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Monday, 21 November 2022

Rain And Wind .

 Hello friends,

Well today was rain and very heavy rain at that, then the winds oh boy they are strong. and now beautiful sunshine. never a dull moment with our weather, but I see some of you have already had some snow.

I would like some snow for Christmas and that's all because it looks so pretty.

Some bulbs I put in are already coming up.

I have spent the last week wrapping gifts and writing cards. Shopping for a few more gifts.

Next week I will start putting up a few decorations, I wanted to be early this year then take a rest before Christmas.

So not that much stitching done but I have been stitching a little. Here's what little Teddy looks like so far.

                          Lots of back stitch yet to work on but I am getting there he looks more like a teddy                                                      than a dog now.

         I found a beautiful book in my craft room full of flowers that I want to stitch more of next year.


   And a few more Christmas displays. 

                       They all sing along it's just wonderful.

      Lots of little animals in the greenery watching everyone


Have a lovely week, we all know how busy we will all be in the next few weeks, have fun. 


  1. Your teddy is looking great with his backstitch. The flower book is very pretty, I wonder what happened to Jayne N-M, she used to be everywhere but I haven’t seen anything from her recently.
    Serendipitous Jo

  2. Oh I adore those woodland Christmas scenes June ... so beautiful. You are doing well with your christmas cards & gifts - I am trying to sort some of mine out too. xx

  3. That flower book looks awesome.
    Very cute displays, love those Penguins!

  4. Your teddy is so cute. Those Christmas displays are really wonderful.

  5. Hi June: The Christmas displays are so pretty, I love the rabbit sticking out of the hole, very sweet.
    Teddy is adorable and you are almost finished.
    We have snow and very cold temps.
    Have a lovely day.


  6. Your little teddy and snowman piece is growing nicely, June! You are always so good at working ahead for Christmas. I wish I could start earlier, but am always so busy with Thanksgiving which is on Thursday. This year we'll be having 20 people here so I've been concentrating on baking and cleaning.

    Love the displays especially the woodland animals. My grandson would love them, too! Hope you have a lovely week ahead ♥

  7. Those penguins are fab, they have the same scene at our lo al Webbs too. I'm going to start to put up the decorations at the weekend, we need something bright and cheerful on these dull rainy days. Love your little Teddy stitching!

  8. i love your little teddy, he is cute.
    Beautiful floral images in this book. A lot could be done there.
    A great exhibition with the animals, really lifelike.
    enjoy your week

  9. How beautiful the little teddy bear is, I like it very much! The flower book looks great, you have many beautiful motifs to stitch.
    So cute rabbit, I would have liked this exhibition too.
    Enjoy the week, Andrea

  10. Le petit ours est trop mignon.
    Encore un grand merci pour ta gentillesse et ton amitié précieuse.
    Je te souhaite également une très belle semaine.

  11. I really like the teddy bear with snowman, so cute.
    The new book has beautiful templates, I hope you enjoy embroidering.
    The exhibition looks very nice, thank you for the great photos.
    Hugs Jutta

  12. Your teddy bear is looking good June! Good idea to wrap stuff this week I think I will too so I don't have to try to cram it in t the last minute.

  13. Oh i love the little teddy bear very much, he looks so cute with a bow and a bobble hat, his friend the snowman is looking forward to the winter/christmas season. Have a cozy Advent season, Anna

  14. The Teddy with the little snwoman will be very cute.
    So beautiful all the flowers motifs. A great stitching book.
    So beautiful and cute the Christmas decoration.
    Have a nice weekend and a big Hugs, Manuela