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Monday, 24 January 2022

Naughty week.

 Start of a new week and it's Monday again.

    The weather has been up and down a few warm days and some cold ones .

I did get out a few times , meeting up with my sweet friend , and one day out with hubby for lunch .

Then the rest of the week , it was cleaning and creating , some stitching , knitting and sorting charts out .

Spending far to much time on the PC buying a few more charts ! that I really could not say no  to , I have also seen far to many that I would love to buy .

So that's my week really , oh and I did spend time in the garden picking up dead leaves and still cutting back and keeping it tidy . There are some signs of Spring but to early yet , but the birds are taking the moss from the garden , I just wonder are they getting their nests ready ?

Also I did have a wee spending week , I know I have far to many charts but you know the feeling I need it now , also a new kit to show you once I get started .

Ok I have a new finish to show you this week.

                    From one of  DANY 's charts  it's been a little cold so these flowers brings back thoughts                                  of our holidays .


                   Designer Dany stitched on 28cnt white and a few bits from my  stash.

                                                                        Now I have two 

                      Brings back such happy times fun in the sunshine with our many friends .

                                                   Ok my naughty buys .
                                             This was a bargain only 99p


                                                        It is like new and opens up , 
                       I was buying it for a friend's birthday but hubby wants to keep it , he loved it 
                           So I will find some thing else soon for my friend who likes poppies .

                         Well this is me , you can see why , I just love it .
                                     I have already made a start on it .

Some flowers first daffodils of the year so I brought my friend and my self a bunch .

                                                               Well who would not .

                                            My book for this week  is .


                  This is a great book, when you need to stitch some thing small for a card or gift .

                                            Four pages of Spring photos and charts and the same for all seasons .





                                     Sorry about the photos it's a very dull day here .
                             Maybe the sun might pop out later on . Have a happy week all .


  1. The weather here has been back & forth also.
    Very cold right now.
    very pretty flowers & flower projects.

  2. The poppy lidded jar is the prettiest thing!! I would have bought it too, curious as to what 99p is in American money. Hope it was a great bargain! Your new stitch is just so pretty, love how the 2 flowers look together. Great finishing on it, love your little additions. Pretty new chart and it is you!! It feels like Spring is around the corner when the daffodils arrive at my supermarket, I always buy them too!

  3. Those little flower pillows are fabulous June:-)
    I'm trying to avoid looking at new charts, I have so many already that
    I want to stitch! Hope you have a great week x

  4. Very nice the little pillows from Dany’s patterns and the “Cuisine Digoin” too. As for the little jar, I love poppies too and agree with your husband.
    Thank you for post. Have a nice week,

  5. I did the same two flowers but have not done them into pillows yet. I want to get out on Thursday and get some fabric to do them. I love your book. big hugs Lynda Ruth

  6. Hi June, ha ha, you sound like me - I've also had a naughty week buying several charts online from Etsy and also some lovely charts and fabrics from a NZ store. Have a lovely week x

  7. Your poopy lid jar is lovely. There's always tempting charts to buy. The flowers in the shops are a bit limited just now and don't look so good. I buy daffodils for St David's Day and keep fresh blooms going until Easter.

  8. Love the poppy jar! I would have bought that in a jiffy myself ;-)
    You ARE the flower-lady ... pretty Morning Glory and Hibiskus. I like the latter as tea ... good for the blood pressure.

  9. What a nice post.
    The little jar is absolutely gorgeous. I would have bought it to.
    I think spring is around the corner, the snowdrops in my garden are already smile at me.
    Have a great week.

  10. The two kissels from Dany's flowers are beautiful. I love them both.
    Have a nice week

  11. The little pillows are wonderful. Great finishes.
    Thanks for sharing the book. It sounds like very interesting.
    Have a nice week. Manuela

  12. Merci ma chère June pour tes finitions superbes et les jolies photos.
    Je te souhaite une belle semaine.

  13. June: The pillows are beautiful, such lovely finishing.
    Beautiful trinket box such a pretty design.
    Passion Bonheur is a lovely design, the Sam Hawkins book is wonderful.
    Lovely floral photos.


  14. there are signs of spring on the way here at the mouse house too :) love your wee pillows and you deserve a wee bit of spending xxxx

  15. I very like your embroidering.Too I very the book this litle embroidering
    My best greetings to you and yours
    Eva from Czech Republic

  16. Your newest finish is so pretty, June, and looks lovely alongside your blue flower pillow. I'm glad you treated yourself to a few things from the internet. We all need a little something new during these cold months to keep our spirits up :) Enjoy your pretty new project--those are your colors! Hope things are warmer there than they are here--we have had the coldest weather since 2019. Brrr.... Take good care now ♥

  17. Your pillows are so beautiful June & I love how you finish them off. That poppy dish is so sweet & such a good price. The early daffys always make you feel as though spring is just around the corner. xx

  18. I love the finish of the little pillows, they are so beautiful.
    Have a nice week,
    Hugs Andrea

  19. Those two flowers you stitched are so pretty! Weren't we just saying that we had to many charts?? LOL

  20. Two gorgeous little stitched pillows, they make us feel that Spring isn´t too far away.

  21. Your stitching and finishes are so lovely! It's nice to see the flowers with the cold and recent bit of snow we just had!

  22. Your little pillows are so cute, I can feel Spring ;-)
    Have a great new week. Hugs Erna

  23. I adore a bit of shopping!! Well done on treating yourself to some new charts. One can never have too many. The Cuisine Digoin chart is lovely, I understand why you had to start it at once! Enjoy your Sunday, hugs

  24. I love your little flower pillows, so very cheerful in the cold weather. The pot is beautiful too, I can see why hubby wants to keep it!