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Monday, 28 November 2022

Are you ready ?

 Hi everyone,

Well, are you ready for Christmas, I thought I was but it's creeping up way to fast.

We have far too much going on with life right now. so, there is not much time for my favourite hobbies. 

So, I have some photos of stitching past, that some of you may not have seen before 

Saturday, we started the holidays off with a Michaelmas Lunch with friends and oh the food was wonderful.  We have lots going on in the run up to Christmas, then it will be peaceful to spend time with family so looking forward to this.

I also put some Iris bulbs into the garden, and some bulbs are already coming up.

Also a few flowers still holding up.

Later today we have a trip to the dentist, I will be happy when that's done. 

So will leave you with some photos of pasted stitching and garden.


I always like to look at my past stitching to see how I would finish them to make them stand out a little better, I forget sometimes the many finishes you can do.


The other night Rons friend said there's a gift in your porch for you and June and what a yummy cake was there.

   What a lovely thought. So yummy.

The garden is also sending gifts to us 

               Time for me to do some work around the house, before the visit to the dentist.

             The Sun is out but it's raining, maybe a rainbow will come out we will see.

                Happy week all .




  1. Happy Holidays June and Family: Your finishing is beautiful on all your ornaments, you have a gift for choosing the perfect finish on your ornaments.
    Lovely floral photos.


  2. I liked seeing all of your different finishes. You have given me several ideas to use. Enjoy all your Christmas activities. I am slowly getting ready.

  3. I enjoyed looking at your past stitches. Especially when I spied my sweet pink Christmas ornament I hang each year on the tree! :) Your cake does look good!

  4. Molto bello rivedere i tuoi lavori passati, ogni tanto lo faccio anche io sul blog, per i nuovi follower, credo che sia una buona idea

  5. June, your finishes from years past are very sweet. So must have been the cake! ;-))
    I see you still have flowers in the garden. None here. Have a nice week.

  6. Christmas is certainly coming fast and with it the end of another year soon after - my daughter has two weeks left of high school and I have just over 2 1/2 weeks until my summer break, yay.
    Enjoy all your festive activities - I know we'll be enjoying ours here as last December so many things were cancelled, or didn't happen. As always, lovely garden photos and sweet stitching. The cake looked so yummy :)

  7. Your stitching & garden photos are always so beautiful dear June. Gosh that cake does look yummy. Was it a carrot cake? I thought I was organised for Christmas early but it is coming up wayyyyy too fast!

  8. So many wonderful christmas pillows and ornament.
    The cake looks yummy.
    Enjoy the time.
    Hugs, Manuela

  9. Tes finitions sont très jolies et mettent bien en valeur tes broderies.Je te souhaite une très belle semaine chère amie.

  10. You still have beautiful flowers in your garden. It was nice of your friend to bring you a homemade cake. Bet it was yummy. I love all your stitching. I am not finally back to myself. Gotten over that flu and am stronger each day. It took allot out of me. Sleeping down stairs for a week helped clear my lungs of the last of the water on them. A rest from climbing the stairs at night helped. Feeling and breathing a whole lot better. Love your blog. Stay safe and warm. big hugs Lynda Ruth

  11. Oh, if you mean the tree is up and decorated and some gifts are bought...then maybe yes. Still have things to do on the list. Packages need to be mailed this week... guess I am not as ready as I thought!

  12. Oh I'm late this week, busy, baking cookies, sending cards, but now I'm enjoying your lovely post.
    So many beautiful patterns and great finishes, that inspires me.
    Enjoy the rest of the week and the second Advent.
    Hugs Martina

  13. I hope the cake tasted as good as it looked, what a lovely surprise.
    Lovely seeing your past ornament stitching, I haven't stitched any new ornaments for my tree this year. Christmas seems to come around earlier and earlier each year!

  14. It amazes me to see the flowers that you have at this time of year, June! I enjoyed seeing your older finishes today. I am not anywhere near ready as hosting Thanksgiving, my grandson being here for a week and then having to report for jury duty on Wednesday really put me behind. Oh, well... I'll do what I can :) Hope you have a wonderful, festive December ♥

  15. What a lovely idea to share some past stitching, so many pretty ornaments! I think your garden is quite confused with the milder weather we've had.

  16. Dear June,
    so many wonderful christmas pillows and ornaments, you were very busy.
    Mmmhhh, the cake looks yummy and your garden photos are unbelievable.
    Have a nice Sunday, hugs, Jutta

  17. So many lovely finished pieces, it looks like you're on the right track for getting ready for Christmas!
    What a nice sweet treat and your flowers are lovely.

  18. You show us wonderful christmas pillows and ornaments from the past years. The cake looks delicious. I'm currently busy baking cookies.
    hugs, Andrea