have to do anything , I never cook on a Saturday.
I told DH this is my day to do what I want and I do , he is so good at the moment he his doing the shopping and later he well fetch a take away , I always love fish and chips best .
Well I have had another busy week hospital yesterday and my eye lid is better now and my black eye almost gone .
We packed away the Christmas things and cleaned the house and  put everything always,  looks so bare when you pack it all away.
We did go out a couple of days around the sales I brought some Christmas paper 1/2 price and Christmas cards but not much else.
I have made a start on my January stitching and will show you more in the coming weeks .
Here is another Christmas stitch , I want to keep stitching Christmas all year around.

Loved stitching this one so sweet I will try and put it together in the week.

           Winter wonderland free chart from 2008 cross stitcher.

                 Re-picked up this WIP for the New Year .
                                         Victorian Beauty 
                                                by Lesley Teare 
                                         Cross /stitcher Gold.
 I stitched up some gloves  from the pattern that Michelle brought for Christmas with the wool . They are so warm .
So I sent for some wool and I am also knitting lots for next Christmas for gifts for the family and some friends.


            And here are the next pair I have started in blue.

               The wool I sent for came in this lovely bag.

                           Made from Alpaca and wool it's so warm .

         Where we went shopping in the week the gardens are full of birds and ducks , this one come running up to us wagging his tail bless him .

And Mr peacock was watching on the fence .

Well that's it for this week my friends .
I am going to play now with my crafts and sewing .
It's dull today but mild but a damp feel to the air .
My bulbs I see are bursting through the soil will Spring come early I wonder ! I really think we will have some cold weather yet and maybe snow , there are so many berries out there and that is a sign we will see.
Thank you for all the friends who left me a comment I love to hear from you all , have a lovely week and hoping it's a happy one for you all.



Saturday, 31 December 2016


Hello dear friend'
I want to wish you all a very Happy New Year. 
Hoping you all had a wonderful Christmas .
We had a lovely Christmas ,  thank you all for  the lovely emails cards and gifts .
And also for the wonderful comments that you have left me through out this year.
My gifts went down very well at the dinner party and it was lovely to see how many loved my little wee gifts.
I have been up stairs looking and making notes for this coming year , I need to make a new felt ornament for our garden and craft show , and get back to stitching my Victorian Lady , I have a new SAL to start stitching with Maryse , and some knitting to get on with , so I need to get on with the above starting tomorrow and I also want to carry on stitching all this year round for Christmas and to stitch on two smalls so I think that will be enough for me to get my teeth into this coming year. 
 I also want to be a little more tidy and not throw every thing out of the boxes when I am looking for that right ribbon ha  and I really must tidy my craft room up this Spring .
Well we are in for the New year I had some surgery yesterday at the hospital on my eye lid and I have a few stitches in there and a lovely black eye . I had a skin tag on my eye that was getting bigger I think it liked me to much ha.
Oh and this year is a very big year for me it's our 5Oth wedding Anniversary and oh dear I am going to be 70 ! don't feel it everything seems to be still working  ! 
Ok I know you want to see my stitching not me talking about my self .
So first up is a little gift I made for a sweet friend .

 From  Grande Histoire de Noel .
 Les Brodeuses Parisiennes .
And from our lovely friend Carol I had this lovely gift .

                What wonderful gifts and beautiful ornament .

Here it is Carol hanging on my dresser .
Thank you so much I love everything .

Carol knows I love little girls and snowmen , this is so pretty.

My DH and I have been watching the birds in my back garden we have 6 male blackbirds and it looks like the same big one is back if it is him he has the most beautiful singing voice you have ever heard it looks like him he has a orange beak that is so bright .
He will push the rest of the black birds away when he starts singing the middle of February . 

Happy Spring days are only weeks away now .
Well my friend's wishing you peace , health and
a wonderful New Year .

Tuesday, 27 December 2016


Hello friends , 
Hoping you all had a wonderful Christmas .
Well it was not a white one for us it was very mild , but today it was white with frost .
We went to church on Christmas Eve  and it was full so many families were there it was a wonderful service .
We had a wonderful time on Christmas day with our daughter .
And yesterday we went to a friends house .
Now we are home for a few days to relax.
I just wanted to say thank you for all the lovely cards and gifts I received from friends , so I took a few more photos and some of my decorations .
I will be planning out my stitching for the New Year soon .
I think I will be stitching Christmas Ornaments all the year and I have Birthday gifts to stitch . I also need to pick up my WIPs again 
and start some Spring and Easter stitching . I hope 2017 slows down a little I found this year was moving so fast I was just holding on.
Thank you all for the lovely comments last time and wishing you all a wonderful New Year .
Here more pictures of all the lovely gifts and cards from sweet friends you know who you are. I have put them all together for you to see.

Thank you sweet friends I am so blessed .
Also thank you to my friends who already sent me gifts before Christmas day many on my last posts.
We also have had some beautiful Christmas cards getting on for almost 100 many hand made and are so beautiful .
So now a few on the cards and a few decorations.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year .
I will be back then with my stitching and new starts for the 
New Year , I always start something new ha , why not it will be a NEW YEAR .

Thursday, 22 December 2016

Have a very Merry Christmas

 Just popping in to wish you all a very Merry Christmas .
Hope you all have a wonderful time .

Thank you for all the lovely comments last time always love to hear from you .

We have almost done all the rushing around so almost ready just a few more trips and that's it we are ready to enjoy the Christmas season .

Just wanted to share with you a few more ornament's I gave out first this one went to our dear friend Vickie.

Sing Noel by Elizabeth Garski 
Stitched on 28ct using DMC threads.
And a few more finishes 

Above by Cuore e Battiecuore 

                  This one above is from a set of kits I have in my stock set in a coaster

A lovely little deer that I took from a magazine.

And above a little gift I sent to our friend Carol in the US.
I am sorry I lost my list with the name of this one above .
I need to start another book and write them down, it is so easy to forget when you stitch so many.

 Now I can show you a couple of gifts that were sent to me .

From our friend sweet Vickie .
Thank you so much I just love robins .

And here he sits singing away.

And below a lovely package from Barb how wonderful.

Such a beautiful stitch and finish .
Thank you Barb so much.

And my lovely friend Ali sent me these goodies  

I can't wait to put this wreath together over Christmas 
Thank you Ali I love it.
Also thank you to all my wonderful friends for all the beautiful cards you have sent me I will show all next week.

So my friends Christmas day is almost here .
So I am wishing everyone across the world a Merry Christmas.
And my wish for the New year is that we can bring Peace to everyone in the world.