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Monday, 5 December 2022

 Welcome Friends,

And another week already. What a fun time right now with getting things ready for Christmas.

So much to do and very little time, but so far, I am getting things done.

Until I lost one of my address books. with allot of my old friends in there, I have looked everywhere but just can't find it.

So, hoping they will get in touch with me soon. Apart from that everything is good. We still have a few things to buy and places to go before the big day, but I say it again it's the quickest Christmas ever.

I started early to, then it could be me getting allot slower, or the world cup, watching most of the matches.

But I did watch a Christmas film one night, I also brought a great Christmas CD again of the old 

Christmas songs, it's wonderful to sing along with it, it makes you feel so good to sing along.

I stitched this little sweet tray for a friend from an old French magazine. So sorry that I don't have magazine anymore, if I find it, I will let you know what it was called.

My friend likes anything 50s stile. 

 And a lovely card arrived from Gabi, thank you so much my friend. Love it.


 I am slowly decorating my dresser, my gingerbread corner.

Snowmen corner.  And a lovely card from mouse and parcel I will open in Christmas week.  


   I brought this card for Hubby so that I can have the ornament next year ha,


Well, my friends that's it for this week, take care and enjoy the Season.


  1. Lovely post, hope you find your book soon. I too love the deer. have a happy day big hugs Lynda Ruth

  2. It's beginning to look like Christmas, so many lovely things.

  3. Merry Christmas June: Your displays are lovely.

    I too would have bought the card with the ornament so I could use it next year.
    Yes it does seem like Christmas is coming so fast.
    The fifties style design is adorable.


  4. Me gusta muchisimo todo¡¡¡¡

  5. A lovely motif from the early years, and such a great finish.
    What a fantastically beautiful card with the young deer. She looks great. I also really like your decorations every year.
    Enjoy the week, Martina

  6. I also love the old Christmas songs & movies.
    I don't like ho they "jazz" up the songs now.
    Cute Christmas decorations.

  7. A beautiful finish. I like it.
    A lovely card arrived.
    Have a nice day my friend. Manuela

  8. That tray you stitched for your friend is so wonderful June! Love Ron's card! ;) Your dresser is looking good!

  9. How beautiful the little basket with the 50s style embroidered interior is, June.
    That will definitely be a very special surprise for your girlfriend, wishing happy week , Anna

  10. That is a darling tray, perfect for Christmas! Yes, please let us know if you find where you found it.
    A sweet card from your friend, and how nice to see the Christmas decorations coming out.

  11. I love your little tray, June, and I'm sure it was a big hit with your friend. Lovely card from Gabi, too. I finally got your little gift mailed today, but they told me there is a mail strike in the UK so they weren't sure when it would actually arrive. Anyway--it's on the way. I hope you can find your address book--that would be frustrating! Take care now and enjoy the countdown to the big day ♥

  12. Dear June,
    I hope you'll find your address book soon. Stay listening Christmas songs and singing, it's so relaxing and makes grey days sunny.
    Have a nice week. Hugs Erna

  13. Beautiful June. I buy things for my hubby that I want to use myself too ... like your card. I hope you manage to find your address book. Take care June xx

  14. June,have wonderfull days before Christmas ☺

  15. Dear June, your French Lady looks like she has just been plucked out of the 1950s ;-)) I love such motives. Could it be a design by Veronique Enginger?

  16. That is a fun tray, the design is perfect for your friend. Nice to see you getting some festive ornaments out too. I did put some of my Christmas stitching up today, just a couple of pictures!
    Serendipitous Jo

  17. What lovely Christmas treasures......

  18. Love your ornaments June! That try you stitched for a friend looks just like a 50's housewife taking a cake out of the oven. Hope you find your address book!

  19. Dear June,
    how nice, I like your decorations very much, the French Lady looks like my mother ;-)
    Lindt chocolate is simply a part of Christmas for us.
    I hope, you will find your address book soon.
    You're getting the first Christmas cards, very pretty... enjoy the new week of Advent and don't be too sad about the World Cup.
    Hugs, Jutta

  20. A wonderful post dear June, the embroidered lady from the 50s looks like my mother when she was young ;-)
    Lindt chocolate is part of Christmas for us, the red balls are particularly delicious.
    Very nice cards and beautifully decorated as always, enjoy the cozy Christmas season, Jutta

  21. I love too much all your gingerbreads ,