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Monday, 13 March 2023

Why does time fly by so quick ?

 Hello all , 

Well that's another week that flew by , why do they fly by so quick , is it because we live  in a busy world 

or because we always have so many things to do. 

Maybe I am getting slower with age , but every day seems so busy .

I need to start planning my time more so I can gain a few more hours for the things I love doing .

I did work out a  plan before Christmas and it worked very well , so maybe I will go back to it.

Well most of the UK had snow last week , we did not get any of it just another bad storm that broke a few pots again . It could have been worse so I can't complain .

Hubby and I had a few days out and some nice meals saved me cooking every day.

I use to cook all the time  years ago , but now I love going out .  It's a real treat .

So this week I have been working on another UFO it's so much fun to rota rather than stay with the same stitching . Also my Easter cards are building up for Easter , so I can't show you  yet .

 But here is my UFO  I worked on this last week.

        Cuisine Digoin by Passion Banheur .

Camellias  are just starting to come out.

My flowers for my Anniversary are now  fully open

My puzzle so far ,  very slow indeed It's so hard but I will finish it .

                                            The garden is  starting to come alive .

                I often get a few charts kitted up in the week so when I want to stitch something new 
          I dig in my box with out looking and pull something out , which is what I will do in a moment 

Have a lovely week every one


  1. I, too, wish time would slow down! I swear it goes faster every year! Oh, your spring flowers are so very lovely, June. We have had a very cold month (no snow, though) compared to February as was predicted. But, it sure is nice to have that extra hour of daylight in the evenings now that we turned the clocks ahead. Lovely stitching as always--such pretty colors. Enjoy your week ♥

  2. The days do seem to be passing by with speed, lovely stitching and beautiful flowers, stay warm in this cold snap

  3. Eh già il tempo scorre veloce per tutti noi. Ci sono giorni che non finiscono mai e altri che invece passano senza nemmeno che ce ne accorgiamo... Che bizzarro che è il tempo. Siamo sempre convinti di averne abbastanza ma in realtà non ci basta mai.

    Complimenti per il tuo UFO è bellissimo vedrai che riuscirai presto a finirlo, così come il puzzle.

  4. Oh, I didn't even have this UFO in mind, it's beautiful, the little pots are filled with flowers.
    So far only snowdrops and a few crocuses can be seen in my garden, but the daffodils, imperial crowns and mosaic flowers are already showing with their green leaves. I hope it will be colorful in the garden soon.
    enjoy your week
    Hugs Martina

  5. Yes, it seems the days & months are going fast.
    Beautiful stitching & flowers.
    We are still having strange weather here.
    It snows a bit almost every night, then we had hail.
    I SO want Spring!

  6. Oh the lovely pink flowers for your anniversary! I see you potted up pansies. My favorite. What a huge puzzle! Quite challenging.

  7. Yes, time flies so fast. Before you know it, another week has passed.
    I like the UFO, have fun finishing it. What is already blooming in your garden. It's cold and stormy here and it rains a lot.
    Have a nice week, hugs Andrea

  8. Very pretty UFO there June. Yes the days & weeks go by so very fast I agree. Your garden is looking pretty already - we are into autumn here & some lovely days weather-wise. Enjoy the week June xx

  9. I like your ufo very much. The flowers in the pot are so beautiful.
    Your flowers in your garden are wonderful.
    It is cold and garding is not possible yet.
    Have a nice week my friend.
    Hugs, Manuela

  10. Dear June, I love the French container motive. Colours are so soft and pretty!
    All "old" people say the time flies too fast ;-)) I should know! I twiddle my days away ;-))

  11. I really enjoyed reading your news.I envy your beautiful flowers.It's still around 0°C -only snowdrops and crocuses bloom here. I´m waiting for spring - the beautiful green color of nature...
    June,have a wonderfull weekend ☺

  12. I like your method for choosing what to stitch! It’s also great for blogging as we see so many lovely projects.
    Serendipitous Jo

  13. Dear June, I love the warm colours of your flowers and also your puzzle grows and grows ... Have a fine Sunday!