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Monday, 16 May 2022

Party time .

 Well it will be soon , with the Queen's Jubilee in June .

 So I thought I would finish the last few stitchies of Dame Gateaux by Tralala Collection  .

       So here is the sweet stitch that I enjoyed stitching so much. 

                 Placed on a metal tray  but if I use magnets I could stand it up on my dresser .


                                         This is just to show the backing fabric.


Stitched with  a green 28 ct out of my bag of cross stitched  bits .


                      To the garden  now , we had rain today but now the sun is back out .


 A  new bug house and we will be looking for a butterfly house next .

Trying to get more insects  in and already this year there are more butterflies .

Already my Tomatoes are growing , I  started these from seed , and they are growing outside .

                                                       Lovely yellow Iris .

Now the summer is almost here , I don't have so many hours to stitch .

So at the end of my post I will show some past stitching , last time I had many comments saying they loved to see my past stitching , some I keep and lots go for gifts  and to the family . So I will tag on the end of my post each week  , and hope you enjoy .

                                   This one I stitched for myself I wonder why .

                                                        Thread keeper  was a gift.

                                This one was stitched for a friend who loves Art deco .

I do stitch all kinds of styles  of cross stitch what ever takes my fancy  at the time .
I love large med and small designs I won't tell you how many I have started .
But it is alot . 
When I see a new one I want I am off again.
But hey it's my hobby it keeps me happy and I go off into another world  when stitching.

I find it so relaxing , if you have never stitched before try it .
Try small  at first and go from there , but a warning  you never want to stop.

                   Ok my friends have a lovely week , enjoy the weather and stitching .


  1. I'm sure all of England is buzzing about the Queen's Jubilee, June--really an amazing reign! I love the sweet piece that you finished and it looks so pretty on the pale green fabric. I enjoyed seeing the variety of your older cross stitched pieces--it's fun to try different styles and colors. Beautiful, beautiful garden and that is great news about the butterflies. Hope you can attract even more. Have a wonderful week, my friend ♥

  2. Dear June, I like the "Cake Lady" an also the elegant lady in her quilted 9?0 coat. Two very different styles.
    Wow! you have a tomato growing already. It's been so cold here the store doesn't even have tomato plants for sale yet. I planted potatoes and collards ;-))

  3. Všetky výšivky sú krásne a zabrali veľa času :-)

    1. Very beautiful ❤️❤️❤️

  4. June: I see on the news everyone is so excited about the Jubilee, Queen Elizabeth is so cute and adorable.
    Your new finish is lovely, the tray is a perfect finish for that sweet design.
    As always, your garden makes my heart happy.
    It is always fun to see past stitching designs.


  5. Gosh your work is always so beautiful June. A small group of my friends are doing stitch alongs for cross stitch in autumnal themes (I am not included as I am not a cross stitcher). It is lovely to see their work & how they make it up - one friend has made hers into a strawberry. Your garden is looking wonderful & full of colour. xx

  6. Beautiful stitching. My English friends here in my town are very exciting for the Queen's
    jubilee. I think whole GB will celebrate.
    Your garden looks so beautiful and the birds and the bees and the butterflies will enjoy.
    Have a great week

  7. Profitez bien du soleil et du jardin et passez une belle semaine ma chère June

  8. Um hello June, I’m afraid I’m one of those readers that “lurk” on your blog - but could you tell me the name of the cross stitch pattern/artist of the art deco lady - she is sooo like my sister-in-law.
    Stephanie (Stevie)

  9. Your Dame Gateaux piece is so cute. Garden Pleasures is just perfect for you! The art deco piece is such a very pretty gift.

  10. Hello June,
    I like your new Post, i like the stitching and the garden photos.
    Hugs Andrea

  11. La Dame gateaux ce l'ho anch'io e presto la ricamerò, mi piace tanto!! Ho anch'io una casetta per gli insetti ed è piena di api, è bello poter pagare il nostro debito con la natura con le piccole cose

  12. A really pretty motif from Tralala. And such beautiful colors.
    You're right, you should do what you like and what makes you happy.
    enjoy your time, Martina

  13. Hello June
    A wonderful stitching. The girl is cute and the cakes looks yummy.
    Wonderful photos from your garden and old finish stitching.
    Have a nice day Manuela
    (Manuelas Flowergarden)

  14. Very very nice embroidering.I love this handwork too,but I do Richelieu now.
    I wish you many nice ideas for embroidering
    Have nice days ☺

  15. I am waiting for the Queen’s jubilee too, even I am Italian. Nice cross stitch works and wonderful geranium and sweet peas. I have tried to sow them sometimes, but with no results.
    Enjoy your afternoon,

  16. Great stitching and wonderful garden photos. Have a nice sunday.
    Hugs, Erna

  17. I love Dame Gateaux and the Garden Pleasures, I can see exactly why you had to stitch that one!