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Monday, 27 December 2021


 Hi everyone , I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas .

And I wanted to THANK YOU all for your friendship , kind words , stitching advise , helping me when the PC goes wrong , being able to talk when there are low times and happy times  just sharing with like minded people . You know who you are Thank you .

Well we are almost into another New Year and I do get tearful thinking of all the family who have passed and many friends who have passed away far to many and to early this last year .

So the year's move forward and I am already planning my year ahead , I know I have to stitch a little faster to get all the lovely charts and kits I have , stitched  in my life time .

So I will be still working on my UFOs and 6 smalls a week, they are waiting in my bag , I won't stitch them all in a week but I will stitch a few strands  on each and change for another small .Then when I finish one I add one so I am working always on six , Ok you might think I am mad but it works for me , There is no way I can work on one at a time I get very bored quick .

So now I am looking forward to seeing what you will be stitching in the New Year.

Well I will now show a few I stitched for gifts And some lovely gifts I had from my stitching friends .

I can't get over all the gifts I had from friends  and family this year there are far to many to show you  I was truly taken back with the kindness . 

  I stitched this little dish for our friend Carol. The chart was from an old magazine ?

                                                And a few more gifts sent out this one was  one of  Dany's charts .


                                        This was also out of  one of my old mags's
                                   I must start writing notes again about my stitching .


  Now I am sorry about the light on the rest of my photos it's very dull today .

                      From my friend the lovely Carol , her stitching and finishing is just beautiful .
                                                                        Thank you .


And from my friend Ann  a lovely sweet tin and inside the little one is such sweet pins ,

                                                                      Thank you Ann .

                       A few more decorations and this little house is well over 70 years old now .
My sister in law gave it to me  , I have had it over 50 years and she had had it for years before that .

Well I never did find my address book , but I did find all of the addresses by 5 of them .

Hoping I can find it before Easter , then I can send a Easter card and tell them .

  Well l wish you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR , 


  1. Such beautiful gifts given and received. I love the Holy Family by Dany. I have stitched it myself. Carol's gift to you is lovely.

  2. What lovely Christmas remembrances. How can one obtain the Nativity by
    Dany? I would love to do a few of those for next year...

  3. You did get some beautiful gifts! Isn't it lovely when Stitchy friends make something special too.

  4. Krásne je u vás a dostala si pekné dary.
    Ozdoba dom je nádherná...
    Prajem všetko dobré!

  5. Gosh what beautiful gifts both given & received June. It all looks so wonderful. Merry Christmas to you & wishing you a bright & happy New Year. xx

  6. It is a time for reflection, sad but also gratitude for the super memories loved ones have gifted us.

    Your gifts are beautiful, I hope you find your book, happy stitching x

  7. You have stitched a wonderful gift for Carol.
    Beautiful gifts arrived at you.
    Hope you have some wonderful days.
    Happy New Year.
    Hugs, Manuela

  8. June, The holidays are certainly bittersweet, remembering those that are no longer with us is even more painful this time of year.

    You received and sent beautiful gifts. I love that little house, when I see glass ornaments from my childhood at a reasonable price I always buy them. One of my favorite things to look for at yard sales.

    I'm hoping to be able to get more stitching done this year, I"m going to start with Carol's 12in 22 with simple ornaments. I'm with you, I like to stitch on several projects to keep from getting bored. Looking forward to seeing what 6 you will be concentrating on. Happy New Year!!

  9. Merci à toi chère June pour ta gentillesse et ton amitié précieuse.
    Je te souhaite une douce semaine

  10. Thanks for sharing your gifts with us, June. I wish you and your family a Happy New Year and much joy with all your projects.

  11. I'm planning next year's stitching, too! Happy New Year!

  12. Your Xmas days was so wonderfull with your gifts.
    I wish you best days in 2022

  13. Happy New Year June: Lovely post for sure, I am so loving your tree it looks so very interesting and lovely, I would love to see a full photo of it.
    Beautiful shelf with so many pretty Christmas items, the ornament from your sister in law is so beautiful, I love old ornaments.
    The gifts you made for your friends are so sweet, that bird in the red framing is so pretty.
    Nice gifts from Ann & Carol.
    I hope you have a Blessed 2022 with a load of stitching.


  14. Dear June,
    Thanks for sharing your gifts with us, lovely, lovely photos.
    I wish you and your family a Happy New Year and have much joy with your projects.
    Hugs, Jutta

  15. Some gorgeous stitching given and received. I love Dany´s little pattern and the pretty robin and what a lovely house ornament. Happy New Year.

  16. I love your new Header. Beautiful cards and gifts arrived at you. You also made beautiful gifts
    Happx New Year, Andrea

  17. So wonderful cards and gifts - I wish you a Happy New Year.
    Hugs, Erna

  18. Happy New Year to you June! Thank you for your lovely posts
    love, elena

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